Thursday, 17 November 2011

You Get so Peadoliscious - Sexy Zone's Debut: First Impressions

All opinions of this single and group are my own. If you do not like my opinions, that is your choice. We all have freedom of thought, and my thoughts are my own. So live with it :D

Ah... Prepubescent Sexy Zone. Why you all so ugly?

Oh wait, one of them is okay looking...

Er... back on topic (what topic?). Sexy Zone is the latest group to debut under Johnny's Entertainment, and have released their new single Sexy Zone. Now, whilst many people are happy with this groups debut, probably because there is a member who is German (Marius Yo), others aren't as happy. Why?

The name of the group. Heck, even I've had a bit of controversy with it. It's kind of like calling Morning Musume Horny Musume or Morning Wood Musume. It would cause controversy because of how old some members are in the group. And this is why I love that people got so worked up over this groups name.

I mean, come on! There are about 3 prepubescent members in Sexy Zone who probably think that the word sexy means some sort of candy bar or whatever! And whilst they may eventually grow into the name of the group as the years pass, I feel like a paedophile just thinking of the groups name when it is associated with 3 boys who are under the age of 16.

It. Does. Not. Work. URGH!!!!

Okay, minor rant over - Let's get on with my first impressions review, okay?

01. Sexy Zone

I love obnoxiously named first singles... anyway, the opening of the song doesn't really impress me much, and the backing vocals You Get So Sexy are kind of creepy... and then the vocals of the Prepubescent ones kick in and I get a little more intrigued. Now, I have no idea who's singing, but it's obviously someone with balls that have dropped, and they sound really good ._.

I have a feeling I will like the older ones more...

When the chorus kicks into action, we get all of them singing, and you can really hear the divide between those whose balls have dropped, and those who still need to grow a pair. But it sounds like a good divide, and their voices work really well together. It's fun to hear them all together, actually, and I find that they're have a sort of energy that I'm enjoying throughout the song.

So, after finishing the song, I have found that I've really enjoyed it. I still don't like the name of the group, and I don't agree that boys under the age of 16 should be labelled as 'sexy' because they are just too young. However, the song is a great choice for their A-side and their debut single, and I enjoyed it. I initially thought that it was going to be boring, but everyone sounds great and these guys sound really really good together, so I'm glad that I gave the song a chance before judging it based on the opening of the song and the group of the name.

See... I can give things a chance even though I don't want to :P

02. With You

With You starts off a lot heavier than Sexy Zone does, but becomes softer when the vocals fully kick in, yet it still maintains a lot of energy. We then kick into the chorus, and it's pretty fast paced, with a lot of beats going through the instrumental and some great blending going on between the guys. I'm absolutely enjoying the song and the absolute happiness that it's giving off. It sounds like such an energetic, but not high energy, and happy song that will probably get quite a few people bobbing their heads along to it.

At about 1:53, you can clearly hear the singers who have less manly voices together. They sound very good together, and don't sound as girly as some young male singers can. I have to say, I really like the younger singers voices here because of how good they sound together...

And then 3:07 bursts my bubble and proves how high these boys voices can go. They sound a lot like girls there, however, they still sound great and it gives the boys a bit of variation in the song when they sing with two or three others who have rather dominant, manly voices.

So, I like this song, but it probably isn't as strong as the A-side, Sexy  Zone, and isn't as memorable either.  However, I do like it and the guys sound great! So definitely check it out if you haven't.

03. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! starts off with... knocking, and then some rapping declaring who they are. Once the beat kicks in, we have the deeper vocals starting off the song with the younger singers backing them up and adding in some yells and then some singing before we enter a calmer, slower instrumental where I guess everyone, or the deeper singers, are singing.

Once the chorus kicks in, I honestly lose interest. Though the song has rapping in it, this song just bores me a little too much. It doesn't really appeal to me, and I find that there isn't as much happiness or energy in the song like there is in the other two songs that I have listened to. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! is a good song, with a good amount of energy to it, but it honestly doesn't interest me in any way and I find it rather boring.

No wonder it's the last song...

Anyway, now that I've listened to the songs I found, let's get to my final conclusion of this single. (Yeah, I'm not done yet ;D)

Whilst I may dislike the name Sexy Zone for a group that is 2/5 man and 3/5 children, I have really enjoyed this single all together. I think that the three songs compliment their voices nicely, and Sexy Zone as a debut A-side is a bloody good choice. Everyone sounds amazing, the instrumental is really good, despite the fact that I feel I have heard it somewhere before tune wise, and I really love the deeper voices in this song compared to the softer voices. I even find myself enjoying the creepy 'You Get So Sexy' lines. Well, let's hope three of those 5 boys get fucking sexy, cos I don't wanna feel like a pervert for watching little boys singing a song about being sexy!

Kinda like I don't wanna watch Riho dancing like a stripper... -shudders at memory of Moonlight Night dance off-

Anyway, going on, I find that Sexy Zone is a great song. It's better than With You and beats Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! to the ground. Though all songs are great ways of showing off these boys' talents, I find that the three main vocalists dominate the songs more than the two youngest members, so I would love to hear the youngest, especially Marius, become a bit more dominant in future singles. These boys are all promising, and I will definitely be anticipating a second single if they ever get one!

So, to finish the post off, have you heard Sexy Zone's debut single? If you have, what do you like or dislike about it? Let me know in either a comment, or maybe a blog post! Send me the link if you do have a blog post and I will be sure to read it!



  1. I did a quick review of the single and its B-sides yesterday as that's when my order came in for the single. We seem to have opposite tastes on these songs as I like the B-sides a lot more than the A-side.


  2. Ah! Differing opinions <3 My loves ;D But it's good to have differing opinions, I shall be sure to read your post! <3