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9nine are Space Invaders! - 9nine's 'Shoujo Traveller' PV Review

All thoughts and opinions regarding the girl group 9nine, the song or the MV are purely my own thoughts, just like your thoughts are YOUR own. If you do not agree with my views then so be it, but please do not expect to bash one others opinion and then want someone to respect your opinion. Freedom of speech, love and thought~

Note: I was meant to write this earlier, however, my computer decided to LURVE me and kill itself with a blue screen. Wonderful. Anyways, I am here, and I aim to post a few more reviews tonight, or at least one more. I have been neglecting the blog lately, but right now, I HAVE TIME!!!

9nine only just released a single one month ago - and now they're releasing another one! Shoujo Traveler is the 9th release from the 5nin girl group, and whilst the girls aren't as mainstream as other girl groups such as AKB48, Morning Musume or Tokyo Girls' Style, they're getting a pretty good amount of love for their latest single.

As regular readers probably know by now, I am a fan of 9nine. I love most 5-nin girl groups, and I think they are the best because there isn't too many or too little, but 9nine are one of my bigger favourites - especially with their recent singles. Just by watching them, I see that they have come far in terms of visuals and appeal. They're a great group, and as you have probably guessed, I like this PV.

But we'll get to that later, after my pic spam of this glorious video and my darling Hirona~ Yes, my bias - Hirona~

So, bask in the wonderful glory that is the PV of Shoujo Traveller!

I love the opening scene, however, memories of Forever Love pop into my head...

The Flawless Five, looking as gorgeous as ever~

I like the TV screen stalker effect in the PV

Flawless Hirona is Flawless, admit it

She's hiding her crooked teeth~


Hirona pulls the best faces in this video, even though she's the youngest

Oh dang, my screen!

Even Umeka's shocked!

Kanae's smile is pretty creepy here, but dayumn, the girl is gorgeous!

9nine are pretty damned sexy when they do this...


... o-O stars?

When I saw this stance, I was instantly reminded of Charlie's Angels!

Perfect - Hirona is gorgeous, which is why the camera focused on her!

Umeka is pretty fine too, I love her smile

... Headbands?

Me like this shot :D

I haven't screen-capped this girl enough, even though she is gorgeous!

"Say WHAT?"

And now she's giving me attitude for not capping her lots... :(

Hirona is needed, again

Poor Hirona looks creeped out, whilst the other girl looks somewhat possessive and predator-like... o-O

Hahahahahaahhaahahahaha at the girl on the far right!

All gorgeous! *-*

Target: LOCKED!

Hirona wants YOU!

Kanae has creeper hands~

Umeka salutes you!

This shot is nice~~~


OH YAY! Showdown!!!

Hirona's adorable in this scene

Loving Kanae's 'Bitch, PLEASE' smugness

Oh look, the Troopers whipped Umeka and what's-her-name's skinny little butts


Wait, it's finished? D;

So, as you all know, I like 9nine. I think that the group is great, the girls are all amazing in their own ways, and, undeniably, I have a Hirona bias. However, I've come to realise that right now, their latest music isn't impressing me that much. Whilst the style of their PVs is great and entertaining, the music sounds a little too similar for my taste. I actually wish that they would do a ballad soon, like Hikari no Kage, one of my favourite songs from the group.

Anyways, enough babbling - time to review this PV and song!

Starting off, I really enjoyed the video - 9nine have really come into their own sort of style and, since gaining Kanae and Hirona as members, have upped how they present themselves in their videos. And so far, I feel that Shoujo Traveller is their best yet. Whilst it may remind me a little of Cross Over in terms of where the location is, Shoujo Traveller is in fact a little darker and a lot better. Whilst a story line isn't really present, we get to see two sides of the girls; Their normal side, and their traveller side. With their traveller side, I'm more so reminded of space travellers because of how they are dressed and how the girls are overall presented, but I like it. And I like the battle that they have in the video with their opposites and the outcome of the Space Travellers winning over their regular counterparts.

Now, I adore the costumes - I was fine with Chikutaku 2 Nite's costumes, but I wasn't madly in love with the choice of the uniforms (which S/mileage totally stole, hyuk) however with these ones, I really like the white  outfits the girls were given - especially the girl who wears the hat. I love that outfit and I want to buy it. I don't really mind the blue costumes, but I don't like them as much as their white counterparts - however the little hat/beret things are awesome, and I want them. But one thing I didn't get: The headbands over the eyes? Actually, I used to do that as a kid - it did make me look a bit more like a space-invader, in my opinion.

Okay, moving on from my stupid little ramble on childhood, I enjoyed the overall finish of the video - it is definitely the best that 9nine have done, and I really hope that they get more recognition after this. The group is extremely promising, and with amazing singers and dancers (the dancing in this is wonderful, by the way), I hope that the girls go far. I'm also happy that Hirona's getting a lot more spotlight in the videos, especially now that she is releasing her first photobook - the girl deserves it. She's cute as a button and talented to boot!

Now then, the song. Concerning the song, I don't really care for it in all honesty. Whilst listening to a more techno pop song is nice and all, it sounds a little too similar to previous 9nine works, which is all fine and dandy, but sometimes, if I notice the similarity, it runs dry for me. However, I do like the song, but not as much as I do other songs. In fact, for me, this is easily forgettable. I could listen to another song and forget this one a moment after listening to that new song. But, when I do listen to it, it's enjoyable and easy to get into. The girls' voices are wonderful, and the beat is nice - not too heavy, and not too poppy and in your face or too Idol-like, either. In fact, this almost seems like club music I guess.

It's a pretty cool song, and if people really like it, I can see why - but for me, it is far too forgettable and not easily memorable. The only way I remember it is if I think about it for a while, and then the beat gets into my head. But, I like the coolness of it - I will definitely give it props for not going down the cute root like Pyoko and Chotto Matte Kudasai did, because I like me some variation!

Anyways, what did you guys think of this song and video? o you like 9nine, or have I converted you now?

And if you still haven't checked out the PV, here it is! A kind soul uploaded it (flipped, though, and in front of an AMV I think) to youtube, so I am happy :D

I hope you all enjoy!


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