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Hey, I want some Cider, too! - Buono's 'Hatsukoi Cider' PV Review~

All opinions concerning the song, video and/or the group are my own. If you don't like my opinion, then that is your choice, However, I am free to rant, rave and praise if it is my choice. Wanna rant and rave? Make a blog! :D

On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa-san gave to me... Buono's new PV, cravings for Cider, three singers singing and some awesome camera shots! WHEEEEEEEE~

Okay, now that I am done with the Christmassy part of the post... I need to apologise for the lateness of this post. Whilst it is still the 17th in America (I think), it is actually the 18th now for me. However, I was having a lot of problems with my computer earlier, so resorted to a slow and old laptop I use just in case my computer does die, and I rarely blog when I am on that computer, so yeah...

Anyway, with Christmas happening next week, I was surprised by the amount of PVs that were being released. I have no idea what I will talk about when the PVs stop coming along (I will find something, I am sure), but one of the little gems that came out was Hatsukoi Cider, the first of a double A-side by Buono!. I was surprised that it came out so quickly, but seeing as Mano's Doki Doki Baby came out quite recently, I will just put it down to UFA wanting to show us at least one PV from these double A-side singles before 2012 hits.

I think that this song and PV may be a hit and miss for some people. When I first watched it, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Then, my sister watched it and expressed how much she truly did dislike it compared to what Buono used to do as an anime unit. So, whilst some people may like it, others might not. It's all a matter of opinion and taste, really.

So, here's my opinion!!! In Pic Spam and review form!

The edginess of the font is awesome, and it contrasts well with the background~

Not gonna lie; Airi butchered this solo line


Miyabi in a bowler hat = motherfucking sexy

Dat smile -dies-

Momoko actually sounded really good in this, I will admit that.

... I still dislike the Gremlin though

Nice effects

Miabeam <3 <3 <3

I nearly died of happiness when these camera angles came into view

Gremlin, GTFO

HEY LOOK, a band...

Momoko with her HO'S!!!!

This heart has Antenna's, kyun!~

Airi: Miyabi, Ima poke you with my penis!
Miyabi: -giggle, snort, laugh, giggle, snort-

Miyabi: Noooo, not the boobs, don't punch the boobs!!!
Airi: I want boobies...

These scenes!!! <3

Airi begs you to buy this new single!

And if you do, you will get a FREE Gremlin with every purchase!!! Doki Doki?

Miyabeam wonders wtf is under this floor!

Why did you get this epic solo? Your voice is not befitting of such an amazing solo part!

Perfection <3


Oh, Miyabi wink <3 How I adore thee~

After a while, the pink grows on you...

Okay, Momoko wins in this jumping contest >.>

Wasn't this fun? ^_^ Now, you're gonna have to do some reading~ Mwahahahaha~

Okay, as I said before the pictures appeared, this song isn't for everyone. Whilst I may have really enjoyed this video, not everyone will. For me, I personally think that this is one of the best releases for Buono since their return as a group. I really like the video, and I really like the song.

With the PV, I was really impressed with how it turned out. Buono have always been an impressive group both song and PV wise, and have always managed to make me fall in love with their videos. All three of the girls are amazing performers, and can certainly charm me into liking them. But with this video, I was amazed by the different camera angles that were used, and how quirky they were. It really livened up the video and made it unique and different to other H!P videos. Of course, my favourite angles were from the ground. I was so surprised when I saw that part of the video come up in the PV, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I am pretty sure that I wouldn't be as impressed watching the roaming camera beneath the floor if I was drunk. It can make you a little dizzy.

Watching this video, I found that I was seeing how close and friendly these girls are with each other. They perform so well together, and they really look like they enjoy their time together. I really loved seeing how they acted when they were around each other, especially Airi. Airi has this happiness that surrounds her permanently in the videos she does, and you can see how much she enjoys doing this. She's such an amazing performer, and that's why I actually like her. Miyabi may be my favourite in Buono!, but Airi is close behind her. She's really eye-catching in this PV, and she really stands out from the other two.

Now, talking about something that I am not overly keen on in this video - those outfits. Okay, they have somewhat grown on me in this video, but at first, I detested them. Especially Miyabi's. Are they trying to make her look like a Bugsy Malone reject? Fine, the bowler hat makes her look sexy, but those ugly trousers... really, the only one who has a decent outfit is Momoko. They just decided to make Airi and Miyabeam look like lesbians here. Not that that's bad... We need a Buono! lesbian-esque PV now...

But other than that, the PV was absolute love for me. I enjoyed the background, the performance and the effects they used. I thought it was well put together, and showed the quirkyness of the group without adding a story to show off how great these girls work together.

Moving onto the song, I really do like it. Some people may see this as a weak single, but for me, I think the song is strong. It's reminiscent of the Buono that was a part of Pony Canyon, before Shugo Chara ended. It's the Buono that me and my sister knew from before we actually got into H!P, so I am quite fond of this song. It's catchy, and rather mature in a way. Not even Momoko's horrendous 'cute' voice that she uses sometimes can destroy this song.

Regarding the singers themselves, Airi's opening line is something which I am certainly not fond of. When she opened the song, I cringed. Airi sounded less than lovely, like she normally does, and instead ruined the opening for me. Thankfully, I have since grown used to the opening line. Airi still butchers it, but my love for the rest of the song proves to dominant over my dislike of Airi's voice here. However, Airi really does sound beautiful when she sings the harmonies in this song. With Momoko, I was really impressed with her in the song. Then again, I have found that I am always more so impressed with Momoko in Buono! than when she is in Berryz. I like her a whole lot more, and find her less irritating to look at. She really does sound good here, though I do wish that the slow solo line she has towards the end of the song was given to Miyabi, because it sounds a little childish when Momoko sings it.

And Miyabi is just... love. And referencing to what Mara from Fly in the F*ing Wine says in her own review of the song, I feel that this song was made for Miyabi's voice. It fits her beautifully, and she sounds amazing here. She definitely nailed this song, and her solo at 2:58 made me fall in love with her some more. She will never cease to amaze me with her voice.

So, for me, this is a win/win song and video here. I really think that, for 2012, Buono! will up their game. I just hope for more Miyabi love and a lot more Airi happiness, because they would really make the Buono! PV's great...

Oh, and more awesome camera angles please!!!

What did you like about this PV, and what was your favourite Buono! single of 2011? Have a think about it! ;)


PING!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: December 18th, 2011

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