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A Look at Johnny's Entertainment Groups: The 3 Day Challenge - Day 3 (Part 2)

My opinions are ultimately my own, believe it or not. And so are yours. So, if you don't like my opinion, then tough, because I wanna say what I think! 8D

Day/Night: 3 (Part 2)

Day 3 has actually turned into Day 4 right now, due to being tired as well as writing something else up right after I posted Part 1 of this post last night. However, I find that I have a greater anticipation to listen to more JEnt songs than when I did last night, probably because I am less tired, and it is a new day. Plus it's good to take a break from the amount of JEnt songs I listened to last night.

Anyway, I've been pretty excited to do these posts since the first one - it's different, and it's a nice break from Morning Musume's songs, so I am openly welcoming the freshness that male groups are giving me right now. Okay, so I don't like some of their songs, but the same applies to Morning Musume - I adore the group, but some of their songs bore me or just don't entertain me like others do. The same is going to applied for AKB48 and NMB48 - there are some songs I just really do not want to listen to, whilst others I do. Boy groups aren't going to have all the songs I love, because my mind doesn't work like that.

Anyway. as a last post for this, I would really like to thank Ray from International Wota, Phob who is a friend of mine, Thennary and AimxAim for all listing different songs for me to listen to. This has really given me the chance to break out and actually let go of that irrational dislike I had over boy groups, as well as giving me more to listen to. I think that, in the near future, I will also be reviewing and looking at PVs from JEnt groups and maybe a few more groups that I never really looked at.

So, before I get all sappy, I will get into this post and start off what is becoming the end of a very fun journey.


NYC was suggested by Thennary and Aim, because of the sudden love I had for a certain Yamada Ryosuke and his cute face, charming smile and overall lusciousness. I have never heard of them, honestly, but that is probably because they were created in 2009, making them rather new. The group consists of 3 boys from the JEnt house, and they are: Nakayama Yuma, that really scary looking one who looks like he wants to kill you in the picture, Yama Ryosuke, the one in the middle who is staring you down and eating your soul as you read this, and Chinen Yuuri, who looks like he's plotting a way to pounce to on Ryosuke without anyone noticing. I wouldn't blame him, really. I mean come on... it's Ryosuke.

Anyway, now that I know what they look like, I'll take a looksy at their videos and see how they fare with my picky tastes...

Song 1: Yume Tamago

I'm probably not the only one who thinks this, but Yume Tamago really reminds me of the Hello! Pro Egg songs Minna Tamago. Just the name, because I highly doubt the beat is the same... or so I hope.

Straight into the video, and we're in a doll house. I don't think that Thennary was kidding when they said that NYC focused more on the cute side of things, because from what I have seen, they do!

Anyway, the video is something that is really cute and playful, and really fits the song. I find that the more I watch the video, the more I like Mr. Yakuza Eyes (Yuma), because he performs so freakin' well! He is really sexy when I think about it... but I want to pounce on Ryosuke more, but if I was feeling up to it, I would drag Yuma away with me for some fun in the doll house.

Speaking of Ryosuke, the first close up shot is of him, and oh man, doesn't he look just divine? Sometimes, he looks like he's orgasming with every word he sings - the sweet part is that he's looking right at you as he does this, so girls, get ready to squee and fall in love! Also, I'm happy because I've just found out he's 18, meaning it's legal to drool over him without feeling a little like a paedophile.

I love the end of the video - Yume looks like he owns that doll house.

Anyway, other than the epicness that is the video, the song is also really wonderful. The guys sound really good together, and I think the song is fun and enthusiastic. It's not too over-the-top-cuteness but it isn't too mellow or playful. It has the right amount of fun and love put into it to make me love it, and most likely you guys too. I just think that the video is a bonus in terms of the song. I mean, come on! This song has Rosuke looking at the camera like the viewer is the only person in the world that he sees! An Yuma looks delicious as a baseball player! BONUS!!!! Oh, and Yuuri, though not to my tastes (I have a feeling he's the groups underdog) looks rather appetising in the Pilots outfit. He might fit in well with Passpo, actually.

I just added this PV and song to my favourites on Youtube. Oh, NYC...

