Thursday, 17 November 2011

Getting in the Zone!!! - Sexy Zone PV Review!

All opinions on this PV, song and the group are my own. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I wish for you to respect them. If you have your own opinions and wish to express them, then please create a blog, send me a link and let me read! Or, leave me a comment. Either way, I will read!!!

Sexy Zone, as everyone within the Wotasphere already knows (if you don't, what rock have you been living under? The one next door to me?) is the newest group to debut under Johnny's Entertainment, sporting two members 16 or over and three who are 15 or under. Now, whilst they are a new group under Johnny's, and already secured for popularity and many-a topless photobooks, the name Sexy Zone caused controversey because of, well... the fact that three of the members are pretty young and still haven't grown into their MANLY stage. Or at least, that's what I think.

But, I cannot deny that I like the group already. Their debut single is frickin' AWESOME!!!! Okay... just the A-side, but that is entirely my opinion :P But yeah, I do like how they sound together, and the group seems to be pretty good. Let's hope they get better and better, and when the other three age a bit, let's hope they get into that 'Sexy Zone'.

Though some people aready think that the 3 kiddies are already in their sexy zone...

Er... yeah...

Anyway, now that we know PedoBear loves Sexy Zone's name and the kids who are a part of the group, let's get on with this review...

I like how the XY in SEXY ZONE is in red to point out that the members of this group all have the XY chromosome... unless Marius is lieing to us all >:o

WAH! What the fuck!

Roses? Tuxedo Kamen...? -is hopeful-

OMFG Castle in the Sky!

Are they... angels?

Let's play spot the difference -snickers-

The guy there deserves to be in the Sekushii Zone~

I realise now that, despite feeling like a PedoBear myself, I like this guy - he will one day become sexy, as long as he stops pulling faces. Why will he become sexy? Look at the hair! It's SEXY HAIR!!!

And this is the one I'm gonna marry... -sighs dreamily-

Oh, look at how half-arsed their costume change is XD But I like the jackets

TUXEDO KAMEN!!! -pounces-

I enjoy the rbacking dancers who are their MINIONS!!!!

Om nom nom, roses are nyummy~

See how nummy these roses are? They so nummy~

Sexy Zone, collectors edition! Get your very own prepubescent Sexy in a limited edition glass casing, all for just $69.00!!!!!

OMG PURPLE DUDES ASS IS IN THIS SHOT!!!!!!!!! -did not notice that before-

No, you can't break out of this box, it's limited edition!!!

Omfg, why you so sexy???

If Ryosuke doesn't marry me, then you shall be mine!

Mwahahaha, still in the box, I see!

Motherfucking Microphone ROSES!!!!

Dance break! Let the Johnny's Juniors have some screen time~

And now we shall telepathically break this glass...

Mother.... My limited edition Sexy Zone members!!!!!! Dx

The head spinning guy totally stole this scene

Can I just say, I really like this scene here? It's prettyful~

He looks better with his mouth closed

He's cute, but I don't like his nose

Too moody

Fucking GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Scares me

Lucy in the sky-y, with Diamonds was what I thought of when I saw this clip. Don't ask me why.... ._.

Okay, I seem to be hyper today...

Anyway, now that you've seen all the pictures I screen capped for y'all, I will continue this post with my review and final conclusion of the PV and song, though I don't really need to talk about this epic song, do I? No, no I don't.


I had a very hard time trying to find this video, actually. It wasn't anywhere on Youtube, and if it is, I can't find it, and most download links were taken down due to copyright issues or because people had removed them, so I was going to settle with just the single and review that. But, as luck would have it, I FOUND A LINK!!!! Finally, a link that worked, a link that I could use. I could finally watch the PV and review it!!!

I became a very happy Chiima indeed.

Thankfully, the PV didn't disappoint me at all. I really like how light and refreshing it is, with the white costumes, as well as the half-assed costume change of jackets, as well as the really pretty background of the boys on a podium that hangs in the air with the Johnny's Juniors dancing in the background in black. I had no idea what to expect, because I never really pieced together an image in my head when I first heard the song Sexy Zone. But because I didn't do that, it means I wasn't in for disappointment if I expected something - kinda like what I do when I heard Appare Kaiten Zushi and got mega ticked off when it turned out to a cartoon. FML.

