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A Look at Johnny's Entertainment Groups: The 3 Day Challenge - Day 3 (Part 1)

My opinions are my own, as are your opinions - if you don't like my opinions, or I don't like yours, then C'est la Vie, C'est la Vie! We have to live with opinions that we don't like ;D

Day/Night: 3 - The Final (Part 1)

So, the last night. The night where I determine where myself and JEnt lie. Is it in the same bed, or will one of us be sleeping on the sofa? Today's post(s) will tell all...

So originally, I planned for a long last-day-challenge post with a written conclusion to as what I think/feel about boy bands right now. But that won't happen, because I have quite a few songs to get through, surprisingly.

Just after I had published my second post regarding this subject, I found that I had a comment, and it suggested some songs. I was surprised at getting a comment, actually, but I was really happy all the same. Thennary Nak is a JEnt lover, and was happy to find that I was taking a chance to actually try and get into JEnt, so shared with me some of their personal favourites as well as suggesting songs that I might like. I'm really thankful for the comment, because it is helping me to branch out, and it means I don't have to look at the song list from these groups and blindly jab my finger at a random single.

Yes, I am lazy.

But I was even more surprised to find another comment waiting for me this morning just after I had woken up. After checking Tokyohive and Hello! Sayunii for any worthwhile updates, I decided to check my e-mail box, y'know, just to see if I was being spammed or something. And low and behold, Okay! Musume Time had two new comments. The bigger surprise was that they were from AimxAim, one of my personal blogging legends. I was still half asleep, but even then, I was amazed and stunned that she had read my posts.

And in both comments, one continuing where the other had stopped, Aim has given me a pretty long list of songs that she recommends, which is the reason why I am now breaking up this post into 2 parts. I don't want to drag on the blog post, and you guys like breaks I assume, so I'll just do a Part 1 and a Part 2. If need be, I will create a Part 3, it all depends on how much detail I want to go into tonight.

So, other than absolute amazement that someone I admire has read my blog, as well as the fact that I was really excited to come home from college to start this post, I will begin the post that is the last day of my journey through Testosterone-Land~


First up, we have NEWS - both Thennary and Aim suggested that I give NEWS a try. If you recall my second day challenge, I actually did have a listen to one of their songs, and it didn't end well. the song and video were boring and really did not appeal to me in any way possible, so I dropped them like a hot potato. The only good thing about it was Yamapi, in all his gorgeous glory. But, I gave Arashi a second chance, and found a song I liked by them, so I'm going to see if there is anything from NEWS that I may like from the list of songs I have been provided.

Song 1: Weeek

This song was suggested by both Thennary and Aim, and is apparently a fan favourite. Well, I can see why. The song is really fun and that element is translated in the PV. The happiness of the song is somewhat effective, and makes me like the group more. But it still hasn't hooked me like I thought it would.

The song is something I would probably listen to on a loop - the vocals are really nice, the group parts sound really happy, as if the singers are loving every minute of it, and there is a lot of emotion put into how the song is sung. I can see myself swaying and head bobbing to the song, and even having it stuck in my head for a while if I'm not careful!

The video is also really fun and infective. The guys look adorable, or just plain gorgeous, and I get such a friendly vibe from them all. The way they play around and wrap their arms around each other (Lord, I make this sound like some Yaoi fanfiction) makes me like how the guys act around each other. I love groups where you can see a bond, and in this video I can really see the bond that they all have together, and that they do love each other... more like brothers rather than lovers, though.

I like the song, and the video, for all the fun and friendly elements that they have together.

... I wanna listen to it again, it's stuck in my head!

Song 2: Cherish

This is another song suggestion from Aim, and will probably be the song from NEWS that turns me towards them a little more. The song has that sort of romantic sound to it that I really like, and it really drags me into the depths of love and hope and wishful thinking as I dream of a wedding day with some poor, unfortunate man.

The video is something that I quite like, too. The use of having the guys moving on the posters around the city is something I like the most about this video, with the cute guy who grabs the first solo line coming along second. He is adorable! <3 The only downside would be the moody, emotionless tool that is the blonde guy with big lips. He's not my cup of tea, and his lack of facial expression other than 'I hate this world, I want to paint it black, leave me alone' isn't very appealing. Whoever thought that the moody male would be attractive for this video obviously didn't think about the girls who don't like the depressed male look.

