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Bringing Back The Maid Costumes - Afilia Saga East's 'Mirai no Watashi Matteiru' PV Review!

As always, all opinions are my own and no one else's, unless otherwise stated. I have a mind of my own, and think freely, as do all of you. Please respect my opinion, and I will respect yours. Thank you.

Please don't take some of the things I say seriously, lawl.

Afilia Saga East is back, and boy, am I happy - I've been waiting for their newest PV to come out for a while now, especially as it marks the return of those adorable maid costumes that the girls like to wear - however, with such a happy occasion comes a sad one, too, as this is also the last single of two original members, Rose Gardenfairy and Meena, who will be graduating from the group.

So, whilst I was anticipating a new single after La*La*La Revolution, I honestly wasn't prepared for an announcement like this - Rose Gardenfairy is actually my favourite member of the group (well... not any more, it seems), so I was of course sad when I found out that she would be leaving the group. However, as a fan, I will support her with this decision and also anticipate the two new members who will become a part of this amazing group, and see how well they grow in Afilia Saga East.

Anyway, moving on from the graduation surprise - Guess who helped with the production of this song1? That's right, good ol' Tsunky-boy! Considering He and Chiyomaru are in cahoots with each other, now more so than ever thanks to the creation of Akihabara Backstage Pass, I'm not honestly surprised that Tsunku played a role in the making of this single - apparently he just wrote the lyrics for this one, which is probably why the song is quite calm, unlike Knee High Egoist... Damnit, Tsunku, why can't you make awesome songs like Knee High Egoist for MM eh?

Anyways, now that I have said all that and what not... it's time for the Pic spam! BRING IT ON!!! -gets out spear-


-insert horror music here-

OMFG A CHURCH! -bows down-

The Café setting is pretty cute~

... er... whut?

-stir stir, stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir!-

Demon Voices: Bow Down to your overlords, Bitches!

RIGHT! Time to search for a new favourite in Afilia Saga Eeast!

D'awww... No :<

She's beautiful, but no ;A;

I like her ribbon soooo much!

Rose! ;A;

Okay, this girl here reminds me of Chinami, and me likey that!

Chubby cheeks~~~~~~

This dance move is pretty cute, but let me say this, that damned light is annoying

She looks like she wants to cry :(


This girl is intriguing, for some reason - and very cute!

Kohime: Oooooooh!~

Where the heck is yo' Panda?

Er... shoulder shimmy's are in dance shots, now? o-O

YOU! You are my new favourite!

All hail, Cutie Pie Kurumi! -bows down to Kurumi Lala Milk-

Hahahahaaha, FAIL!

Rose is so god damned gorgeous, it's a shame that she's leaving... But it has to be ;~;

Oh crud, will readings Graduation messages -cries-

They look like they're at a Church service, not a graduation ceremony

Catholic School Girl Maids, anyone?

How sincere and pretty, Rose really looks gorgeous ;~;

Oh crap, that's one creepy effing smile!

Actually, that creepy smile is almost on par with Ayumi Ishida...


It's Meena's turn to read out her will Graduation message... -sniffs-

Pfft, Kohime is such a titch! So adorable!

I wanna play piggy in the middle with her, just cause it'd be really cute to watch her jump when there are so many people taller than her I'm a bitch xD

Meena: See you in AKB48, bitches!

Randomer: WAAAAAAH!


So freakin' pretty - why are they all pretty?

Randomer: (Through tears) Finally, more spotlight for me...

Kohime isn't crying... lawl? What?

Meena: Sayonara, girls - I'm off to better things!

 Hey look! Nooblets!

D'awwww, they're all paired together - LOVERS!!!! <3

I didn't find ANY freakin' panda's! WTF???

Okay, so that's pretty much a wrap for the PV Review... not.

As I said previously, I was anticipating this release - I adore Afilia Saga East, because they are a group who are good vocally and visually. Whilst most groups do tend to rely on cool backgrounds and flashy effects to pull them through, smaller, lesser known groups like Afilia and Fudanjuku pretty much use their charm and charisma to pull off a video - and even if there is a bit more here than what Fudanjuku had in their latest PV, Afilia Saga East still manage to portray emotion and charisma into the video without making it boring.

