Monday, 21 November 2011

S/mileage - Mini Skirt Postwoman Dance Practice Overview

My first thought when I heard the first three solo lines:

Meimei and Akari are the new front girls.

Not that I actually mind... in all honesty, I'm pretty glad that Derpy (Akari, my bias now) and Fangy (Meimei, who I still don't like) are front girls. Considering their popularity, I think that it would be pretty stupid of Tsunku and UFA to hand it to either Kananana or Rina. Rina isn't half as popular as her fellow Egg Muffin Akari, and Kananana is neither experienced nor popular enough to take the leading reigns of Maeda Yuuka. So, why not pass the torch onto the still-lacking Dawa and Fangy + Derpy?

Anyway, now that I've said that, I was seriously surprised with the amount of lines Yuuka got compared to Dawa. Then again, now that Dawa and Meimei are the new Top DAWGS in S/mileage, with Akari and Kanon just after, I figure that this song is showing us how it will be after the front girl Yuuka is gone. I mean, she was the most popular member, with Dawa a far away second in my opinion, and Kanon and Saki coming somewhere between third and fourth (though Saki got a shit loada lines, but I think Ttsunku liked her loooads)

BUT, it reminds me of Kare to Issho ni Blaaah... Sayumi was the front girl of that with Reina, and Takahashi was pretty much on Riho's level throughout the song. She had lines, more than the other members, but she still got less than Winky feat. Vanity. That song showed us the two new front faces (I think...) and how capable the group would be without Takahashi's voice in there. And this is what this single is proving.

How capable S/mileage will be with Dawa feat. Fangy, Derpy, Cinderella reincarnated and those other two.

Now, don't get mad at me for that; I actually like Kanananananana the most. When Fuu-chan left S/mileage due to her health, I was at such a loss, but found comfort in Kanananaannananaa and Akari. However, I've just hit reality; my favourites won't always get the lines they deserve, regardless of how good their voices are. Hells, I'm lucky that Akari is getting a front position! I think it's the first time that my favourite has gotten a front position (barring Koharu, Yuuka and Saki, because the latter two were not my first favourites when I first saw them. I mean the members who are new and weren't around for 2 months of my very new Idol love) so early on in her career.

But anyway, regarding the song and video, I am rather impressed with it. I absolutely adore the song, though it has a hard time staying in my head right now. The girls all sound amazing, and though I am disappointed that Rina and Kanananana got one line, I'm not surprised at all. This new S/mileage looks strong, and I am liking it a lot.

Originally, when S/mileage was first formed, I actually didn't like them. Then I listened to Suki-chan, and it all changed...

But going way off track, I like the new S/mileage - it'll look fecking weird without Yuuka there, but I will eventually get used to it, like I did when Saki left. I'm just learning to let go and accept what is happening. Whether she's going to school, or whether she's up the duff and going to the P/reggers group, I support the girl.


... This post was weird... >.>

Friday, 18 November 2011

Okay! Musume Time: Happy 1st Birthday!

Yes! It's true, I tell you! Today is Okay! Musume Time's 1st Birthday, or 1st anniversary, as a blog! Exactly one year ago on this day, the 18th of November, I posted my first ever PV review and started my days a blogger for the Hello! Project fandom! The thing is, I never thought that I would still be here, one year on, still reviewing the PVs that UFA bring out.

But one year ago, I never thought that I would get into boy bands...

It's amazing what can happen in just a year, really. I started this blog up with the intention of only using it to talk about Hello! Project related topics, however since I created the blog, I've become more open minded towards other groups such as PASSPO, AKB48, SKE48, Bump.y, 9nine and a few others, but the biggest leap I have taken since creating my blog is getting over my dislike of boy bands as well as walking over to the dark side, where Ryosuke Yamada resides, waiting for me in all his gorgeous glory.

But yeah, one year... it's gone so fast... When I told my sister that the blog was having its first birthday, she didn't believe me - then again, I don't think I told her of Okay! Musume Time's creation until I blogged a lot more...

Anyway, I'm so pleased that the blog has reached its first birthday! To everyone who reads this blog and participates in the weekly polls, thank you so much for supporting Okay! Musume Time and seeing it through its first birthday! It makes me very happy, and so glad that I continued this blog even though I thought it would go nowehere (I still think that :P).

So, Okay! Musume Time, you turned 1 today!!! Se no~


It's time to celebrate with.... A PIC SPAM!!!! 8D YAAAAY!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Okay! Musume Time ~9th Poll Winner~

WHOO! It's that time of the week again, everyone! The time where we take down the old poll, and bring in the new one! So, what do I have in store for you today?...

Me talking some nonsense, the results and the new question! That's what! 8D

So, this week quite a few releases came out; MoBeKiMaSu's Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, Not Yet's PeraPera Perao, Sexy Zone's Debut single, Sexy Zone and a few others that I have forgotten about. Surprisingly enough, the three songs I have listed are all songs that I absolutely freakin' LOVE!!! So if they are in my poll question (which they WILL BE) then don't be surprised ;D

Anyway, since the release Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku placed #5 on the Oricon charts, missing out on the number 4 spot to Acid Black Cherry. Right now, Sexy Zone have overtaken the Number 1 spot whilst Not Yet, who went to Number 1 for first day sales, has gone down to Number 2.. So yeah, pretty cool. Oh, and Number 3 went to GLAY as far as I know, HOWEVER it then went to AAA. Glay is now at Number 6 on the oricon charts.