I'm getting in too deep here, so I'll blame sleepiness.

Song 3: Teppen

Teppen will now forever be that step-up from the rest of the songs that I have listened to since beginning this 3 day journey. The song is really lively and energetic, and the guys all sound amazing. The video is also really good - from the video, I kinda guess this is a summer tune thanks to the water, soaked hair and light clothes the guys are all sporting. Now, if only they were topless...

Er, anyway, I really think the song is great. I could see myself listening to this far more than 10 times, that's for sure. The song is catchy and up-beat, and perfect for the summer when I can't be bothered to listen to Genki Pika Pika or Kiss!. It's the group parts that I really like in the song, because all of these guys together sound really cool and energetic. It's so different to hear male voices blend together when I'm so used to hearing female voices.

The video is also something that is enjoyable - the light, airiness to it makes it fun and refreshing to watch. Seeing men frolic about in the toe-high water whilst wearing tank tops or scarves or whatever, or watching them sing with wet hair and smiles on their faces is definitely something I wasn't expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise. The video is fun, and the light playfulness in it is refreshing, and their smiles are like diamonds for me right now.

This video = Pure Win <3 Favourite NEWS video and song so far.

Song 4: Summer Time

Hey, it's that guy from TegoMass!

Here, Aim has presented to me another summer-themed song titled Summer Time. Even though it is October, I still like to listen to songs that represent one of the hottest seasons, because generally these videos are lighter than most, and have a few more fun elements added into them.

Summer Time is a really laid back song that I like and will probably one day come to adore, given how much I listen to it after this. Oh, and that rap! RAP! Ahem... Anyway, the video is a really casual and fun affair, and shows off the friendliness of the summer when you spend it with the people you care about. The whole story line the video revolves around (fun, friends, closets...) is represented as a figment of Masuda's (I think that's him) imagination, or a memory, or a wish. Everyone is happy and having a good old laugh, and everything is wonderful. The video is really good, and has a great amount of eye candy, unless you count the one guy with the scary smile. I don't like him at all right now.

But I think that the video is well suited to the song - memories of blissful summer days, spending time with your friends as they try to take pictures of you, spike your milkshake with some weird looking juice and tearing your orange and pink shirt as you wash it.


Song 5: Nantoka Narusa

Nantoka Narusa is an album song from NEWS, dating back to 2007, with the opening vocals being provided by the adorable Masuda Takahisa, who will most likely become a favourite of mine if I get into NEWS at all. Nantoka Narusa is a song that sounds like it's taken a trip to Hawaii and come back with a tune different to what it sang it before. I can just picture the guys all dancing in hula skirts, doing a hula dance and smiling as they stand in front of a really bad green screen with a tacky looking beach picture used in the background. Goofy smiles, too.

Sadly there is no video for this song, but if you use your imagination, I'm pretty sure that you could create something for yourself. As I said, I can imagine them hula dancing away with flowers in their hair and grass skirts to their ankles. I can also imagine the guys running around each other or something like that. Maybe even laying down on a sun bed, coconut shell in one hand and sunglasses propped up on their heads. All that cheesey, Hawaii-stereotyping goodness.

I think the song is wonderful. It's certainly summery and makes me want to break out into a smile and hula dance. Not that I will break out into a hula dance, that is.

Song 6: Minna ga iru sekai wo hitotsu ni ai wo motto Give & Take shimashou

Minna ga iru seaki wo Hitotsu ni ai wo mottoe Give &Take Shimashou is one hell of a title for a song... but the song makes up for the mouthful of a title it was given. This song might have to go into one of my personal favourites with the way it opens. From the second it starts to the second where it ends, you're thrown into an energetic and fun song that sounds so smiley and sunny. It's addictive, and I like it!

This is another album song, so sadly, we aren't given a video to go with it, though I think that if there was a video to couple with the song it would be something fun and vibrant, a very happy video with lots of eye candy and smiles and love. I can imagine bright colours, jumping around, guitars and CG thrown in there along with the boys running around, fighting for the camera and pulling faces or wrapping their arms around each other.

The song is a bundle of fun and awesomeness. This song has one of the best beats to it, and the vocals are just brilliant. The group parts will have to be my favourite once again for this group, though their solo lines are nice as well.

