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The Facts over Fiction of Idol Groups/Hello! Pro Rant! (Collab with Momoka)

Everything within this post IS my own opinion, and only mine, and does not have to be taken seriously. If you are offended by what I say and do not like it, fine by me. However do not disrespect what I have to say. If you want to counteract me, fine, but you may get nowhere. I will respect your opinion, so please, respect mine.

Note* This is my first collaboration ever! So I tried hard XD

Note.2* I may contradict myself - especially if it concerns Tsunku XD

I was talking to a friend of mine, Momoka, over facebook, and she was in the mood to rant at that point, especially about Morning Musume related topics - I suggested that she put it on her blog, and she thought 'yes, then I can add more to the rant!' before having the idea that we should do a 'collaboration' style of post, one where she posts her side and one where I post my side, of recent questions or stereotypes that have suddenly come up in the world of Morning Musume or Hello! Project, so I agreed. For a while now, I have wanted to give my piece on how I view Morning Musume as of late, and whilst that may not really show here greatly, it will still give you a view into how I see things right now.

These started out as True or False questions, but when I (finally) joined in, I started to list everything that had been bugging me about fans for a while now. I currently follow certain tumblr posts, where people 'confess' things. You can find them HERE and HERE if you want to see them.

There are 21 questions that me and my friend, Momoka, came up with. So, I hope you enjoy this post and I hope it gives you a bit of an insight into what I think, feel and hope for from Morning Musume... or something along those lines :/

Warning: I have no idea if it will, but ranting may ensue~

Questions and Answers, after the jump! (If I make no sense, that's normal)

You can find Momoka's blog post HERE and see how drastically we differ with explaining how we think and feel... XD

01. If your favourite member were to leave a group, you would abandon that group.

This question/statement was asked by Momoka, and not me. In all honesty, this one wouldn't have crossed my mind if I had been writing up the questions, however, this sort of thing... it does annoy me. I feel that, when fans abandon a group's ship, it is because of a certain member leaving - but the only way I would understand that is if that group was a solid line up rather than an ever-changing one. With a group like Morning Musume or AKB48, there is a lot of diversity and a lot of change going on within the group to keep people like me interested, but some people get attached - and it is these people who tend to leave with the member. With a group like S/mileage, I can see why fans would go - after a year of being together, they suddenly changed, like the group or H!P had deceived the fans into thinking that S/mileage would forever be a 4-girl unit who would not go through the generation route that Morning Musume did. With Morning Musume... a lot of the fans who came from the Emo-Musume era kind of didn't like the sudden change because we were basically spoiled by a long-term reign of the same members, and it gave us an attachment - and it is this attachment that we get used to (rather than the graduation, new members part of it all), and thus makes us think 'Heck, if they are leaving, I am too', and most fans jump ship and swim away. This is basically what hit S/mileage hard when Saki left and newbies turned up - it hit the group hard in terms of fans. Okay, Saki wasn't the most popular member, but Yuuka was. I don't think too many of her fans jumped ship, or any, but if they did, it's because they had become attached to her.

So, whilst I don't think that people should abandon ship when their favourite member goes out, I do understand why they would - the attachment has been broken, because they found a 'bond' with that member. And this is why C-ute are doing better than the other groups. Oh, and Berryz...

02. Your favourite member/group is obviously the best member/group to exist and without them, the group/project would fail.

Oh, something that came up during Takahashi Ai's graduation... Pfft.

In all honesty, if the group has a constant graduation/audition thing going on, I don't think that the group could fall apart unless they were disbanded, had really bad sales or were all turned into camels. Yup.

I get annoyed by this statement, especially during the graduation of Takahashi Ai. Everyone, or at least the most pessimistic/sadistic/bordering-on-dropping-the-fandom fans were saying that, when Takahashi Ai graduated, Morning Musume would fall apart with the newbie members and the elders. Well, they're still shuffling on, as far as I can see, and I see that this statement is nothing but bull.

