Saturday, 24 December 2011

~A Christmas Post~

It's Christmas Eve! And, as this is my first official Christmas on this blog, I will be spamming you with a heck load of pictures!

But before that, a message from a slowly-getting-tipsy-from-Cider-blogger:

Thanks for putting up with my blogging this December! I really hope that you are all going to have a damned good Christmas! Eat loads, get a little drunk if you can, spend time with the family and have a load of fun! I know I will! I love my family and it's the one thing I look forward to every year; spending time with them. But, do you know what my wish is for this Christmas?

My sister goes into to freakin' labour and has her kid already! It's the one thing I want the most this Chrimbo, for real!

Anyway, other than that, have a happy Christmas everyone! Thank you for reading Okay! Musume Time and for taking part in my polls! It means so much to me~

Merry Kurisumasu and Happy Holidays to you all~~~ <3




  1. That Sayumi pic with the pink tree is the mst adorable idol picture I've seen in a week.

    Best of luck to your sister and have a happy Christmas and many many merry drinks x3

  2. @Raelyan

    It is, in't it!? Sayumi seems to become the cutest Santa xD I love the tree too! <3

    Thank you very much Raelyan ^^ And please have a wonderful Christmas, with lots of drinks (we won't be running out of those in our house xD)