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Year End Rankings - Chiima's Top 10 Idols of 2011

All opinions on my favourites? They're my own ;P

2011, like the ninja that it is, has snuck up on us all once again and taken the year away to add a new one! So, for an official last post of 2011, I thought that I would give you my 2011 Top 10 Idol rankings - and whilst I may have done a Top 5, I am not entirely satisfied with that ranking right now. However, the difference in this ranking is that it will have members that graduated from the year in it, if anything. So, be prepared, mwahaha~

Welcome to my Top 10 of 2011, let the Idols dazzle you ;D!!!

10. KX (Heart2Heart)

There had to be at least one Heart2Heart member on here, and though it was originally going to be Chad, I knew that my heart was with KX. He's the one I wanted to hug the most, after all. I think the guy is an absolute cutie, and honestly? I want to make my love for him Facebook Official troll lol

9. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)

Whilst I'm still not overly keen on AKB48, Mayu really got to me. Initially, I disliked the girl, but now, I really like her, which is why she is one of my top idols of 2011. If there's anyone who could make me turn a complete 180 degrees, it's her. She has an annoying voice, but her cuteness overshadows that. Mayuyu, you cutie you~

8. Noda Hitomi (Houkago Princess)

Noda Hitomi is a new Idol, however I've taken to her pretty quickly. I like her cuteness, and she has a really nice voice as well. I don't think that she was my favourite at first, but she's pretty much going to be my bias (alongside Rena) in HouPri. I think she's as cute as a button!

7. Suzuki Kanon (Morning Musume)

I adore Zukki, I really do. She's charming and really funny, and she has a very real and cheerful personality that makes me feel happy whenever I see her and her silly antics. She was my first favourite 9th gen member when I finally started to like her, and right now, she is still a favourite member of mine. I am really glad that she got into Hello! Project's flagship group, I just hope (and wish and pray) that she would be utilised more vocally.

6. IU

Surprised? Good. I like IU, and recently got into her thanks to my friend posting a random video okay, Good Day) of IU's on her facebook page. I was intrigued, looked, and right now, I like her. Okay, I have listened to two or three of her songs, but I like them all, and it has definitely interested me enough to listen to her music. She's intrigued me more than SNSD, which is... weird xD

5. Sakuma Kaho (PASSPO☆)

Sakuma Kaho is a now graduated member of the Idol unit PASSPO☆, but when I first got into this group, I adored Mushu. She is a very beautiful and talented girl, so I was shocked that she was going to be graduating a great group. However, despite this she is still a great Idol, which is why I have put her in my top 10 Idols of 2011. I will miss her greatly, but like most of her fans, I would love for her to take care of herself. Kaho, Daisuki!!!

4. Ogawa Saki and Maeda Yuuka (S/mileage)

I'm still a little bitter about both their graduations, but what's done is done. The reason these two are tied is... well, because these two were the reasons why I kept my love of S/mileage. I loved Saki as a fan a lot. She was my favourite member, and the only member I liked when they were still 4nin. So, when she left, I was ready to give up on S/mileage... but damnit, Yuukarin pulled me back, and now that she's gone, I am once again ready to say bye bye to my fandom of S/mileage. However, I will still listen to their music. In the end, these two girls made me like the group a lot, and they impressed me with their talent and how cute they are... sadly, they're gone now. CRYYYY D;

3. Okai Chisato

If you're not familiar with this bias by now, then say what!? Anyways, I like Chisato a lot as an Idol, and I find her nature very funny. I adore her voice, and she's a pretty good dancer as well, and it makes me happy that this year, she got to prove that she's just as good as the two C-ute front girls. She's a stunner, and I want to continue idolising her throughout 2012. Hopefully, she gets more lines next year alongside Mai and Nakky~

2. Ikuta Erina and Iikubo Haruna

Whilst these two are my favourite Morning Musume members, as well as my all time Idols of 2011 on my Top 5 list, I do feel that, whilst I adore them so much, there is an Idol that I adore more, and her status as my all time favourite Idol beats these girls. So, yes, I adore these two girls. Ikuta is my favourite member of Morning Musume tied with Iikubo, though I adore Ikuta for her extremely fun and cute nature. She's got a great personality and a beautiful smile. For Haruru, I love her pureness and her beautiful smile, as well as how endearing she is. She's a really cute girl, and from the Hello Pro time episodes I watched, she seems to be more impressionable and innocent than her fellow 10th gen members, finding that things are really fun and exciting as well as being an energetic and sweet member of the group. I really hope that, in 2012, these girls can give a lot more to Morning Musume.