NYC's 2nd single, Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe, and was shot in New York City (NYC, get it?) and will probably become a favourite video of mine, due to the amount of natural clips that are in the video.

From the start, I wondered how the PV would turn out. I had a feeling that there would be no CG in this one like there was in Yume Tamago, and I was right. The video is surprisingly natural, but I love it, for all the simplicity in it that really makes the PV fun to watch.

We get a lot of scenes in this one video, depending on the location where the boys are. We have them walking around New York, talking at a skateboard park with some of the skaters there, taking a ride in a carriage, shopping in a store and picking things up as they sing along to the song, having their pictures taken with random people on the street, shopping for hats, walking around the streets at night. Oh, and there are also a lot of signs that have NYC shown, just in case we forget who the group is or what famous city they are in.

The PV is really great. Not only do we get to see the boys in a totally natural state, we also get to see them as they are at home, with their hair tied back or wearing glasses, as well as seeing them in their professional state during close up shots. Their reactions are just love in the PV, especially Ryosuke's, and they look just adorable! I wish I lived in New York, because then I might have actually met them by accident.

Moving on to the song now, I do like it. These guys seem to have a knack for making me like their music right now, because I've fallen in love with 2 of their singles already. I don't know why, but their music has a certain appeal that makes me want to continue listening to them for a long time. Their vocals are just gorgeous, and have a great amount of genkiness in them that I wish other songs had. The beat to the song isn't too over-the-top-genki, and the overall tune is playful enough to make me want to dance along to it or just para para the hell out of it.

Overall, NYC has created another winner for me. I really am liking this group, so thank you Thennary and Aim for suggesting them :D


Ah, TegoMass. More so Massu that Tego, but that's just me. Anyway, these two charmed me with their newest video Mahou no Melody, with the charming and fun video that looked a bit like a Roald Dahl creation. These two have charmed me with the way they work the cameras (Tego wins when it comes to the camera) as well as how well they sing and how cute they are together.

So, from my Day 1 post, Aim suggested that I might like these two as a group. Because I had already looked at one of their songs, I was thinking about not talking about them again, but first impressions last, and I decided that I would have a go at two more of their songs to see how well they would fare this time.

So, I have come back for more TegoMassu. Will they hold up?

Song 1: Aiaigasa

This song was hard to find with a video, but luckily I found it on a random blog. So I was happy to find one of the two songs I had been searching for with a video that worked. Anyway, after looking at the title, I began to wonder what this song would turn out like. I mean, the title translates to Sharing an Umbrella, so I wondered if this would be a love song or a song about friendship. Well, it's a love song.

A really sweet one, at that.

The video is, honestly, so beautiful. The story line follows a young boy as he walks through the rain, created by two rather angelic looking rain makers with shower heads in their hands, and a young girl who stands with him beneath his umbrella so that she doesn't get caught up in the rain. The two children talk, and you instantly click that this story is about a crush that the boy has on the girl, and the time he cherishes as they walk together beneath that umbrella, so the title of the song sticks with the video.

What I like the most about the video is how children are used to show the love beneath that umbrella, or just a crush that will one day unfold into love. There is a sweetness to the video that makes me really like it, and I became quite saddened during the end when the rain stopped because the girl left the boy. But, there is always chance for two rain makers to make it rain again, which will in turn give that boy a chance to bring that girl back under his umbrella.

I think that the song is beautiful, and the angelic voice of Massu just makes it even better. The feeling the song has is pure and well thought out, and the beat is lovely.  It isn't a song that I would listen to when I'm depressed; it is something that I would listen to when I wanted to feel like I was loved by someone other than a family member. I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it, and I am really happy that I chose this song to review. It's just amazing.

I want a Massu beneath my umbrella with me ;A;

Tego can live in Aim's bed

Song 2: Aoi Bench

I had a hard time looking for a video to this song, so in the end, I downloaded one because I really like PVs and songs together. I find it's a better way to enjoy the song, and to see how they matched a song to a video. Sometimes they do it well, whilst other times they don't. Sometimes, the video actually makes the song.

