Thursday, 26 January 2012

Gettin' Sexy in Here - Fudanjuku's 'Kaze Ikki' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions on this group, the PV and the song of Kaze Ikki are solely my own. If you do not like my opinion, then that is your choice, however, do not bash my opinion - freedom of specch, though and LOVE!

Fudanjuku are a group I just recently got into, so I am still very new to them. I don't know any of their names (yet), however I do know that the one in glasses is an original member, as well as the fact that there are two new faces within the group. I also know that, at one point, there was one member with a very unfortunate wig which I hope they burned.

I hope that the wig Rests in Hell where it belongs...

Anyways, getting back on topic! As I said, I am still unfamiliar with the members names in this group, however I found a forum where I can look up their names, so YAY! But I am really enjoying this groups releases, and quite recently, I became hooked on their latest single, Kaze Ikki.

So, here I am with another PV review of a group I have really started to enjoy. Hopefully, Fudanjuku release more songs this year. I've already found my future husbands within the group!

Okay, fan-girling over - Onto the Pic Spam!

It's too dark!!! ;___;

:o It already looks pretty cool~

Hel-lo! SEXY!

Whilst the PV is pretty much too dark for my own liking, I like these scenes quite a bit

Megane guy! :D

I'd tap 'dat

This guy is a cutie, but not my ultimate favourite in the group

Tap Tap Tap Tap TAP DAT!

GRR faysche!

Okay, who wouldn't tap this dude?

Move, Betches!

Damn, they all look so cool!

And sexy! Too sexy for their shirts~ Too sexy for their cats~

Mhm, lovely pout!


Watching this PV, I realised 'I want them to go a gangster next time and have fights' - How cool would that be!?

I loooooooooooooove you all!

Getting all bad ass and sitting on a car. That's how it's done

Watch out, for Fudanjuku are here!

And so the sexyness comes to an end... D;

That was a pretty short screen cap, however, I have my reasons for that - the PV is pretty fast in pace, so I had a hard time grabbing shots that weren't blurred out. Even these ones are pretty horrid quality, and Ii'm not overly happy with them - but whatever, I will get over it. Always do.

ANYWAYS, getting on with the review, I really enjoyed the PV - I still don't like how dark it is, but it's how it was created, and it gives off that 'cool' vibe that the song has. It's a pretty fast moving video, with a lot of shots that don't really stand still at all (hence why it is hard to get the screen grabs!) and a lot of cool posing and a pretty okay dance.

With the PV, the one aspect that I enjoyed the most was the members themselves - these guys really know how to portray a boyish nature and can really pull off that 'sexy' vibe without having to take off their shirts. In all honesty, I sometimes forget that these are actually girls cross-dressing and I sometimes think 'I would bed that guy' (in all seriousness -  I would) and then suddenly, I remember that I am watching a group that is made up of girls who pretend to be guys. But I like that aspect - that I have to remind myself that Fudanjuku are made up of girls who are just fantastic at pretending to be men. They're really talented if they're able to do that, and I love it!

Now, getting back on track here - as I said before, it's the members of Fudanjuku who made me love this PV. The way they look, how they dance or pose, it all makes the video very appealing and eye-catching. I love it! It's not the settings that make the PV, it's the group who are in it - and for me, Fudanjuku are certainly a stand out group! But, other aspects that I liked from the video were probably where the group was set for shooting - in what looks like a deserted warehouse filled with junk, and outside in the sunset. Whilst they may be rather dark settings, it certainly sets the tone for the video, and it makes these guys look a lot cooler, especially in the outfits they are wearing. But it wasn't just these bigger aspects that made me like the video, it was also the little things. I mean, during one part, I could see the members' breath as they breathed out. How cold was it? It certainly gave a more realistic feeling to the video. I also loved the parts where the members were grouped together, as if they were just an adolescent gang looking for some trouble.

Now moving onto the dance - there really wasn't much going on there, but I thought it was rather cute. I liked that the dance scenes were shot in two different locations, and the different angles of the video definitely made it a lot livelier than the dance is, I think. I will say that I love the arm movements for this song, though - especially when they are singing Fudandandandan Fudanjuku. It was nice to watch.

And now it's time for the song - With the song, I really do enjoy it. Currently, it's one of the most played songs that I listen to on youtube, right next to CherryBelle's Dilemma and Sexy Zone's Sexy Zone. The song is very cool and up-beat, and something that is quite... dancey, in a way. I love the rhythm of Kaze Ikki, it's catchy and fun, and I found myself enjoying the repetitive Fudandandandan Fudanjuku and Ikki Ikki Kaze Ikki. It added a nice Fudanjuku flair to the song which made me like it a lot more. I've pretty much fallen in love with the Kaze Ikki!

For me, this song is really memorable - the parts where each member talks in a deeper tone during certain parts of the song adds a nice touch to the song, and each members voice is great. Everyone has an individual sound to them, and even if some members still haven't grasped how to sing in a deeper, more masculine voice, everyone fits the song really well. I found myself being amazed by how deep these girls can go. I know that some of these girls have been in since the very beginning, but it's still amazing how they can do that - some of them sound like boys, and some just sound drop dead sexy! It makes me want to hear more from the group, and to see more of them. This song leaves me with the desire to continue following Fudanjuku. I have listened to their other songs, even before this one came out, but for me, Kaze Ikki is probably my favourite.

Personally, I love the song - it's wonderful, and I find little to fault over it. But that doesn't mean that you agree! So, what are your thoughts on this song and the group? Have you even heard of Fudanjuku? Who is your favourite member?

Oh, and here's the youtube video for y'all! ;)

(I can't find the video that I usually watch, however if you find this one on youtube, the full better quality version of Kaze Ikki in the side bar titled 風男塾/風一揆)


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  1. Fundanjuku~!! *squeals* XD

    I agree their videos are carried just by the "boys" themselves. The atmosphere is just bonus. Because they are pretty much a gimmick group, it's for the best (more mainstream idols need stories or otherwise interesting music videos to stand out, on the other hand.)

    My favorite is the uhh... it's hard to choose! I like Red Tie and Blue Tie, but Yellow Tie (the current one, not the one with the Little Orphan Annie wig) makes the cutest guy to me. :D I haven't memorized their names yet, so I still refer to them by their image colors. Just like I did with Momoiro Clover at first.

  2. I'm absolutely in love with them right now - I like all their songs, they are all really great!

    I honestly feel that the atmosphere they give is better in PVs - I would prefer to see the Idols themselves take over the PV rather than other mainstream groups like MM, AKB and others just use costumes and props to their advantage, as well as quirky effects and what not or skimpy clothing. Fudanjuku have shown me how enjoyable a PV can be WITHOUT so much going on.

    I pretty much like them all XD Ren's character is really humorous though.

  3. I love Fudanjuku <3 They're epic~
    My favoutie's Kojiro >D
    DUB THEM IN HANABI, PLEASE? -shakes Mama-