Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Please be my Postwoman! - S/mileage's 'Please Miniskirt Postwoman!' PV Review

All opinions within this post are my own, so if you don't like my opinion, then that's your choice! All of my opinions and thoughts are put here for the enjoyment of others! SO ENJOY THEM!

S/mileage are back, and with their new members behind them, and an original member leaving to bechome a school girl once again, we have their latest single for 2011, Please Miniskirt Postwoman!. This is the first single featuring the 2nd generation as real S/mileage members, and the last single to feature Maeda Yuuka, S/mileage's front girl and all around most popular member.

From Tachiaa Gaaru to Please Miniskirt Postwoman, S/mileage have shown that they aren't just throwing out weak singles anymore, and thank goodness. With the monstrosity that was Tachia Girl, I was pretty scared that one of my favourite UFA groups was going to bite the dust pretty soon and throw out shit songs like Berryz (I hate Berryz songs, so if you like their music, YAY!). However, when this song came out I was seriously surprised, and extremely excited to find out what it would be like in terms of PV and execution. Thankfully, I'm pretty much in love with the song.

I just wish it was -1 Meimei. Jus' saying...

OKAY, getting back on topic...

Please, be my miniskirt postwoman!!!

I like that bedroom...

H!P have been liking Pyjamas quite recently

Dawa: Oh noes! I is late! LE GASPETH!

Chu~ Chu~

Rina looks sweet in the back

Look at those skirts fly!

I have to say, I loved this bit, despite my major dislike of Dawa

... and this is what will be gone. Absolute beauty and talent ;~;

And this is what we're stuck with. Fangs and annoyance :/

WAIT, there's a post office! Le gasp! D8

Akari and her derpy smile is adorable <3

And as my sister said when she watched the PV: 'Kanon looks absolutely beautiful in this PV'

Dawa, trying to act cute when she truly isn't


I love Rina's voice, but she does have an unfortunate complexion, I will admit :/

Yuuka: What, for me? What's inside!?
Tsunku: Your graduationYuuka: ...

Akari looking unimpressed is pretty darned nice~

Xavier/Gorilla-san is absolutely adorable here. I started to love her more in this scene.

And I will admit, I even thought that Fangy looked cute here... I still feel shards of absolute betrayal to Gorilla-san and Derpy for doing that.

Hello~o sexy, stern-faced Kanon

This makes me wish the next song was teacher-based, with Kanon in glasses and a suit. She would look AWESOME!

And here is Dawa, pretending to be apologetic

But Yuuka can see through her LIES!!!

Aww, Rina... this is the part where I realised how misfortunate she is with her eyes...

I still love her though~

Oh yeah, there are lotsa leg shots in this, so be warned, you leg pervs~

Dayumn those miniskirts are dangerous things!

Oh, hell~o Kanon

This is how Meimei should be: Hidden

And that is how Akari should be: THE BOSS!

Oh, Kanon~

Rina is cute here, don't deny it!

I absolutely adore Kananana's scenes, but I don't like how few lines she gets... oh well :/

Dawa: Akari's MINE!
Yuuka: Not unless she chooses me!
Dawa: Well, you're leaving, so THERE!
Akari: ...

Kanon's been feeling suicidal since Tsunku decided to add two non-eggs into S/mileage.

I felt the same way when Meimei was announced as a main member


Kanon's got a present for you~ And it's not her graduation (it better fucking not be)

Who's gonna be my new favourite member when Yuuka graduates?
Kanon!!!! See, even Yuuka knows the answer.

I have to admit, they both look seriously cute here... especially Dawa >.>

But no one beats Kanon!!!

Oh no! What time is it!?

SUMMER TIME!!! -gets shot and bludgeoned-

Yuuka doesn't want to hear High School Musical!

Yuuka doesn't want to graduate! NOOO!

This is how it should be... ;(

Akari FTW! -Punches air-

Super Kanon, to the rescue!

Oh yeah, she knows that she's made of awesome

Yuuka choose YOU!

Wait, what!? You're ending!?

Isn't there one missing...? Oh well -shrugs-

Wow, that's a lot of screen caps... I haven't done this many in a while, actually. Screen cap monster!!! WHOO!

Anyway, with the end of the PV, let's give our final conclusions of the song and video!!!

As I said before I started to attack you all with pic spams, I was really scared with how this video (and the song) would turn out. Tachiaa Girl was terrible in my opinion, and though the song itself has grown on me, it is still the weakest S/mileage song to date in my opinion. However, S/mileage have saved themselves the embarassment of letting 2011 down, and have given us a really cute and vibrant PV that screams S/mileage. I'm really happy with how the PV came out and how promising the new members are here, especially Akari. She really stands out to me in this PV, and I get chills when I hear her sing.

