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Shanta-shan!!! Have a Momoiro Kurisumasu!!! - Momoiro Clover Z 'Santa Claus' PV Review

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On the fourth day of Christmas, Shanta-shan gave to me...One giant headache, five squealing voices, some puffball dresses and one annoying song~


Okay, so getting into the Christmas spirit, I have decided to finally get my arse into gear and review this song. Why? Because I was going to review it earlier, only to realise that I didn't find anything interesting to talk about throughout the review... but now, seeing as I am getting into the Christmas mood, I wanted to try and redo this review and see if we could get along happily...

Sadly, I hate this song more now. I actually really liked it before, but... well, it just annoys me too much to be likeable. I mean.. I actually don't like MomoClo, so I thought that this song would change that, as I really liked it... but nah, I still dislike the group. They annoy the hell out of me :/

Buuuut, regardless, let's try to review this lovely piece of ear-drum killing piece of Christmas goodness, ne?~

D'awww, look at them all! Already I feel Christmassy...

... Until now.

What the fuck? What barfed on them and left them in these... things?

Covering her in pretty things won't make her voice any less annoying and screechy, you know?

I only like two girls in MomoClo as biases for future reviews (don't hold your breath for those) and they are the green and yellow ones.

I love the Pyjamas, they're really cute

Chicken deshou!

This was... urgh. It made me dislike the singer more and more.

Slow mo! I thought that these scenes were adorable~

Aw, she looks pretty sweet...

... I take everything back, what the fuck?

All of the girls look adorable in their PJ's.

Flying Spaghetti!!!

Bitch, I'll teach you for being a better singer than me!!!

Merry Christmas, Shreiky

Shreiky, Get the Heck off that microphone. You can't sing, so don't

... Watermelon? And what's with the outfits...?

Oh wait, this is MomoClo... ._.



Greeny knows that I like her <3

Those dresses are puke worthy. They're worse than the Guru Guru Jump condom dresses You know that they look like condoms, admit it

Either way, I hate both costumes. MomoClo's are really ugly, though, IMO

Okay, now that that's over with (and yet, I still listen to the song... I feel sorry for my poor head...), I will try to be as unbiased as possible with this song, and tell you why I liked it at first, and why I don't like it as much now. Yaaaay~

Anyways, regarding the song, I was more or less expecting something this whacky and crazy from the girls. I mean, this is MomoClo for Creeps sake. I do listen to their music if it comes out occasionally, but I don't necessarily like it, which was why I was surprised when I found that I wanted to listen to the song more and more. The video wasn't really that great for me, however the song definitely caught my attention, and I hate MomoClo songs. However, I do know that most MomoClo songs are as catchy as hell, and even if I hate the song to the death, I will find myself remembering the tune more often than I want and deciding that I should listen to it cos... well, I was thinking of the annoying tune.

What I first liked about this song was the fact that it sounded so Christmasy. I am a sucker for Christmas tunes, I absolutely adore them, and so to have a bubbly, sugar filled Christmas song thrown at me, I was pretty pleased as well as impressed by the group. Their energy makes the song extremely likeable and lively, and I sometimes find myself even singing along (if I know the words). I guess it's just that infectious MomoClo -like tune that always gets stuck in your head that makes it so memorable and sing-along worthy.

I really enjoyed the parts where they changed the pace of the song from fast, to slow, to medium and then back again. The chorus, though annoying and repetitive, is really cute in its own way and is highly energetic and lively. I also love that the composers added in elements of existing Christmas tunes to give this song more of a Christmas feel added with some nostalgia. It was nice to hear Jingle Bells and Silent Night being sung in such a poppy, upbeat song.

Now, the reason why I don't like the song as much now is probably because of how annoying it is. The girls' voices aren't exactly nice to listen to, even when I am having a good day, and their voices just cut through me. The only voice I truly like is the yellow coloured MomoClo girl. The rest of them have these horrible voices which I truly do not like. I mean... it's screechy... (I have no idea how I can stand Ebichu, honestly). I can bear the voices, but...

Another element of the song that I truly do despise is when they say 'Shanta Shanta Shanta-Shan'. After listening to that, I feel like I am drunk. The girls sound drunk when singing that part, and through sounding drunk, they make me feel like I've had a few ciders. I get somewhat dizzy, I have no idea why, but it's probably the worst part of the song for me, considering it sounds like they are slurring all their words. Maybe they were drinking in the recording studio that day?

Okay... moving onto the PV. When I first watched the PV, I was surprised at how it turned out. Considering Sodou Ranka was an utter pile of Boring mess, I thought that their b-side would go downhill as well. In fact, I wasn't even going to watch this PV until I saw the name. If it's Christmas related, I am interested. In the end, I like that the PV is very colourful, and that we can (always) clearly see the member colours, but MomoClo always do that anyway.

In a way, the PV made me feel very Christmasy and warm. With the starting scene where the girls are all cosy in their fluffy looking pyjamas, as well as the scenes where they sing into ladles or other pieces of kitchen ware. The PV is very fun and cute, but still has that hint of extreme MomoClo weirdness that makes them popular. In a good way, the PV is a whacky bundle of Christmas joy which will certainly perk up a cold winter night if you're looking for something happy to watch.

I would say that my only reserve are those bloody dresses - they're horrible! What were they thinking, Christmas Baubles!? Actually... they probably were ._.

But yeah... those dresses, and Purple-voice, Pink-voice and Red-voice are the ones whose voices I don't like. I can tolerate Yellow-voice and Green-voice... kinda :/

But, to basically wrap up this post, I do think that this is a really good release from MomoClo, and it definitely got me into the spirit of Christmas when I first watched it. The girls are certainly entertaining to watch, and though their voices hurt my ears, I do like to listen to this song occasionally if I'm not listening to my beloved Merri PINK Xmas.

Yes, that song is annoying too, but I can tolerate high levels of Koharu and Sayumi~ Mwahaha, contradictions ;D

Enjoy your headaches, mwahahahahaha!!!


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