This is a hit with me! -loops over and over again-

Song 7: Mafuyu no Nagareboshi

Here we have another romantic sounding song from NEWS with beautiful group parts and a slow to fast, but well paced, beat that really captures me. Romance songs are something I really like - I don't know why, I just think they're brilliant, and this song has definitely caught my heart in a way. It sounds just beautiful and so harmonious. These guys really know how to capture the emotion in their voices.

Even though there is no video to this song, I can envision that the boys are all standing around, wearing pure white suits and singing up to the skies with hands on their hearts. If that was the video to it, I would squee with absolute delight and starry eyes, because I think it would fit the video beautifully. Angelic looking men to an Angelic and romantic song.

Pure. WIN <3

As you probably know by now, I am a romantic song lover <3

Song 8: Kirameki no Kanata e

Last song on the list of NEWS songs for today, and it is Kirameki no Kanata e. I wasn't going to put this in originally - then again, Mafuyu no Nagareboshi wasn't going to make it in, either - but the moment I heard this song I realised that I wanted to write about it.

Immediately into the song I love it. It's this catchy, upbeat and quirky tune that makes me feel happy inside, and the sort of song where I would sing along. I think the song is good, really good, probably beyond my expectations good. None-the-less, it;s freakin' good and I want to listen to it again. And again...

Oh, and again.

I have a feeling that I may always like the NEWS album songs over the single songs, because in general album songs tend to be that little bit better than what groups usually bring out on a regular basis (need I list the amount of album songs that are better than the singles Morning Musume churns out sometimes?), and I guess the same applies for NEWS. This song is nice, it's hyped up to a certain degree and really fun to listen to. This is something that I could listen to when I feel excited or just really happy.

Oh, NEWS, why was the first song I heard from you not to my tastes? Why must I like you more today?


Hey!Say! JUMP!

I don't think that I have ever written so much without a picture break on this blog...

Anyway, moving away from NEWS, it's time for some Hey!Say! JUMP!, the baby group of JEnt right now. HSJ reeled me in pretty quickly with their song Magic Power, and the charms of Yamada Ryosuke just gripped my heart and made me fall for him.

But I will try to explore this group even more, thanks to Aim and Thennary who have both sent songs once again to try and take me over to the dark side, right where my friends are waiting for me. So, let's JUMP in, shall we?

Ah, Hey!Say! JUMP, where would I be without you and your... dark... PV? Oh...

I still don't like dark looking PVs, and HSJ aren't going to change my opinion on them with just this video. That said, they look freakin' HOT in leather, staring at the camera and giving an oh-so-sexy glance. Sadly, they don't eye-fuck that camera like Tego does. The moody, solemn looking into the mirror works for these guys, though. I also like the dance, it's pretty good~

In regards to the song, it isn't my favourite from the few songs I have heard from this group, but I do like the bridge from 1:13 that plays, it has a rather Indian-esque instrumental feel to it, but the rest of the song is far too depressing for my own liking. Maybe if I was sobbing into my pillow via a broken heart or because one of my favourite MoMusu members graduated (these things have not happened yet, thankfully... barring Kusumi) I would like the song more, but I'm not. I need happiness, romance and topless eye-candy.

However, props for HSJ for actually doing a darker song, it surprised me.

Song 2: Over

Okay, am I the only one who instantly thought of Koi no Dial 6700 when the phone rang in the beginning of this song? Yes? Okay :<

I'm not crazy keen on this song. In fact, shall I settle with: I never want to hear this song again. I dunno, I just don't like it. It's nothing to my tastes, it's too bland... I just can't like it, for some reason. Maybe it's just me though. This is my personal preference, obviously.

It sounds somewhat classical during certain parts, and it suits the song, but I just don't like it. The instrumental isn't exciting in anyway, nor is it romantic. It feels empty to me.

Oh my, HSJ is not doing well right now... please save me, HSJ, and my maybe-love for you...

This song is Over - thank goodness.

You Gotta More is a samba-esque song that was featured as a B/C-side song for a song I now dislike, Over.  This is a pretty fun and entertaining song, especially as the beginning reminds me of Kusumi Koharu's Balalaika, which I loved, but this is something that seems like a cross between Living La Vida Loca and Balalaika with added charm, cheeseyness and wonderful vocals. This song is pretty much nostalgia in a song for me, considering Balalaika was one of my all time favourite Koha songs (next to Chance!) and Living La Vida Loca is something I remember listening to constantly as a kid because of how catchy the song is.

