Saturday, 15 October 2011

Morning Musume's Noticeable Change - Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku PV Review

All of my opinions are, unsurprisingly, my own - and your opinions are YOUR own. Sometimes we may agree, whilst other times, we won't agree. So, how far will we agree this time, hm?

MoBeKiMaSu has recently revealed the PV to Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, a song which brings all of the major Hello! Project groups together to show us that yes, they can work together and show that they are pretty awesome, especially when wearing Lolita-esque dresses or boob-hugging attire.

Now, before I get stuck into a half-arsed review regarding the video and the song itself, I will say that this song is something that you will either dislike or love right away - it is also the type of song that gets stuck in your head until you finally decide to play it, and over time, it's a rather likeable song. At first, I was sceptical about the sound - some parts sounded far too much like Berryz Kobou's Aa, Yo ga Akeru, a song that I really do not like. However, it's a catchy and upbeat tune that you just might like, so give it a try, because I quite like it now!

Anyway, as I said, this could be a hit or miss for you - but a lot of the responses to this video and song have been quite positive, whilst some of the older H!P fans, though less than pleased with the arrangement being nothing like Hello! Project All Stars, still find it to be a catchy and an all around good song. I would say that the only ones who really hate this PV to the death are the hardcore, mellow-dramatic AKB fans who try to rip everything H!P comes up with apart, simply because... well, I don't know why, but sometimes they can deliver pretty nasty comments.

Then again, so can us H!P fans.

Okay, I'm going of on a tangent - I will have to leave that for another post, if it is so desired, because I quite like trolling on comments (mwahahaha).

Anyway, I've talked enough now - ONTO THE PV!

Now, starting up on this review/look into the PV, I will give you a fair, fair warning that, if you are by any chance the sort of person who will start to get mad over your favourite not being shown much, assuming that you are the sort of person who hasn't watched this video yet, then turn back now, because all of those front girls that we usually see? This is their PV, so there is your warning.

Warning over, let's get into the PV - from the get-go, we know that, now that Ai has been given the boot, Riho has filled in that spot as H!P's new Queen Bee - and boy, does she Diva it up. She's the centre of the pretty much the entire song, and leads the dance like she owns the place. When I first saw the video, I wasn't too happy with the outcome - I am not exactly the biggest Riho fan, however I know that she is a very talented and a very popular member of Morning Musume, so  I do understand why she is at the front.

Riho rocks it, to put it bluntly. Being one of the best dancers in Hello! Project, I don't blame the producers for putting her at the front. That's kind of a no-brainer right now, considering one of the biggest selling members has left the group for blander things.

One of the things that I really love about this video: The bloody dresses. Seriously, the wardrobe department must have actually blown up with the amount of happiness that these costumes have in them. We have adorable lolita-esque clothing, for all you Lolita-lovers out there, as well as tight, boob-hugging clothes that show off a nice amount of skin as well as make all of the girls look gorgeous and pervalicious.

I also like how the costumes bring a lot of light into the darkness of this video, because with a dark background it can be a little harder to make bright costumes that fit it - but thank the lord, H!P worked the costumes with the darkness and made sure to make all the girls stand out beautifully. Damn, H!P, I love these costumes! <3

I am really digging the amount of happiness and fun this video displays as well - all of the girls look really energetic and happy, whilst acting playful and loving at the same time. This has to be one of the best PVs of the month, because the expressions that all of the girls have are absolutely amazing. This just makes me think that this is the new start to Hello! Project as a whole. It's changed, they're happy with the change, and they are ready to come back full force!

Not only am I loving the emotion of the PV, I am also digging all of the girls. They all look flawless here, especially Risako - she looks like a Porcelain doll. Thank fuck they hid those stupid side bangs she had in the BeriKyuu PV.

The video itself is expressed really well - though we have, yet again, a lack of a story line throughout the video, we find that there really isn't a need for one. ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL did not have a story line itself, and is still one of the most well-known Hello! Project songs today. Really, even though this video uses the simple elements of dance shots (with changing costumes, to give us some flavour and sexiness) as well as different types of close up shots and long shots of the girls, may this be as a group together or standing alone whilst they pose like Living Dolls.

