Friday, 6 January 2012

AKB48 and My Opinion

My opinions are all my own, as are all of your opinions. If you don't like my opinions, or just don't agree with me, then that is your choice. Freedom of thought and all that jazz.

Note: I would like to say that I am not applying any sort of label to every AKB fan, Hello! Project or Morning Musume fan. In general, most AKB fans are actually very open minded and sweet and respectful - however, some of them go too far and bitch/rant at MoMusu fans about how shitty MoMusu's music is, but when we try to slander AKB, they get butt hurt and vice versa. In no way am I bitching (if I do) to certain fans. This is just general trolls (if I mention anything about people who slander stuff).

Also, I am talking about PVs here - not PBs, I feel that PBs and PVs are two totally different things.

When it comes to AKB48, I sometimes feel like I shouldn't express my true thoughts on the group in case people perceive me as a hater - and it's happened, trust me. Even though I am not a hater now (I was, and I will admit it, I am not ashamed), I could still be slandered for 'hating' on a group that I may seem to not really like.

And honestly? I don't. I don't care for the group. I like their music, granted, but I do not care for this group and that is my honest opinion.

But just because I don't care for the group, it doesn't mean that I will instantly go and hate on their music. I actually like a good few of their songs, such as Sakura no Hanabiratachi (2006), Aitakatta!, Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou, BINGO!, Boku no Taiyou, Oogoe Diamond, Namida Surprise, Heavy Rotation, Everyday Kachuusha and Ue Kara Mariko, so you can't go saying that I don't go and listen to their songs - because I do. No, I haven't listened to all of their singles, but I'm still in the process of trying to listen to songs they have produced.

But, I still don't care for the group. And I guess it's because of my lack of care for them that makes people think She's a Hater. Honestly, I find it rather funny that people can think that way - just because I like one group more than another doesn't mean that I don't appreciate their music just as much as I do Morning Musume's. In fact, I recently got a comment claiming that I was basically a hater. It was anonymous, so I don't know who they are at all, but they called me out when I said that AKB were generic. I guess they thought I meant every song they did, but in all honesty - I meant their recent singles. Oh, and they told me to compare it with MM singles from 2011. Thing is, I know that MM are generic. I won't hide it. Their songs, especially Maji Desu Blah Blah, are bloody generic. Though ONLY YOU was absolute win, as were Kono Chikyuu and Kare to. I don't think that thos singles were as generic as AKB were last year, I honestly don't.

But that might be my bias.

Anyway, I went off the railway track a little there.

In all honesty, I know why I don't necessarily care for AKB like I do MoMusu - I have little to no respect for them as a group right now. That doesn't mean I will always think this way, because my opinion can change, but as a girl who likes to look up to other girls, I don't see myself looking up to AKB currently. They're an Idol unit, obviously, but I find the way that they sell their merchandise/CDs is a little... well... risqué.

You can kind of guess where I am heading here - more so, towards Everyday Kachuusha!. I love the song, and I think that the PV has been executed so well, but, in the end, I know that this single was only for the profit and not the talent. The song is rather bland in a way, and it's overly generic, but extremely catchy. However, it's the video that sold it, and not the song - the video is pretty much made for men and not girls like me. It shows off the girls in bikini's, even stripping down to their swimwear at some parts, and for me... it's awkward.

And for some anti-AKB fans, it's slutty. But, I don't find AKB slutty - this is their job, and they do what they are told, even if they're not that comfortable with it.

I guess the same goes for Heavy Rotation. Catchy, bloody good tune, but very generic. The PV though - it definitely sold it. I mean, the girls are in lingerie (cute lingerie), as well as showing the girls dancing around retractable poles/microphones. This PV is incredibly adult in so many ways, and I think that Heavy  Rotation (or Baby! Baby! Baby!) put a few girls off of liking the group. More so the International fans, I think.

This PV also makes me think that it was only for the profit and not the talent. The vocals are great and all, but it was more so profiting off of how the girls look and how they appeal to a certain audience, and to me, it seems downright... well, degrading. In my eyes (not yours, so don't take this to offence, please) it's just selling these girls off as sex symbols rather than Idols. However, I do, in a way, respect the girls for putting up with this sort of video - I mean, you need to be brave to strip down to your undies and to even kiss girls in front of a camera, as well as to sit in a bath with another girl whilst you're being filmed.

Also, I don't appreciate seeing someone's ass cheeks in a PV. It's uncomfortable for me as a girl, and also, I don't want my mother walking into my room whilst I am listening to/watching this PV.