Oricon Charts November 16th 2011

Anyway, now that I have said that, I will move on to the poll winners results now...

Nothing better than girls in a Uniform grabbing the Okay! Musume Time crown, is there? xD

SO! With 16 votes, Passpo won the poll for this week and won over your hearts with their cute theme and their even cuter faces. I absolutely adore these girls, and since their debut they've quite obviously claimed your hearts as well, so good work, PASSPO!

In second place, with 15 votes, Momoiro Clover Z came running just behind PASSPO in the race, but wasn't able to pass the flight attendant girl group. Next, in 3rd place, we have three groups which have an equal amount of love. With 10 votes each, Afilia Saga East, AKB48 and Tokyo Girls' Style all tied! That's pretty impressive, in my opinion. Then, next up, in 4th place, we have Bump.y with 9 votes. Oh man, you GO GIRLS! You deserved it!!! And then, in 5th place we with 8 votes is the cute and cool 9nine, who still aren't really that popular, but still a great vocal unit. Then, in 6th place we have Sea☆A with 7 votes to their name. These girls, though still on their second single, are already proving themselves to be true Japanese Idols, so YOU GO GIRLS! And then, finally in last place ranking at 7th, we have Idoling!!!, who still don't seem to be well known with the Wotasphere, however, there is still time. I personally like the group though.

Anyway, once again, thank you to everyone for all your votes!  I seriously appreciate every single one of them, and this time we have had 30 votes for this poll!!! WOOHOO! So thank you all for voting and taking time to read this blog as well! I am really thankful for that!

Now, let's figure out what the next question is for this weeks Poll!

This week, I will be asking you: What is your favourite single that came on the 16th? This will relate to the Oricon charts, with the top 5 singles ranked today. So, I look forward to your poll choices, and if you haven't seen any of the videos yet or heard the songs, then be sure to check them out, because I am pretty sure that there will be something to your tastes in there :)

Anyway, once again, thank you so MUCH for participating in my weekly poll, and thank you for reading my blog!


Getting in the Zone!!! - Sexy Zone PV Review!

All opinions on this PV, song and the group are my own. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I wish for you to respect them. If you have your own opinions and wish to express them, then please create a blog, send me a link and let me read! Or, leave me a comment. Either way, I will read!!!

Sexy Zone, as everyone within the Wotasphere already knows (if you don't, what rock have you been living under? The one next door to me?) is the newest group to debut under Johnny's Entertainment, sporting two members 16 or over and three who are 15 or under. Now, whilst they are a new group under Johnny's, and already secured for popularity and many-a topless photobooks, the name Sexy Zone caused controversey because of, well... the fact that three of the members are pretty young and still haven't grown into their MANLY stage. Or at least, that's what I think.

But, I cannot deny that I like the group already. Their debut single is frickin' AWESOME!!!! Okay... just the A-side, but that is entirely my opinion :P But yeah, I do like how they sound together, and the group seems to be pretty good. Let's hope they get better and better, and when the other three age a bit, let's hope they get into that 'Sexy Zone'.

Though some people aready think that the 3 kiddies are already in their sexy zone...

Er... yeah...

Anyway, now that we know PedoBear loves Sexy Zone's name and the kids who are a part of the group, let's get on with this review...

I like how the XY in SEXY ZONE is in red to point out that the members of this group all have the XY chromosome... unless Marius is lieing to us all >:o

WAH! What the fuck!

Roses? Tuxedo Kamen...? -is hopeful-

OMFG Castle in the Sky!

Are they... angels?

Let's play spot the difference -snickers-

The guy there deserves to be in the Sekushii Zone~

I realise now that, despite feeling like a PedoBear myself, I like this guy - he will one day become sexy, as long as he stops pulling faces. Why will he become sexy? Look at the hair! It's SEXY HAIR!!!

And this is the one I'm gonna marry... -sighs dreamily-

Oh, look at how half-arsed their costume change is XD But I like the jackets

TUXEDO KAMEN!!! -pounces-

I enjoy the rbacking dancers who are their MINIONS!!!!

Om nom nom, roses are nyummy~

See how nummy these roses are? They so nummy~

Sexy Zone, collectors edition! Get your very own prepubescent Sexy in a limited edition glass casing, all for just $69.00!!!!!

OMG PURPLE DUDES ASS IS IN THIS SHOT!!!!!!!!! -did not notice that before-

No, you can't break out of this box, it's limited edition!!!

Omfg, why you so sexy???

If Ryosuke doesn't marry me, then you shall be mine!

Mwahahaha, still in the box, I see!

Motherfucking Microphone ROSES!!!!

Dance break! Let the Johnny's Juniors have some screen time~

And now we shall telepathically break this glass...

