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Get Out the Christmas Crackers!!! - HouPri's 'Uchuu Ichi no Christmas' PV review!

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On the ninth day of Christmas, Santa-san gave to me...

Houkago Princess in Santa suits! KAWAII!!!

Houkago Princess recently released a new PV to their youtube channel titled Uchuu Ichi no Christmas, giving fans an early Christmas present. Whilst I was unaware of this upload, I found out about it on Pure Idol Heart whilst browsing blogs for some good ol' reading. So I was surprised by the fact that HouPri had yet again uploaded something. Thankfully, it's the full PV and not about 2 minutes of it like their last one.

This PV is also the debut song and video of Gen 2 members Aoi Nagafuji and Rena Kobayashi, who recently joined the group during the graduation process of Yamaguchi Mai. So, this isn't only a Christmas present for us, but also one for these two new members of this Indies idol group.

So, let's see what Houkago Princess will deliver to us today in their Santa suits!

Santa-san!!! Arigatou!!!

OH this is pretty...

Santa suits? *___* Me gusta. Mucho bueno! <3

I like the black and white, but I can still see that beaten-down wall over there, no matter how much you focus on the girl xD

Man, I am loving this!!!!


Oh crap, they saw me! -hides-

Aoi is effing pretty, I don't care what any of you say, she's freakin' gorgeous!

This dance is really cute, just so y'know~

YUMEKA!!! <3

Mayuka is really cute in this, and I was surprised by the pretty scene change

Sadly, Hitomi looks so damned tired D; Is her face thinner!?

I will admit, it was Sakino's scenes I liked the most in this. Her smile is a winner, and her cute face is... well, cute xD

Nana! Stop being so damned cute, woman!

Can they be my Santa's?

This dance! <3 <3 <3

They're bending over! -nose bleeds-

Sakino: Kurisumas Puresento for Chuu?

Mayuka: Ai no DANGAN!~

I will admit, this was really cheap, but it was still so freakin' effective!

BTW these scenes are really pretty <3

Hito-chii <3 <3

Nana's solo was surprisingly beautiful to my ears...

Dance = WIN

Leg pop!!!

And legs!!!!!

They're reaching for the stars! Point until you fly!!!

Hey-llo crotch/tummy shot <3 //dies of happiness

Yuuki, wai you not shown enough in my picspam? //dies

Hito-chii's lips are to die for, for reals.

Aoi is now the prettiest member of HouPri, just saying~

Back to the above shot <3

The slow-mo was really cheesey, but cute

Rena is effing cute, I want to marry her!

Hito-chii has competition for my love~

These scenes, though cheesey, are really sweet

I did like this as well

Se no~ Merry Kurisumasu!!!

So, yeah~ Pic spam is officially over. But this post isn't xD MWAHAHAHAHA, you will never escape me!!!

I was actually surprised, and very very happy, that Houkago Princess created a new PV just for Christmas. I mean, as this is their first year as an Indies unit and a group together, I wasn't expecting much other than their debut single. But, with the activity they have had (going to TV shows, as far as I know, as well as gaining two new members whilst losing one other member) despite their rocky start, I am glad to see that HouPri is doing quite well.

When I first watched the PV, I was surprised by how different it was to their first one. Much like Sukidayo (Egao) it is shot in a different location, and has a few more scenes added to it as well as different camera angles that really impressed me. I didn't think that HouPri would change their style so quickly, but it seems that these Idols have been getting a bit of attention since they have debuted, so I'm happy that they have improved their PVs and their dancing as well.

For the PV, I was pretty much happy with all of it. Okay, some of the scenes such as the slow motion and the pictures in the book were cheap and cheesy, but it worked. The black and white scenes towards the beginning were a little irrelevant, but it made the shot look nice for the start of the video. Throughout the video, I was surprised by the amount of camera angles used more than anything. The shot from above took my surprise, and then the leg and waist shots added to my surprise and happiness. I enjoy watching a video with different camera angles, but seeing HouPri use them was a shocker, in a way. But it's a nice shock.

The scenes that I probably enjoyed the most, though, were the scenes where it shows the girls outside standing by some Christmas lights, wearing winter clothes. I didn't think that the girls would have a shot somewhere different to their close ups inside, and the dance shots, but of course I was wrong. These shots were a nice surprise, and I loved how the girls all looked, especially Rena. They all look extremely cute, and it adds a nice change of pace to the MV.

I really think that this video is extremely charming. It has a lot of character, and it shows the amount of improvement Houkago Princess has gone through since their debut. Their outfits are adorable, the dance is cute and isn't boring, and they genuinely look like they are having fun, especially in the scenes where they are grouped together and playing randomly. I really enjoyed the PV, it was bright and different from what I first saw from HouPri, and it is a great debut for the new girls added into the group. Yes, there were some cheesey and cheap elements to the PV, but they are an Indies group, and from what I saw, they have done extremely well and made it their own.

Now, with the song, I really did enjoy it. The softeness and laid-back tone of the girls is really nice to listen to, and I thought that it really did sound like a Christmas song. The girls sounded cute and innocent, and the song just all over made me feel really happy and it made me smile. It may not be the most upbeat or original song ever produced, but it is a true Idol song, and it made me feel happy and warm, and it has made my day as well. This Christmas song definitely be on a loop over the holidays, I just love it that much.

So, to end this post, I really enjoyed both the video and the song. Paired together, I really fell in love with Houkago Princess. The video and song made me smile and it made feel happy and excited for this group. The girls look great, and they sound great. I didn't think that I would enjoy this song that much, but thankfully I do. This video and song just shows that HouPri are still alive and creating songs, and hopefully in 2012 they release a lot more~

Have you watched the video yet? If not, let Houkago Princess fill your Christmas with their sweet and generous voices, and be taken in by their adorable faces~


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  1. Ahhhhh! So fecking cute!!! There's not enough idol in santa suit footage at this time of year

  2. @Raelyan

    I know what you mean! We need our Idols in their cutesy santa suits :D