Sunday, 4 December 2011

PASSPO☆'s Sakuma Kaho to Hold her last Flight - Graduation for PASSPO☆

It has been announced that flight-attendant themed girl group, PASSPO☆, will be holding their first graduation ceremony this December. Sakuma Kaho, known as Mushu by the fans, will be leaving the group due to back problems.

When I heard the news on Tokyohive, my heart really sank. I wasn't sure just who the girl was, because I'm still unsure of all the names of the girls in the group, however I like all of the PASSPO☆ girls. So, when I found out that it was Mushu graduating, I nearly cried.

Mushu was my first favourite member in PASSPO☆. She is so beautiful, and I think she's a great performer. So, I'm really sad to see her leave PASSPO☆, especially after they debuted this year and have just become popular. It's sad to see such a great performer go, especially one who has so much potential like she does.

I have found a translation of her blog post on aramatheydidn't, so please check out that post. After reading what she wrote, I started to cry, because for me, Mushu was my first true favourite of this group.

Here is the translation if you don't follow the link:

To everyone

It’s sudden, but

I, Sakuma Kaho, will graduate from Passpo, with my last flight on 12/30 at Zepp Tokyo.

I’m really sorry for surprising you with such a sudden announcement.

As to why I arrived at the decision to graduate

This summer I injured my back and continued to have days where I couldn’t participate in flights. I’m really sorry for making everyone worry so much during that time.

Since around that time, because of my condition, it would sometimes become a problem during flights and lessons. Since then, I really worried everyday, thinking “Is it really okay for me to be in Passpo at this half-assed rate?”, but

Thinking about how difficult it would be to continue with such intense dances like now, I decided to graduate from Passpo and do my best following another path.

I can’t help but be grateful to all the passengers who have always supported me, and I’m truly glad I was able to meet everyone.

And I’m truly glad that I was able to meet the most amazing 9 comrades who worked hard with me almost everyday through these 2 years during both the most painful and the happiest times.

I love everyone!!!!!

I’m truly sad that even though I finally found somewhere I belonged, it’s turned out this way. (;_;)

From now on, with this graduation as a new start

I want to do my best as a new “Sakuma Kaho” to do whatever I can!!!!!

There’s only about 1 month until the Zepp Tokyo live, but
I’ll fly at full power until the end, so please support me until the end somehow!

And of course, please keep supporting Passpo.


Sakuma Kaho

I have only been a PASSPO☆ fan for a short time, but I really love the group, and Mushu, though probably not a front girl like Mio Mio, is still a great asset to the group. I will miss her, but I will also look forward to this new, 9-member PASSPO☆ who will hopefully continue to bring us great music and beautiful PVs.

2011 is truly the year of graduations.


Goodbye, beautiful Mushu ;A;


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