The girls all look adorable and cheerful here, with a few exceptions (like Rose, for instance) who look more charming and beautiful rather than adorable. I enjoyed the expressions on the girls' faces during the close up sequences, especially Maho and Louise's, because their expressions looked realistic and not fake. I also thought that the added scenes where the girls were crying after the messages was very sad and well played out - the girls truly did look sad (more than some) and it made me feel sad in return - which is what I like to feel when I see a sad scene. If I am watching something sad and the emotions don't come across, then the acting is freakin' shit (like when I watched a certain drama), but here it was portrayed well - so I am glad that it made me feel sadder than I wanted to, but, it's a graduation PV, and I am extremely sad that Rose is leaving Afilia :(

Anyway, enough babbling on graduations - the rest of the PV was equally enjoyable. I liked the dance scenes in the Cathedral, considering it kind of reminds me of My White Ribbon, which is my favourite song from this group. It has a reminiscent feeling, especially with the return of the cute Maid costumes, and makes me think of the early days of Afilia Saga East and their first PV. The Cathedral is very pretty, and I like that the podium and the stained glass windows are basically a part of the background. The dance is also very nice - very gentle during some parts, but also quite energetic at other parts of the song. I would say that the only problem with some parts of the dance is that some of the girls are out of time, and it kind of takes away from how elegant everything is.

The added Café scenes to the PV are a nice touch - they add a bit more light on the whole video, as the dance scene is pretty dark in the Cathedral, so I like the added brightness - the same goes for the close up sequences, which are brighter and pretty refreshing thanks to the background colour.

Si yeah, the PV is pretty much a winner for me - the girls look amazing, and the dance is really cute. The acting scenes seemed realistic, and I like that the girls are dancing in a Cathedral rather than a studio - It makes a nice change of pace from the boring studio's and plain backdrops that other groups have been performing in as of late.


Okay, the song. Yes, I like it. When have I ever disliked anything made by this group? Oh wait, a few of the B-sides... but, regardless of that, I am pretty biased when it comes to Afilia Saga East songs. Is it my favourite? Nope. Is it kind of generic? Yeah... And it's pretty slow, which I seem to not be too fond of right now. The song itself is charming and very cute, and has that Afilia flavour to it which I can distinguish whenever I hear their songs, and also reminds of another song, which I will say is Houkago Romance with a bit of My White Ribbon added in there. I don't know - it just reminds me of those two songs.

The song is cute, and soothing in its own way, with a great amount of blending of the girls' voices - and that's what I like about Afilia Saga East - their blended voices. Rarely do I hear a song by them that has solo's in them, which means less of a bias - and I like how songs sound when in a constant chorus of voices blended together. They all sound adorable, and have a cutesy-lift to their voices which makes the song really sweet.

The only problem? For me, it's a little too slow for my current mood, however the chorus is absolutely adorable and I like how it picks up during that part of the song and becomes a little faster with the instrumental. But, other than that, this is a pretty solid single from Afilia Saga East, and a great way for Rose Gardenfairy and Meena to bow out.

Yes, I like that the PV is focused on them during certain points - it makes graduation singles better, in my opinion.

So, have you watched this video yet? Did you enjoy Afilia Saga East's 7th single? If you still haven't watched it, go, now!!!


PING!!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: February 28th, 2012

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C-ute's 'Dai Nana Shou "Utsushikutte Gomen Ne" Album Review!

All thoughts and opinions on this group, the album songs and the overall album are solely my own and no one else's. If you do not like opinion, then simply do not read my blog posts. But if you do... stay tuned! :)

It has been a while since I last blogged, but I've become lazy - that, and the fact that literally nothing  H!P related has happened kind of limits me to what I want to do on the blog, though I was aiming to do a 'Why I love these songs' post, or something along those lines... but then I found C-ute's latest album, and decided 'Heck, let's review it' - Be warned, most of this will be first impressions as opposed to me knowing what some songs sound like and knowing if I like them or not.

Also, I'm feeling so freakin' tired right now, so if my writing is blaaah - you know why.

So, let's dive into C-ute's 7th album, titled Dai Nana Shou "Utsushikutter Gomen Ne"

1. Momoiro Sparkling

I don't think that I ever actually reviewed this PV on here at all, though I actually mentioned it in a post on my Top 5 Summer Songs at the time, but honestly, I do like this song - granted, it isn't my favourite C-ute song of all time, but I do like it and I thought that it was a cute edition to the bundle of summer songs that were coming out at the time.