I wish this song had a PV - I think it's too damned good to just be a song on its own. Get it a video! Use those crazy silly Spanish-esque costumes like a bull fighter or something, and a rose in their mouths, and get them tango-ing together! I want to see that in a video. Winks, too. We need winks at the camera and throwing roses to random people.

Whatever, this song is bringing up my love gauge for HSJ!, and I'm glad! This song was fun and really cute. I guess I couldn't expect less from Yama Ryosuke and Co. when it's just HS7

Song 4: Kagayaki Days

Kagayaki Days is the B-side to HSJ's fifth single and another suggestion from the lovely Aim. I was happy to find that the song was just as nice in sound as the name was when I first read it. I wanted the song to be good, and that is what I got - a good, worthwhile song which I enjoyed listening to. It's a really pretty song that reminds me of Christmas time a little bit, or at least a snowy day. The song isn't too fast or too slow, and has a really good beat to it. I can see myself clapping my hands to this in no time, actually.

I can also vision this as a song where it brings people together - it sounds like something that these boys would sing as they cheered each other on, willing their friends to work harder and to try and reach their goal. It's a lovely song, and if I knew the lyrics, I would probably find it to be somewhat meaningful.

I like the song. It isn't my favourite, nor is it the most powerful song I have ever listened to, but I do like it.

This was suggested by both Thennary and Aim, and is also a B/C-side song to HSJ's fifth single, Hitomi no Screen. I find that this song is a bit more playful and immature when compared to Kagayaki Days, but then I remind myself that HSJ haven't exactly had the most mature songs that I can recall watching. Magic Power is a very silly and fun song, and I adored it. Romeo & Juliet may not be as silly or wild as Magic Power is, but it has an element of youthfulness to it that I like, whilst still pulling off a mature-ish feeling through certain parts of the song.

The song is somewhat calm, but still playful and energetic. The vocals seem less polished than normal, too, giving the song a more natural and exciting feeling. I like that about the song, because the singers seem to show their emotions more through the natural tone of their voices. It's nice to actually hear that, considering half the songs I listen to are overly auto-tuned *coughMorningMusumecough* and rely on making a studio-polished song rather than trying out something different once in a while.

The way these guys sound together and alone is really nice, and I like this single because of how natural it is voice wise as well as how youthful it can seem at certain parts of the song.

Song 6: Bouken Rider

Warning: Video contains screaming fangirls. Seriously.

Anyway, the minute I saw the title Bouken Rider, my thoughts roamed to Buono's Renai Rider, one of my favourite Buono! songs, so I wondered if these two songs would collide in term of sound in any way. Luckily, they don't.

Hey! Say! Jump deliver a good performance with the song, and though it isn't as energetic as Renai Rider, I still think that the song is on the same level with it in terms of how much I like it. The duo/smaller group parts where the guys sing are wonderful, as are the group parts (by now, we know that I love the group parts), however the chorus is not my favourite part of the song. I actually prefer everything before and in between, but the chorus is a miss for me, though I could easily grow to like it. It happened with Tachiagaaru, so it can happen with Bouken Rider.

That said, I think that the song is rather nostalgic - there's a certain sound to it that I remember, but I don't quite understand where I have heard it from before. However, I like the song, and I'm pretty sure that the chorus will come to my liking the more I listen to it.

Song 7: Ganbaretsugo

This song starts off pretty normal... and then we get some fast and hyper vocals! Yay! The first things I hear are 'I want you! I need you!', which is always nice to hear, especially if Ryosuke is the one saying them to me~

The song is a fast-paced and dance-esque journey when you listen to it, and as I listen I can just imagine the dance steps they are doing to the song. I have no idea what the dance is, but I like to make it all up as I listen to the song. I like how it's the sort of song you could dance to, as well as changing the beat from slow to fast to electro-pop-esque so suddenly, yet it fits so right when it changes.

The song is pretty unique, for me, and I think it's a really nice addition to the playful HSJ I am really coming to like. I really hope that the group continues to make fun and youthful songs like this, because it really fits their image and it's also fun to listen to when I feel happy or excited or overly hyper!