And so, with 9 of my Top 10 members done and dusted, you probably already know who my Top Idol of 2011 is. This one is pretty much a no brainer, much like Haruru and Eripon grabbing the numero 2 spot. But, if you don't know, then here she is:

1. Kusumi Koharu

I really don't need to explain myself when it comes to Koharu. She's the reason I got into JPop, and she's the reason why I love Hello! Project. Her quirky, funny nature and her gorgeous smile and body are what drags me towards her. Okay, her voice isn't the best, but she's a great Idol. I love her, and I hope to continue loving her~

And thus ends this blog post, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


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Chiima's Thoughts on The Hello! Project Generation of 2011!~

All thoughts and opinions contained on this blog are my own, and will always be my own. Please respect my opinion and in return I shall respect yours. I enjoy other peoples opinions, so please enjoy mine~

Hey, look! Another 2011 post~ When will these all end?

When 2012 hits,of course! And that's not too far away now, is it?

2011 has been a bit of a surprising year, in terms of change to Hello! Project. A bundle of new members were added, whilst a few Eggs hatched and flapped their way to the top to join the higher-ups in the H!P rankings. Either way, this year has definitely been the year where newbs infiltrated the Hello! Project chamber.

This year, Morning Musume finally got the long awaited 9th generation, a group of girls who were actually anticipated for 2009 by most fans, including myself. But, not only did we get a 9th gen, but we also found ourselves with a brand spanking new 10th gen, as well. Oh, and new S/mileage members.

Whilst 9th gen auditions were announced before the year end of 2010, I never anticipated S/mileage auditions or another audition set for Morning Musume. It was surprising, but it was also a nice move forward from the old Hello! Project. This was refreshing, and certainly much needed in terms of the lessening Morning Musume members. S/mileage?... Not so much.

In the end of it all, this year brought along a bunch of new kids for all of the older members to babysit. Am I happy? Yes. Is everyone else in the wotasphere happy? Er... yes and no? If you're an older fan, you might be eh with it, and if you're a S/mileage fan... well, 2011 was the biggest shock year ever, right? Right.

So, let's dive and take a look at the Generation of 2011!!!

The much anticipated 9th Generation made their debut this year, and with the promise of fresh-faced, young new members, a lot of fans were truly waiting for this group...

Well, only one of them could sing, in the end of it all, however the other three have caught up already and are showing their strengths as Idols and talents. So, all is good.

But the more I think about it, the more I seem to think that 9th generation was pretty rushed. After the graduation of Kamei Eri, LinLin and JunJun, Morning Musume lost three very good singers and had narrowed the group down to five, so a new generation was a must. But, even though the new girls were very much needed, there wasn't enough time for the girls to improve themselves during the audition process. Whilst Tsunku did choose 4 girls who fit the image of the group, bringing a new life into the group as well as some quirky natures, he didn't really choose the girls for their talent, but more so rather for their youth and energy. This isn't a bad thing, but in the end, the whole audition process seemed to go so quickly when it should have taken time, like the 10th generation auditions. Whilst some may believe that 10th gen was rushed, I actually believe that 9th gen was rushed. The audition process was too short, however, it was surprising, and I was overwhelmed by it all. I think that 9th generation is great. All the girls are promising, and I really do like the 9th gen as a whole, but I wish that Tsunku had given them more time rather than rushing through the audition process and choosing 5 finalists who were so young and unsure of themselves (other than Riho).

But, in the end, Tsunku chose four amazing girls, surprising us all with his decision to choose Riho and not Mogi (cry) as well as choosing a talented and beautiful egg to join Morning Musume. With the added spark of the then-shy Erina and the funny, bug-impersonator Kanon, 9th gen were formed.

Okay, individual comments, go!

Fukumura Mizuki was the surprise of 9th gen, being called out on stage without knowing that she was actually going to be a member of the group she had idolised for so long. I really like Mizuki now, though I wasn't really overly bothered by her presence in the group at first. I think she has a fantastic voice, and her shy nature is endearing. In a way, I find her quite sneaky and playful when she's with the other members of the 9th gen, and I really enjoy watching her on Hello! Pro Time. Whilst she really needs to come out of her shell a bit more, I do like the girl. She isn't my favourite 9th gen member, however she has an endearing nature and is really beautiful. I just wish that UFA would utilise her talent more rather than focusing on a certain 9th gen member...

Ikuta Erina, aka Eripon, is my favourite member of the 9th gen and probably one of the biggest turn arounds I have seen. She started off as this shy, overly awkward new member, but has now really come to show off her true character. She's got a great personality that is made for TV, and isn't shy about her love for other Idols. During then audition process, I wasn't really sure of the girl, however, I had a feeling that she would get into the group, and in the end, I was right. Her awkward nature at first annoyed some fans of Morning Musume, whilst others really liked it. However, after her true nature showed, a lot more people started to like her. Whilst Eripon may not be the greatest singer, she is still a great personality, and has recently started to be featured more in the PVs in term of how much she is shown rather than how much she sings. Another thing that's great is that currently, with her job on Oha! Suta, she is promoting Morning Musume to children as well as the shows fans.