Morning Musume has always had fans - and it's partly because of the ever-changing line-up. With new members coming in, people have new girls to idolise, to look at and think 'oh so pretty' or to wish was theirs. I doubt that the group would fail when they can bring in new fans with new faces, whilst older fans leave with the old faces. Morning Musume adapt to change, which makes them work and keep trudging up that mountain. Their sales may not be that great, but hey - they have their fans who love and support them with their hearts, and I am pretty sure there will be more to come.

Also, with the 'your favourite member is obviously the best' - to you, yes, to every other person? Maybe not. But that is something You have to accept, and to not be so close-minded about.

03. The new members (Gen 9/10 MM & Gen 2 S/mileage) are too new to handle the loss of so many senpai (Aichan, Gaki, and Yuuka) so soon after joining.

This is said quite a bit, I think, mostly because some people (coughcoughmehahacoughcough) didn't or don't like the new 'faces' of a group getting pushed to the front and getting a lot more attention than other members. And in a way, I agree with this - I don't think that the new members should have to handle everything when another members go, especially if that means that one specific member has to harbour the amount of pressure from the loss of another member.

Now, I may be reading into this statement incorrectly, but when I read it I think that it means tackling the responsibilities of a member that has gone, such as suddenly taking a role on that is much bigger than they are. Example A: Sayashi Riho. It was kind of obvious that Riho would be pushed from the beginning, but to be pushed so much that she was shoved into that camera more than Reina was upon her debut onwards is... overwhelming. But, H!P needed to establish just who their new face of MM was, and who would take over Takahashi Ai's role when she eventually left. Is that a lot for a 13 year old? Yes. Especially as she still gets a lot of hate for it.

The fact is, it was just Sayashi who had to take on the role of being a front girl, and not the rest of the members. With Reina, Miki also stood as a front girl of MM, so Reina wasn't the only one grabbing the attention there - but, for Riho, it was just her. The other girls were pushed to the back pretty quickly, with everyone but those girls getting lines.

With S/mileage, H!P did the smart thing and set two of the new girls at the front - Meimi and Akari, so it kinda gives less of a burden to those girls as there are more at the front rather than less. With MM, it's currently Riho who is going to shoulder the lines and the strictness of MM because of the two big sempai's the group has lost. There is the big possibility that Satou and Daishii are going to take on a majority of those responsibilities with her, but for these girls, it's a little harder to deal with, considering Morning Musume have been around for more than a decade longer than S/mileage. So, in the case of MM, I don't think that these girls should harbour such big responsibilities, however when it is necessary, yeah - they have to, it's their job. But S/mileage? Nah. Wait until they get more songs.

04. Idols should be forever pure - They should not marry, or date, or even think about anyone other than their fans.

This one is my question, and it came up because of the AKB scandal that happened about a month or so back. This question, or statement, came about a lot and bloggers gave their thoughts on the whole boyfriend ban. Well, guess what? Here is my thoughts on it!

In all honesty, I don't like it, but I also don't care, either. I expect that the girls would want boyfriends, and would have crushes and such besides thinking of their fans, because let's be honest - they are girls, most who are going through puberty. Heck, some may have even dated if they're a part of the older Idol genre, much like Iikubo Haruna or, heaven forbid, Kusumi Koharu. I actually can not wait for the day that she announces she is dating someone. But then again, I am all for Idols in Love.

I think that the aspect that I hate about this rule is how the fans are with Idols, and it's mostly the Japanese fans. Idols, to them, are to be forever pure and innocent, to devote themselves only to their fans and to think of nothing but their career. That's a bit... creepy, and kind of like these girls are possessions, and not people. But in a sense, that is how the Idol world works - the girls are a brand, one which represents purity, a nature that is Idol like and lovely. Screw the fact that the male Idols can bang whatever and whoever they want, but if the girls do, it's the worst thing to happen ever. It brings a lot of chaos, and can even destroy an Idol's fan base - all because the girl was being... human!