But, despite how much I am currently liking the video, there will always be drawbacks - and those drawbacks lie mainly in the close-up shots and how the editors over all show each individual person. Though we get to see the girls at least once, it is quite obvious who is give the spotlight throughout the entire video.

Of course, this is all about who is the most popular of course, so it's kind of inevitable that both Reina and Riho will be given the spotlight, along with Airi, Miyabi, Risako and Maimi, though I was somewhat surprised by the amount of Risa we get as well as the lack of Dawa. Okay, I am not complaining about the amount of Risa at all, but I was genuinely surprised by how much she was shown. I know that she is one of the more popular Morning Musume members, but I also know for a fact that Sayumi is more popular than Morning Musume's new leader is - so why was Sayumi booted to the back whilst Risa was shown of more?

Is this the power of being a leader? If it is, I like it!

As for Dawa, I am unsure - but I know that the Dawa fans won't be pleased with it. But this video is something of a surprise - though it has the general back girls in the back, we also find that Yurina, Momoko, newly-established front girl Chisato, Sayumi and Dawa are there, as well as Mano Erina. It's surprising, and honestly not something I am used to - but it does happen once in a while, and it can be a little refreshing not to have Momoko's face shown.

I will also note the lack of the S/mileage sub-members, though I guess I can say that I expected it, considering their current status and all.

But with the rest of the close-ups, despite the amount of Lord Gaki in there, I am disappointed. There aren't many of my favourites shown as much as others throughout the PV, like Eripon, Zukki, Fukumura, Aika, Kanon, Chinami, Chisato, Mai or Kananana - but I can't really complain about it, because the PV won't change.

Thank goodness that the two close up shots they do have alone, barring Chisato who has begun to look more like a drunken pirate than an Idol, are really nice ones. Kananana is really beautiful, just sayin'.

Thank goodness two of my favourite lead-girls are shoved in front of the camera quite a lot on this video. Better yet, they're together!

Hey Gaki, now that Ai's outta the picture, are you and Yuukarin gonna share bedrooms?

I actually really do like this video - the setting is nice, with all the lights and the dresses to counter-act the darkness of the set, as well as the dance lead by Riho. The video is quite a powerful one, and all of the girls look amazing in their costumes. They really look like they are enjoying the song to its fullest, and that in turn makes the PV fun to watch, and it makes you smile as well. The video is playful and enjoyable, with my favourite scenes being the ones where the girls playfully stand behind those singing as they wave and open their mouths wide or make silly faces.

It's a good PV, and through all of its simplicity, it really breaks through and shows the strength of Hello! Projects key groups, and proves that yes, they can still work together, even with new members and new front-girls.

Now moving onto the song, I find that Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, though nothing like the genius that is ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL, is a catchy and upbeat song that will really get stuck into your head. The tune is poppy, a bit nostalgic with certain parts, and an overall well put together track that would fit nicely in your H!P shuffle.

Not only is the song energetic and extremely catchy, it's also a very happy tune, and it will really grow on you. Initially, I did not like this song, and I was actually dreading the PV in a way, but after a few more listens to it I am in love. It's such a cheerful, genki song that shows Hello! Project at full force, and it's hard to actually not like it in my opinion. I don't think that I could fit a better song to the 2011-2012 line-up of Hello! Project. It's the perfect way to indicate a new beginning for this project.

The tune fits Hello! Project, as a whole, perfectly. Here, we see old and new members whom we will recognise or who we are just getting to know. We see how much everyone has changed, and through the song we can see the change within the groups itself. Not only have all the Hello! Project Kids grown up, we also find that the youngest member of 5th Gen is now a leader, whilst Morning Musume has finally grasped hold of new members. We also see a new group representing Hello! Project, who have now moved onto their 2nd generation, and we finally see the maturity as well as the youthfulness that is now Hello! Project.

