Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Niece was Born!!!

Today on January 17th 2012, at around 6:35am my baby niece was born to my younger sister (18) and has joined out family and is being awaited for by everyone!

Last year, in Jun/July time, my younger sister announced her pregnancy, and she was hoping for a baby girl, though she didn't mind if she had a boy instead - at the same time, my older sister was also pregnant, about a week after my younger sister, however in August my older sister miscarried and found out she would have had a boy - my younger sister was scared that she would have a boy, however, she is having a girl and we couldn't be happier! My older sister knows what happened was not her fault, but our younger sister had a hard dealing with it, too.

In the end, the baby was actually born about two weeks late, and my niece was born on what would have been my nephews birth day if he had been on time - Today!

So Happy Birth Day, Annelise Eve! I already love you, and I still haven't held you yet!!!

... Damn, this makes me broody!

PS. Baby (Annelise) looks like her father, just a tinier, female version. From the pictures I have seen, she is sweet! My sister and niece will be home tomorrow, so I look forward to their arrival! :D