Well, this song can stand alone, honestly. It doesn't need a video to really hold it up in any way like some songs do, which I like. It just means that the song is strong, and doesn't have to rely on a video to help it out (like Everyday Kachuusa IMO)

Anyway, starting with PV analysis, it's really beautiful and natural. Actually, it reminds me of Mano Erina's My Days For You, due to the use of photography that is used throughout the PV to make a story line. I actually like this video just as much as Mano Erina's My Days For You, because of the outdoor aspect of it all and the beauty behind the pictures. It's a lovely video, and very relaxing to watch. Seeing a less-than hyped up video from this group is nice, considering the first video I saw from the duo was very kiddish and fun.

That said, Tego looks hot in this, and Massu looks just adorable. I want to hug them both, seriously. I love Tego's hair that colour, and his expressions are just charming and beautiful. Same goes for Massu, who keeps on winning me over with his smile and the way he looks at the camera like the viewer is his baby. All of their expressions seem so freakin' natural throughout the video, it's like they don't know the camera's are there.

And my favourite part of the video has to be, hands down, where they put all the pictures together to make one giant picture. I love it. And it reminds me of when S/mileage had to do their Smile campaign, and then it was revealed as a large bill board of them all together, using the pictures of different people.

As for the song, I heard it alone for the first time without a video to back it up, hence why I think that it can stand alone without the aid of a video. The song really reminds me of country and Irish music stuck together, but it's really relaxing and soothing and calms me down a lot. It's a song that you can listen to and nod your head along with, something that will make you smile the more you listen to it.

The vocals are really powerful in this song, especially Massu's. It gives the song emotion and expression, and makes it worthwhile to listen to. If you haven't heard this song, and like me, are a sucker for romantic, soothing songs then give this one a try. It might just become a favourite of mine from TegoMass.


Kanjani8, why you so ugleh? Or why am I so shallow?

Well, let's not get into that. In their comments, both Aim and Thennary mentioned that I might just like Kanjani8 because of how fun and comedic the group is as a whole. Despite what I first thought of them,  I want to try and get to like them, even if it means having no eye candy throughout the videos... or maybe I could just listen to their songs and imaging Ryosuke and Massu singing their lines.

Oh, that might actually work :o

Anyway, enough chit chat - it's time to partay with the less attractive of all these groups! WHACHA!

Song 1: It's My Soul

Okay, this video is blurry, but why the fuck are they all in shorts? I hate men + shorts, I find it rather unattractive to be cruel but honest. Actually, it's when the shorts are tight or getting to be tight. And that's what these guys are wearing.

They just went down in attractiveness (not that they were attractive anyway, lol)

I honestly feel like I'm watching a very cheaply shot porno that put no effort into anything at all. Seriously. I would rather watch Mini Moni's Ai~n Taisou, that's how much I hate the PV! This is... disgusting. Really!

Anyway, moving away from the horror that is the video, the song itself is all right, but it's not that great either. It's not catchy, nor is it memorable, but the vocals are good if I have to highlight any point of this song. The chorus is probably the best bit, but it isn't a great song.

I want to cleanse my mind now - Where's TEGOMASS!?

Song 2: T.W.L

Do I have to? Really, do I have to continue with Kanjani8? Must I? I don't wanna!!!!

OMFG SHIN-CHAN RIP OFF!!! YES!!! (Apparently it isn't - surprisingly, it's for the movie)

In terms of video, this one is a lot better, more thought out, and less shorts are thrown in (though one of them is wearing shorts, sadly). The guys also look better in this, far more attractive and more eye-candyish. Especially that Subaru guy. WHEW, he's hot in this!

I love the use of the green screen in this video, like how they use it to their advantage with things that might happen. Like the rock falling, but they hold up two cards that use cartoon hands to stop it. It makes the video really playful and fun to watch, as if I'm trying to think about what will happen next. There was quite a bit of thought put into this video, and I like it for the cartoony childishness of it all.

Regarding the song, it isn't that awesome, but I don't seem to care for Kanjani8 songs anyway. It's good in terms of how it sounds, but it's boring (for me) and doesn't really get stuck in my head. Thank the lord the video saved their asses, because this group is one that I don't really care for... but I will listen to them again if I have to.