Hello! Project has undoubtedly changed since its Golden Era, and the music has changed as well. So when people start to compare this very single and video with All For One & One For All, I feel that they're trying to stay in the past. This is the new Hello! Project who are looking forward to the future. This song shows the change and longevity of Hello! Project. Back when All For One & One For All was produced, Generation 6 were the newbies, and there was more than one soloist. Back then, C-ute had not been established and Berryz were in their prime. S/mileage did not even exist. This single represents the very change that Hello! Project has gone through.

I highly doubt that Hello! Project themselves are looking back to the past and trying to go back - if they did that, then I probably wouldn't have the love that I do for them now. I was there when S/mileage debuted as a group, I was present when Koharu graduated, I experienced 9th gen become the generation that they are, and I am within the era of Niigaki RisaBusu ni Naranai Tetsugaku represents this era, so I see no reason to as why you should compare it All For One & One For All, because that was 7 years ago. Hello! Project have moved on from that, and it's still standing today, because the project is strong - and this song reflects that.

Sadly, I have more screen caps than I do words, so I shall be ending this post soon with an overall conclusion, though I have pretty much covered everything I need to cover already.

Despite coming into this thinking that I would hate the video, I ended up loving it. The song is really catchy, and because of that it's gotten stuck in my head. But I think that it is actually the happiness and friendliness of the song that is more so infectious, because you can really hear the energetic and upbeat love these girls have in their voices as they sing. The chorus of the song wouldn't be so catchy and energetic if the girls didn't love what they do, and this is how I recognise Hello! Project, so I'm glad that the song turned out this way.

Though the video might not be to everyone's standards, I think that it is something that Hello! Project should do more of. The song is one of the best they've ever choreographed, with the leading lady shining, and the costumes are absolutely stunning. The one problem that a lot of us have is obviously how much the girls are shown in the video. Whilst some of our favourites may not make it to the front, others do, and though I am quite disappointed by the lack of some favourites, I have come to accept that this is how Hello! Project is. The ones who are at the front are the ones who make the money, and they are the ones that the Wota want to see. However, throughout the whole video, you can see that this is entirely a group effort. All of the girls love what they are doing, and they love their groups. I don't think I could ask for more from this video, because it has given me quite a lot already.

This is Hello! Project, and I love it. I'm just waiting for the 10th Gen to come in and show us what they are made of, because if another MoBeKiMaSu video comes out, then I will be ready to welcome it with impatience and open arms. If they made this video and song so good, then how good can they make the next one?

I shall be impatiently awaiting the day that the next single for Hello! Project as a whole (Eggs included, please?) comes out. So, until next time my lovelies~


PS here are some of the screen caps that did not make it in Dx



  1. This is one of my favorite releases from H!P this year. I mean c'mon, it's great! It's catchy, all the girls look HOT (even Yuuka ._. DON'T LOOK AT HER FACE DON'T LOOK AT HER FACE JUST FOCUS ON THE SQUEAKY VOICE LOOK AT THE MOLE FOCUS ON SOMETHING DAMMIT AGAIH{"PWAN:LK? -____-;; )

    I have to say I love Riho in the center. I was kinda dreading it for a while even though I used to be a pretty big Riho fan when I first met you (I was also a super obsessive Gaki fan and a pretty big Yuuka fan too back then too xD how things have changed) but she OWNS this PV. HOT DAMN.

    My favorites are doing rather well here as well~ Aika has never looked better. I friggen love it! Captain is adorable (her expressions <3 xDD) Eripon Sayu and Kanyon are so cute!! And Kana is plain drop dead gorgeous. OMAHGAWDDDD

  2. @KiraRAWRRR

    I agree with you - it is one of my favourite releases of the year as well. Everyone is HAWT here <3 Though Akari looks derpy XD and Yuuka, I have really grown to love her. Until Ogawa Saki left, I did not like her - but I love her now.

    Riho in the centre is pretty much right fort his song. They did well in executing her without shoving her in your face too much.

    Aika <3 sadly, because she wasn't in the video much, I actually kept forgetting she was there until she popped up. That's BAD...