Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Kago Ai is Married... And Pregnant!?

Guess what? My opinion = MY OWN!!! I know some people are really big fans of Aibon, and I like her an' all, but I wanna say what I think. So, here's what I think!!!


And I thought Yuko getting married would be the biggest surprise of the year... looks like Kago  Ai has topped it.

But yeah, it's true... I think. Kago Ai has announced that she is 1. Married, and 2. Up the duff. Both of these are surprising, considering how unstable she seems to be right now. But my real question is: Who!?  Who's the daddy, and who is her husband? In no way does she seem to indicate who she's with and who helped her in getting pregnant.

But, aside from that question, I'm more so worried about Kago becoming a mother... I mean, if she's the way she is now, then I don't think that she is ready to become a mother. She has already proven that she's unstable right now, and I have a feeling that a few people feel that she should wait it out before she tries to have a baby.

But then again, having a baby could possibly be the best thing for her, right? It might ground her some, and help her to focus on something that isn't her Idol career. If a baby is what Kago thinks is best for her, then... kudos. Really.

However, I'm not at the stage where I believe that she is pregnant. Until there are pictures of her bump, or an announcement of the actual birth, I will not believe it fully. However, this is still a rather shocking announcement, especially after she tried to commit suicide.

2011, for Kago Ai, has definitely been surprising and a bit eyebrow raising, however, if she truly is pregnant, then at least something good is finally happening in her life. However, after all the hell she went through previously, I won't be believing what the news says about her any time soon.

Good luck, Kago Ai.

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  1. I really hope this works out for her, from the depth of my heart.

  2. @Raelyan
    Hopefully, she's been through enough already.

  3. I don't know. I've known a lot of screwed up people and they have screwed up kids. I hope the best for Kago mainly for the babys sake but I wont hold my breath. I can see her trying to be a good mother and I can see her giving up when it gets tough. Fingers crossed for the best.

  4. im so happy for Aibon ^_^
    i hope she posts pics when its born and tsuji nozomi and kago ai's kids can have play dates :D

  5. @vampirehunterd

    I see where you're coming from, but sometimes people do change for their kids. An example being one of my older sisters. She changed a lot after the birth of her son, so, there is still hope for Aibon ^^


    Let's hope so! However, it does honestly depend if UFA let Tsuji go to visit Aibon, considering most of Hello Project and UFA are not allowed to even talk about her on their blogs :(

  6. @Chiima

    That's great about your sis. Let's just hope Aibons motherly instinct is stronger than all of the negative influences she has had in her life.

  7. @Vampirehunterd

    Hence why I would love for her to have a happy pregnancy and have a wonderful child who can change her life. Most likely, Aibon will be a mother like her own mother was :)

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