Mother.... My limited edition Sexy Zone members!!!!!! Dx

The head spinning guy totally stole this scene

Can I just say, I really like this scene here? It's prettyful~

He looks better with his mouth closed

He's cute, but I don't like his nose

Too moody

Fucking GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Scares me

Lucy in the sky-y, with Diamonds was what I thought of when I saw this clip. Don't ask me why.... ._.

Okay, I seem to be hyper today...

Anyway, now that you've seen all the pictures I screen capped for y'all, I will continue this post with my review and final conclusion of the PV and song, though I don't really need to talk about this epic song, do I? No, no I don't.


I had a very hard time trying to find this video, actually. It wasn't anywhere on Youtube, and if it is, I can't find it, and most download links were taken down due to copyright issues or because people had removed them, so I was going to settle with just the single and review that. But, as luck would have it, I FOUND A LINK!!!! Finally, a link that worked, a link that I could use. I could finally watch the PV and review it!!!

I became a very happy Chiima indeed.

Thankfully, the PV didn't disappoint me at all. I really like how light and refreshing it is, with the white costumes, as well as the half-assed costume change of jackets, as well as the really pretty background of the boys on a podium that hangs in the air with the Johnny's Juniors dancing in the background in black. I had no idea what to expect, because I never really pieced together an image in my head when I first heard the song Sexy Zone. But because I didn't do that, it means I wasn't in for disappointment if I expected something - kinda like what I do when I heard Appare Kaiten Zushi and got mega ticked off when it turned out to a cartoon. FML.

Anyway, back to Sexy Zone, I have found myself eyeing up the guy in the green jacket and the prepubescent pink Jacket boy. I have no idea who they are at all, but I will probably learn in time, however those two seem to be the ones I will be fangirling over if I keep my eyes on this group. And from what I have seen and I heard, there is a big chance that I will be following them regularly unless something happens to my two new pieces of eye candy.

Okay, continuing on, I find that the video is really beautiful and well amde. The dance is rather infectious, considering when I see them dance I want to copy them, and I love that they are singing into roses. Yes, it reminds me of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon in a way, but that's not the point. I love when they are put in the glass box as well, because it reminds me of them being Limited Edition items in a way, funnily enough. Or, they're just trapped. But that's how I visualise it, so leave me be ;)

Though there is no storyline, I think that the video works beautifully without it. We get a great dance, great visuals and the boys themselves are entertaining to watch, from their facial expressions to how they bust their moves. It's rather enchanting, and I think that this is a great debut PV for these guys. It's light, showcases their talents and shows off the boys in various shots.

My only problem is Sexy Hair's face pulling. He looks weird when he does them, but he's still cute~

Oh, and I can't forget about the shots in this - the camera movement really impressed me in this video. We don't just get one-angled shots, oh no. We get shots from above, shots from the side, panning, zooming and a few sweeping shots from what I saw in this PV. It made it just so much better with some movement from the camera, and it makes the PV look so damned good! Yeah, the guys themselves are wonderful to watch, but I like it when the camera isn't fixed to one place all the time and we get a bit of variation with camera angles.

So, all in all, I really do like this PV - the song suits it really well, and the shots are pretty much perfect for this video. Here, we have a light and airy PV with close up shots, mid shots, long shots, dance shots, a few sweeping motions and good camera angles as well as entertainment from the Johnny's Juniors, who, by the way, are awesome dancers!!! I seriously want to see more from the Johnny's Juniors to be honest now. This video has shown me how great both this group and the juniors are.

So, whilst I was ready to dislike this group and absolutely detest the PV, Sexy Zone have proven to me that, yes, they are damned well worth it. The group is great, the PV is great and I adore the song! What more could I ask for?


Oh, but no one beats Ryosuke Yamada.

Why couldn't he be in Sexy Zone? D;

If you've seen the PV, what did you think about it? Do you like or dislike Sexy Zone, and if so, why?

Also, if you wish to download this PV then head over to Bboat-chan's website and thank them for uploading it! Have fun guys :D

Stay happy and healthy and listen to some Sekushii Zone!


You Get so Peadoliscious - Sexy Zone's Debut: First Impressions

All opinions of this single and group are my own. If you do not like my opinions, that is your choice. We all have freedom of thought, and my thoughts are my own. So live with it :D

Ah... Prepubescent Sexy Zone. Why you all so ugly?

Oh wait, one of them is okay looking...

Er... back on topic (what topic?). Sexy Zone is the latest group to debut under Johnny's Entertainment, and have released their new single Sexy Zone. Now, whilst many people are happy with this groups debut, probably because there is a member who is German (Marius Yo), others aren't as happy. Why?

The name of the group. Heck, even I've had a bit of controversy with it. It's kind of like calling Morning Musume Horny Musume or Morning Wood Musume. It would cause controversy because of how old some members are in the group. And this is why I love that people got so worked up over this groups name.

I mean, come on! There are about 3 prepubescent members in Sexy Zone who probably think that the word sexy means some sort of candy bar or whatever! And whilst they may eventually grow into the name of the group as the years pass, I feel like a paedophile just thinking of the groups name when it is associated with 3 boys who are under the age of 16.

