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MayuMan to the Rescue! - Watanabe Mayu's 'Synchro TokiMeki' Solo Debut PV Review!

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Mayuyu, or Chinny, as I used to call her, has finally had her debut PV release as a soloist.. Mayuyu was the first AKB girl that I came to like, thanks to her creepy smile and her doll-like dead eyes (...they just look that way). That, and her adorably annoying voice.

Now, when I first heard this news... I did not care. I don't necessarily give two flying f**ks when it comes to soloists under the AKB branch, because it's just a way to exploit the more popular members and gain a ton load of money with their singles. But, I guess Mayuyu and her lovely chin drew me in, because when the PV came out, I watched it.

... You know where this is going. I like it, a lot.

I find Mayuyu charming in this PV, and she really pulls off the looks she has in the video. It was enjoyable, and I enjoyed the storyline in the video the most. I think, as a soloist, Mayuyu could get a lot of sales based off of her looks solely. The song is fine, but it isn't ground-breaking in any way. But in the end, it's a whole lot better than the failure of a video that was Give Me Five, and plus - Mayuyu camera-time! It makes the PV 1000x better just by having Mayuyu as the prime focus.

So, yeah... let's head on over to the pic spam! RAAAWR!

As sweet as apple pie, Mayuyu's cuteness already shines~

Loving her thinking face, she looks adorable!

Mayuyu looks absolutely gorgeous as a Princess Lolita!

Believe it or not, I didn't recognise Mayuyu at first when she was dressed like this...

MayuHime misses her lover (herself)

Whilst the gorgeous MayuMan misses his lover (himself)

This scene reminded me of something Kirarin Revolution related, tbqh, and then... I saw Ogawa Mana o-O no idea why, I was just reminded of Ogawa Mana.

I want that desk!

That's a really nice dress! I am jelly of Mayuyu now ;A;

Creeper smile~

MayuMan has begun his journey back to his beloved...

Whilst Mayuyu siiinsgs~

I loved the drawings in this, taking the story away and returning to reality was a nice touch.

Okay, I want to marry MayuMan! She looks so good as a boy!

Mayuyu: "Is this a pe... Pe... pen...?"

Yes, Mayuyu - tis' a pen!

MayuMan found a Wild Glowy thing in the grass!

As MayuMan walks, MayuHime prays for his safety and well-being.

MayuMan: "Aw man, time to get out the sword..."

Bad Ass Moment...

And Ogawa Mana Mayuyu returns with her cutesy image!

MayuMan: "This... is truly a hard battle..."

MayuHime: "My darling... please be safe... do not die..."

This has to be my favourite picture in the entire video.

Mayuyu: "I has your soul and eateds it?"

Yes. Yes you may, Mayuyu.

MayuMan, don't give up!!!

Oh, wait for it, wait for it...


This two shot was much needed, it really was...

Mayuyu: "Pen Pen Kyoudai... Pen Pen, I love chuu, pen PEN!"

Mayuyu, why are you obsessing over your damned pens? o-O

MayuMan: "I can't... I can't go on any longer..."

MayuMana: "But if you give up, then there will be no Happy Ending, and no more MayuMan! Stay alive, for MayuHime!"

Mayuyu: "If you die, then I has no solos lawls :/"

Flashback's are necessary to motivate the Hero into finding his Princess and to continue his journey...

So, this is how you got the earring...

MayuMan: "I... Remember..."

MayuMan: "She gave me this... to protect me... A promise, that I would return to her... No matter what..."

MayuMan: "MayuHime..."


MayuMan: "Dafuq am I fighting anyway?"

MayuMan: "Damned Sparkles and their magical abilities to overpower me!"

-MayuMan fights-

Whilst Mayuyu zones out from all the lead she has eaten from her bloody pens.

MayuHime: "... MayuMan?"

After a gruelling, life-threatening battle in the dense woods, MayuMan found himself returning to the house where he had left his beloved, a victor of a long battle, and ready to embrace the woman he had promised to return to Oh so long ago...

MayuMana: "What a cute story!"

MayuHime: "My Happily Ever After!"

Mayuyu: "ZZZZZZZ Pens... Om nom nom, Pens... ZZZZZZ"

I screen capped a lot of the video... e.e Oh well, it was worth it, because the PV is so freakin' nice!