All I can honestly say about this song is that it's a very cutesy, happy and sweet song that isn't overly hyped up or childish, but still gives that taste of summer. I liked the PV to this video too, especially the dance scenes. And yes, the setting was cheap - but C-ute made it work, and I enjoyed the randomness that was delivered in the video. Overall, this is a really cute song, and I kind of expected to see it in the album.

2. Hitorijime Shitakatta Dake na no ni

This is my first time listening to the song, in all honesty, but straight away I really like the cool vibe that it has - it's a bit cooler than most other C-ute songs, and kind of reminds me of Tokkaiko Junjou for some reason - but I will say that is the matureness of the sound, rather than the song itself. Anyway, the vocals sound pretty good here - especially Airi. I would say the only problem really is Mai's voice. I know the girl is a good singer, but these sorts of songs do not suit her. I would have honestly preferred this song to have been all about Maimi, Airi and Chisato, because they suit these songs - if Nakky didn't cutesy it up (or the studio didn't do that, who knows?) and Mai didn't sing in it, the song would be really really cool, in my opinion. Yes, I like Nakky's and Mai's voices - but not for these sorts of songs.

Anyway, again, the girls all sound good - mostly Airi and Chisato, but I do wish that the song would have been just for Airi, Maimi and Chisato because their voices suit this ballad-type of song whilst Nakky and Mai kinda stick out like sore thumbs in terms of their voices...

I honestly have a feeling that I won't listen to this song again, though - it doesn't really stand out that much, and  though the vocals are good, the tune is forgettable and bland in comparison to other songs.

3. Ike! Genki-Kun!

Aaaaand, I have already forgotten the tune to the second song now that this one has come on. I recently reviewed the PV to this song, and I actually do like the song - the PV is just a bit bleh.

Now, this is the sort of song that I like to hear Mai singing - it suits her voice, and she sounds happy in it. Honestly, it works for her and it really shows off her cuteness when she sings, and doesn't totally draw attention to how vastly different her vocals are when she's singing with the other members. It's this sort of song that I want her to continue singing, because it's just better for her. Do I like her vocals? Yeah, I do - Mai has a good voice, but her voice sounds pretty much amazing in most cutesy songs that work for her. She doesn't really suit cool, ballady type songs because she doesn't have a low voice. Or at least, that's what I think.

4. Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko

The fourth song on the album is another one that pretty much everyone is familiar with, and honestly, one of my favourite songs. During the time when the PV came out for this song, something kinda happened, and this song was pretty much what saved me from falling deeper into depression, so for that, it is really special to me - it is also the first single from C-ute that I have purchased, because of how much I love it.

I know that this isn't a very popular single with most fans, especially the PV, but really I do love this song a whole lot - in my PV review I expressed a great amount of happiness because of both the song and video. I was amazed by C-ute when they released this, and I still am - the song is so happy and lively, and it made Momoiro Sparkling pale in comparison. I want to smile when I hear this song, and Mai really shined in this PV, which made me love it a whole lot more. Honestly, the girls are amazing in it and everyone sounds great! I can't really say any more about the song other than that I absolutely adore it, and I don't think that that feeling will change any time soon.

05. Zuntaka March ~Hitorashiku Ikiyou~

... eurgh

I don't think that I can express how much I really do dislike this song. I don't know why, but when  I first listened to it, I never wanted to hear it again. The vocals are all right, but I think that it is the overall finish of the song and how it was made. Yes, it's a Marching song, but it's also really really annoying. Most of the singing parts are really... weird, at least for me, like when the girls elongate certain words like 'Ah'.

I do like the March beat to a certain degree, though - I also like that Mai and Nakky had a pretty big portion of lines in this song, because unlike song numero 2, they fit this type of weird song, and sound good in it. Nakky especially, might I add. But, other than that... I hate this song and never want to listen to it again!

06. Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku Kurai no Utsukushisa ga Hoshii

Finally, Chissa's solo song - and, believe it or not, this isn't my favourite song. I know that Chisato is my C-ute bias, but really, I do have an opinion on what songs I do and don't like, and this is one of the songs that I am a little... meh on.