Sayashi Riho was the one girl that everyone wanted for 9th gen, and whilst I was on the fence with her, I didn't mind. In fact, during the audition process, I actually really liked Riho, but when I heard her shouting the lines she was singing I was more than put off. However, when she was chosen, I accepted it. She's a great dancer, and for her age has an incredible amount of talent, however... she can't sing. Now, I don't care how many of you kill me over this, I just don't think that she can sing, and that is my personal opinion. In the end, my opinion changes nothing, however I can still voice it.
 When Riho became a member of Morning Musume, a lot of people were happy. There was a new talent in the group, one who the fans absolutely adored, and I think straight from her audition process, it was pretty much guaranteed that she would get a front position in Morning Musume. Well, she did, and whilst a lot of people rejoiced, it also pissed some fans off in the process. I wasn't really used to seeing someone so new get such a push whilst the rest were faded into the background, and it did honestly annoy me. But in the end, I have come to accept that Riho is a front girl. However, it does not mean that I like her singing voice. I really don't like it, and her personality doesn't make me feel any differently towards her either. She's boring, her singing is bad, but she is one hell of a dancer, and I understand why she is a front girl.

Funnily enough, I really didn't like Kanon during the audition process. I thought that she was irritating, and I didn't want her to get in. But when she did, I fell head over heels for her personality. She's my 2nd favourite 9th gen member now, however I still adore her quirky, funny personality, especially her bug impersonations. I don't know how many people liked her exactly, but I know that she gained a few fans during her audition process thanks to how she auditioned. I think that Kanon is a great actress in a way, from her audition, and she is definitely the biggest personality of Morning Musume right now. She's innocent, but has a mischevious side to her that you can't help but love. At the beginning of her Morning Musume days, she was the weakest member of the group with no prior experience in the entertainment industry, and obviously had a hard time adapting to a certain routine. However, she has recently proven herself to be a great asset to the group. Whilst she isn't really pushed, and is probably the most unpopular member of her generation, Zukki is actually a pretty decent singer. Her voice is strong, just like her character, which makes me like her more. I honestly do wish that she was pushed more, because she is a great member who has a great voice (in my opinion, better than Riho's) and she really deserves to be given a chance. Sadly, I don't think that will happen any time soon...

Moving onto the new members of S/mileage, I will say that this was definitely the biggest surprise of the year. Nobody was expecting, and I know that a lot people did not want this. I, on the other hand, was happy about this. Why? I don't know, I guess I was just caught up in the moment, but in the end I was excited at the prospect of new girls in one of my favourite H!P groups. And now?

... Not so much, to be honest.

A lot of speculation went into these auditions, such as why and who was graduating? Whilst I put it down to one of Tsunku's earlier messages about the group, back in 2009-10, that they were subject to change as he felt they were complete, it turned out that S/mileage was in fact losing one of their original members, Ogawa Saki. Are you fucking kidding me...?

So, in the end, the reason for auditions was because Saki was graduating, as UFA said. Though whilst I still try to believe this, it makes me wonder why the fuck UFA didn't say anything until 3-4 days before she was actually set to leave. So, she asked to leave in May (apparently) but they were too bitchy to actually give her a graduation concert? Assholes. In all honesty, I am believing more and more that this new generation is the reason she left. Considering that Saki and Yuuka were the most shocked by this announcement, I actually do think that the new generation made these two decide to graduate.

And because of the new generation, Saki's sudden graduation and Yuuka's soon-to-be departure, I can see why people are starting to flee the S/mileage ship. Heck, even I don't know what to think of the group any more. After Saki left, I thought that the group wouldn't appeal any more, only to be thwarted by Yuuka. Ii like Yuuka a lot more now, however as she's graduating, I only really like 3 members, and even then my fandom of them isn't enough to make me like S/mileage as much as I used to...
In all honesty, I actually wish that Tsunku had kept S/mileage as a pure all Eggs group. If there were ever going to be auditions, this is what the fans would have wanted the most. S/mileage started out as a group made of Eggs, which was why it was so great - the girls had the experience, and they had the talent and the fan base already, but in the end, the auditions were open to the public as well, and when S/mileage didn't take in Karin (which pissed off a lot of fans), quite a few people called it quits on the group - especially when Saki left to pursue 'school'.

In the end of it all, I feel that S/mileage's new generation is more of a downfall than a boost. The girls were great before, but with the addition of these new members, it seems that S/mileage has lost its spark. To me, and probably a lot of other people, they are currently a sinking ship unless 2012 proves otherwise.

Nakanishi Kana is, undoubtedly, the underdog of this group. She's the most inexperienced of the new members, however, I find her personality pretty entertaining. Whilst her gorilla obsession is weird, she is a great personality. Okay, I haven't really watched her much on Hello Pr Time, but I like that she isn't afraid to show her stupid side. Whilst she is probably the least popular member in S/mileage right now, she's one of the few members that I actually liked during her sub member status. I was a pretty avid fan of Fuu-chan, however when she 'graduated' from being a sub member due to her health, I seemed to latch onto Kana a bit more. In the end, I'm more of an Akari fan, however I still like Kana. But I will admit this: The girl can't sing, and in Mini Skirt Postwoman she sounds horrible. They auto-tune the shit out of the girl, and she still sounds bad. Oh well, she has a few years to improve, and if not, she can do a Sayumi and use her looks in the industry, cos she's a pretty girl.