But yeah... I kind of find this weird, but I do get it. I mean, growing up, I was a big fan of girl groups and such like the Spice Girls, and I understood that they never had boyfriends because they needed to be available for the fans - it was more of a fantasy thing than anything. If the girl that a guy liked was single, he could fantasize that he was with her. It's basically the same with Idols, except that it's a bit more demanding, and has a lot more consequences if the girls are found to be with boys.

But when they get outta the Idol business... Yeah, they can marry and have BABIES!

05. H!P members should be allowed to date/marry so they can stay members forever.

At first, I did not get this question... and then I read Momoka's blog and realised that she meant that the members should be able to marry or date despite still being in a specific group, that way, they won't be taken out of the group due to a scandal or anything like that, like Fujimoto Miki or Yaguchi Mari.

In all honesty, this would conflict with the image of the Idol - they are created to become the image, or the fantasy, of a man's dream woman. Kind, caring, cute, always perfect and willing to be there for them forever. How they look and act is an acquired taste, but none-the-less, each girl will fit the category of 'the perfect woman' for the male wota, especially if they fit the aspects of cute and kind. I know that marriage would mean a bit more peace, but it would also mean a broken fandom - some wota like to see these women as single for their sake, and that is why they support that girl. If she is no longer single for the fans sake... then basically, the fans cannot truly support that Idol the way they did before.

It would be nice for them to date, however some of these Idols are A: Too Young or B: Too Popular to date yet, until graduation at least, or they will break their fanbase and thus, lose money and cause controversy.

06. When a member graduated, suddenly, everyone loves them.

I brought this question up, basically because... it is sometimes true, but more so with the overseas fans. Basically, when a member is about to graduate, everyone starts to harp around like that member is their favourite and they will miss them and such... and yeah, it gets annoying, especially as I haven't really gone through that phase. Yes, I miss JunJun - but she wasn't my favourite member. I miss Ai, but she wasn't my favourite, and hell I miss Kamei... but she wasn't my favourite. The one member I truly love and miss from MM, though, is Koharu - she's my one true Idol, the perfection I see when I think of Morning Musume. It would actually piss me off if someone said 'OH, when Koha was there, I LOVED HER' when really, they didn't. They just wanted to pretend to be a fan to show sympathy or whatever.

It pretty much happened with Ogawa Saki - when she graduated, everyone loved her it seemed. I adored the girl, and I found Yuuka to be the one who helped me get over Saki's sudden graduation - so I was doubly devastated when Yuuka decided to up and leave, but I kind of wasn't surprised by the amount of Yuuka love - after all, she was the number one S/mileage girl, and one of H!P's bigger sellers. So, it was expected. But Saki? Nope.

07. When a new member gets more lines than other new members, everyone either hates that member or loves them. (No in between)

True, because hey, I have been down that road! In all honesty, I wasn't expecting Riho to get so many lines when she did... so when it happened, I was not a happy camper, and because of this, I had a lot of dislike for Riho. I still have a lot of dislike for Riho as a fan of MM, but that is more so because I actually don't like her voice at all and because the Queen of Bland has little to no personality right now.

This is a dilemma that most fans, at least international fans, go through with a group - why isn't their favourite member getting any lines, why is the crappy singer getting them? It isn't fair, it doesn't make sense, there are much prettier, better members out there.

Well, it's how the Idol industry works, and I have come to accept that. You will either love or hate it, but in the end, if you are a true fan, you will live with it despite what you think. In Japan, whoever is the face of a group is always pushed to the front - they are the money makers, they are the girls that represent the group and help it to get to its full potential in sales. This is why girls like the boring Maeda Atsuko and the narcissistic Michishige Sayumi are front girls, because the Japanese Wota want to see these girls at the front, these are the girls who get lines and screen time because they are popular, they make the money and they show off the group.

In the end, whether you love or hate the front girls who get more lines, regardless of their talent, it is just how it is meant to be - it happened with British bands like S Club. The more popular you are, the more you get. That is how the business rolls.