It. Does. Not. Work. URGH!!!!

Okay, minor rant over - Let's get on with my first impressions review, okay?

01. Sexy Zone

I love obnoxiously named first singles... anyway, the opening of the song doesn't really impress me much, and the backing vocals You Get So Sexy are kind of creepy... and then the vocals of the Prepubescent ones kick in and I get a little more intrigued. Now, I have no idea who's singing, but it's obviously someone with balls that have dropped, and they sound really good ._.

I have a feeling I will like the older ones more...

When the chorus kicks into action, we get all of them singing, and you can really hear the divide between those whose balls have dropped, and those who still need to grow a pair. But it sounds like a good divide, and their voices work really well together. It's fun to hear them all together, actually, and I find that they're have a sort of energy that I'm enjoying throughout the song.

So, after finishing the song, I have found that I've really enjoyed it. I still don't like the name of the group, and I don't agree that boys under the age of 16 should be labelled as 'sexy' because they are just too young. However, the song is a great choice for their A-side and their debut single, and I enjoyed it. I initially thought that it was going to be boring, but everyone sounds great and these guys sound really really good together, so I'm glad that I gave the song a chance before judging it based on the opening of the song and the group of the name.

See... I can give things a chance even though I don't want to :P

02. With You

With You starts off a lot heavier than Sexy Zone does, but becomes softer when the vocals fully kick in, yet it still maintains a lot of energy. We then kick into the chorus, and it's pretty fast paced, with a lot of beats going through the instrumental and some great blending going on between the guys. I'm absolutely enjoying the song and the absolute happiness that it's giving off. It sounds like such an energetic, but not high energy, and happy song that will probably get quite a few people bobbing their heads along to it.

At about 1:53, you can clearly hear the singers who have less manly voices together. They sound very good together, and don't sound as girly as some young male singers can. I have to say, I really like the younger singers voices here because of how good they sound together...

And then 3:07 bursts my bubble and proves how high these boys voices can go. They sound a lot like girls there, however, they still sound great and it gives the boys a bit of variation in the song when they sing with two or three others who have rather dominant, manly voices.

So, I like this song, but it probably isn't as strong as the A-side, Sexy  Zone, and isn't as memorable either.  However, I do like it and the guys sound great! So definitely check it out if you haven't.

03. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! starts off with... knocking, and then some rapping declaring who they are. Once the beat kicks in, we have the deeper vocals starting off the song with the younger singers backing them up and adding in some yells and then some singing before we enter a calmer, slower instrumental where I guess everyone, or the deeper singers, are singing.

Once the chorus kicks in, I honestly lose interest. Though the song has rapping in it, this song just bores me a little too much. It doesn't really appeal to me, and I find that there isn't as much happiness or energy in the song like there is in the other two songs that I have listened to. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! is a good song, with a good amount of energy to it, but it honestly doesn't interest me in any way and I find it rather boring.

No wonder it's the last song...

Anyway, now that I've listened to the songs I found, let's get to my final conclusion of this single. (Yeah, I'm not done yet ;D)

Whilst I may dislike the name Sexy Zone for a group that is 2/5 man and 3/5 children, I have really enjoyed this single all together. I think that the three songs compliment their voices nicely, and Sexy Zone as a debut A-side is a bloody good choice. Everyone sounds amazing, the instrumental is really good, despite the fact that I feel I have heard it somewhere before tune wise, and I really love the deeper voices in this song compared to the softer voices. I even find myself enjoying the creepy 'You Get So Sexy' lines. Well, let's hope three of those 5 boys get fucking sexy, cos I don't wanna feel like a pervert for watching little boys singing a song about being sexy!

Kinda like I don't wanna watch Riho dancing like a stripper... -shudders at memory of Moonlight Night dance off-

Anyway, going on, I find that Sexy Zone is a great song. It's better than With You and beats Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! to the ground. Though all songs are great ways of showing off these boys' talents, I find that the three main vocalists dominate the songs more than the two youngest members, so I would love to hear the youngest, especially Marius, become a bit more dominant in future singles. These boys are all promising, and I will definitely be anticipating a second single if they ever get one!

So, to finish the post off, have you heard Sexy Zone's debut single? If you have, what do you like or dislike about it? Let me know in either a comment, or maybe a blog post! Send me the link if you do have a blog post and I will be sure to read it!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bitch, Whine, then Praise - 12, Smart Album Review

All opinions within this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In no way are you to take offence of my opinions, and please do not get angry at my opinions. Your opinions are your own, as mine are my own. It is a free thinking world, or at least it should be. OPINIONS TO THE PEOPLES!!!

