Saturday, 8 October 2011

Kpop gets Americanised - Heart2Hearts 'Facebook Official'

Why am I even bothering posting this? Well... the Wotasphere has blown up because of it, and I wanna know why! SO HELLO POST!

I'm not a Kpop or Jpop boy band fangirl, just so you know. That is why I only ever talk about girl groups. I obviously prefer boobs over penis' when it comes to music, because the only boy bands I have ever liked were from when I was a kid. To be honest, Boy bands do nothing for me now like they did when I was a child: Stupid, naive and questioning why the hell the sun came up.

So rest assured, dear readers, that when I give my opinion, I won't be totally basing it off of other boy bands PVs... because I don't want watch them. I avoid them like the plague.

I dunno why I dislike boy bands so much, honestly... I just don't know... (maybe it's because most boy bands are actually made of, well, boys now. Y'know, like Wand Erection One Direction?)

So now that I have said that, you've got a pretty good idea of how this post might go regarding the new American Boy band Heart2Heart who are heavily influenced by Kpop boy bands. Hoo boy, they have caused a commotion, and have a rather unsurprising amount of dislikes over likes. Mwahahaha, you speak, Wotaverse.

So, what does this apparent 'monstrosity' have in store for us? And I don't say monstrosity because I hate the video, I'm just attempting to reflect what the Kpop boy band lovers are feeling right now. Oh, anguish~ You have returned to lighten up my life.

Well, let's have a looksy at this video, shall we?

Oh gawd, I don't like it already

Okay, this guys kinda cute... in a prepubescent Justin Bieber kind of cute...

Oh wait, spoke to soon.

OMFG YOU LOOK LIKE SHOW LOU! nsnskdnsknfksnkfdn LOVE <3 (yes, I do have interests outside of Jpop, mostly Rainie Yang and Show Lou)

... sigh... there is always one less attractive one...

He's still kinda cute though, his goofy face is adorable <3

I agree that the rooms too bright, cool-hair guy.

DAMN that's one nice car

Blatant Product Placement

Dude this dance is fun

Oh lordy... Baby Face has a nice body!

Sunglasses without the sunnies :o

Just couldn't resist

asbjbxdjsw FUCK I LOVE YOU <3

Centre for my favey, centre for my baby <3

FUCK YES! That smile is pure WIN <3

Do. Not. WANT! Gimme my baby back!

Put a he-heart on your page, a heart on your page~

Wait it ended?

I bet you're thinking '... Chiima's crazily positive about this group, isn't she?' and I guess you'd be half right, because I'm actually not a fan of the group at all - I just really like the one who looks like Show Lou (at least, he looks like him to me) because he's so adorkable <3

Anyway, when I first watched this video I never even made it to the end - I was just like 'Wtf is this shit? Why the hell am I even watching it, fuck it, I need ice cream' and clicked the exit button. But hell, I keep coming back it seems. The song, though a blatant Facebook advertisement, is really catchy, and the boys are danged cute - no wonder boy bands are becoming popular again - it's all these cutesy prepubescent teenagers getting into the groups. I ain't kidding, two of these boys are younger than me by 1-2 years, whilst two are older and the other is my age. I was actually surprised when I found out that my baby (whom I know as KX) is actually my age, by one freakin' MONTH!

Dude, I love you KX. Marry me?

But I am more so surprised to find that the lovely goofball (Nico) is actually the youngest at 17, whilst blonde-haired shirtless boy is only 18. The other two are 23 and 21. I'm not reeling off names now.

Anyway, regarding the song, it's fine - not my type of tune, but incredibly catchy and nice to listen to, for English music (I HATE English music btw, unless it's the older stuff/Bruno Mars). The video itself is... okay, I guess. Kinda readable, overly white in some parts, with a good choreography that is, truthfully, quite Kpop-ish. I have watched some Kpop boy band videos, and from what I am attempting to remember, Heart2Heart actually captured how to portray themselves well.

But it's incredibly cheesey. However, cheesey is good... in small doses.

I'm also amazed by the amount of comments that are coming in for this group that give scenes from other videos that are similar to theirs. Dedicated, scary and loving Wota. God I love you all.

You know what? Fuck it. I like this group. It's been a while since I branched out towards a new band. The last time I reached for a new girl group was... er... I dunno, Girls Aloud, and then they broke up. Again, me and boy bands don't mix. Uh uh. But I'll see how Heart2Heart tickle my tummy. If they make me happy, then yeah, I'll continue to like em.

Let's hope that they don't die out as fast as Beckii Cruel and her British debut. OOOH BURN!

How many of you actually hate this? Cos seriously, I don't mind it!

Now I'm going to go listen to some Backstreet boys or something boy bandy from my youth...


Psst: I have no idea why everyone is freaking out about this guy. It's happened before, where an apparent 'joke' tries to move in on the Asian scene. Take Beckii Cruel for example; a Japanese pop Idol for a little while, but it made her a name in her country none the less. Just because she burned out doesn't mean that these guys will. Anyway, I derailed. There are always going to be parody groups, no matter what we do. Some of us are just open-minded enough to laugh at it and think 'OMG THIS IS GREAT!' because it really is - can't you see that these guys are making an effort and showing their dedication and their fanboy love towards Kpop? Cos they are fanboys. I really think they are.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were Wota, actually.

Anyway, that's my piece. Heart on your page, lovelies <3 Heart on your PAGE <3

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