Anyway, I need to get going with this review - I have limited time right now because I am lending my computer to someone who needs to practice their Driving Theory test, so I need to basically write a lot, and try not to get distracted. And that ain't easy when you're me, who is always easily distracted (especially when it comes to 9gag)


I had a feeling that I would be charmed by this video, regardless of whether it was craply done or not. Mayuyu has a certain air about her that makes me like her a whole lot, and unlike some other artists, she is highly entertaining to watch when she's on her own. The way she smiles or frowns or just creepily smiles at the camera, like she wants to suck out your soul, makes her endearing and fun to watch. Now, I won't go as far to say that she makes the PV like Fudanjuku do, but she's quite close.

With this PV, what drew me in was the storyline - I am a big sucker for anything fairytale like, especially if it includes a Prince or a Hero of any sort and a cute female lead as the love interest. I've always enjoyed fairytales, and it was fairytales that made me enjoy writing so much as a child. So, to be given something so sweet in the form a PV was a nice surprise - and in all honesty, I am glad that it was Mayuyu who got this video and no one else.

Mayuyu just screams fairytale Princess. The way she looks, the air she has, and the cuteness she pulls off. The thing is... she looks more mature as her Princess counterpart and her Hero form than when she's dressed like a regular Idol, and that was surprising to see this more Mature and reserved Mayuyu. However, she pulled it off so well - the four different versions of her, from the reserved Princess to the mysterious prince, and then the quirky artist to the Idol-like Mayuyu that we all know and adore. Each of these characters she has in the video just made the video a whole lot more enjoyable, and gave a great amount of depth to the different sorts of emotions Mayuyu can portray.

Mayuyu really impressed me here - I loved every moment of this video, and the different scenes we get to see. The storyline was cute, though probably overused for people who watch a lot of movies about Hero's and Damsel's, and Mayuyu was extremely charming, as always. I loved all of the outfits, especially the outfit she wore when she was dancing/moving her arms around (My sister claimed that she looked like a flapper girl during those scenes, but that was because of the hair, not the dress), and the scenes where we get to see the drawings were a nice added touch to the video, as it showed what was happening in reality whilst still keeping the flow of the storyline.

All in all, I really enjoyed the video - and so did my sister! She thinks Mayuyu is wonderful, and even though she doesn't follow AKB48 any more, she still thinks that Mayuyu is great. So, when I said there was a cute PV I wanted her to see, she was happy to take a look. We're both rather fond of cute things, and like me, my sister fell in love with the video as well as Mayuyu. She thought it was really nice, and got excited by the end of it because of everything that had happened. So I'm not the only one who adores this video!

Now, onto the song...

I'm probably going to be a part of the majority when I say that the song does not compare to the PV. In no way is this song ground-breaking or amazing, however, it is nice and very very cute, and it suits Mayuyu's style as well as her squeaky little voice.

But, I am still a sucker for these songs - however I find that, compared to other debut songs, this one is pretty weak. In all honesty, the PV makes it better by far thanks to how beautifully made the video is. But, I still enjoy the song and I like the chorus. Mayuyu sounds good, albeit overly auto-tuned during some parts, and this sort of song seems to work so well with her voice. In a way... the song is quite anime-ish, as if it was for a Shoujo Anime. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it did get to be the opening theme to a new anime.

So, I like the PV more than the video - but it happens. Whilst the video is the strongest part of this single, I still think that the song is quirky and cute (Though not really that memorable), but it's something that wouldn't sell so well on its own if it wasn't for the video or for Mayuyu's popularity. But, all in all, it's an enjoyable song, with a really beautiful PV and a generic storyline attached that will make girls like me happy and keep us entertained for a good while.

And here, I will end my review!

So, did you enjoy the video? As you now know, I adore the video, but everyone has different opinions ;)

[PV] Mayu Watanabe - Synchro Tokimeki (2012.02.29) by Bobby3684


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  1. Love your references to Ogawa Mana (wish she was more active, and wish Canaria Club still existed under TNX!). ALL solo debuts under any idol company (H!P, AKB, Stardust, whatever) all seem to be based on getting as much cash out of whatever wota as possible, but I'm glad you enjoyed this release! Love your writing style!

    1. Thank you :) I absolutely ADORED Ogawa Mana, so I am sad that she isn't really active now :( and very true about all solo debuts making money. Oh well, it's life :) it just means we get to enjoy a WHOLE lotta Mayuyu ;3

      And thank you for enjoying the post! ^_^

  2. Love love love reading indepth posts, I appreciate the work you put into writing this. I've yet to get into the song, but I fell in love with this PV ^~^

    1. Thank you :D I had a lot of fun writing it~ Mayuyu's PV was wonderful, it's very cute and fantasy-like, so I really enjoyed it. The song has grown more on me, but it still isn't memorable D;