Also, Shin-Chan references are loved <3

Hippy references! YES!

... wait... not yes! NOOOOO! Not fucking FLOWER POWER!!!

If I wasn't convinced that this group was gay, or at least camp, then I'm convinced now. What the hell is with those costumes? Strangely, it suits them

Anyway, the video is pretty much about the guys of Kanjani8 fixing some ho-bags WaltsWagen Camper van whilst wearing either decent overalls or their camp flower-power Austin Power suits, all the while trying to make an impressing to both the girl and the audience. Sure, because nothing says straight and manly like flower suits, right?

Is it understandable that I want to start avoiding this group all together? Because I've been scarred for life...

Anyway, in terms of the song, it's the saviour of this tragic video. The song is up-beat and energetic, making the song fun and enjoyable to listen to. The guys are all really good singers, and this song is certainly one of the best I have heard from them. It really does save me from the horrible PV.

But this group isn't really getting to me at all. It's too... well, there isn't enough eye candy for one, and their PVs freak me out for another. So Kanjani8, go away!!! Me no like you!!!

Random Duo's

Now it's onto the duo's - I'm only going to go for two from two different duos. One of them is a duo that I actually recognise, surprisingly enough. Anyway, these duo's are: Shige and Koyama from NEWS, as well as the special, temporary duo Shuji to Akira.

Shige and Koyama was suggested by Thennary whilst Shuji to Akira was suggested by Aim, so I have decided to check both of these duos out to see how they fare with my taste buds. So, shall we dive into the songs now?

Song 1: Murarisuto (Shige x Koyama)

This song is surprisingly hyped up, energetic and fun. I wasn't expecting that from this song, but it's really good and makes me think of fun Disco-party songs that you just jump around to, despite your lack of dancing skills. Sadly, there is no video (that  I know of) to this video, though I would have liked to see one. I can imagine a lot of balloons being thrown around and maybe a lot of partying as well. It just seems like that sort of song.

This song is definitely to my liking - the vocals are good, the overall tune of the song is fun and the feeling of it is like a hyperactive child who's just been given a second dose of chocolate. It's childish in a good way, and makes me feel like I should jump about and dance around.

The song has been well received by me, it seems XD

Song 2: Seishun Amigo (Shuji to Akira)

I know both this song and the duo well, thanks to Nobuta wo Produce, which I watched but never finished. I'm actually surprised that I didn't look for this song when I heard it, but then again, it didn't interest me. And in a way, it still doesn't, but I know that the song is pretty good. I won't deny that.

The opening of the song reminds me of a James Bond theme tune, like the guys are spying on something, and then the rest of the instrumental and overall beat of the song sounds like something I would hear from an old fashioned movie.

For the video, we see the guys in normal clothes and the costumes they wear in the drama Nobuta wo Produce. Various scenes show them together in their uniforms, whilst others show them dancing with children, who are really talented dancers. Actually, I'm going to admit that the children entertained me more than these two guys did. They were definitely the highlight of the PV.

Though this group isn't that entertaining, they are a good duo. I'm not keen on either the song or the video, but that is just me.

The winner of the duo's are definitely Shige x Koyama song wise.


Both Thennary and Aim suggested that I listen to Kis-My-F2 (Kiss-My-Foot in simpler terms), and though they are relatively new, they're already pretty popular from what I know. I've never heard songs from them before, nor have I seen videos. I doubt I will see a video for a while, sadly, so I will rely on my ears to make me fall in love with the group (if I do).

So, let's get into Kiss-My-Foot's songs!

Song 1: Everybody Go (Start at around 2:53 on the video)

The song opens up with vocals almost straight away, and we get a good dose of awesome vocals, a bit of what sounds like a rap (YES!) and then more awesomeness. The song has a really good beat, and though not lively, wave your hands in the air energetic, it is the sort of song I would probably mosh to. I could imagine myself listening to this song if I was in a raving mood, rather than a song that  I would listen to for its pop-tasticness.

The song is in no way cheesey, and has perfect vocals that fit it really nicely. I'm actually having a really hard time trying to describe the song, because I actually like it so much. It's just a really really good song, and it amazes me. My first impressions of this group are high now, and they have just blown me away with this song.