Anyway, I like the tone of the song - It's about damned time that Chisato had her own solo, and I'm glad that it's a pretty cool song. Chisato sounds really amazing in this, and this is the sort of song where her voice sounds pretty striking in a way. It's the sort of song that shows off her vocal ability and how distinct her voice is. Seriously, this is what C-ute's past singles missed out on. She deserved lines way before this, but hey, C'est la Vie...

In all honesty, I don't think that this song is memorable - but that's probably because it just doesn't really suit my taste buds. I like the song, but it isn't something I would want to listen to on a daily basis. I love Chisato, and I am freakin' happy that this was her song - if Nakky or Mai had gotten this song, then... I would have cried.

07. Kagayake! Houkago

Speaking of Nakky, here is her solo, and my favourite song on the whole album - this is one of the songs that I have listened to over and over again simply because I adore it. Nakky's song is happy, cute and extremely sweet. It suits her adorable voice to a T, and honestly? This is the song that should have had the PV, not Mai's.

I don't know why I like this song so much - it's probably that peppy happiness that is in it, with the carefree tune and the random 'YEAH'S' and 'whoo's' added into the mix. I also like that the song isn't totally hyped up, but it has a good amount of energy to get everyone into a good mood. Added with Nakky's voice, it makes the song really nice to listen to. I may not be the biggest fan of Nakky, but I do adore her voice.

It kind of annoys me that this song has the other members added to it, though - in random parts you can hear everyone else from C-ute, and it makes me wonder why only Nakky gets this treatment, and not Mai or Chisato - however, I guess the added vocals sounds really cool and it kind of reminds me of an 80's (or 60's) singer with a backing chorus that sang certain parts of the song, like random little lines that the singer couldn't sing herself. So, I guess it's a nice way to add in everyone else - but I would have loved a complete Nakky song. But it's nice to hear full on Nakky without Maimi or Airi or Chisato hogging the lines.

This song is basically Shock, except it's Nakky feat. C-ute and not Airi feat. C-ute (LOL)

08. Shiawase no Tochuu

Hey, another song I haven't heard of! And looking at the lyrics, it seems that it's a pretty fairly distributed single. Straight away, I can tell that this song is a a very slow and sweet-sounding ballad that kind of reminds me of, weirdly enough, new years and Sakura blossoms - don't ask me why, it just does.

The song is very soothing to me, and extremely sweet. Nakky sounds absolutely gorgeous in this, with Chisato sounding quite nice and Airi sounding good too. The others? Meh. Honestly, this is the sort of song that suits Nakky so well other than a cutesy song - I know that she didn't suit the cool type song, but here she sounds absolutely wonderful. This song, I really wish that it had been made for her and not everyone else now.

This album has a whole lotta Nakky love...

Okay, Chisato just sounded gorgeous on her last solo! And Airi just... breath taking!

Enough said, this song is amazing! Bring on the next one!

09. Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku


What the hell is this pile of crap doing in this album? GTFO!

If you're curious, I did review it HERE, but I seem to hate it now ^3^

10. Seishun Gekijou

The final song on C-ute's 7th album, and it's another ballad - a nice way to finish an album, in my opinion. There is a distinct male voice in the background of this song, which, whilst a bit weird, suits the tone of the song and helps the voices of C-ute to stand out. The girls sound really good, especially as they are all singing together, and the song reminds me of graduations, goodbyes and well-wishes - a perfect song to end an album, in my opinion, because of the overall tone of the song - and, looking at a (bad) translation of the lyrics, the message seems extremely positive and hopeful - More so, the song is about looking to the future and not looking back, and that you shouldn't be ashamed of mistakes, and to protect those that you love.

The song is, basically, very nice with a good feeling to it - even if it is a sad melody, it still makes me happy and hopeful, and is very refreshing in its own way.

I like songs that are slow to end albums - and as C-ute's opening track was an energetic one, it's a great way to finish off a pretty solid album with something soothing and gentle, something to end the album peacefully.

So, overall, this is a pretty decent album - there are, of course, songs that I think lack and songs that I don't like, but I'm pretty sure that is what is in every album. I think that, in all honesty, the Berikyuu single shouldn't have been put in there, only because I really don't like the song and because I feel that C-ute should have their songs on there, and not a shared one - however, it makes me feel better that Berryz get the sucky song on their 8th album, too, so meh.