Tekeuchi Akari was either going to get in, or she wasn't. Like Miyamato Karin, people wanted Akari in for her talent, or at least... I did. Whilst I didn't care who got in (other than Meimi, I didn't want her in), I liked Akari and Karin a lot. In the end, Akari got in, meaning that S/mileage at least had one ounce of new talent in the group. I really like Akari, and as she's a former egg, I support her place in the group more than Kana and Meimi's. Akari is a happy, cute looking girl with such a derpy face which is what makes me like her. I think she's adorable, and the fact that she's talented in singing and dancing really makes her shine. She's probably the best out of the new S/mileage generation in my opinion, and really does deserve to be in the group.

Katsuta Rina... where to begin, really? Katsuta is definitely a talented one, however, she doesn't have the cuteness that the other S/mileage members have. Whilst she may have the maturity and the talent, you really can't ignore the fact that she's the most unfortunate looking out of all the members. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Rina enough. She's a great singer, and she probably has one awesome personality, but as well know, the Idol industry focuses on looks, but in all honesty... Rina has awesome legs! As S/mileage is a miniskirt-based group (how long will that last?) her legs really live up to the groups image. I like Rina, not excessively, but I like her enough to the point where I am happy she is in the group and glad that she was chosen as a main member.

Oh yay... Tamura Meimi. As you can probably guess, this part will turn into a rant...

Tamura Meimi is my least favourite member of S/mileage, and ranks 30th in my favourite Hello! Project members list. She was the only one during the S/mileage audition process that I didn't like at all. Her voice is a shriek to me, and I find her somewhat irritating. However, she was a really popular auditionee during the audition process, and much like Riho with Morning Musume, had performed with S/mileage before in a Shugo Chara play. She has prior experience with singing and acting (shrieking, sorry), I will give her that, and I can really see that she has such a passion and love for S/mileage that no one can miss. I admire that about Meimi, however, it doesn't make me like her any more than I already do. I don't find her endearing in any way, and her forehead (now covered, thank fuck) and fangs scare the shit out of me. However, she has the legs that fit the S/mileage image, and even her voice fits the S/mileage tone as well, but in the end, I don't like her. Though her spastic nature is funny.

I can see why she was chosen for S/mileage, but in the end, I still go ew when I see her.

10th Gen? That was a surprise, but not as big as a surprise as the S/mileage auditions, let's be honest. However, the sudden announcement of the 10th gen auditions was something to get excited about, especially so soon after the 9th generation had formed and also right after Takahashi Ai's graduation announcement.

Whilst a majority of fans feel that 10th gen was rushed, I am a part of the minority who feels that it really wasn't. It took a lot of time to get these girls - longer than the S/mileage auditions, in fact. I feel that Tsunku took his time choosing the right girls to enter group, and the fact that were a lot more finalists and about 3 days for the girls to practice their singing and dancing techniques, Tsunku had quite a few girls to choose from who were all willing to improve to become a member of the group. Also, all of the girls were pretty talented in this audition, whereas about 2 were truly talented in the 9th gen auditions (Riho and Aina).

For me, the 10th generation auditions were the most exciting part of the year. I liked most of the girls, and I liked how it took a while to choose four of them. I also enjoyed that Tsunku was trolling the fans by saying that he would add all of the auditionees, though not everyone was happy with that comment. But, in the end, Tsunku chose four girls who are all actually really good - the fact that two of them were my favourites, especially Haruna, made me happy. For me, this audition experience was much better than 9th gens, and Tsunku certainly raised the tension with these girls.

And even though the girls have yet to debut, they're already more popular than the 9th gen were when they started in the group. I really like this generation, but then again, that's my personal opinion~

Iikubo Haruna was a surprise for some fans, but a much anticipated age-gap filler for others. As my favourite 10th gen auditionee, I was ecstatic that she had become a member of Morning Musume. Currently, she's my favourite member tied with Ikuta Erina in all of Hello! Project. Whilst she is still new to the group, there really isn't much to say about her other than 'Yes, a new member I can perv on without feeling guilty!!!'. I think, in all honesty, I really just loved her nature throughout the entire audition process, and whilst she is currently the weakest dancer in Morning Musume ('tis true!), I still really like her. If anything, she should do modelling to promote Morning Musume, or appear in Dramas and such, because she's already done acting and modelling before~

Oha Suta please?