08. The new Members of Morning Musume (or specific members) don’t look like they belong there.

This is something that has been pissing me off lately. As I stated way before I started this post, I read tumblr's that are basically confession boxes for fans of Hello Project or Morning Musume. Some time ago, I read a few that basically stated that '10th gen are a mistake' or 'This member is cute, but she doesn't work with Morning Musume' or something along those lines. In the end, most of this 'she doesn't belong there' is actually directed at Iikubo Haruna, my favourite member of the 10th generation. And yes, it annoys me.

If those members did not 'belong' in Morning Musume, then quite frankly, they wouldn't even be there. Whilst some members may not be as vocal or as pushed to the front as other members are, they are there for a reason. Tsunku chose those girls because he wanted them in there, he saw the potential of them and decided that they were right for the group - the same goes for other groups too, like AKB or even PASSPO, now. If these girls were not the right choice, then Tsunku would have cut them out of the program. But, as he didn't, they are right and they will bring their own unique presence to the group, like Zukki with her bug madness, Kanananananana from S/mileage with her Gorilla obsession and Satou with her air-head like nature and absolute cuteness.

09. Morning Musume are a Sinking Ship.

This is something that I discussed on Selective Hearing, though not in very much detail, and it kind of bugs me in a way that people can think like this... but then again, those people are being realistic. So, I will try to be as well.

In all honesty, Morning Musume are a sinking ship, but only in terms of sales of their CD's - when it comes to concerts and goods, they rake in a bit of money because Morning Musume concerts look effing awesome. The girls always sing live and it seems like everyone is having absolute fun, which is just a freakin' bonus. Anyway, back on topic - in terms of sales, yeah, they are declining - but it still hasn't taken them out of the #10 upwards mark, has it? I mean, people may whine and bitch that Pyoko Pyoko Ultra is a shit single that wouldn't sell, yet it still reached number 3, and had just missed the worst-sale single mark that Mikan had.

I guess that Morning Musume are keeping afloat because of the fans - they put a lot of love and money (the main thing in the Idol industry) into seeing their favourites put to the front, into going to concerts and into getting goods of certain members. The International fans are also contributing by buying singles and goods from sites such as Yes Asia or Hello Store USA or pother online retailers like that - so for now, whilst Morning Musume may not be sinking like the Titanic, it is still being kept afloat. Okay, the fans of MM are not as crazy as (some) AKB fans who buy so many singles just to get a ticket (even if the single isn't that great), but they are there for the group - and it is the fans who are keeping Morning Musume going right now it seems. (Okay, for every group, it is the fans who keep the groups going)

10. Morning Musume are too childish, so naturally people won’t like them any more.

I think that this is more of an assumption for certain people, but it pretty much relates to what has been happening with International fans lately - the sudden change that Morning Musume has gone through, which has since lead people to claiming they hate, don't like, will leave or never follow this group again. All because of the costumes for a certain song.

In all honesty, I loved the new image that the group was presenting when PPU came out, and whilst the song may not be everyone's favourite, or the costumes and video for that matter, it does have its fans - but the issue is with the people who have suddenly claimed that they are abandoning ship because of it. Hell, fans have been whining about MM doing a cute song for years, and when they eventually get it, they bitch and moan because 'it isn't Morning Musume'.

But I doubt that this image change will mean that MM are suddenly unlikeable - children would quite enjoy dancing ducks/chickens, because of the cuteness and overload of bright yellow dazzling them. It would also appeal to the people who actually enjoy stuff like this - aka me. Some people like a change of pace when it comes to image in groups, especially if a certain image has grown rather old and new members have changed. I doubt that MM could have maintained the 'mature' image with a bunch of toddlers in the group now, anyway.

I guess that people are forgetting that MM have gone down the kiddish route once before, with Hyokkori Hyoutanjima and quite obviously, Kare to Issho in a way. Also, if it isn't acceptable for these girls to run around as chickens, then why is it wonderful that Beryz ran around as monkeys and AKB as vegetables? Explain that logic to me, please.

