Saturday, 10 December 2011

Okay! Musume Time ~11th Poll Winner~

It's that time of the week again, where the winner(s) of the Okay! Musume Time poll are revealed~ It was fun creating the theme for this poll, and I'm sure it'll be fun (and hard work) to create the next poll that you might enjoy answering~ So! Any updates before I start talking about the winners?

Update: My computer has died. Again. So, I am currently using an old laptop that has a hard time keeping up with my typing, and I can only have up to two windows open at a time (or tabs). So yeah. If releases are slower, you now know why. Okay? OKAY!!!

Also, 2011 is nearing its end! That means: 2011 Year -End recaps is coming along, as well as my 2012 H!P wishlist - expect to see 'Scandal - Tanaka Reina' on there somewhere. I hoped for that back in 2010, and it still hasn't happened :/ Though I'm sure there is a scandal waiting to happen in H!P at some point...

So yay! Look forward to some pointless, future posts :)


Congratulations, Morning Musume!!!

Morning Musume have, once again, ranked first on the Okay! Musume Time poll, making them the group that you want to see in a uniform. I do agree with you all - I have a feeling that Fukumura, Eripon, Haruna, Sayumi and Niigaki would all look rather sexy cute in an appealing uniform. I vote school girl or maid, what do you say?

Oh! I need to finish this poll... -mumbles-

With 21 votes, Morning Musume came in as our winner! But following close behind, with 16 votes to their name, is sister group C-ute. Maimi would look delicious in a uniform, wouldn't she? Following C-ute is S/mileage, with 12 votes towards a wish to see them in a uniform. Luckily for you guys, that wish has been granted. Check out their latest PV! Next up is Berryz Kobou, with 10 votes. Let's hope 2012 brings us uniforms, eh? Then it is Tokyo Girls' Style, with 8 votes and 8 wishes to see them in a uniformed attire. What sort? School girl, or school swimsuit? Then, in joint 6th place, with 6 votes to their groups, are Afilia Saga East, AKB48 and KAT-TUN. Damnit, I wanted 3 A's! Coming in 7th place, Arashi and NEWS are tied. Personally, I want to see them in some sort of Navy/military uniform. And then last, and it seems very least, are PASSPO, with two votes to their name. I'm not surprised, considering they already wear a uniform. But you never know!

And so that concludes the votes! To everyone who participated, thank you so much! It means a lot to me that people look at the poll and think 'Hey! I wanna try that!' and click whoever they want to vote for. This time, there were 36 votes all together! So YAAAY! I am always happy to see that people are voting for their favorites :)

And now, with that all done and dusted, it is time to reveal the next question for this week's poll!

This time, the question is: Which S/mileage Member would be your ideal Postwoman?

This question was inspired from the PV when I reviewed it, because I thought that my ideal postwoman would be either Yuukarin or Akari. So, now I want to find out who your ideal postwoman is! And if not a S/mileage member, any other Hello! Project member? If I had to choose one, it would have to be Niigaki Risa. She's old enough, and she's gorgeous!

Have fun polling, guys~


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