The final song from this group for me tonight, and one of the oldest ones, being produced back in 2007 by Hey!Say! 7 before HSJ was created. Sadly, I can only find a solo shot of one of the original HS7 members, so I apologise for that, but you can look at his adorable face and squee over him, okay?

The song begins with a calm, slow and harmonious melody that is really soothing and gentle, but after about a minutes worth of that, we're thrown into a more energetic and up-beat instrumental. A rap is the first thing that we hear from the group with this instrumental, and then we're taken in with deeper voices and then some softer voices. It's nice to hear an assortment of voices, because some of the singers obviously sounded more like girls back then than what they sound like now, so it was pretty much half broken-voiced men and high-pitched boys waiting to hit puberty. So yes, I actually mistook some of the vocals for girls, even though I knew that this was Hey! Say! Jump singing.

Though the song is actually really cool, I'm not that much of a fan of it (even with the raps in there). It's a really good song, especially as the guys who are singing it were kids back then, and is cool as I said. But that's just it. I don't really care for 'cool' songs. It's catchy, yes, and has an awesome rap, but I think it is far too cool for me XD

Despite being 'cool' myself~ (lol jokes :F)


This post is proving to be long, and picture-less, and long... but I don't care, I enjoy writing, especially when I give my opinions :F
So now we're moving onto my friend Phob's favourite, KAT-TUN. From the comments, Thennary admits that KAT-TUN is a hit or miss group when it comes to songs, and I think that I'm the same way. Depending on the song or the video, these guys could win me over, or just fall flat on their asses trying. Either way, I might be in a go-to-the-sofa mood one day, or sleep-with-me-in-this-bed another day. Depends on how many arguments we have with what songs they bring out 8{D

Why am I using references to couples to elaborate the relationship between myself and boy bands? I don't know either... I just find it easier that way ;D

ANYWAY, onto the songs!

Song 1: RESCUE

Suggested by Thennary, RESCUE came as a surprise to me. When I first saw the video, I was afraid that I wouldn't like it because of how dark it looks, but the song blew me away the moment it started. Screw that video, I like the song. I thought it wouldn't be as good as it is, but it's the bomb for me, and I like that.

Starting off, the video begins in a dark, edgy fashion with heart-beats sounding, breathing from one of those... Darth Vadar masks is heard alongside it, and then the music slowly comes into play, easing you into the music as you watch the first sequence unfold. The entire video is pretty much set in a grey-hue that is kind of depressing, but the filter works for the song. I immediately get this 'rock' vibe from the group, which is what Aim mentioned, regarding how people see the group. One of the things I will give the group my love for is their dancing. These guys are really good dancers, and they flow with each other (and other dancers) well. Sharp and crisp movements are used, and it's really nice to watch.

Regarding the song, I have one thing to say: That RAP. That's probably the best rap I have heard from the group as of yet (I still haven't heard much from them, so bear with me okay?), but the dude who raps has some real talent. I loved that rap the most, he really did steal the whole song with it in my opinion. Oh, and the beat boxing. Loved that, too.

The song is really just too good, especially those darned raps. That will be the reason why I start to like KAT-TUN, I swear.

This was suggested by both Thennary and Aim as a song that I might like. Straight in, and I can hear the rock-ish beat to the song - and I am not keen. I actually do not like rock music (okay I like some). Oh, and Heavy Metal. Those two genres aren't that appealing to me, but that is probably because one of my friends tried to shove the genre down my throat. That, and An Café never appealed to me. That aside, this song is a lot softer than what I thought it would be when it came on. Thank goodness for that, or I would have turned it off straight away and ignored it.

I actually don't mind the song, but I don't like it either. Around 2:43 the vocals begin to sound really weird and even a little horrible, and the instrumental is not to my tastes. Honestly, I really don't want to hear this song ever again, but...

At least I listened to it, and found out whether I liked it or not before totally disregarding it, right?

Song 3: Perfect

This is a song that has been suggested by Aim, and is called Perfect, but I wonder if it will be as erfect as I want it to be?

Well, from the start of the song, the vocals are soft and really beautiful to listen to. The song starts off calm and collected before really getting into the beat and showing me what this group has got. The song is energetic and up-beat, and even involves a rap, which just makes me go LOVE <3. The song then goes back to being calm and then gets back into the energetic beat. It's a pretty good song in terms of creating a mood and making your head bob about a bit.