Ishida Ayumi, or as I like to call her, Baby Predator, is certainly the Riho of her generation. She's a great dancer, but she butchers her lines (or shouts them, whichever...). I actually liked her during the audition process, and thought that she would make it into the group, so when she did I was happy. Right now, I don't like her as much as I do other members, however I like her enough. Whilst her face scares me, she is a pretty girl. She's a mean dancer, much better than Riho in my opinion, and I feel that she and Riho should get a dance number together. I'm still not sure about Baby Predator at this point, though I feel like I will like her more and more as time goes on. I'm actually sure that she's going to be the front girl of her generation along with Satou, but right now that's undetermined. It seems that she's made out to be the face of her gen, but right now it's uncertain.

But thank goodness we have another dancer in the group! Whoo!

Satou Masaki is the girl that I really didn't like during the audition for 10th gen. She was bland, and her hair didn't suit her at all, plus she seemed to be a terrible dancer, however now that she's more at ease, she's become better at showing off her dancing skills. Not the best singer (she mumbled Jishin Motte), but it seems that Masaki is set to be the face of her generation already. She's cute and quirky, and has a great face that is definitely Idol material and camera-friendly. Even Tsunku finds her the most photogenic out of all the 10th generation members. Whilst I wasn't keen on her at first, it seems that Sato is growing on me, especially as she seems to be an air head. For now, we'll see how long I like her~

Kudo Haruka is a former egg with a 'husky' voice which she seems to talk about a lot. Whilst I don't exactly care for the girl, I find her extremely annoying already. She has this bossy nature which some people really do like, and whilst it's nice to know that she has a strong head on her shoulders, I'm not overly keen on it, especially when she talks down to members who are older than her (if she does that, I don't know). But even as an Egg, I wasn't too keen on her. It's more so how she looks, I guess. To me, she looks like a bobble head doll in a way. However, she is cute and I can see why people like her. She has a great voice, and is probably one awesome dancer, though I actually don't see her as Morning Musume material. It seems like she would be a good leader, though, with her domineering nature.

And thus concludes this post about my thoughts on the new generation that came in 2011! Yes, I have my biases, but I'm honestly more so surprised at the amount of members I don't really care for when compared to the members I dislike or absolutely adore. I have more members that are okay rather than members I don't like. In the end, though, the members have time to grow on me. They only came about this year, so I am still subject to change, right?


Anyway, I hope that you all enjoyed my 2 pence piece on the new members ;) Hoping you're all having a good Day-Before-new-Years.

Also! What are your thoughts and opinions on the new generation? Though some are okay, I like most of them it seems. Think about it ;)


2012 ~Hopes, Wishes, Dreams and Predictions~

All opinions within this blog are my OWN! Respect them, and I shall respect yours! WHOO!

2011 has flown by, just like the Ninja that it was, so now that means we have to get ready for a New year, and what a better way to start it than predictions!?

Now, before I start this post, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has made 2011 a great year for me in terms of blogging. I never imagined that I would get this far with my blog, especially since I was ready to give it up during the middle of the year before I started to blog more. I have enjoyed every moment of writing my thoughts and opinions on songs, PVs and certain members from varying groups. But the peak of the year was my blog being featured on International Wota. I didn't think that it would happen, but it did. Then, I became a part of the Selective Hearing staff, one of the blogs I had idolised since 2009, before the unbelievable happened - I got to be a part of the International Wota Staff! I didn't even think that that was possible, but it was. But the best thing of all was gaining readers. I didn't think it would ever happen, and it's still mid boggling that I have people who think my posts are a good read, so, thank you everyone!

I would also like to say this:

Koharu's a MOTHERFUCKING MODEL! Fack you, to the person who told me that she would never be a model in 2011 because of how 'fat' she was. My prediction was right! She became a model! WHOOOO!

Back in 2010, I made a prediction that Koharu would become a model in 2011, and was put down for that very prediction. I have the last laugh, mwahahahaha!

I also hoped for a remake of Morning Musume's Morning Coffee back in 2012/the beginning of 2011, however I more so wished for it in the form of the-then 5-nin Morning Musume. However, in a surprising turn of events... it actually happened, but with Dream Morning Musume instead of H!P's flagship group. In the end, I was a happy camper. I got my remake~

SO! 2012 will mark my 3rd (I won't count 2009, for now) year as a fan of Hello! Project, and my second year as a Wota, so I'm looking forward to it! But, like most people, I have my hopes and wishes for certain groups and members of different JPop groups as well as personal longings and dreams for myself. So, what are they? Let's dive in to take a peek at what I am thinking 2012 will bring us all!!! YATTA!~

This is in no specific order, just so you know~

Hello! Project/UFA Hopes, Wishes & Predictions for 2012

1. Morning Musume are Promoted More (Done!)

2012 is the year where the 10th Gen really get thrown into the world of Morning Musume. Their debut single will be released, and I'm pretty sure that the girls will do a lot more activity wise afterwards.