I'm glad I listened to this one first. I really am.

Sadly, that is all I am posting for Kis-My-F2 because the other song I wanted to listen to by them is a concert rip, and I don't like using those because they can differ from the actual studio recording in many ways, so I will finish that here for now.

End of Part 2

So, that is the END of Part 2 for my 3 day journey into the land that is Johnnys Entertainment, which means that it is time for the Conclusion. What do I think now, how do I feel, am I still a biased cow in terms of men over women when it comes to my music?

It is time to find out~

The Conclusion

Just reminding you who pwns in my mind right now

I actually didn't anticipate liking these groups that much, but I have surprised myself. Especially with Arashi and NEWS. Both of these groups started off with a negative look in my mind, but in the end they both reigned supreme and have dominated my head - especially NEWS (does this make you happy, Phob?), what with their catchy songs and their lovely faces.

One of the bigger disappointments would have to be KAT-TUN for me. Whilst a lot of people praise them for how they are, I just don't feel in anyway connected to their music. It may be because I do not like rock that much, or it may just be an immunity. They have some really good songs, but this group is going to become a Hit or Miss for me. I may like some of their music, but other times I will just want to keep away from them. So to all you KAT-TUN fans, I am sorry, but the group does not appeal to me like that. I apologise.

But despite who I like and whom I don't, I am glad I did this. I'm glad that I did exactly what Ray told me to do, which was to try out JEnt, and to try and experience boy bands for myself. I never really cared for them as a child, so it kinda grew with me, and I've only ever really cared for girl groups because of that. Yes, I like male solo singers, but they are totally different to boy groups in my opinion.

But this 3/4-day challenge has given me the chance to break out and really take a look at Japanese pop culture in a broader perspective. I've been branching out for a while now, but never even considered looking at boy bands or even listening to their music. Now that I have given them a chance, I am much more willing to watch their videos and talk about them on this blog, and act like a spastic fangirl towards them, too. Honestly, I think it's going to be somewhat relaxing to actually look at men and fangirl over them than when I do at women, because I do fear that people will judge me with girl groups, especially when I watch Everyday Kachuusha and Heavy Rotation.

But this whole experience has been a learning curve for me; I have found what I like in these groups, with TegoMass, HSJ, NEWS, Arashi and NYC coming out on top, whilst others like KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 are not to my tastes, but are still appealing in a way.

With this knowledge now, I am much more open than I was before, and I will get to experience what I never did as a child: Love and lust for boy bands, as well as listening to their music whilst I imagine that I am marrying one of them or having a family with another. So  I will go through my teenage experience of boy bands and squeal at them, fawn over a certain one, curse another for taking lines or find a brand new love through sheer under-dogedness.

Oh, and it also feels good to be a shallow cow when it comes to men. It feels sooooooo good!

So, that is what I have learned: I have learned how to be a fangirl over men, and I have also found a new love for HSJ and NEWS, two very appealing groups that seem to spike my drink in the right way. TegoMass might forever be my duo love, fair warning there guys.

I have come over to the dark side...

But I will still drool over Morning Musume and Bump.y, so don't be afraid I'll totally turn my backs on them. Lolita love all the way~

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you have any suggestions for a song that I should review, then feel free to post it as a comment~

Love and freakin' PEACE, lovers!


Isn't his hand climbing up that leg rather dangerously!? OHMAGAWD, YAOI!!!

PING!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: October 13th 2011


  1. I'm so glad we all managed to help convert you. I'll definitely be following your blog to watch you fall deeper and deeper into Johnny's world. That and while I'm not really a H!P fan I do like some girl groups, like Buono! and NMB48 so it'll be nice to get to know someone who likes both girl and boy groups.

    I highly recommend you try to find some of the full concerts, usually groups release one each year but sometimes for various reasons a year or two is skipped. For NEWS I recommend the Never Ending Wonderful Story concert DVD if just for the fun bonus of seeing some of the younger members of HSJ in it back when they were adorable little kids.