This post is rather over-due, considering that I wanted to review this album a while back, however whilst I was still contemplating whether or not to review it on Selective Hearing, the Boss Man, Greg, beat me to it before I could come to a final decision, and then I started to procrastinate or review other things as well as actually focus on my college homework. Ah, life... Okay, enough of my boring life problems, I apologise~

12 Smart, the oh-so cleverly named album (it sounds just as half assed as Maji Desu Ka Ska looks as a video) is the last album that features Takahashi Ai as well as the first album for the 9th Gen members. Now, whilst this album may not be as epic as 10 My Me, it's still a pretty solid album, in my opinion. There are songs I like, vocals I loathe and vocals I adore, and also songs that are pretty 'meh' to me. Then again, there is always a 'meh' song for someone in each and every album produced, so ignore me~


01. Give Me Ai

Give Me Ai is the rather obvious play-on-words title of the opening track for this album. Whilst some of us may enjoy the fact that such a name was given to this song, others may just want to throw Ai right back you for even daring to give the former MoMusu leader to them. I, for one, would throw Ai back at Hello! Pro and say 'Keep her. I've waited for her to leave since 2010. I still don't want her, so go on, have her back'.

Oh crap, I've already gone off topic. Whoops :D

Anyway, other than my supposed Ai-dislike (I actually like her btw), I find that this is a pretty nice opening track for the album. Of course, Ai is leading her title song followed by Reina, Riho and then some sub-vocals courtesy of Niigaki and Michishige. Everyone else is added into the chorus and some group lines they share with Michishige or Niigaki. Give Me Ai is a typical Morning Musume song, and if I wasn't already used to this forumla I would probably have a major bitch-fit about certain members who can sing well not getting any lines (coughFUKUcough), BUT I am already used to the formula, and besides - the song works this way. Ai sounds amazing, as does Reina. Niigaki, of course, sounds as beautiful as always.

Heck, I even like Riho in this song! I like them all, in fact, because this is a pretty good song, and the main vocals sound damned good, but not amazing 9Reina probably sounds the best actually, Ai really lacked in this song IMO)

But, whilst I like the song, it isn't amazing - there are other songs that I find are better and a lot more memorable, so it's an okay song, and it's fine as an opening song, but I don't really care for it.


Line-whore galore for Riho (I won't make a pun on her name, I might get bitched at)

Nah, I reviewed this previously - I won't go through it again, however, I really like this song. It's damned good, and though it's a bit of a piss-take that they brought back 'Mature Musume' for this song, I really like it. Riho's auto-tuned voice sounds pretty good in it, but Robo-Gaki is fecking AWESOME!!! Pure WIN!

03. Silver no Udedokei

Ah, Silver no Udedokei. I've recently started to really like this song, but mostly because there is rap in it (most of which is Gaki, with a sprinkling of Aika). This song consists of Reina, Riho, Lord Gaki and Aika, with Winky and Squinty leading the song whilst Niigaki raps like a boss with some random guy singing in the background as well.

When I first listened to this song, I actually really did not like it - Riho sounded (still does) crap, and Reina sounded sub-par. I don't think I even finished the song, but after a while I took the chance to listen to it and slowly fell in love. I'm still not happy with Reina or Riho's vocals in the song, but you really can't please everyone with one song. I just find that Riho sounds awful here, and that this song doesn't suit her voice at all. Reina sounds fine, but she could be better.

Of course, me being the biased person I am, will say that Gaki saved the song for me, however I like the composition of the song - I just wish that it had been given to someone with a deeper voice than Riho, like Kanon, or even Gaki. I don't think that Riho's voice has matured enough for her to lead a song like this. Yes, there are parts where she sounds fine, but most of the time I can't stand her voice. This isn't a bitch-fit at Riho, either - I genuinely like her singing voice, but only when it's LIVE. It's the same with Reina - their live voices are better than their studio voices.

Oh, and Aika - I honestly think that she and Gaki are really good at rapping, considering they are the only two who can now rap in Morning Musume, unless they teach Kanon, and maybe Ishida Ayumi, how to rap properly. I liked her lines, however she isn't in the song as much as Gaki is rap-wise, but thankfully she showed one of her singing strengths (and her voice wasn't squeaky, either!)

04. Suki da na Kimi Ga

Suki da na Kimi Ga is the Sayu x Fukumura Love Fest of a song, with a heavy dose of Sayumi and a little bit of Fukupon. This song is pretty surprising, considering it is Sayumi singing, however her heavily auto-tuned voice sounds pretty good here. Sadly, throughout the song you actually won't realise that Fukumura's there because Sayu's voice is so obvious whilst Fukumura's isn't, and that's something that really disappoints me. I think that Fukumura has a really good voice, and to have it taken over in a duo song is really sad. Fukumura is by far the best 9th Gen singer, and she's even better than Sayumi and Aika - and yet she doesn't even get a solo line in the song as well as her lines being barely audible over Sayumi's voice.

In all honesty, I don't mind the song, but it just disappoints me how it turned out - Fukumura should have gotten more lines in this song, her voice should be heard more, and Sayu shouldn't be heard the most. The song is cute, but it doesn't really embed itself into my memory at all. This one is truly a disappointment for me.

05. Kaiketsu Positive A

Kaiketsu Positive A is a song that I'm okay with, but not totally in love with - however, it is a really fun song and has everyone singing at least one line in it. I guess that's why I like the song, other than the fact that it's pretty energetic. Okay, some (coughRIHOcough) get more lines than some of the better singers (coughFUKUPONcough), however everyone sounds pretty darned good here - especially Reina and Kanon. Yow, can Kanon sing. She's really improved since she first joined, and she's got a pretty deep voice - something that Morning Musume needs. Sadly, she isn't a front girl. So... I will cry about that later.