But I mainly want promotion for Morning Musume because of how under promoted the girls seems to be. UFA have already proven that they can motivate their arses via MoBeKiMaSu, so why not Morning Musume? Even if it's just that Squinty eyed dancer and the Baby Predator Shark who promote it, it's still promotion. Don't waste Morning Musume; they're the flagship group, for crying out loud! Put them on a TV show - and no, not just Sayumin.

2. Okai Chisato gets another Photobook

This ones a no brainer - she's my favourite C-ute member, plus as her popularity is rising, I want to see her in more bikini's and sexy things. Heck, give me some Maid-costume action, please!!!

3. 9th Gen (minus Riho) get more Promotion and Lines (Kinda done)

If you didn't know, I am not a Riho fan. I find her personality bland and boring, her voice sub-par and her dancing, well, incredible. However, the rest of the 9th Gen? I love them, especially Eripon. I have been a fan of these girls for a while now, but I hate how underused they are, especially Fukumura. Fukupon has an amazing voice, and great dancing skills. She has a beauty about her that isn't shown enough, and I just wish that UFA would utilise the girl.

Eripon, I can't say much for - she is actually getting promotion via Oha! Suta, which promotes both herself and Morning Musume to children. She has a personality that is great for TV, however, I wish that she was promoted more in Morning Musume rather than another TV show.

With Zukki, I want her personality to be used more. She has this quirky, funny personality that she shows all the time. Her character is wonderful, and her smile to die for. Sadly, she is the most unpopular member of her generation as far as I know, but more promotion would boost her popularity. Darnit, use the girl!!!

4. S/mileage stop f*cking changing (Done!)

Whilst my fandom for S/mileage may change a lot little now that Yuuka is going going gone, I really hope that they don't change at all in 2012. Currently, the lineup as it is... well, it'll be fine. I'm not overly ecstatic that the Vampire will be a front girl, same with Dawa, but right now, I don't "mind" this S/mileage. In 2012, I hope that they stay the same and won't go for another audition or another graduation. I need time to start really caring about them now that my two favourites have left this sinking ship for school or whatever it is they graduated for.

5. Sayashi Riho gets pushed to the back for at least one single!

I think that this prediction/wish will return for my 2013 wishes and predictions, however, it's worth a shot. In all honesty, I don't mind the girl. As I said, she is one mean dancer, however, I hate her voice. It sounds far too auto tuned for comfort, and I hate how the other girls don't get a chance to even shine. The fact that she is up-staging the current leader in lines for their singles pisses me off. So, for one single, I would like Morning Musume to do a total 180, like Namida Ga Tomaranai Houkago. That single had Sayumin and KonKon as front girls, with Reina finally getting her winky eyed face out of the camera for a while. It was refreshing, and seeing Riho in the background would be just as refreshing.

Again, for at least one single - but honestly? I don't hold much hope for this one to happen any time soon, unless the wota and fans suddenly turn and fall in love with another member.

6. Iikubou Haruna gets a PB

I might be wishing for this one for a while, I don't know yet, however, I want Iikubou to get herself a damned PB! She is 17, and she is just beautiful. She is, as you probably already know, my favourite member of the 10th gen and tieing with Ikuta for my 1st favourite Morning Musume member. I adore the girl, and if that Bobble-headed 10th gen member Kudo gets a PB before this gorgeous piece of love, then I will throw a duck fit.

7. Mitsui Aika Graduates (Done!)

Okay, whilst this may be harsh (and surprising), I want Aika to graduate, and soon. The girl has been out of activity for so long, and when she finally does come back, she is still not featured in the dance shot for the new PV (or so I heard). This girl is basically a walking disaster. She should do what that girl in SKE48 did, and like Kaho in PASSPO, and leave the group to focus on her health. All she is doing is causing problems for Morning Musume and the staff, and whilst that may be the bitchest thing to ever say, it's true. Girl, I love you, but seriously: Graduate!

8. C-ute bring out really awesome singles (Done!)

I adore C-ute, and I love their music, so of course I want this to happen. Recently, they're beating out Berryz (which is good, cos I dislike Berryz a lot) and creating really nice music. They've also become quite popular recently, I think, especially Chisato. I just hope that they continue to get better and better, and to also never ever do a SHOCK! song again. If they do, Ima kick something.

9. Morning Musume get over 50,000 sales for any single during 2012 (Dude, DONE!)

For my love of Morning Musume, I just want this to happen. If it does, then OMFG YAY!!!!!! But really, I just want them to sell well. I love the group, and I will always support them (unless I like, die or something...). I would love it if they could beat out AKB, but that won't happen...

10. Koharu Kusumi gets a Boyfriend

I have no idea why or how this popped into my head, but I know that I just want it to happen... the girls a stunner, and, if she got with some Johnny's lad, I would probably be over the moon! I want the girl to be happy, considering she is my all time favourite Idol, so having a boyfriend? Yes, I want that. Whoever gets her is one lucky devil, just saying~

11. Kamei Eri returns as a Soloist/Tarento

Whatever Kamei comes back as, I will be happy. But I honestly would like to see the girl back in the spotlight, because she is such an entertaining and talented person. Even if it isn't with UFA or H!P, I would be happy, just so long as she is back. I guess most Kamei fans hope for this, honestly, because she is just so wonderful. However, I don't think she will come back in 2012... if she does, then YAAAY!