But I actually like this song, despite the amount of awkwardness the PV gives off. Plus, those lyrics - I can easily turn a line into 'I Fuck You', which I do on occasion, because the PV and the song make it so easy to do~

Now, someone could actually bring up the argument that Morning Musume have also pranced about in their bikini's for a PV, which they have, and worn them far longer than AKB do in Everyday Kachuusha, but when I see Genki Pika Pika as a PV, I don't see sex symbols - honestly, I don't. Again, this may be because of my bias, but considering the PV was filmed in Hawaii whilst they were on one of their tours, and also the fact that it doesn't show these girls stripping down to their swimming gear, I find it more innocent.

Then again, Morning Musume's members don't have big ass boobs like most of AKB do. In Genki Pika Pika, I think that only Aika and Ai had something going on up top and the rest... flat lands.

PS This song's PV is not my favourite... probably cos of those bikini's, so yeah...

But in all honesty, I don't hate AKB48 - I just don't care for the group enough, and I don't respect them enough. I guess I have less respect for Aki P and the way he sells the girls rather than themselves - I mean, they're brave. They can wear bikini's with confidence in front of a camera. I can't even wear a bikini in my own home because of general insecurities. So, I respect them for that I guess. However, I don't like how the PVs are sold - I think a few people will disagree with me, especially the male wota, but that's my honest opinion. I would rather see the girls in something cute rather than sexy and revealing, which is why I probably respect Morning Musume more - there have been times where their clothing is revealing, but it's not revealing to the point where it looks like it's meant to just sell their sex appeal.

AKB48 are fine, but I don't like everything they do, much like a lot of casual fans towards Hello! Project or Morning Musume don't like everything that they do. I really don't like Flying Get, nor do I like Beginner or River, songs that people have recommended to me, saying how awesome they are but in the end do nothing for me. But that is my personal opinion, much like many people's opinion of Morning Musume is that they are a failing, generic, sinking ship.

I love Morning Musume, and I will defend it - much like AKB fans will defend AKB. But in the end, I just find that AKB's recent music has been all over generic (even more generic than MoMusu's, IMO) and rather sloppy, like Aki P doesn't care - however, their PVs and the execution that goes into their videos are top quality. Better than Morning Musume's? By a mile. But the songs just don't live up to the quality of their music videos, and I think that right now, it's the money that matters and not the talent, and I know that AKB have talent in singing. That is my honest, and personal opinion.

And to the AKB fans who happen to think I am hater, check the picture above. I've been waiting to use this baby since I found it~

Not a hater, but not a lover. I'm just in the middle~


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  1. I applaud you for having your opinion and stating it. Have an unpopular opinion (even if you actually are somewhere in the middle) can and will get you hate from others - but at least you're getting your feelings out there.

    Myself, thus far I've only ever liked one AKB song (Beginner), nothing else has ever caught on for me. After a while I pretty much stopped bothering to even listen. It's not because I want to be a hater - I just know what I like, and they aren't it. Nothing wrong with that, IMO.

  2. @BeForJess

    Thank you very much for your comment :) I'm glad that people do not mind anothers opinion 9I don't, I love opinions, whether they're good or bad) but it is a bit harder with AKB - the fanbase is so big, and so protective in ways, that you can get attacked for the littlest things.

    In all honesty, I feel that Ue Kara Mariko is truly the only song that has pretty much become a full favourite of mine. I like their music, but I don't love it. And I agree - there is nothing wrong with knowing what you like, and caring for just a specific style of music (like MomoClo, MoMusu or any JEnt group out there)

  3. There are still fans comparing H!P and AKB48? Gee, I thought true AKB fans don't bother with anything H!P anymore. They're no longer at the same level to be honest. It's just AKB at the top and no one else. if there's a need for comparing H!P then it's no longer with the AKB franchise. There's Idoling, Momoclo, Passpo or even fairies that's a better match...

  4. Nothing wrong with this. I don't agree with everything you said, but I get it. I do agree about Heavy Rotation being a bit uncomfortable when I first saw it. I could never show that pv to my mom, for example, because she'd freak right out. I want to, because I adore that song and I think she'd like it, but there's just no way she could see past the lingere. It's unfortunate.
    I will always prefer Momusu to AKB too. Try to ignore internet people who like flaming because you don't agree with them. As long as you;re not a jerk about you're opinion (and you definitely aren't), I don't see what the problem is.

  5. I honestly like their music, but when I saw their PVs that [always] have bikinis.. it turned me off in liking them.. :(

    1. not all their PV have bikini in it ^^ usually only summer single (single with beach themed) that have bikini on the PV while the other single like graduation themed single, sousenkyo single, cool single and janken single didnt have bikini on it ^^

  6. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about akb48. Although I liked heavy rotation ( the only songs of theirs I liked), I felt like I was watching porn. And it's hard to have respect for groups that ALWAYS lip sync. Even when momusu's songs were generic, ai-chan's voice usually saved it( aahh, I miss her voice). Momusu usually always sings live and sound damn good even when they are tired, and that's why I am their loyal fan.