11. S/mileage has become more mature than Morning Musume as of 2012.

Hm, this one's a tough one, because as of late, the members of S/mileage haven't really appealed to me at all. In a way, yes they have - the older girls had to mature a bit more in order to help the newer members, and Dawa became less useless and more like a leader when the newbs came along. But in all honesty, I haven't really noticed how 'mature' these girls have become other than the fact that their age range might just be a touch higher than MM's currently. However, they will always have this cuteness factor about them that has been present in S/mileage since they debuted as an Indies group, then a real group. I doubt that S/mileage would ever become serious - for one, they have Kanon, and for two, they have Meimi. Three? Kanananana. I rest my case.

In all honesty, the most mature H!P group would have to be... Berryz...

12. S/mileage ARE the new Morning Musume.

When I showed my sister this statement, she kind of was half and half on it. Whilst she believes that S/mileage are not a revolving door group as of yet, they could become that way if they had another audition. And I agree. Recently, people have probably wondered what is happening to S/mileage. Before last year, they were this solid lineup of four girls who had grown together as Eggs, and debuted together as S/mileage. Then, before they knew it, they were bulldozed over and were having auditions for newbs. That kinda kicked a lot of fans in the balls, to say the least.

Right now, we will have to wait and see with S/mileage - if they have another audition, which I would honestly not want right now, then they are doomed to turn into Morning Musume.2, but if not - then maybe it's more of a desperation thing for Hello! Project more than anything. I dunno...

13. C-ute is only still “cute” because they owe it to their group name.

In all honesty, I don't think that this is the case - C-ute have done songs that aren't as cute as the name they have, such as Shock! being more edgy and mature than anything they had probably produced before, as well as Kiss Me Aishiteru and Dance de BAKOON! which are both really good songs that break out of that 'cute' image that people seem to think that C-ute has.

Yes, they still do cute songs - but not so many that we're puking freakin' rainbows. In all honesty, the cute image has been handed over to S/mileage, who also seem to have that crazy element to them as well since Ganbaranekutemo ee Nende!?. But with C-ute, they are slowly maturing with their age. They won't keep this image for long, thanks to S/mileage and Nuevo Musume, but they will pull it off once in a while for the fans, because it is what made them C-ute - but with the new ballad they will be singing, they're kinda taking a different direction.

14. Berryz and C-ute might disband soon.

Some fans have speculated this, and obviously don't want it to happen - but the thing is it might. But not right now. With Berryz being the oldest H!P group currently, and C-ute following after them, there is a chance that they will break up or H!P will just slowly let them go. I doubt that these girls could keep up the image they have with the names that they have; Unless they decided to change the names, or make the girls into a bigger, newer and more mature group, I doubt that these girls could continue with the groups from when they were pre-teens.

I doubt that disbanding will happen soon, but it will happen eventually. Probably when all of them have graduated, actually. I doubt that UFA would let go of Berryz so easily, considering that Miyabi and that Gremlin are the two biggest money makers, as well as Ri-Suck-Oh!. Also, as Airi and Maimi are front girls, and Chisato with her current popularity, it would be bad to kinda kill of C-ute any time soon.

15. Aika should graduate.

I brought this statement up! Mainly because people have been thinking about it, as well as because I do want it to happen, despite how much I like Aika.

Right now, Aika is kind of... holding herself back, in a way. She may work her butt off behind the scenes, but she is an Idol, and Idol's work in front of the camera and not behind it. I would love to see her back on stage, and back in dance shots. But she has been away a long time, and honestly, that does not cut it - a member from SKE graduated because of her bad leg, and she didn't want to hold her fellow members back. It was the same with recently graduated PASSPO member Sakuma Kaho, who had hurt her back during performances. She graduated because she did not want to hold the group back, and decided to recover instead. And another example is Kamei Eri, who graduated due to health reasons.