    That and once you feel comfortable with the groups that have interested you the older groups, like SMAP, TOKIO and Kinki Kids are worth checking out, IMHO. But I wouldn't rush it as there's already so much for you to learn about the few groups you've already discovered. Even if you end up not caring for them it's nice to know that they exist as there are interactions between the groups from time to time with all the various TV programs they are on.

    And a fun little fact, Nakayama Yuma is Yamada Nana's younger brother. When she was with H!P she went by her real name but took up a stage name by changing her last name when she auditioned for NMB48.

  2. I love that you have such a bias for Ryosuke. Lol. I'm a Ryosuke fan myself, but in HSJ Yuto is actually my favorite.<3 And yes I am so happy Ryosuke is 18. I've been perving on him since he was 15. Luckily I was 16 then, but once I turned 18 and was still 17, it just felt weird. Lol. And no one in NYC is really an underdog. Chinen and Ryosuke are the 2 most popular HSJ members, and Yuma is one of the most popular Juniors in the whole agency. And Yuma is cute. But he only looks sexy when he has black hair. You should look it up, he looks 100 times better. And if you like Yuma you should check out the song Akuma no Koi by Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow. Which was back when they planned on debuting him with them it seemed. But instead they dropped the Boys from NYC Boys, turned it to NYC instead. And that's where we are now. XD
    I hate that NYC filmed in New York. I was so close to them and didn't even know! (I live in New Jersey) Same thing when Yamapi filmed his Loveless PV in NYC. TOT

    Tegomass is a cute sub-group, they practically only make love songs. Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song is probably my favorite song by them. The PV has a really cute storyline, which you would love. And Tegoshi can go you in your bed. He's much too girly for my taste. Lol. Aoi Bench is really a great song. With a beautiful meaning. It's actual a cover. And if you think this song is country sounding you should listen to Tanabata Matsuri. Now that's country. Lol.

    I'm actually really surprised that you don't like Kanjani8. I recomened all their gay, campy PVs, especially It's My Soul, because that's what I like about them. And I think their songs are catchy. Though I still completely agree that they aren't attractive. Except for Ryo. You might not be into him, but he's pretty much perfection.<3

    I absolutely adore Murarisuto. One of my favorite NEWS songs. KoyaShige always have the best songs. I would wholeheartedly prefer a KoyaShige group than a Tegomassu one. Also, this is probably the best song about cleavage I have ever heard. Lol.

  3. (part 2 :P)

    I'm shocked about Shuji to Akira. I absolutely love this song. One of my all time favorite JE songs. Yamapi in a school uniform is an obvious plus. And it's hilarious that you said you enjoyed the kids more in this PV because Yamada Ryosuke is actually one of the dancers in this PV. Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, and Morimoto Ryutaro from Hey! Say! JUMP were backdancers for this PV in their Junior days. Yuto was also in the Nobuta wo Produce drama he played Shuji's (Kame) brother. Which by the way was a great drama, and you should totally finish it!

    OMG I feel the same way when I fangirl over girls. I always feel like someone is going to see me watching the Heavy Rotation PV and judge me forever for it! XD But people judge me just as much for boy groups, sadly. :/

    It's awesome that you are pretty much into male idols now. They are actually really awesome. And yes, be as shallow as you want over them. I totally am. ;) I can't believe you didn't mention that Kis-My-Ft2 aren't attractive. They honestly look like trolls. Trolls that make catchy music.

    And your favorite groups are my favorite groups. You know, we really must be twins.<3

    And I totally agree with Thennary Nak that you should watch a concert. My personal favorite NEWS concert is NEWS Live Diamond. And my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP concert is 2010 10 JUMP. Mostly because Hey! Say! 7 is underage in the other earlier ones. They are in 10 JUMP too, but they're 17 versus 16 or 15. XD

  4. @Thennary Nak - I actually do like concerts, so I will go and look for one! XD I sometimes never finish concerts, depending, but sometimes I do, so... I will try one and see how we go~

    @Aim - Tego is yooours -pushes Tego to you- by Ryosuke is mine, and Massu <3

    And what, I thought Kiss-My-Foot was fairly attractive - then again, I was tired XD But Kanjani8 don't seem to be my cup of tea Dx

    Anyway, you post looooong XD and thank you for the suggestions and for the concert suggestion! XD