Anyway, back to Sexy Zone, I have found myself eyeing up the guy in the green jacket and the prepubescent pink Jacket boy. I have no idea who they are at all, but I will probably learn in time, however those two seem to be the ones I will be fangirling over if I keep my eyes on this group. And from what I have seen and I heard, there is a big chance that I will be following them regularly unless something happens to my two new pieces of eye candy.

Okay, continuing on, I find that the video is really beautiful and well amde. The dance is rather infectious, considering when I see them dance I want to copy them, and I love that they are singing into roses. Yes, it reminds me of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon in a way, but that's not the point. I love when they are put in the glass box as well, because it reminds me of them being Limited Edition items in a way, funnily enough. Or, they're just trapped. But that's how I visualise it, so leave me be ;)

Though there is no storyline, I think that the video works beautifully without it. We get a great dance, great visuals and the boys themselves are entertaining to watch, from their facial expressions to how they bust their moves. It's rather enchanting, and I think that this is a great debut PV for these guys. It's light, showcases their talents and shows off the boys in various shots.

My only problem is Sexy Hair's face pulling. He looks weird when he does them, but he's still cute~

Oh, and I can't forget about the shots in this - the camera movement really impressed me in this video. We don't just get one-angled shots, oh no. We get shots from above, shots from the side, panning, zooming and a few sweeping shots from what I saw in this PV. It made it just so much better with some movement from the camera, and it makes the PV look so damned good! Yeah, the guys themselves are wonderful to watch, but I like it when the camera isn't fixed to one place all the time and we get a bit of variation with camera angles.

So, all in all, I really do like this PV - the song suits it really well, and the shots are pretty much perfect for this video. Here, we have a light and airy PV with close up shots, mid shots, long shots, dance shots, a few sweeping motions and good camera angles as well as entertainment from the Johnny's Juniors, who, by the way, are awesome dancers!!! I seriously want to see more from the Johnny's Juniors to be honest now. This video has shown me how great both this group and the juniors are.

So, whilst I was ready to dislike this group and absolutely detest the PV, Sexy Zone have proven to me that, yes, they are damned well worth it. The group is great, the PV is great and I adore the song! What more could I ask for?


Oh, but no one beats Ryosuke Yamada.

Why couldn't he be in Sexy Zone? D;

If you've seen the PV, what did you think about it? Do you like or dislike Sexy Zone, and if so, why?

Also, if you wish to download this PV then head over to Bboat-chan's website and thank them for uploading it! Have fun guys :D

Stay happy and healthy and listen to some Sekushii Zone!



  1. Right after I posted my PV review I saw yours. If not for some differing opinions I'd say we were on the same wave length.

    If you don't want to search for PVs and other video downloads I would recommend using Live Journal. The group communities will tend to have them but they will be locked so you have to be a member of the community to access them. And if you want to see more of the Juniors then you should watch The Shounen Club, which airs twice each month. You can find the dls at the LJ community for it, shokura. You do need to join as a member though of course.

    The guy in green is Nakajima Kento, usually just called Nakaken, and he's my favorite of the group. He was in the Junior group B.I.Shadow that was a part of a one-shot debut back in 2009 with NYC boys (which is NYC with B.I.Shadow).

    The other one is Yo Marius, the eleven year old. Though he will be twelve in March if that makes you feel any better?

    And a link to my review:

  2. @Thennary

    Yeah, we do have pretty much the same wavelength for the PV, though I feel I may be too loving towards it XD XD

    Ah, I like downloading stuff - I can watch it over and over again! But I will try to look into LiveJournal. I never really considered going for LiveJournal XD

    I need to check out B.I.Shadow o 3o

    AH Marius, why he get no line? ;A; and yeah, 12... XD it won't change how I feel towards that piece of pedobait XD

    I read the review! It made me giggle XD XD

  3. LiveJournal probably has the largest group of English speaking Johnny's fans that I know of so it's good to give the group communities there a look for information as well.

    I'm sure he'll get lines eventually, he's still the one that looks the most nervous during performances so I think once he has some more experience with performances he'll start getting solo lines. Apparently his mother was a Takarazuka performer and has had a hand in his training so he has a lot of potential.

  4. Congratulations with this page :) I love it,and i love the way you made me laugh about the screencaps of this Pv,I also liked the Pv,and I totally agree with all that u said...very funny :) Thank you. :)