Friday, 14 October 2011

Okay! Musume Time: ~5th Poll Winners~

The 5th poll for Okay! Musume Time has once again closed, and this time we have two winners dominating the votes! Sadly, like the idiot I am, I deleted the poll and forgot to get in the results. I actually remember 3 of the 4 votes, and I have a pretty good guess for the other one, so if I get them wrong, whoopsy!

Anyway, I'm a bit late with posting who has won this time, because I was writing up the BeriKyuu post and also decided if I should do another post reviewing a PV tonight, but I'm going to give it a rest. I don't really bulk-review unless it's something exciting and in need of being done, so it can wait until tomorrow.

ANYWAY, let's take a looksy at who has PWNED the poll this time round, shall we?

Congratulations to both Niigaki Risa and Shimizu Saki!!! These two dominated the poll ranking with 17 votes each, whilst Yajima Maimi came in second place with about 5-6 votes, and third was Wada Ayaka with 1 or 2 votes. Wow... she is not a favoured leader, is she? XD

So, well done to Niigaki Risa and Shimizu Saki, the two favoured leaders of Hello! Project. Despite being new to this, I guess Lord Gaki's sub-leadership payed off and made her a popular choice. Nice!

Anyway, this time around I got 38 votes (THANK YOU EVERYONE! I will bow down to you! -bows-), which makes me really happy that you take your time to read my blog as well as to click on the vote and decide who you like the best, so yes, I am very pleased.

The next poll that will take place is going to be: Who is your favourite Johnny's Entertainment Group? After I did my 3/4 day challenge on Johnny's Entertainment groups, I thought that it would make a rather good poll. This will also give me a chance to find out which group is more popular with the Wota, so poll away, and next week we will see just who is the overall winner of the JEnt Groups!

Thank you everyone, and I really hope that you have a wonderful day/week!



  1. DASSSS RIGHT >D My Captain is on TOPPPP <3

    Oh and -cough- Gaki won too -cough- ;D

    Sorry about not commenting on your other stuff, Chiima, just letting you know I am here and I AM reading your blog like I told you I do~ ;D

    I'll try and read your new one in the morning but now it's sleep time for me ._.

  2. XD SAKI LOVE <3

    But Gaki love more so D; <3 -seals Gaki-pie-

    YAY you're here, it makes me happy - also, love for the KiraRAWRRR xD nice name ;D

    sleepy time ;3 -hugs-