  7. @Anonymous

    People/fans always compare other groups - I don't think it's all fans, but I have met people who have generally bashed many of the groups, not just these two, and they try to make their favourite group outshine a group they dislike. I think it's just trolls, honestly, who call themselves fans, but that's my opinion~

  8. @Isilie

    I don't think that everyone will agree with me, but in the end, I wanted to say what I felt - I like their music, that is true, but I don't care for the group. I find that the childish, and friendly PVs that MoMusu seem to have are much more appropriate, even if they can be overly weird.

    I find that I enjoy peoples opinions as long as they aren't jerks either xD

  9. @Ran-chan

    Their music is great! But the PVs... they sometimes make me feel awkward

  10. No!!! Not the Sound of Music!!! lol!!!

  11. @Anonymous 2:

    Okay, your comment made my day!!! xD the Hills are alive...

  12. I like what you said about AKB being sold more as sex symbols. I honestly tried to get into AKB but I wasn't interested when I saw all the bikinis and lingerie being used the way it was.

  13. @Anonymous 3

    Well, some people may disagree with the whole idea of them being sex symbols, but it is nice to know that you agree! I like the group, but all the skimpy wear is not appealing to me - leave it to the photobooks!

  14. lol at the person who said that all their PVs have bikinis xD That's 3 out of 45 PVs that feature bikinis. I don't care if people don't like AKB, everyone is free to like or dislike whatever they feel like, what bothers me is how some people go around making blanket statements about how they are NEVER wearing clothes or things like that, which are so obviously not true.

    Have your own opinion that's perfectly fine. But be informed because you make a statement because it's a good thing to keep your facts straight. FWIW, even if you don't see the girls in Genki Pika Pika as sex symbols, some people do. I for one, don't see any difference between that PV and say, Everyday Katyusha. I don't see any of the girls in Baby Baby Baby PV acting as sex symbols either, does that mean that they are not sexualized? That's probably a discussion for another day.

  15. @Cat

    Oh, I know that they wear clothes a lot - I won't state that they always wear bikini's, but for me (I guess) the bikini's can be a little uncomfortable. But that's me, I speak for myself and no one else~

    And I agree that people can see Genki Pika Pika as a sex symbolised PV - it probably was, something to sell (because as we know, bikini's sell)

    Thanks for your opinion! It's nice to have someone who has a different opinion to me comment ^^

  16. There was a time when i couldnt stand AKB because of those PVs but I gave myself a while and went back to re watch those pvs. Heavy Rotation is a great song, the pv is just a little bit too much but that doesnt change the fact that i like the song, same with a few other songs. I have been a Momsu girl for a while now and whilst i like AKB I still love Morning Musume and I am not a hater(Even though I probably was a while back) I respect the girls for the work they do and both groups work hard and create good music :)

    1. I agree - I was at the point where I was refusing to listen to other groups, but I have come to realise that all Idols work hard for their fans, and I respect that. I think all Idols are great. And I love Heavy Rotation the song, but the video isn't to my cup of tea. However, I still don't really care about AKB48 enough. I am more of an SKE48 than anything else xD

  17. Hello.
    I'm actually confused about myself. Do I considered as AKB48's fan when I just like one of the members? I like few of their songs but recently their songs were just plain. Yes, for AKB's fan their idols is number one. They, in my ponion are a bit cocky just because AKB has sold high number of sales, as if AKB always produce good songs. :( I mean...I want to support one of the member as solo, I don't want to benefit the group as whole.
    Argh, I'm confused! @_@
    Anyway, I hate their persistent-arrogant-cocky fans. Although not all of them like that.

    1. Hi!!! :3

      I was, at one point, just a fan of Mayu Watanabe and Mariko Shinoda. I also liked one or two of their songs... now, because I like more members and also the sister groups, I call myself a casual fan. I think right now, you aren't a fan, you just like something about them, but don't want to dedicate yourself to all members, groups and songs.

      I agree that the fans too are a bit cocky because of how much AKB48 sell; but, most of the time, they only sell that much because their fans multi-buy the singles. Also, I think that no artists produces amazing songs all the time... especially AKB, who's songs are rehashes most of the time, or at least now.

      I say support the one member solo, rather than support the group if you don't want to. I feel that it won't benefit the group, but yourself and the member you want to follow more. Also, I know the fandom for AKB is rather intimidating sometimes, especially with how they act, but all fandoms are, and I feel that we should never EVER let the fandom decide who we should like, what we like, and how we should like it. If you like the girl, follow her and enjoy her. It makes you a fan of that girl, not the group. Seriously, for a good one year or less I only listened to Morning Musume because I liked Niigaki Risa. I now like the entire group as a whole, music and all, but she was my only reason for listening to Morning Musume before.

      If anything, don't let fans put you off of a fandom. I have pretty much stopped going onto forums and stuff because H!P and AKB fans annoy me. I just follow who I follow cos I love them, and that's what you should try too :)