Anyway, whilst this isn't my favourite song (I don't think any of them are actually), I really like it. There's energy, good vocals, a nice line distribution and Ii think it's a song that everyone will like when they first listen to it. Sadly, I doubt I would put this on a loop... Yamette Yo Sindbad is a loop song, not Kaiketsu Positive A in my opinion.

06. Kono Ai wo Kasanete

Okay, I just lied - I do have a favourite song! Kono Ai wo Kasanete is the sort of song that instantly makes me think 'This is a Gaki song' when I hear the opening. It's got that sort of feeling in the instrumental that tells me that this is a song that Gaki can sing, and when I first heard it, I fell in love. Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa together <3 It's pretty much love and Heaven for me.

Now whilst some may not like the whole Niigaki x Ai forumla, I do. I think that these two girls work so well together. They both have powerful and beautiful voices, and they compliment each other perfectly; Niigaki, the dominating and bossy lover whilst Takahashi plays as the meek and shy girlfriend. Yes, a truly perfect mix for these two girls.

This is a pretty calming song, and both Gaki's and Ai's voices are soft throughout the entire song. It's really pretty, and though Ai gets more lines than Lord Gaki, I find that the song suits the both of them perfectly. They sound just wonderful together, and this is the sort of song I could listen to on a loop if I was in the right mood for the song. It's got a beautiful instrumental (especially towards the end of the song), and Niigaki just sounds wonderful (my bias, people). I love and adore the song, and I really hope that Tsunku allows Niigaki to sing this as a solo at a concert one time, because I think she would nail it.

Like she nails Ai...

07. Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa de Negatterun Da Yo!

I don't need to review this - I love the song, it's catchy and fun~ There, review DONE 8D

08. Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!


09. My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~

My first thought when I put this on a moment ago was this: 'You sound like a Buono song...'

Anyway, moving on from that thought - this is another song that allows everyone to sing. And it sounds bloody EPIC! The beginning sounds kind of different from the chorus, but I guess that is what makes it so damned nice. It's also a pretty 'I raise my eyebrow at you' song, because of the effects that they put on the vocals for some of the lines, but it also makes me smile at how silly the song can seem as well as how playful and cute it is. It's got a flare to it that I can only describe as a 9th Gen flare, where only the 9th Gen could make it this epic and silly - like Yamette Yo! Sindbad. I doubt this song could have been so awesome without 9th Gen in there. It has a youthful energy to it, and it sounds just... wonderful ;A;

I can see myself replaying this one on a loop now that I have properly listened to it...

10. Otome no Timing

...FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -plugs ears quickly-


Okay, enough of my whining - I actually do like this song, it's pretty sweet. HOWEVER, Aika's and Eripon's voices suck in this song, and I am not afraid to admit that. Okay, they don't suck, but they don't sound great either. Eripon's voice actually hurts my ears a little in this song, and I love the damned girl! Aika's voice also hurts. I prefer her rapping, I honestly do. I hate her voice in this. Fuck, hand me a gun...

Oh wait... there's saving grace!!!


The offspring/love child of Suzuki Airi and Fukuda Kanon, Suzuki Kanon jr. is the fucking saving grace of this song vocals wise. She sounds so damned good, I dunno why they put her in this song with Aika and Eripon, because she sounds too good for this song with their vocals. Now, if she was put into Silver no Udedokei and Riho in this song, then I would be happy, because Kanon would suit Silver no Udedokei more than Riho can (at least in the studio version). Fuck it, Kanon you're to fucking good for this song! Get out of this before you start forcing your voice like Aika does now and like what Koharu did before she ran away!!!

Okay, let's get back on the train tracks: The song sounds sort of like a 60's song or something - it's in the middle of happy and mellow, but doesn't go all out hyper like it should (come on, both Eripon and Kanon are in it - though I understand the little energy needed, considering if Aika moves an inch she might break her other leg or something). The song is kinda nostalgic tune-wise, and I have to say that these girls work well together. It's just painful for my ears to listen to Ikupon and Aika-boo.

But no, really,  I like the song - I just can't listen to it if I have a headache :/

11. OK YEAH!

OK! YEAH is the final original song for this album, and it sounds (and from the poorly colour coded lyrics on, looks) like a song that is dominated by Niigaki Risa (FINA-FUCKING-LY), Riho, Rei-nya the Winker and Takahashi Bye Bye.

This is a bloody good song, actually. I've listened to it a few times, and have found myself shaking my fist and head banging my way to the 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah......'s' in the song. It's a pretty loud, expressive and club-like song which I would probably dance to if I wasn't sitting down. It has a lot of energy and thought put into it, and is honestly better than the opening song. I actually wish that this was the opening song, to be honest, because it's so damned hyperactive and a lot better than Give Me Ai to throw back at you. However, as an ending song, it is still epic (Though Give me Ai as a bye bye album ends song would be awesome, because then we coudl say 'BYE BYE TAKAHASHI TIS THE END FOR YOUR SONGS' when really, it is the end of the album >D) and it seriously wins.

