Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Do Da Funky Chicken! - Morning Musume's 'Pyoko Pyoko Ultra' PV Review!

All opinions on the song, PV or any group members are my own. You are free to disagree with me, just like I am free to disagree with you. Opinions are opinions, but don't try to force your ow opinion on another person.

Warning: I am hyper in this XD

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra is the 48th single release for iconic girl group Morning Musume, and is the first single for 10th generation members Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Masaki Sato and Kudo Haruka. This is also the possible (not quite sure yet) graduation single of Niigaki Risa, though if it is, I might just hit something then cry from the pain and blood loss.

Okay, so... Pyoko Pyoko Ultra... Where to begin? Well, to begin with, not many people were overly keen on the song - some people were, a lot of people weren't, and even when the PV previews came about, a lot of people were still unsure. Some hated it, some were on the fence - I was certainly on the fence, especially with those costumes. I mean... WHY????

So, what do I think now? Well... they're cuter, but, still... WHY!???????

Don't get me wrong, those costumes are cute... on Zukki, Aika and Sato. The rest? Not so much. But then again, that's my personal opinion.

But let's get to the real question: Will the video change peoples minds about this new Morning Musume, now that it's been released? Will the full song gain a bit of interest in those who at first hated it?

Well, I don't know other people - but I do know what I think! So, onto the pic spam!!!

I like this font... but it looks quite boring with the plain BG :/

Do the Funky  Chicken!!!

First close up of Haruna!!! I was so damned happy with that!

Shit effects are overly shitty :/

Sato is bloody adorable, I have completely changed my mind about her - she is one of the few who actually looks good in that bloody costume

Sexy Niigaki is fucking awesome and I want those earrings stat...

Fuku-chicken is quite adorable, though she's too classy for this PV


Reina: Teehee, my plan to dominate will soon appear!!!

Reina surprised me in this... I actually like her more now Dx

My lord, Eripon's cute. Sadly, she has no more bangs  D;


Haha... 10th Gen chicks are bumming each other xD (that was seriously my first reaction)

Er... wait, what?

Gaki looks like she wants to raise her middle fingers, but sadly, she can't

Damn, this girl is adorable. Wai you no front girl!?

Aika looks effing adorable here, no joke.

Reina's throwing a tantrum! Get her out of the costume!

Sayumi's adorable, admit it.

Baby Predators happy face makes me damned happy!

Fuck that effect, it can go burn


Fuku-Chick is surprised: She has lines!?

Winky wants YOU!!!

Cry because Riho is hogging all the lines!!! WAAAH!

Dude, Harunyan's effing gorgeous <3 Even when she is "crying", she's adorably beautiful!

This looks so forced :/

Haha, I like the watering cans

Aika, like a BOSS!

Gaki, upset that she's stuck in a ridiculous Chocobo outfit

Cake!? So, it isn't a lie...

I've really started to like Kudo a lot more... it makes me happy XD

But I hate that Aika still isn't dancing

PS cutest part of the dance

I just really like this shot of Gaki  XD

EVERYONE'S THERE! WHOO full group shot~

And... that's the end of this Chicken dance. Wasn't it FUN!!?

Right, let's be honest here: When I first heard this song in previews, I wasn't overly ecstatic, nor was I extremely hopeful that the song would be good, however, when I kept listening to all the previews, I eventually really got into the song and even started to like it a lot. Now that it's all out in the open, I love the song. It's extremely energetic, it's the sort of Morning Musume I never experienced, and it's a pretty good song overall.

But I don't think it's the best. I'm still holding out for something just as amazing as Souda! We're Alive was.

Anyway, let's get into the review part of this post~

As I stated before, I wasn't really that into the song before now. I listened to the previews a lot in order to get into it, and whilst I was pretty much fine with the song, I actually really like it now. It's enjoyable, it has such an energetic feeling and it is very happy and fun. The chorus is great, and is the best part of the song, and even if it does seem kiddish, everyone's voice type really fits in with the song, which is good.

I guess the only thing I can truly bitch about the song is the fact that I don't like Riho's voice - but that's just me. I don't honestly care for her voice type at all right now, but I am pretty sure she will amaze me in other singles. It's the same with Reina; her voice never really amazes me in every single, but in this song, I was surprised by how great she sounds in Pyoko Pyoko Ultra. But to me, everyone sounds great - however, I am a bit pissed off that Erina and Zukki didn't get lines. Considering Zukki is by far better than Riho at singing (IMO, don't get mad) it annoys me that only 2 of all 12 members didn't get lines. FFS UFA, learn to not be asses, kay?