Anyway, as I said - there are some hits and misses for me, but I bet a few people will disagree with what I like and what I dislike, but it's all about personal preferences - I seem to like the happier, cuter songs or more soothing and ballad-like ones as opposed to cooler songs or... freakin' marches.

Anyway, I hope this was... interesting. I apologise for not updating lately, and for just bringing out a really bad post to get me back into swing. But hey, these are my honest thoughts.

Have you guys listened to the album yet? If so, what songs are your favourite, and what are your least favourite?


PING!!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: February 26th, 2012

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Super Saiyan Space Pirates feat. Nyan Cat! - Momoiro Clover Z's 'Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou "Mugen no Ai" PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions on this group, the members, PV and song are my own and no one else's. If you dislike my opinion, then you don't have to read what I write. However, if you are fine with my opinion, then yay!

Before I write anything regarding the PV for this single, I want to say that I do not like Momoiro Clover. I find that their songs are extremely annoying, a bit pitchy and rather... loud, in the sense that one member shouts her lines rather than singing them. However, what I do admire about this group is that, unlike most other predictable Idol groups out there, MomoClo seem to pretty much think outside of the box in terms of PVs, and generally come out with something that is interesting to watch (except Roudo Sanka, that was utter shit) and, in an annoying and rather weird way, fun. Yes, MomoClo are weird - too weird for my own personal tastes, but they are rather entertaining, and that is what I do like about them.

The rest? Not so much.

So, now that that is over with, I will begin with this: My sister requested that I review this single after she watched it with me - I kind of know why she wants me to review it, and then again, I don't - one of the reasons is because of one epic WTF moment that happens in the MV that we both thought was rather surprising, and shocking too. I don't think there are any other reasons than that, but she quite likes MomoClo - more so their older songs than their newer, and I can see why in a way. Anyway, moving on, I originally wasn't going to review this PV and song - but after watching it, and after my sisters request, I feel somewhat... compelled to do so. I mean, after the disappointment of PASSPO's new song (I won't even review that piece of crap) and PV, this is like... bliss. And I never thought that I would say that about a MomoClo song or PV, but really - it's entertaining, and I like it.

... PASSPO, why the fuck did you fuck up? You made me like MomoClo for cryin' out loud!

... eurgh, anyway, let's get on with the pic spam before I digress and start to talk about how much of a disappointment PASSPO is to me right now...

And on a random, but important, side-note: The screen captions that I took are extremely bad because of the low quality video I had to work with - so if it looks like one huge lego-pixelated thing, that's why. I warned you.

Hey look, another group that is experimenting with instruments! - Except this one actually looks like she knows how to play the damned thing instead of strumming it and pretending she knows what she's doing!

Dude, this is effin' creepy!

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH Let's get all Aero Smith here! WHOO!

Already done by Buono!, but MomoClo do it so much better!

BTW, those costumes are pretty damned cool

Omfg Nyan Cat has reincarnated itself as freakin' MomoClo on bicycles! Effin' hell YEAH!

I really hate her voice, no joke :/

We need more of her, she's adorable and has a decent voice

YEAH no hands!

I would like to see you no handsy-ing it into the black abyss of the universe, lol

... Why am I reminded of Star Wars or Star Trek right now?

These are som seriously cool, Nyan-cat like effects right here.

The Yellow Power Ranger is cute~ Mwaha


Please, you knew that reference was coming!

For some reason, these are my favourite scenes - is it sadistic of me that I like to imagine they are MomoClo meteorites, or worse, on fire?

Heck, they might be going all Super Saiyan on our boots for all we know :/



Looks like someone's havin' fun with tentacles... I mean, they're wired up to a machine >.>


Nah, they're just on fire

Power Ranger pose!

Space Pirates ftw?

If you don't see Nyan Cat... Well, I dunno - I just do, so you should too!

Beam those mother fuckin' headlights into the abyss! Beam them like there is no tomorrow!!!

YAY more posing...

Oh, look, the one I don't like is being taken away by Aliens - Yay~

Oh, wait, she's still there...


Is it weird that I think of The Wizard of Oz's tornado scene during this part? Paired with Nyan cat?

Dude, that Kame-Hame-HA looks super wicked cool

... Wait, is that it? No one turns blonde, gets a ripped chest and flies? Well, that sucks!!!