Definitely one of my favourites along with My Way ~Something Someting Something~ and Kono Ai wo Kasanete. Love this song~

12. Maji Desu Ka Ska!


The PV sucks, I like the song, Riho is shown too much in the video itself, however the song wins for a debut single though I wish it hadn't reminded me of Koko ni Iruzee!


Okay... not really (you could wish ;D)

So, to conclude this review of Morning Musume's 12th Album, I will give my thoughts on the album all together to give you an idea of what I like and dislike about it:

Whilst I like this album, I know that it isn't the strongest album that Morning Musume have brought out. Some of the songs are good, whilst others are rather weak. Some may argue with me that the songs I find weak are actually really good, but when I listen to Silver no Udedokei, I find myself thinking that it is one of the weaker songs in the album due to the sub-par vocals that Reina and Riho give, and though the rapping's good itself, it doesn't save the song. It's composed wonderfully, yes, but stronger vocals were needed - if Ai had sung the song, she would have probably owned it royally. However, I won't say that Silver no Udedokei is the weakest song in the album - that would probably have to be Maji Desu Ka Ska! or even Give Me Ai. They are both good songs, however don't give me the impact at the beginning of the song that Give Me Ai should have, nor does Maji Desu Ka Ska! end the album with the feeling that this is a pretty epic album. If some songs were switched around, and OK YEAH! was the opening song, whilst Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! or My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~ was used as the ending song, I think that it would have made the impact of the entire album a little bit better.

So, whilst I do think some songs are weaker than others (especially Otome no Timing and Suki da na Kimi Ga), there are also songs that are pretty strong and have a great deal of impact on me when I listen to them. The fact that some of these songs are so hyper and different to what I am used to from Morning Musume (by this, I mean emo-Musume era) is different, refreshing and wonderful for me. I enjoy this great amount of energy that Morning Musume has sprung upon us since adding the 9th Generation, and it's these songs that I like the most within the Album (barring the Niigaki x Ai ballad) because of the happy, up-beat nature that they give off.

If I had to recommend any songs from this album, then I would tell you to listen to these songs:

My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~
Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai

I find that these are the songs which stand out the most within the entire album. They are energetic, fun and give a feeling of energy and happiness which makes me want to listen to the songs on a loop. But this is just my personal opinion, and obviously I will like songs that you don't, and will also dislike songs that you don't like, so just remember that.

SO! Wrapping up the review, what did you think of this album? Do you have any favourite songs that you listen to on a loop, or are there some songs that you simply just don't like?

Let me know! :D I think I got even my hyper towards the end of this post because of OK YEAH!!! XD


PING!!!!! International Wota: Recommended Reading November 16th 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Get on top of Mariko! - Ue Kara Mariko PV Review

As always, all opinions regarding any songs or PVs are my own. If you don't like my opinion, then why not go and write a blog post with your opinion? I would love to read it! :D

Ue Kara Mariko is the 24th single from AKB48, and the first to feature Mariko Shinoda as a centre in the single.

Whilst I may not be a big fan of AKB48, I do occasionally listen to their music, and I have been wanting to write a review on one of their PVs for a while now. I originally intended to do a review for Kaze wa Fuiteiru, but the video didn't entertain me (but I actually really liked the song), and I got bored when I started writing the review. I like to enjoy what I'm writing, and Kaze wa Fuiteiru was rather depressing when it came to trying to talk about my likes and dislikes of the video.

So, I was starting to anticipate this video, and I hoped that it would entertain me more than the previous single from AKB48 did. Thank goodness it turned out to be more entertaining.

SO! now that I've talked a little bit, let's get on with the review and see what the heck I have to say about this song and the video!

I do not like this hue...

Mariko gets all Gangaster

Yeah, you get in the way of Mariko, little bitches, she'll cut you!

:o skin~

Mariko's like 'HELL YEAH this is ma PV, YO!'

Oh, she's a pretty one~

The girl plots and schemes, wondering how she will take down Mariko and the rest of these AKB girls...

Er.... I doubt that AKB girls are really this saintly, but whatever floats your fetish

Wait... Janken Tournament?

Mariko: They're rein-acting my VICTORY!!!

That was my first though when I realised this video was Janken orientated.

The nun, the nun, let the fucking nun win!!!

Lol wtf are they doing?

OMFG she has such a chubby face! Mine! <3

Hopeful AKB winner wannabe's.

And Mariko, watching smugly from the side as she gives the girls a penetrating, indecent stare...

Hey, I found another cute one! *catches with Pok├ęball*

Yeah, I also wonder why the fuck writing appears every time somebody new appears in a costume.

King: Oh hells yeah, I won!


Smuggy: Ima wipe the floor with you, beyotch.

Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ <3

So not impressed

YAY! Chubby Cheeks is a winner! ;A;

This part of the dance made me lol

But this just made me think Fucking EPIC!!!