It also annoys me that both Sato and Baby Predator (Daishii) sound exactly the same here than when they do in concert - wtf is up with that? I hate that they auto-tuned the shit out of the two in order to make them sound so bloody similar. Really, if I didn't see their faces to those lines, I wouldn't have realised the difference.

But, other than what I like to bitch about, the song is really fun. It's cute, energetic and overly happy. Everyone sounds, and looks, like they are enjoying themselves, which in turn makes the song overly enjoyable. And I love that. Also: FUKUMURA GOT MOTHERFUCKING LINES!!!! <3 Happy fangirl~

Anyways, moving onto the PV portion - I don't know how many people hated/loved this, but there's a pretty even line for who likes what here. I know for sure that some people prefer the song to the PV, whilst some just don't really like it all together. With me, I find that there are things I like and dislike about this song, and the things I dislike are certainly the effects.

Some of the effects used are truly shitty. I actually wonder how UFA could lower their standards with a single. I mean... there are worse PV's out there, but really? Those effects are something a 5 year old could do. Go to Windows Movie Maker, and overlap one video to another - BOOM! You have the effects they used where the girls are walking through the scenery. I seriously... I hate it, I'm sorry. I just do.

But the rest of the video? I like it. The dance is really cute and fun, it seems so happy and it fits with the song and mood. Everyone looks adorable dancing, and when I saw Ayumi's smile at one point I just fell in love with the girl all over again. She looked so ecstatic, like she was loving every moment of it. Dude, that girl needs to stay in front. Seriously.

I found the PV to be extremely bright and colourful, and I really liked that - there wasn't too much in terms of computer generated imagery like Kare to and Kono Chikyuu, but the backdrops used were adorable and cartoony - childish, but still fun to look at, much like the song. How the video looks really ties in well with the song, and it was overly enjoyable to watch. Everyone looks happy, they act happy and the finished product is happy.

In the end of it all, I find that the video and song fit so well together. It's a burst of happiness in the form of a childish song. This is something that a few fans have been waiting for from Morning Musume, and now that they have it... well, they aren't happy, but some people are. A happy song for 2012? It's nice to bring in the year for MoMusu with a happy, cute song to overload us with fluffiness. I'm glad that this is a single from Morning Musume, but if it's Gaki's last single, I'm pretty sure I will go and punch a brick or something and then Tsunku's face.

Anyway, whatever, I enjoyed it - I didn't fall in love with it like my sister did, but I did enjoy it and I love it a whole lot more than I did before... but it's still better than Tachiagaaru by far.

So, what was your opinion? Did you enjoy it, or did you absolutely loathe it?


  1. Satou made me smile throughout the whole PV as did Aika and Reina. I agree that Satou and Ayu's lines sounded way too similar but I have to say I think Satou sounds better in hers ^^ Her voice sounds deep in strong here as well as in the live performance (loving it!) while Ayu's voice is a bit higher and has a cute tone to it (which is weird since I honestly though it'd be the other way around)

    I love your nickname for Ayu by the way. Kind of suits her xDD

  2. @KiraRAWRRR

    Satou is adorable! And with Ayumi's nickname, when I saw her at the auditions, I thought 'she looks like a predator a little, but cuter' - it's her smile, so I call her the Baby Predator (I can also call her a shark, but I like her too much XD)

  3. Ugh. I wish I liked this song. I do like the new members, I just wish they hadn't debuted with this single... anyways, it was a nice PV review!

    1. I just read your review! I love how we're extremely different on some levels, but are on the same wavelength for a few of the shots in the vid *like the portal moment and Gaki's forced smiles*

      Your PV reviews a loooot better XD <3

  4. Honestly I don't understand why Aika isn't graduating. She's never been relevant to the group and never will and she's not capable of dancing anymore. Other girls have been given the boot for less than that wth is going on?

    1. In all honesty, I don't know - apparently Aika is a big favourite of Tsunku's. Now, I like Aika, however I do want her to graduate - right now she isn't really doing anything other than hindering MM, however, graduating is also her decision. UFA may have asked her, but she might have refused. You never know, honestly

  5. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if those were forced smiles by Gaki... I mean, this is quite possibly her last single, and they dress her up like a Chocobo. Seriously ^_^" She's probably thinking "I'm waaaay too old for this..."

    1. Luckily, this isn't her last single! The 49th single will be her last ;) But I know, poor woman... she's a grown up and I know that everyone else is a bit younger (barring Sayu and Reina), but even she must have been like 'EH!?'