Thursday, 6 October 2011

Okay! Musume Time: ~4th Poll Winner~

We're at the 4th poll, and the first poll winner of this month, so I'm really happy! I'm actually late with posting who's won because I've been playing an MMORPG for a while, neglecting both my blog and my homework. That's not good, considering if I don't do my homework, I can get kicked out of college XD But whatever, I'm more focused on the blog right now~

Anyway, it has been about a week since the 10th Generation joined Morning Musume, and favourites have quickly been established in the Wotasphere! So, who's the overall winner dominating Okay! Musume Time's poll this week?

Congratulations, Kudou Haruka! Out of 40 votes (I AM SO DAMNED HAPPY, THANK YOU!), 19 went on you and made you the winner of this poll! You are the fan favourite for the new 10th Gen, so continue to smile brightly and show us your power as a new Morning Musume member!

Coming close in second place is the cute and tasty Iikubo Haruna, who has captured the hearts of the fans with 14 votes, whilst in 3rd place we have the Predatory Ishida Ayumi, who took home 8 votes to dance away to, and last but certainly not least, the cute and awkwardly charming Satou Masaki, who took away 5 votes along with your hearts.

So, those are this weeks results! Thank you everyone who participated in this poll! It makes me really happy, because I realise that quite a few of you do read this blog, something which I never thought would happen, so thank you very much!

The next poll that will take place will be: Who is your favourite leader in Hello! Project? This is to celebrate Niigaki Risa's sudden leadership, so please participate in this poll and pick your favourite! You may select multiple answers once again, so if you have more than one favourite, please choose as many as you like <3

So thank you once again everyone, and have a wonderful day!


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