With this PV, I will say that the dance is probably my favourite part. It's cute and energetic, and still holds that S/mileage charm to it that has been present in the group since their first indies single. Everyone looks adorable in the video, and their costumes look really cool (even though they somewhat remind me of the Tachiaa Girl outfits in a way). If I had to be a postwoman, I would wear those costumes. Oh, and I will say that it's nice to see the 2nd gen in miniskirts now. However, I'm sure a majority of us feel like perverts now that the Under-16's are in there. Everytime I look at Akari, I feel a little like pedobear. Damnit!

Regarding the rest of the PV, I really like it. The scenes where they are in the post office are a really nice touch to the song, and even though a lot of people don't like, or don't care for, the cheap dancing background with balloons and presents, I do. Simplicity, baby! I also find that there is some meaning to it - I mean, this song is being released on Yuuka's birthday, so I find some relevance to the balloons and presents, even if others don't. Yes, that's my story and I am sticking to it!
... Or the balloons and presents could be Yuukarin's graduation party? You never know :/

Now, I seriously am in love with this PV, but there are some things which do tickle my dislike button...

Okay, I just don't like Meimei. That's it. (Okay that's a lie, the lighting for some scenes in this video piss me off)

It's not like I have a personal vendetta against Fangy at all, I just really don't like her. I actually don't find her adorable, and her face annoys me. Her forehead scares me as well, I really thinks she needs a fringe. She looks like a big giant forehead against the others, seriously. And her voice is god damned annoying to listen to sometimes, but they toned down her shriek in the studio, thank goodness.

Okay, bitching over, it's time to get on with talking about the song! Wheeeeeeee~

With the song, I fell in love at first hear. It's cute, energetic and has that classic S/mileage sound to it. It's really fun, and half the time I listen to this I am either singing along or trying to do little hand movements to it. Seriously, when the dance shot comes out, I am there! The song didn't take too long to embed itself into my brain and nest there for a few days. It's got a certain charm to it that not even Meimei's voice can make me hate it. I think the song is wonderful, however I don't like the amount of auto-tune they've used in this, especially on Kananana (Gorilla-san), however, even with the auto-tune she still sounds like she can't sing. Now that's baaaad, but even with the auto-tune, the song sounds really good. It's quirky and playful, just like S/mileage, and just as hyperactive as Meimei is when she's on the sugar.

Seriously, this song... is awesome!!!

I personally think that this is a really great song for Yuuka to leave with. It is a true S/mileage song, and though she wasn't a lead singer in it (CRY) she was still in centre position for the song and put her Yuukarin signature smile on there. She truly shined as a singer here, and as an original member of this group, and has made this single a great last single for her to be in. Yuukarin is truly the Miniskirt postwoman that I would want to deliver my mail.

... and now that S/mileage has officially debuted their new members, Akari and Kanon will go on to be my two top favourites in the group! Yaaay!

But now, it's time for you to watch the video! So, who will be your Miniskirt postwoman?



  1. "...Her forehead scares me as well, I really thinks she needs a fringe..."

    I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks that. I photoshoped a fringe onto her (badly i admit) and the difference it made, she was a completly different person. Here's a link to it

    I love this song too. been singing it all day while at work. Even had the PV playing on my phone just so i could try to sing along to it.

  2. @Kira

    That's really good though! Better than what I could do xD

    And I actually did see your photoshop picture of it, it's what made me think 'she needs a fringe'

    I don't like foreheads, xD

    I keep dancing to the song and singing along haha xD

  3. Chiima hates my Dawa xDD -and probably my growing like for Meimi after this PV came out- but I agree with your sis, Nyon-chan looks AH-MAH-ZAHHHH in this one~

    I have to say I'm actually sad to see Yuuka leave. She's not my most disliked H!P member anymore, but she's not high on my list in the least (instead of doing homework last night I ordered my favorite H!P members from the main groups/three soloists I've actually heard from and she landed at 55 out of 60) but yeah it'll be weird not hearing her squeak D:

    -I still HATE the setting for the dance shot-

    OH and Meimi reminds me of Chibi!Gaki with the whole forehead/pigtails/no bangs thing -runs out of arm reach-

  4. @KiraRAWRRR lot of people hate the setting for this dance xD I don't really care - the video is good enough for me ;)

    And I would kill you for the Gaki comment, if it wasn't true, but it is. However Meimei is uglier IMO

  5. Haha I dunno. I like her fangs xDD Over all I guess I prefer Gaki, but I've accepted that I'm more likely to get cast as Meimi so I'm kind of forcing myself to build up respect for her xDD