From the video (which is a performance), the dance looks rather suave (look at me, throwing around words) and charming. It makes me swoon a little, I will admit that, especially when they eye-fuck that camera (though no one does it like Tego).

All in all, this song is a really good addition from KAT-TUN, so I will say that it is Perfect~

Song 4: Signal

Next up we have Signal, another suggestion courtesy of Aim. She has a feeling that this one might surprise me, because it's something 'unlike KAT-TUN', so I guess that means they decided to take a detour down to Fun House Road?

Actually, no. They decided to go down to Cheese-ball alley, because this song is boy band cheesey and rather generic when Ii think about it. Boy, it makes me cringe a little and giggle a lot, cos they ain't playing sexy very well with this song -snickers-.

The song is certainly different from what KAT-TUN have done that I have heard, but it is a nice change of pace. I mean, Morning Musume went from depressing, love-sick fools to Maji Desu Ka Ska, right? Also, Bump.y's singles weren't the most energetic, but Kiss! showed that they had taken a chance to try something different, and it is rather refreshing. So this is a refreshing track from KAT-TUN, and I am going to welcome it with open arms and a box full of tomatoes just in case I need to throw something at them.

Luckily, the cheese still contains a (w)rap for our sheer enjoyment, but we do have to return to the wonder of it all at some point... oh well~

The PV is something that I am not enjoying, honestly. It's almost too embarassing to watch. There are just too many scenes in there that I could envision Westlife doing in a song of theirs, or even that new-fangled group, JLS or Wand Erection One Direction. It's not a video I would recommend, or even watch again. It's a PV I would put a restraining order on.

But that's just me, you may sing a different tune when you watch it ;D

Song 5: No More Pain

No More Pain, suggested by Aim, starts off with a really refreshing and different start than most KAT-TUN songs I have heard. It's almost like a movie opening in a way, as if the story is about to unfold, and feels somewhat magical. Thinking about it, the opening reminds me of a classical music opening. The rest of the instrumental follows with the same beat. The whole feel to the song sounds classical and magical, almost, as well as a little gothic. The group still maintains a 'cool, rock' feeling throughout the song with loud violins playing in the background (I think that it's violins) and other instruments that sound like they are both classical woodwind instruments as well as electric instruments.

The vocals are just breath taking in this song, the guys really know how to make the song beautiful. I love the reverb that is used, and you can just see these guys singing this with such emotion and power as you listen to it. The song is amazing and by far my favourite track I have heard from KAT-TUN today. I was really surprised with how this song turned out, but I am glad it is this beautiful.

This song is absolutely wonderful, I just can't say what I love about it, it's just amazing. KAT-TUN are dragging me away...

Song 6: One Drop

One Drop opens far heavier than No More Pain, and reminds me of an An Café song that I just can't put my finger on. I might just be thinking about how it sounds like something I might hear from An Café, if I listened to them, rather than a song the group did. However, it's not something that I would exactly listen to of my own free will for the hell of it. If I had to analyse the song for a class, then I would do it, but it's not something I would want to put myself through for sheer pleasure.

With that said, it's still a nice song, it's just not to my tastes exactly. Also, if this has a video to accompany it, I'm sorry but I don't want to listen to this song a second time. It's fine and all, but I just don't really like it...

Song 7: Lips

Lips is something I expected - a rather heavy instrumental with strong vocals to accompany that instrumental, though the song is slower and more sultry than I imagined. I say sultry because of how the guys sing in it - it sounds rather seductive in a way, and I can just see them making love to that microphone like it's a real woman they want to take home to bed.

The chorus is more up beat than the slower beginning, and delivers a nice amount of head banging on my part. Okay, I don't head bang, but you get my gist. The chorus would have to be my favourite part, even if it's the most rocked out part of the song. Maybe it's because I see them playing guitars and dancing around in skinny jeans with dyed hair?
Wait, why am I thinking of An Café now? Damnit...

Anyway, I don't mind the song. I doubt I'll completely avoid it, but I won't want to listen to it again any time soon either. It's a nice song, and I like the seductive singing voices that play through it.

Song 8: Run For You

The beginning = Rave. I now want to put my hands in the air and pretend I am at a rave. It's what the beginning of the song actually reminds me of.