12. Michishige Sayumi and Iikubou Haruna get to act

This is more of a hope than a prediction, but I would love to see these two act more, whether it's in a drama or a stage play. I know that Michishige is currently going to be in two dramas (that Math one, and another one where she plays a spoilt sister) but it would really be great if these two got to do more in acting. I think that Michishige is a great personality, whether she is playing a cute and cunning character, or a sinister yet sweet girl. 

I still have yet to see Harunyan's character, however as she already has experiencing in acting, I would love to see her portray a character in a movie, drama or stage play to promote Morning Musume. Also, as she loves Michishige so much, it would be wonderful if the two could act together.

13. Niigaki Risa goes Solo (Well... kinda done)

Whilst going solo may potentially mean a graduation from Lord Gaki, I still want it to happen. The girl has an amazing voice, which is being wasted in Morning Musume. I wish that I could hear her voice more in songs, but alas, Winky feat. Squinty get the lines... But if 2012 is the year she gets a solo or two, I will really surprised, as this is one hope and prediction that I don't think will happen any time soon.

14. A New Group or New Sub-Units (DONE!)

This might be a wide-eyed, questioning prediction, however, I would like Hello! Project to bring out a new sub-unit or a new group. S/mileage, though still new, are already losing their glimmer thanks to the loss of their strongest singer and now their front girl, as well as the additions of two sub-par singers, a squealing vampire and Akari. So, I would like something fresh to liven up H!P, though sub units may be a better option as it seems that people don't want any more auditions for Hello! Projects main groups right now.

15. More Morning Musume Auditions (DONE!!!!)

Even though I said that it seems people don't want any more members in Hello! Project, it doesn't mean that I don't. In all honesty, I would like at least one more addition to this group, and someone who can sing. Currently, Morning Musume has very few good singers: Risa, Reina, Fukumura, possibly Zuki and Haruka. That's 4/5 out of 12. Please, a good singer? Also, if Aika does just so happen to graduate, we need someone else to even up the numbers...

16. H!P gets another soloist (My lord it's done... kinda)

I feel that this is more so my desire/hope rather than an actual prediction, but I will put it here anyway... In all honesty, I like Mano, however her songs can get boring very quickly. It seems the only exception here is My Days For You, which I really like listening to. I find that her songs are too cutesy and have little to no variety, so, I would love it if H!P pulled out another soloist... and yes, Kikka's one, but she isn't in H!P still, is she? And if she is, well... meh :/

16. Tanaka Reina gets into a Scandal

I swear, I will be putting this here until she graduates...

This is actually more of a joke prediction, than anything. I just want it to happen for the lawls rather than anything else. If this happens, I will be highly surprised it happened in 2012, however I hold little hope. Again, this is a joke prediction.

I think that that is all for Hello! Project... o-O for Cereal, yo!

Jpop Hopes & Predictions for 2012!

Time for the miscellaneous groups~ And, like before, these are in no particular order~

1. PASSPO☆ get #1 for any of their 2012 singles and/or albums

I adore PASSPO☆, so of course I would hope/wish/pray/predict this. Okay, they will be minus one awesome chick, but it hopefully won't make the group any less awesome than they already are. OH, I would also love some great PVs from these girls as well, just sayin'~

2. PASSPO☆ stay as a 9-nin Group (YES!!! DONE!)

Whilst there is a chance that PASSPO☆ will hold auditions, I really hope that they don't. I understand that most groups do this that I follow, but I don't want PASSPO☆ to. Okay, they are losing Kaho, one of my favourite members, but that doesn't mean that they need to gain new members yet. I like PASSPO☆ as they are, and I want them to stay this way for now. Please, PASSPO☆, don't change!

3. Houkago Princess have their Major Debut

I can see this prediction and wish being highly unlikely, but, you never know what can happen. I do honestly really want this to happen, considering how much I seem to adore the group. I think that these girls, in time, will really become a great group that people recognise. I would also love for them to get in the Top 10 on the Oricon charts, but that is still far away it seems. So for now, I am hoping that in 2012, the girls will have their major debut.

4. Pre-Dia have a Major Debut

Okay, I may not have talked about this group on this blog much, but in all honesty, I think that they deserve a major Debut. They have a mature sound to them that most Idol groups currently don't have, and they are good singers. It also helps that they are the sister group to PASSPO☆.

5. Bump.y Release more K-Pop styled singles (Done, though it was a cover)

I liked Bump.y's last single, Kiss. The song was wonderful in both PV and music, and I really enjoyed it. I want Bump.y to release more, anyway, but considering Kiss is my favourite single from them, I would love to hear more of their K-pop inspired tunes. The groups amazing, and they didn't release enough this year. More from Bump.y, please!

