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The Princesses have Returned! - Houkago Princess 'Sukidayo (Egao)' Short PV Review!

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On the second day of Christmas, Santa-san gave to me... Houkago Princess, singing a B-side, looking like there's a budget. Oh my goodness!~

Santa!!! You granted my effing WISH!!!

Okay, I'm kidding, but still... this is a nice way to start the Christmas holidays (technically... I finished college for the hols today and yet I am still finishing work tomorrow, troll lol), as well as nice to see that HouPri are still alive. Wait, you don't care?

Ba, humbug! Have some Christmas spirit and give a little care to these girls! It's their first Christmas as an idol group~

Anyway, idiocy and babbling over, I was randomly browsing different web pages, and I decided to check on HouPri to check the updates. Now, I am not fluent in any language other than English, so of course Google chrome decided to translate the site for me into English. I usually just flick through all the tabs to see if there are any updates, but today I was pleasantly surprised by the sudden picture change (one above, snagged from the site of course) as well as what seemed to be a translation of '2nd single, "~100 reasons to love you Juliet~" Limited edition release ahead here'. Well, guess who's a happy bunny?

ME!!!!!! (I just hope that the translations right xD)

I think HouPri are great. Okay, they're not all the prettiest, and they don't have the most energetic of dances at all or the classiest PVs, but for me, they're really adorable and endearing. Maybe it's just my Idol love shining through, I don't know~

BUUUUT other than that, they also released a short PV (I have no idea if a longer version is going to make an appearance, but I hope so) of their song Sukidayo (Egao), the B-side from their debut single release. So, I'm guessing that Ichigo Ichie will be getting a PV too, considering it's my favourite of the three songs...?

Ahh, wishful thinking~ SANTA-SAN, GIMME NAO?

But yeah... nice Chrimbo present, right? :D At least I get to drool over more idols over the Christmas holiday...

Thank you HouPri, me luffs you~

Okay, let's get into the short PV and some HouPri pantsu!!!

So, am I right in guessing that this PV is all about sexting? No? Okay... ._.

Nana disapproves of our perverted minds

Yumeka comes into the room to hide away, so that Nana will not disapprove of her sexting to Yuuki

Well hello legs!

Sakino does not care for sexting, she wants to sniff her weed-filled phone!

Mai doesn't really care for sexting either. She's content with keeping the innocent fa├žade.

... Yuuki is not impressed with Yumeka's latest facebook update.

Also, on anoter note: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

I am guessing that this one is Hitomi... I am unsure, but damn she better be! Hitomi is close to being my favourite!

Yumeka!!!~~~~ <3

Nana starts to sext text her lover, Sakino, but she gets no reply...

Ew. No me gusta...

BTW is it just me, or did her face get chubbier? Not that it's bad, but her eyes look smaller too... maybe it's the hair colour change.


PS, yes there is a dance shot

I have to say, Mayuka wins the prize for the cutest HouPri member

Mai is sexting her beloved...

Hello Yumeka, confusion is definitely normal here. Nothing makes sense, I assure you~

And with that... ends the PV screen capping! YAAAY! -claps stupidly-

Before I come to a conclusion over the PV, I would like to warn you that I am currently extremely tired, so babbling, tangents and sleepy talk may ensue. Or, I might actually write something decent, you never know~ But my tiredness and idiocy kinda showed in the PV screen caps.

Okies, onto the conclusion!!!

Firstly, if you're looking for an exciting, energetic PV, then you're on the wrong video. Whilst I may love HouPri right now, I will admit that they are't the most exciting girl group with their PVs yet. I say yet because the girls have yet to break through and prove their true strengths as a group. This is only a short video from one of their debut B-sides, so in all honesty, I didn't expect much, and you shouldn't either. The girls are still an Indie unit, and they're still really fresh to the scene.

But in all honesty, I'm surprised that this PV came out at all. But, they must have gained some significant popularity since their debut, because as you can clearly tell, this PV was shot at a later time to their debut PV, considering the girls have somewhat changed, as well as the location seeming to look more homely to the girls than out of place. In other words, they had a budget.

So, getting down to the review (whooo), I am relatively surprised with how this PV turned out. Whilst this video is short (who knows if a longer version will come out), it's pretty nice to watch. There are different scenes that fit with how the girls are styled, whether they're lounging about or eating, and it seems a lot more fitting to the Houkago Princess style than a gymnasium. We also see a few different outfits in the PV, ranging from casual home wear to pyjamas to some Loli-styled lounge wear. What's better is that, with the dance shot, we see the girls outside rather than inside and get a good look at their uniform. This time we seem to have a summer variant which is fitting for the nice scenery. Thank goodness they got rid of those horrid blazers!

In my opinion, I find that the PV is a step up from their debut single video, and considering this is only about 2 minutes of the song, that's saying a lot. The girls look more comfortable, the scenes are bright and eye catching, and the girls look absolutely adorable. I think that, in a way, this video has made me like the girls more, because it really shows that they're trying hard to hit the Idol scene. And I am glad that they're still alive.

If I had to say anything ad about the video, then it's going to be that the full version should have been released. The dance looks pretty promising, actually, and I would have liked to see more Mayuka. She really isn't shown enough in the video from what little we see, so it does make me wonder if there is a longer version in the works... Oh, and I want Nana to stop looking like she's going to jump from my TV screen like she wants to murder me after a 7 day warning.

But other than that, I really did enjoy the PV. The songs still a tad boring, though.

Anyway, if you're interested, then definitely check out the short PV for this song, and support HouPri in their quest to becoming real dress up Idols.

HouPri are actually pretty good at updating their youtube channel with little snippets of the girls either decorating the stage they usually sing or dance on or little updates on anything else they are doing. So, it will kinda keep you up to date :)


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