Princess-chan is shocked, whilst King-kun bows her head in SHAME!

Oh look, Mariko's back!

Mariko: What the hell, why are you in here?
Nameless-chan: I... I fail...

Mariko: ... Here's a hair clip, now smile, depressed child, SMILE!

Wait, why did you change Mariko? Did you transform!? :o

Mariko: I have faith in you, young one.

Nice pom poms


Mariko's naked!

Mariko watches as her minions fight one another for dominance and to get on top of Mariko.

Mariko: Like a boss!

Scissors, I choose you!

And Nameless-chan wins! After stealing Mariko's dress, and borrwing her hair clip, she left the tailors dressing room to partake in the Janken tournament, and with her stolen goods, she won with scissors over paper. Now she can top Mariko in bed!

Mariko is pleased

And Nnameless-chan smiles as she stares over at her new lover

And END!

So, now that we;ve looked through the pictures from this video, let's get on with my conclusion and see my overall opinion of AKB48's 24th single!

To be honest, when I first heard this song, my initial thought was 'This is a generic AKB48 song', and even though I absolutely adore the song now, I still think that it's rather generic and recognisable as an AKB song. But that doesn't mean that it isn't a likeable song, because it really is.

The song is very catchy, from the soft voices of the members blended together as well as the happy and charming beat of the instrumental. You're instantly hooked on the song, and you'll probably find yourself singing along to some parts, especially the Ue Kara, Mariko line, which I have found myself singing to rather happily as I listen to the song on a loop. Yes, people, this is loop-worthy song! I've actually found myself listening to this more and more now when I am not watching anime or when I'm not doing homework, so I've kinda hooked myself on it in a way. It's a pretty infectious song, despite how generically AKB it is.

I'm going to say that my favourite parts have to be where the guitar rifts kick in (I hope it's guitar rifts, because that's what it sounds like to me) and the instrumental is kicked up a notch. You really get a feeling of energy and happiness from the song when you hear the instrumental. Even so, with the vocals the song is upbeat and playful, but personally, I am loving the instrumental more than anything. It's fun and catchy, just what I like.

Now, moving onto the video itself, I really don't have any complaints. I guess the only thing that bugs me is the fact that the video isn't how I pictured it to be. Once the Jacket covers were released, I imagined an Alice in Wonderland themed video, and I was really anticipating that, but instead we got something totally different. However, I think that the video turned out really well, and even though Ii don't have my dream Alice in Wonderland PV with cute chubby faced girl in a cute outfit, I still have this video where she is adorable and huggable.

Now, getting back on track, I am really liking the dance to this video - the way they have incorporated Janken moves into it is something I wouldn't think they would do at all, but considering this is a video based around the Janken tournament winner, I shouldn't be surprised that they managed to fit it in somehow. I just really like how the video starts with all the girls running towards Mariko as she holds up her fist in the form of rock, and they all retreat in playful defeat whilst showing scissors. It's a nice way to symbolise Mariko's victory throughout the video, and it caught my attention straight away.

Another thing I love is the costumes in the video - there are a different variety of outfits for all the girls, and some are extremely cute. The one that caught my attention the most, though, was the girl in the Kings outfit. Now, I may not know much about AKB48, but I do know that Mariko is a fashion lover and that at the Janken Tournaments the members generally wear a costume, so I wasn't at all surprised to see that there was a dressing room with mannequins in there, connecting both the Janken Tournament and Mariko together. But what surprised me was how Mariko wasn't shown doing the tournament with the others. In fact, she was watching over them and helping them choose their costumes, showing a leader-like, or big sister, quality about her throughout the PV, as if she was watching over the girls whilst they aimed to win.

And that brings me to my final point about the PV, and though this isn't negative, it isn't entirely positive either. Whilst watching the PV, I started to realise how much of a graduation video it seemed like. Mariko standing in the background as she watches over the girls play Janken, helping them to get dressed and choose their costumes as well as helping that one girl with her hair and giving her more focus than the others, by being with her and watching over her as she wins the Janken Tournament and becomes the winner. During the end, you realise how much this PV looks like Mariko is handing over front girl reigns to another member, and though this may not be the case, it's rather noticeable and can also be worrying for Mariko fans.

But even with the graduation feeling to it, I really like the video. I like the little story line that is present with Mariko watching over the girls who have entered the tournament, and I enjoy the dance and the costumes. This video is really entertaining in its own way, and gives you a sense of giddyness and makes you feel happy. It's the sort of song that you get hooked on, and the sort that you won't let go of for a while. Though the video is nothing like what I had expected, I really like this version and I think that Mariko is a great front girl. She deserves the centre position more, however, I am getting tired of her being used as the girl who looks over everyone else. It was used in Everyday Kachussha, and I was hoping it wouldn't be like that in this video, but she was shown to be looking over everyone else.

C'est la Vie, as they say.

OH! And it's refreshing not to see Maeda Atsuko there. Her face honestly annoys me sometimes, but that's my personal opinion.

I like this song, but what do you think of it?

EDIT: Who also feels like this sounds too much like Everday Kachussha? The beginning sounds far too much like it...