Friday, 18 November 2011

Okay! Musume Time: Happy 1st Birthday!

Yes! It's true, I tell you! Today is Okay! Musume Time's 1st Birthday, or 1st anniversary, as a blog! Exactly one year ago on this day, the 18th of November, I posted my first ever PV review and started my days a blogger for the Hello! Project fandom! The thing is, I never thought that I would still be here, one year on, still reviewing the PVs that UFA bring out.

But one year ago, I never thought that I would get into boy bands...

It's amazing what can happen in just a year, really. I started this blog up with the intention of only using it to talk about Hello! Project related topics, however since I created the blog, I've become more open minded towards other groups such as PASSPO, AKB48, SKE48, Bump.y, 9nine and a few others, but the biggest leap I have taken since creating my blog is getting over my dislike of boy bands as well as walking over to the dark side, where Ryosuke Yamada resides, waiting for me in all his gorgeous glory.

But yeah, one year... it's gone so fast... When I told my sister that the blog was having its first birthday, she didn't believe me - then again, I don't think I told her of Okay! Musume Time's creation until I blogged a lot more...

Anyway, I'm so pleased that the blog has reached its first birthday! To everyone who reads this blog and participates in the weekly polls, thank you so much for supporting Okay! Musume Time and seeing it through its first birthday! It makes me very happy, and so glad that I continued this blog even though I thought it would go nowehere (I still think that :P).

So, Okay! Musume Time, you turned 1 today!!! Se no~


It's time to celebrate with.... A PIC SPAM!!!! 8D YAAAAY!

WARNING: So many pics, you might explode with excitement!

Here's some Aika-goodness to start us off!

Next up: Chissa and her delicious body!!!

Hows about some Koha? Go on, take some!!!!

Mmmmm~.... Now time for some GAKI!!!!

And now for some epic Kanon Pics, cos I know you love Kanon just as much as I do, blog~

9th Gen LOVE! <3

Let's get in here with some ERIPON!!!

That's some damned good Eripon

Who's next? :D HARUNA OF COURSE >D


You are one lucky blog, being spoiled with so many beautiful pictures of girls, you know that :P

We need some MEN IN HERE!!!!

-dies of happiness-

I love you... but not as much as Ryosuke, obv

DAMN I need to get into more boy bands and start liking them more so that I can post topless pictures...

Dayumn this pic spam is long... xD

One more ftw?

There is never enough Chissa :D


... Yes, I am hyper ;D



  1. Congrats on your 1st anniversary for the blog!

    I remember hitting my 1st anniversary for my blog and how proud I was to have kept up with it for a full year.

    I can't wait to see what your next year will bring.

  2. @Thennary

    Thank you so much! I apologise for the late reply Dx

    It's amazing how quickly the year has gone, and how much this blog has grown >.< it's exciting XD

    <3 Thank you ;A;

  3. Delayed but, Happy first anniversary!

    I also remeber my first blog anniversary, I remember that I was realy excited that there were people who actually read my blog. Lol.

    Congrats! I hope your blog gets even better with each passing year. :] And can't wait to see you review even more Johnny's. ;]

    I love that your pic spam is obnoxiously long. Lol. But there's MatsuJun pics and no Nino ones. D: Also, you totally should have posted MatsuJun's AnAn photos. Or any AnAn photoshoot really. XD

  4. Thank you sooo much!

    It's exciting, I'm surprised I have followers and readers ;A; But it shows how big the wotasphere is >D XD and how much they like other peoples opinions

    I like obnoxiously long pic spams - sooo many good pictures xD AND WHAT IS THIS ANAN??? I neeeeed it >o

    and no Nino D;

  5. You're welcome! :]

    Yeah pretty much. It's actually a lot easier to get readers then I expected in the beginning.

    Lol. I never really do pic spams on my blog. Every so often I'll do a birthday one. I usually just post pictures I like on my tumblr. XD

    AnAn is a a Japanese fashion magazine. But they usually have a lot of issues that feature guys semi nude, like the annual sex issue or men's body issue. A bunch of Johnny's have posed for it in the past like Matsumoto Jun, Yamashita Tomohisa, Sho Sakurai, Ikuta Tomo, etc. (Nino was also featured in AnAn, but sadly he was clothed. :/) This year Kanjani8's Ohkura Tadayoshi was featured. Also Shirota Yuu was recently in AnAn. He's not a Johnny's member but he is still totally cute.

    On a completely random note, I just realized I used the same Aika 18th birthday picture on my blog post for JM's 3rd anniversary. :O