Okay, so it's pretty much that time of the review again... the review part of it all, where I can bitch and whine and praise to my heart's content! So, let's get going, shall we?

So, in all honesty I didn't want to watch this video - I had absolutely no desire to do so, because I was so intent on ignoring MomoClo for stupid reasons even unnkown to me. In the end of it all, though, a post created by Serenyty of Happy Disco got me interested in the PV - there were no screen caps or anything, just  a really convincing review that made me curious about this PV. So,  I watched it - and I was really impressed by Momoiro Clover (not gonna put the damned Z there) and their new song.

My first impression wasn't really great, honestly, because I was half focused on the PV and half focused on something else at the time, and so some of my reactions didn't appear, but I know that when that purple chick screamed after such beautiful ballad-like lines, I just gave a 'WTF' face - why did she do that? But, it was funny, and it just... adds to that weird MomoClo charm that the group has. So, it was interesting when that came up, though a little weird and kind of ruining a sweet moment. Oh, and if you're wondering, this is the reason why my sister wanted me to review the whole PV. Yeah. Oone little WTF moment xD

So, let's get on with the rest of the PV review - I honestly did enjoy this MV, and I really thought that I wouldn't. But, it's amazing. The graphics are freakin' great, top notch quality if anything, and really show off the randomness that this group has. I love the flying bicycles that shoot colour out of the back wheels like it's a spin off of Nyan Cat, and I really enjoyed the close up scenes of the girls peddling away whilst the colours zoom past them in a tunnel like fashion. And, we can't forget those meteorite-like scene where the girls are basically skimming across the sky with a jagged light encasing them - seriously, that was cool, and one of my favourite scenes in the entire video. Well, that's mostly because Greeny was shown the most in those scenes I guess. But either way, they were freakin' cool.

Now, I would like to point out that, not only do I like this PV for the fact that it is pretty cool, but because of how it ties in with the anime that the song is for - my sister actually asked me if the new song the girls were singing was for an anime she had been watching, and played the opening - I didn't know that this song was for an anime, but when I found it, I was happy that MomoClo's PV had been tied in with the cartoon - it's about freakin' space pirates. Nicely done, MomoClo!

Oh, and those costumes? Freakin' sweeeet! And there really isn't much to comment on about the dance other than the Kame-Hame-HA moves that are a nice touch.

Okies, so moving on? The song itself is really catchy and pretty cool - I was actually expecting something much more annoying and squeaky, something like that horrible Christmas song that MomoClo brought out during the Holiday season. Anyway, Ii was pleasantly surprised by this - I enjoy it quite a bit, and the song isn't overly... shouty. And by that, I mean the chick in red - she pretty much shouts her lines, and I hate that. I also hate her voice, but that's just me. But in this, I could tolerate her. As for other solo's, if you haven't guessed by now, I love Greeny's and Yellow Girls. They have the best voices IMO. If you like someone else's voice, then that is your opinion. I just seem to have a personal preference to Greeny and Yellow-y. Also, those lovely solo lines that are slow and ballad-like were so pleasing to the ears - and then that purple girls loud, screech just returned me to the land of the MomoClo. Gee, thanks. (Though it was funny! xD)

And, coming up to the group parts - I really enjoyed them. The girls sounded amazing together and not so annoying (like in that Power Ranger song). I really liked their group parts in this song, it made the experience more enjoyable for me.

Anyway, in the end of it all, Ii enjoyed nearly every aspect of this song and PV - I still don't like MomoClo any more than I did before (i.e not much), but this song is really impressive, as is the PV. It just shows how strong MomoClo is as a group and how much they are still improving. The quality of both the song and video are great, and it has that trademark MomoClo sound that is weird, annoying but overly catchy. And, as Serenyty said in her own post, MomoClo are still creating quality products despite having a sizeable fanbase - they aren't half arsing it like some groups are right now just because they can (coughAKBcough) and are still showing that they are continuing to get better and better, in videos and sound.

Really, this video is actually pretty amazing - if you haven't seen it, then please, watch it now. If someone who really does not like MomoClo recommends it, I say... try it out, because hell - I like it. And that's an achievement for me e.e

Honestly? I wish that I could have seen this in a better quality video, because the PV looks absolutely stunning - sadly, we only have something that is low quality right now, but hey, what can we do?

I recommend it, do you?