Thursday, 15 December 2011

Charming me with Cuteness and Smiles - 9nine's 'Chikutaku☆2NITE' PV Review!

All opinions of this PV and song are my own, just as your opinions are your own. Please respect what I think and feel about this video and group, and we will get along :3

On the third day of Christmas, Santa-san gave to me...

9nine's new PV! Hirona gets a main role, Chiima's so happy! La, La La LAAAAAAAAAAAA~

I kinda missed out Day 1 and Day 2 (unless I count the HouPri post, which I will), but meh. I can't always update off the bat. Wish I could, though~ Mwahahaha

ANYWAYS, getting away from my babbling...

five-member all girl unit, 9nine, recently released the PV to their up-coming single Chikutaku☆2NITE, which will be released this December on the 21st (the same day as Sakura Gakuin's VERISHUVI) and will also serve as the theme song for the drama adaptation of Ranma 1/2. Hopefully, this will get the girls a little bit more popularity with the drama fans and get the girls noticed a bit more~

It's no secret that I like 9nine. I seem to have a thing for 5-nin groups, but 9nine just somewhat stand out to me in a way. I just love how mature these girls seem to be, and their dancing is something which always interests me when I watch them. To me, they're really eye catching girls, and I am so happy that their PV has been released right now, because it's really just made my December that little bit better.

Santa-san!!! Arigatou!!!

Me Gusta~

Sadly, those costumes do remind of something AKB would wear. But they're not as cute as 9nine.

Oh crud, Kanae's just remembered that she left her kid at school and hasn't picked him up yet...

Hirona is filled with this absolute cuteness, and I adore her.

I really love the scenes they used here - everything is so. damned. pretty!!!

LAWL fail!

Kanae's really pretty in this PV. I take back my dislike for her ^___^


Café scene? Where's Hirona in a waitress outfit??? //shot

Umika, stop growing on me ;A;

The dance is epic, though it does remind me of their past dances...


Umika: Derp derp...

Waaah, 9nine hug attack!!!!! -not complaining-

Kanae: To chip, or not to chip? That is the question~

Er... I meant fry... >.>

o-o HELLO!!!!


Looking good, Umika~

I do not like your hair.

Oh noes! Hirona's the only one who hasn't been hypnotised by some inanimate object!!!!

They all look like hostesses, but I approve of this scene.

Hirona wants a sexy dress and a random scene, too!!!


She's the cutest thing ever!!!!

Eh? Baseball? Whaaat?


Hirona, that's a freakin' adorable baseball uniform. If that was an official uniform, I would play baseball.

Oh wait, Britain doesn't have baseball...

Legs!!! We always need to see some 9nine legs~

I love these scenes...

Arm lock~

Lol, loving the smile, it's really vibrant.

Kanae looks effing sweet here. I also want that clock, but where did she steal it from?

Wait, the girls are the clocks now!?

Nooo, don't change the time!!!

Hirona <3 <3 <3

Wait, it's bed time? But I just woke up!!!

And so with that, ends the screen-capping of this PV~~ Waaaah, there weren't enough! //shot

Okay, I kid. But anyways...

If you like 9nine, or if you're just getting into them, then I have a feeling that you will like this PV. The video showcases how cute and energetic this group are together, as well as the mature feel to their singing and look. Whilst 9nine may not be for everyone, they are a group that I certainly keep an eye on because of how great they are. They're good dancers, good singers, and they really deliver with their performances in both PV's and in lives.

What I like about this release from 9nine is the settings. We get a lot of different locations, from a café to a party room, a lounge and even outside. The video, just like Natsu Wanna Say Love U, is very bright and airy, but here we get a lot more fun added in with the girls random antics and their playful expressions. I will also mention that the costumes they have on are adorable, despite the fact that the uniform looks like something that AKB48 have worn before. The black dresses are my favourite, and really show off the mature and feminine side of 9nine. It's actually hard to believe that Hirona's, like, 14 when she wears that black dress...

One part that Ii love about most 9nine PVs is that there tends to be a lot of different camera angles present in their videos, giving a more professional feeling as well as showing us a great presence in the PV. I just tend to find camera angles really interesting, and it makes the video seem less flat and more fun to watch.

Now, one thing that I noticed in the video is that there is a bit of a story present. Whilst it isn't really a big storyline, it's still a story, and it makes me happy that Hirona was the lead character as well, considering she's my bias (if you didn't notice that... well, tut tut). But the story line is basically about the girls getting hypnotised by inanimate objects (one of which is a chip/fry, which makes me lol) and the girls falling into a dream world where they are in black dresses, looking gorgeous and overly stunning. The only one to not fall into the dream world is Hirona, who struggles to wake her friends up, but then falls into the world herself, and tries to save her friends by hitting a disco ball at them. Then she is trapped in sexy-world with them and wears a black dress.

So, the story doesn't make sense... oh well?

Now, before I start to talk about the song, I would also like to mention that I really enjoyed the dance segments of the PV. 9nine have a way of mesmerising me with their dances in their more recent PVs, and the girls look amazing doing them. Whilst I think Morning Musume or AKB's dances are a little simple, but cute, 9nine seem to use a more complex way of dancing which really stands out. However, this dance does remind me of their dance in Natsu Wanna Say Love U, which is a bit disappointing.

Now, with the song, I couldn't help but recognise the sound and beat. Whilst most groups use similar tunes to their music all the time, I still find it disappointing to be reminded of another song when a new song has come out. Sadly, 9nine's Chikutaku☆2NITE sounds rather similar to their past few singles, since Kanae and Hirona joined, and reminds me slightly of Cross Over with a hint of Natsu Wanna Say Love U. However, this doesn't mean that the song isn't enjoyable. It's very nice to listen to, and something that I won't get sick of too soon.

With that, 9nine have once again impressed me. They seem to bring out really good music, and amazing PVs, whilst still being a great group overall. Their dancing is what impresses me the most about this group, and all of the girls are really gorgeous. I don't think that any of them are dislikeable in any way right now, but of course, my opinions can change. These girls maybe aren't my favourite group, but I really do like them and I enjoy their music and videos enough to want to keep on coming back for more.

Hopefully, they will break into the mainstream market as a popular group. They've been around long enough (since 2006, I think?) and I really think that, as the 5-nin unit they are now, they deserve to get noticed by more potential fans.

So, if you haven't checked it out already, go and take a look at Chikutaku☆2NITE and see if you like 9nine!

Whilst I don't have a youtube video link yet, there will be one present soon~


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