Aika should graduate because of the injuries - this one was worse than the first injury ever got, and it has kind of left her out of work for a long time. She is still featured, but not as much - in all honesty, the girl is holding the group back. You can gripe at me all you want, but with what has happened to her she needs to leave and get better rather than straining herself, giving everyone hope that she will get better quickly so that she can return to the stage.

16. The fans are the real problem behind Morning Musume’s problems.

Tch, doubtful - Morning Musume will have problems like all other groups. Yes, the fans keep them afloat pretty much, but the fans are not to blame for whatever is wrong with the group. If someone graduates, it is that persons choice (or the companies). If one girl gets pushed to the back, it is not a fans fault - it is the choice of the company. It's the same with every group - no matter what, it is not the fans fault. The groups value their fans, and would never blame them for anything (as far as I know), because the fans are the reason that they are still there.

If there are problems, blame the company, or as most others do - BLAME TSUNKU!!!!

17. Sayashi Riho and Tamura Meimi are only in H!P because they previously performed in Stage Plays with H!P members/groups.

This is a possibility, and is probably very very true. However, with them already performing with the groups can accumulate a great amount of popularity upon the girl, and sometimes popularity does win in auditions.

I feel that Sayashi was chosen purely based on her popularity rather than her performance with Morning Musume. She was a popular 9th gen candidate, and had grown a fanbase pretty quickly, so it would have been stupidity on Tsunku and UFA's part to not choose her at all. (That, or they learnt their lesson with 8th gen auditions). With the bat-shit crazy vampire... yeah, I think it was more so that she was in a stageplay with S/mileage before.

But, she was also pretty popular from the beginning, too - despite how much she couldn't sing. In the end, these girls were chosen - it is probably because they had worked with the girls in their groups before, which kind of gives them an upper hand, or it could be down to their popularity. In the end, who knows?

18. Tanaka Reina needs to graduate.

I brought this statement up because some people do want it to happen, including myself - but not yet.

In all honesty, with Gaki going there will already be a big space to fill voice wise. If Reina left, then there will be lines to fill, as well as a huge fanbase to fill with the current girls in Morning Musume. Out of all the members of Morning Musume, it is currently Reina's fanbase and Sayumi's TV appearences keeping the group alive and seen on TV. The other members are, in no way, popular enough to handle anything without the 6th gen right now.

Reina is pretty much the face of Morning Musume, and has been since the day she joined the group - if she went, then Morning Musume would have a tougher time selling their image until the new girls get settled in. I doubt it would break the group, but it would certainly hurt MM.

19. A-sides are better than B-sides, or else the B-side would be the A-side.

This isn't true, by far, because there are plenty of B-sides that seem to PWN the A-sides royally - one of them being Kanashiki Koi no Melody, the B-side to PPU. But, it also an acquired taste for the people listening to the music as well. In the end, the A-sides are chosen as the A-side for a reason. PPU was chosen as the A-side because it was supposed to show this new and shiny Morning Musume that we hadn't seen before. If they had given us Kanashiki as an A-side, we would just be listening to a song that we would recognise as 'Old MM with new Members'. That, and Kanashiki is basically like every other B-side that MM has been giving lately like the Maji Desu Ka B-side, Onna to Otoko's B-side, and probably even Kimagure Princess' B-side. I doubt that Tsunku would have used this song as an A-side, because it isn't as positive as PPU, and doesn't show the sudden change of MM from mature to childish.

Yeah, B-sides may be better, but the A-sides are there for a reason - Maji showed the change in tone of MM when the kiddies came along - heck, Mr. Moonlight was a really whacky song, and that was the debut of the 5th gen! So, yeah, B-sides can be better - but the A-sides are there to show either the change of the group, or how the group is evolving.

20. Berryz Koubou shouldn’t be “Sexy” suddenly after being “childish” for so long.

Pfft. I could basically argue this with Morning Musume's sudden change, and I will, because I like to rant and bitch and whine. What do you think this blog is for?