The rest of the song follows suit in a rave-like manner, but less energetic and poppy and with more vocals added that actually have substance to the lyrics (Unlike that shit rave house remix, Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce). The song is pretty good itself, but not something that I would buy or download to listen to regularly. It's too... I dunno, ravey for my liking. The thing is, I used to like rave, and with some rave music I still like it, but others I hate. Sadly, this falls under the latter category.

I was actually hoping that Run For You would be a pretty decent song that would wrap up the KAT-TUN part of this post nicely, but... it failed expectations D;

Oh well, you win some, you lose some~

End of Part 1

So, whilst I wrap up KAT-TUN into a box, I will also wrap up the first part of this post. I've written quite a lot, I think, and will continue with the last few suggestions of songs in Part 2 of my final day in the 3-day challenge to explore Johnny's and their home of manly men. Once I end that post, I will give my final conclusion, and figure out what the hell I will do now that men have infiltrated my musical tastes (lol, that's a joke, I actually do have male soloists I like... but they're soloists) and embedded themselves into my heart, head and music folder.

I think it is safe to say that right now, I have changed my opinion on boy bands in general, but I will try and conclude that all in Part 2 of this post, so look forward to it~


Just a last minute re-check of which boy band I blatantly prefer <3

PING!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: October 13th 2011


  1. First off, I am really honored/happy that you think so hightly of my blogging. :] <3 And I've been reading your blog since IW first made a post about it. I always try to comment your blog, but for some reason my comments never want to post. It literally took me 10-15 minutes to post the song suggestion comments. XD

    It is absolutely hilarious to read honest first time reactions to these groups. I cracked up a lot during the NEWS parts. XD
    It's awesome that you seem to like NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP. They are my favorite JE groups for the same reason you like their songs.

    NEWS is absolute love. Their theme seems to be the positive group in JE. And 7/10 of their songs are upbeat and happy. The blonde haired guy with big lips in the Cherish video, believe it or not, is actually Yamapi. That was back in the day when Yamapi looked like a chihuahua. Lol. And the first guy who sings in Cherish is Masuda Takahisa, more commonly known as Massu. Who you seem to be a fan of. And I laughed at the scary smile guy from the Summer Time video. I'm guessing you probably mean Nishikido Ryo. Ryo-chan is actually my favorite NEWS member, well former NEWS member. And my favorite idol in all of JE. XD

  2. (spliting posts is the way it lets me post.)

    I did try to recomend some HSJ songs that are a little bit mature too. But I like mature idol songs too. I liked the songs from Momusu's "emo" phase. XD You seem to prefer upbeat songs, which means you'll most likely like the 2nd batch of songs I suggested by them. :] Oh, and I totally thought of Balalaika the first time I heard You Gotta More! I'm actually surprised you don't like Kagayaki Days more. I think it's a really fun song. The reason Romeo & Juliet sounds less polished is because that was a live performance of the song. It was from a show called School Kakumei, which Ryosuke is on. And by the way School Kakumei is another fun HSJ song you might like. XD

    I can't believe you don't like KAT-TUN that much. D: I actually really like rock music. Before I listened to idol music I was a big Jrock fan. I also love An Cafe by the way. XD And I think the boy band cheese is cute. But if you don't like the boy bandness of it, it kinda explains why you don't like Arashi much. Lol.

  3. @Aim

    I actually know what you mean about this posting thing, it doesn't like me sometimes, and it's annoying Dx

    And you are my blogging legend! -bows down-

    I think first time reactions are great! I always love reading first time reactions XD

    And I had a feeling that the whole thing about big lips would bite me in the butt XD I was like 'if this is Yamapi, I am shallow'

    I actually didn't mind MoMusu's emo phase, but I wasn't keen on it, either. I love the song Nanachatte Renai and SYO, but I am more so flying towards the happy songs right now.

    Ah, Romeo and Juliet live XD no wonder. But I like the natural feel of the song still ;D

    I like some of KAT-TUN's songs, but I'm not into rock groups - they lost their appeal when my friend tried to force me to like them, and it did not end well. However, I have given them a try, and I'm sure I will listen to their music again purely for reviews :D

    Arashi - I dig them more, honestly. Day 2's post was me exploring two more of their songs (lol I fail as an explorer, obviously), but they worked for me a lot more :D

    Mwahahaha comments!!! PS we're the same age XD '92 babies!