Monday, 21 November 2011

S/mileage - Mini Skirt Postwoman Dance Practice Overview

My first thought when I heard the first three solo lines:

Meimei and Akari are the new front girls.

Not that I actually mind... in all honesty, I'm pretty glad that Derpy (Akari, my bias now) and Fangy (Meimei, who I still don't like) are front girls. Considering their popularity, I think that it would be pretty stupid of Tsunku and UFA to hand it to either Kananana or Rina. Rina isn't half as popular as her fellow Egg Muffin Akari, and Kananana is neither experienced nor popular enough to take the leading reigns of Maeda Yuuka. So, why not pass the torch onto the still-lacking Dawa and Fangy + Derpy?

Anyway, now that I've said that, I was seriously surprised with the amount of lines Yuuka got compared to Dawa. Then again, now that Dawa and Meimei are the new Top DAWGS in S/mileage, with Akari and Kanon just after, I figure that this song is showing us how it will be after the front girl Yuuka is gone. I mean, she was the most popular member, with Dawa a far away second in my opinion, and Kanon and Saki coming somewhere between third and fourth (though Saki got a shit loada lines, but I think Ttsunku liked her loooads)

BUT, it reminds me of Kare to Issho ni Blaaah... Sayumi was the front girl of that with Reina, and Takahashi was pretty much on Riho's level throughout the song. She had lines, more than the other members, but she still got less than Winky feat. Vanity. That song showed us the two new front faces (I think...) and how capable the group would be without Takahashi's voice in there. And this is what this single is proving.

How capable S/mileage will be with Dawa feat. Fangy, Derpy, Cinderella reincarnated and those other two.

Now, don't get mad at me for that; I actually like Kanananananana the most. When Fuu-chan left S/mileage due to her health, I was at such a loss, but found comfort in Kanananaannananaa and Akari. However, I've just hit reality; my favourites won't always get the lines they deserve, regardless of how good their voices are. Hells, I'm lucky that Akari is getting a front position! I think it's the first time that my favourite has gotten a front position (barring Koharu, Yuuka and Saki, because the latter two were not my first favourites when I first saw them. I mean the members who are new and weren't around for 2 months of my very new Idol love) so early on in her career.

But anyway, regarding the song and video, I am rather impressed with it. I absolutely adore the song, though it has a hard time staying in my head right now. The girls all sound amazing, and though I am disappointed that Rina and Kanananana got one line, I'm not surprised at all. This new S/mileage looks strong, and I am liking it a lot.

Originally, when S/mileage was first formed, I actually didn't like them. Then I listened to Suki-chan, and it all changed...

But going way off track, I like the new S/mileage - it'll look fecking weird without Yuuka there, but I will eventually get used to it, like I did when Saki left. I'm just learning to let go and accept what is happening. Whether she's going to school, or whether she's up the duff and going to the P/reggers group, I support the girl.


... This post was weird... >.>


  1. "...though I am disappointed that Rina and Kanananana got one line"

    Rina actually has two solo parts, though one is shorter than the other. (3:14 and 4:06 in the video.)

    Kana is the only girl with just one solo part, but that's understandable (being the only one that came in with zero prior experience). Though with some training, practice, and time I think she'll turn out to be a good singer. And eventually she'll catch on to dances quicker.

  2. @Anonymous

    Really? Oh! I will have to look out for that!

    And yeah, I know what you mean - Kananana has so little experience, but I think that her deeper voice will be good for the group, give some differentiation, like Sakitty's did. And one day, she may be an amazing dancer too!!!