Berryz Kobou are older now, so I kind of think that you should let them be sexy - I don't think that they are really that childish anyway. Yes, they had that phase in their time as the younger Berryz Kobou, but they have also gradually grown up in the process as they aged themselves. I mean, it isn't like they had a song like Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance and then suddenly, their next single was Aa, Yo ga Akeru. In all honesty, I feel that these girls have had songs that fit their image from when they started as Berryz, till now. Their recent singles have been fun, yes, but they've also maintained an image for Berryz that showed that they weren't kids any more.

Which brings me to MoMusu.

This argument is basically saying, in MoMusu terms, that Morning Musume shouldn't be childish after being mature for so long. In the end of it all, it's more so about the changes that what we think - Morning Musume may have aged as a group, but the members are constantly changing - and right now, that change is in the form of children. No, it does not matter that the seniors are still there - there are more kids than adults now!

I think that Berryz are good to have a Sexy Image now - they're older, and it is what seems to sell them currently. I doubt that chicken suits would work for them now, anyway. They are too, le gasp! Old.


I just read Momoka's rant on this question and it made me giggle how angry she became with caps lock. But , I agree. In the end, it isn't Tsunku's fault - but people have admitted that, despite it not behing his fault, it is a lot easier to blame him than the rest of H!P.

Tsunku is basically there to sparkle the groups up. He writes the lyrics, produces the songs, manages the girls and has a say in who comes in, and who doesn't - but in the end, it's UFA who pretty much have the final say. Yeah, they take into consideration what Tsunku wants, but in the end, they decide it - who gets the lines, who gets to be in the front and who needs to graduate when and where. Tsunku is nothing more than the person who created these amazing groups, and rakes in their money. He is the image, the writer and the man we all seem to blame, and nothing more.In all honesty, stop blaming the dude - unless it is the easiest option, then go and rage. I have done it before... so yeah ._.

I hope that this was... enlightening or enjoyable, and have a nice day :3

Okay, so this post has been undoubtedly long... so long, that my wrist hurts - and I wrote this in the space of two days Dx Reading Momoka's blog, I realised how much I have written... XD Then again, I tend to rant, or go on a tangent, a lot, so yeah... But oh well, it was interesting to write XD

So, this is the end of my half of the collab that I am doing with Momoka! Currently Momoka is calling it the MomoChiima collab of Fact and Fiction ranting, but I bet I will call it something totally different. But yeah, go check out Momoka's blog at Momo Musu and see how we differ with our answers!


  1. LOL it was fun to read how our opinions differ. Though, I feel like I didn't talk enough now XDDDD

    1. In contrast, I feel like I spoke too much! XD But hey, it's wonderful when we clash ;)

  2. I kind of agree with question 15...Aika should graduate. She seems to get injured a lot and it has affected the group in someway, but it seems Tsunku is fair and will let her decide. I really hope not. She's the only one thats my age haha

    1. I think Aika is great, and she is also close to my age, but these injuries just get worse... I don't want her to graduate out of spite, but I want her to graduate because it would probably be better for her

  3. hey; I was wondering if I could use these questions and write a post on my own?

    1. Sure you can! I'll tell Momoka who collabed with me over this, as some/most of the questions are hers :) And OMG I would loooove to read your post when it is done! x) I would say, to be safe, just credit me or Momoka or both on the post or something xD~~~~~~

    2. I'll absolutely credit both of you and link you guys; I just think that you asked some REALLY great questions that I was actually planning on writing individual posts about that are taken care of neatly here.

    3. Haha thanks :) I think it's great that you want to do this, it makes me feel excited XD I don't know why, maybe it's because it's something that me and my friend created, and it became interesting for others.

      But thank you for asking! ^^

  4. Omg, can I write this up on my blog Chii-chan? ^_^

    1. I have a nickname! XD Yeah, sure, I don't mind! ^^ Just credit me or Momoka/both xD <3 Use the title too, or make your own up! ^^

      I'll be looking forward to it! :D