6. HouPri Release at least 2 singles (Kinda done?)

I would love for this to happen, simply because... well, it's HouPri. Considering their second single is set to release for February in 2012, there is a chance that they may get a second single out as well. Let's cross our fingers!!!

7. Afilia Saga East release another single wearing Maid Costumes (DONE!)

Seriously, need I say more? I love Afilia Saga East and their music, but the reason why I got into them was because they wore really adorable maid costumes. If they released another single wearing their maid outfits, I would be a very happy fan. For cereal.

8. 9nine to release something that doesn't sound like another of their songs... (DONE!)

Oh, I am asking a bit much, but I do want this to happen. Really, I do. I love 9nine, and their song Natsu Wanna Say Love U was different to anything I heard from them. However, their last single... not so much. But this might not happen, or it might. You never know. I will have to wait and see~

9. Sakura Gakuin release more singles! (DONE!)

I like Sakura Gakuin, and it's annoyed me in a way that they only released one single this year - so, 2012, please be kind and give me some more Sakura Gakuin. Onegai~

10. AKB48 bring out better songs...

Because a majority of people are fans of this group, I expect to get bashed, though I'm going to say this for all of the xxx48' family groups. Whilst this year I have broadened my horizons, I still find that I don't care for AKB48 like I do SKE48 or NMB48, and this lies mainly in the fact that their music is generic, though this isn't a bad thing - I like their music. I actually really liked Kaze wa Fuiteiru when it first came out, though that soon faded away after a few more listens. The PV though, was dull as hell (though very well executed, if a little creepy). Whilst I like how xxx48' videos are executed, I find their songs far too generic and overly similar for my own taste. I want to hear something new and different from the group. I hope that in 2012, they surprise me with a new sound.

Personal Hopes for 2012

For this section, I will obviously state my personal hopes for 2012 in terms of music and Idols~

1. I get into Kpop (Done)

Though I still don't really care for the culture or their singing style, I have recently become really interested in IU, especially her songs Good Day and You & I. The fairytale like quality that these two songs have is really nice, and she's a wonderful singer too. If anything, IU is the reason why I would branch out into Kpop, much like Koharu was the reason why I branched out into Jpop.

2. I get into More Boy Groups (Done-ish)

Whilst 2011 marked the year where I finally gave in and started to like boy groups, I still haven't fully conformed. I sometimes won't listen to the music because I simply can't be bothered, or because I am still a little disinterested in them. I know that it's a hurdle I need to cross, because I actually really enjoy listening to some JE every now and again, but I want to try and branch out an bit more, like boy groups who aren't from JE, as well as try to like KAT-TUN or NEWS. However, those two are highly unlikely as I dislike their music a lot.

3. I start to care about S/mileage more (Done)

Whilst this may fall under the Hello! Project category, I find that it is too much of a personal desire rather than a prediction for this group. In the end of it all, I know that I will change my opinion on this group now that Yuuka's getting the boot. I mean, she was actually the reason I stayed with S/mileage after Saki's sudden graduation, and I wasn't even expecting to become a fan of hers! I didn't even like her to begin with!
 But, unless I suddenly start to like Dawa (ew) any time soon, I have a feeling that this group will go nowhere with me. Though I do like Kanon, Akari and Kanon, my fandom of these girls isn't nearly enough to keep me liking the group, much like my love of Miyabi and Chinami - but just because I like them, it doesn't mean I care for the group because I don't care as much for the girls as others do. My fandom lies mainly in MoMusu and C-ute, and it did lie with S/mileage, until they kicked out Saki, added a foreheaded, squealing vampire and changed drastically. But yeah... let's hope that I start caring at some point in the future...

Wow, this one's long... ._.

4. I start to Care for AKB48 (Totes done)

I don't really like AKB48 right now anyway, though NMB48 and SKE48 are great, and I think I am starting to like JKT48, too. However, AKB... not so much. I find this group bland and over-used, I guess, and I don't really like the 'face' of the group, Maeda Atsuko. However, I do like Mayuyu, and it seems that I may be increasing my fandom with Mariko and Tomomi, but the rest... their faces annoy the hell out of me, probably just as much as Meimi's face does. However, if my prediction/hope that they bring out good music next year comes true, my fandom may increase a little to a lot. Let's hope for the best~

And thus ends this boring, and questionable, post...

In the end, I put mostly what I would like to happen, rather than real predictions - but I knew that, in the end, most of these would come out of my desires rather than real predictions. In the end, I just put what I wanted~ However, I hope that some of these (especially a PB for Harunyan) come true. As you all probably know, this is all speculation and dreams, but, one can wish, right?

Anyway, thank you all for reading this post and putting up with it!

So~ Do you have any predictions or hopes for 2012? If so, what are they? Comment or write a blog post about it, it will be fun to read~