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Year End Rankings - Chiima's Top 10 Idols of 2011

All opinions on my favourites? They're my own ;P

2011, like the ninja that it is, has snuck up on us all once again and taken the year away to add a new one! So, for an official last post of 2011, I thought that I would give you my 2011 Top 10 Idol rankings - and whilst I may have done a Top 5, I am not entirely satisfied with that ranking right now. However, the difference in this ranking is that it will have members that graduated from the year in it, if anything. So, be prepared, mwahaha~

Welcome to my Top 10 of 2011, let the Idols dazzle you ;D!!!

10. KX (Heart2Heart)

There had to be at least one Heart2Heart member on here, and though it was originally going to be Chad, I knew that my heart was with KX. He's the one I wanted to hug the most, after all. I think the guy is an absolute cutie, and honestly? I want to make my love for him Facebook Official troll lol

9. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)

Whilst I'm still not overly keen on AKB48, Mayu really got to me. Initially, I disliked the girl, but now, I really like her, which is why she is one of my top idols of 2011. If there's anyone who could make me turn a complete 180 degrees, it's her. She has an annoying voice, but her cuteness overshadows that. Mayuyu, you cutie you~

8. Noda Hitomi (Houkago Princess)

Noda Hitomi is a new Idol, however I've taken to her pretty quickly. I like her cuteness, and she has a really nice voice as well. I don't think that she was my favourite at first, but she's pretty much going to be my bias (alongside Rena) in HouPri. I think she's as cute as a button!

7. Suzuki Kanon (Morning Musume)

I adore Zukki, I really do. She's charming and really funny, and she has a very real and cheerful personality that makes me feel happy whenever I see her and her silly antics. She was my first favourite 9th gen member when I finally started to like her, and right now, she is still a favourite member of mine. I am really glad that she got into Hello! Project's flagship group, I just hope (and wish and pray) that she would be utilised more vocally.

6. IU

Surprised? Good. I like IU, and recently got into her thanks to my friend posting a random video okay, Good Day) of IU's on her facebook page. I was intrigued, looked, and right now, I like her. Okay, I have listened to two or three of her songs, but I like them all, and it has definitely interested me enough to listen to her music. She's intrigued me more than SNSD, which is... weird xD

5. Sakuma Kaho (PASSPO☆)

Sakuma Kaho is a now graduated member of the Idol unit PASSPO☆, but when I first got into this group, I adored Mushu. She is a very beautiful and talented girl, so I was shocked that she was going to be graduating a great group. However, despite this she is still a great Idol, which is why I have put her in my top 10 Idols of 2011. I will miss her greatly, but like most of her fans, I would love for her to take care of herself. Kaho, Daisuki!!!

4. Ogawa Saki and Maeda Yuuka (S/mileage)

I'm still a little bitter about both their graduations, but what's done is done. The reason these two are tied is... well, because these two were the reasons why I kept my love of S/mileage. I loved Saki as a fan a lot. She was my favourite member, and the only member I liked when they were still 4nin. So, when she left, I was ready to give up on S/mileage... but damnit, Yuukarin pulled me back, and now that she's gone, I am once again ready to say bye bye to my fandom of S/mileage. However, I will still listen to their music. In the end, these two girls made me like the group a lot, and they impressed me with their talent and how cute they are... sadly, they're gone now. CRYYYY D;

3. Okai Chisato

If you're not familiar with this bias by now, then say what!? Anyways, I like Chisato a lot as an Idol, and I find her nature very funny. I adore her voice, and she's a pretty good dancer as well, and it makes me happy that this year, she got to prove that she's just as good as the two C-ute front girls. She's a stunner, and I want to continue idolising her throughout 2012. Hopefully, she gets more lines next year alongside Mai and Nakky~

2. Ikuta Erina and Iikubo Haruna

Whilst these two are my favourite Morning Musume members, as well as my all time Idols of 2011 on my Top 5 list, I do feel that, whilst I adore them so much, there is an Idol that I adore more, and her status as my all time favourite Idol beats these girls. So, yes, I adore these two girls. Ikuta is my favourite member of Morning Musume tied with Iikubo, though I adore Ikuta for her extremely fun and cute nature. She's got a great personality and a beautiful smile. For Haruru, I love her pureness and her beautiful smile, as well as how endearing she is. She's a really cute girl, and from the Hello Pro time episodes I watched, she seems to be more impressionable and innocent than her fellow 10th gen members, finding that things are really fun and exciting as well as being an energetic and sweet member of the group. I really hope that, in 2012, these girls can give a lot more to Morning Musume.

And so, with 9 of my Top 10 members done and dusted, you probably already know who my Top Idol of 2011 is. This one is pretty much a no brainer, much like Haruru and Eripon grabbing the numero 2 spot. But, if you don't know, then here she is:

1. Kusumi Koharu

I really don't need to explain myself when it comes to Koharu. She's the reason I got into JPop, and she's the reason why I love Hello! Project. Her quirky, funny nature and her gorgeous smile and body are what drags me towards her. Okay, her voice isn't the best, but she's a great Idol. I love her, and I hope to continue loving her~

And thus ends this blog post, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


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