Friday, 14 October 2011

BeriKyuu Graduate - Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku

As always, all opinions are my own, as are your opinions. We are each entitled to our own opinion, it;s just that I tend to broadcast mine on this blog so that you KNOW my opinion. So have fun agreeing, not agreeing or sitting there, confused~

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku is the much anticipated collaboration single of Berryz Kobou and C-ute (also known as BeriKyuu), a single that, in my opinion, has been delayed for a good few years.

Though I am not a fan of Berryz Kobou, I still think that they are a good group. Okay, their songs are getting worse as the group gets older, two of the members are subject to my most disliked members in all of Hello! Project, and C-ute are currently kicking their asses music wise, but I honestly do think that they are a good group. They are successful, have some of the most popular Hello! Project members in there, and, unlike C-ute, have lost just the one member.

They're going pretty strong, I have to admit that.

So when I heard that there would be a collaboration between one of my most loved groups (C-ute) and my most loathed H!P group (Berryz), I was buzzing with both excitement and anticipation. How would these two groups fare when they were together? Would Momoko get out her guns and slaughter the cute Mai, or would Chisato and Maimi start a sordid love affair and then kill the rest of their rivals?

I kid - I didn't think of any of these things, but wouldn't that just be wonderful if those things did happen? I mean, I'm considering that this is the song to a Horror movie, so if Momoko started to kill some Berryz Bitches or C-ute Cows, I would have expected it.

Right? No. Oh :(

Well, whatever I think, I doubt the PV's gone that way, so let's dive in, shall we! :D

Doesn't the opening look promising? Nothing like some innocent, misleading opening to start us off...

And then we get three of my favourites + Maasa there (Maasa has an awesome voice, and I do like her). But I have to say, the Berryz yukata's look rather hideous, though Chinami rocks it somewhat better than the others.

Multiple-shots <3 Fuck, Airi, Chisato, Mai, Nakky, Miyabi, Chinami and Captain are looking FIIIIIINE!

What the fuck did they do to your hair, Ri-Suck-OH!?

Okay, found the Psycho killer in this PV. See how soul-less she looks in the eyes? That crazy smiles a dead give away, too

Who made you cry, Miyabeam?

Jumping sea monkeys, what the fuck!? Ri-Suck-OH! looks like she let a fucking drunken monkey do her make-up.

Plus her ears are rather big in this

Nakky: So, you kiss me here, right?
Chinami: Er, Nakky, I'm sleeping with Miyabi
Nakky: I'm a better lover, I assure you

Winning pairing here <3

Fucking WIIIIIN!


Maasa looks rather adorable in this.

Fuck, Airi, you are gorgeous <3

Sad to say this, but Captain looks like a washed up old hag in this scene.

njcnbncdcndjncksnkcansk <3 -explodes with love-

Mhm, Chinami's been learning off of Ri-Suck-OH! and practising hard I see ;)

BTW: Extreme hotness of the Mai here. She's finally growing into her head <3

Yurina and Maimi are plotting on how to blow up the rest of the Berikyuu members...

Chinami: So, don't tell Miyabi what we did up here, okay?
Nakky: That we made out? Sure, I won't.
Chinami: ... we didn't make out, Nakky. We just kissed cheeks.
Nakky: Whatever you say, Chinami, whatever you say.

... whilst on the roof~

Now I remember what Ris-Suck-OH! reminds me of!

Some botox-lip-loving woman! YAY!!!!

Maimi LAWLS at Ri-Suck-OH!'s Botox-ness

The midgets run away together...

No, Chisato, NO! Momoko's evil!!!

Whilst the rest sing and clap and wail and wah wah wah...

Oh great, the Ugly Gremlin's still there, and she doesn't look like she means the apology - Beautiful Chisato, on the other hand, looks like she is sincere.

Ri-Suck-OH! lols at them being told off whilst Airi tries to push her into a lake.

This is one unfortunate shot for Chisato, as she looks like a drunken pirate

This shot would be awesome if a certain pigtailed Momoko wasn't there.


Miyabeam decides to plot on the demise of the cute and becoming-hotter MaiMai

Location change!

LAWL couldn't resist! She looks older now! MWAHAHAHAHA

I'm gonna be honest here: Chisato will not look good in any screen cap I take from her solo shot. That's sad D;

Nakky: -inner thoughts- Bitch, why am I with you and not Chinami?
Momoko: -inner thoughts- Cow thinks she's cuter than me, bitch, I'm damned cuter.

They do not look like a happy couple :/

OH NO! MaiMai doesn't want rivalry!

Airi has successfully graduated! She is now a soloist!!! (Jokes)

:o full group! GROUP HUG!!!

Mai and Captain look at each other with love in their eyes...

Okay, cute two-shot <3

<3 Wow, Captain looks gorgeous here!

-dies of happiness-


Lord Miyabeam, way to eye-fuck that camera <3

Mai is so effing gorgeous, I think it's criminal!

Risako: Ayeeeeee! BOOBIES!
Chisato: Kyaa, I'm standing next to a pervert! Kyaaa!

I title this cap: Beauty and the Botox(ed)

Miyabi's going to punch anyone who dares to mess with her Chinami-pie

Nakky chose you! ZOMAGAWD!

Happy faces cos the PV's ending soon! YAAAY!

And here we end <3 Wasn't this a fun ride?

Okay, so after about 47 screen caps and putting myself through this song about 4-5 times, I have come to an overall opinion of what I think of both the video and the song.

Here we goesy:

Even though the song isn't great in terms of beat or composition, it's still a fairly good song. One thing that pleases me is the amount of solo lines in the song. None. There are simply no solo lines here, so the song is pretty fair from what I can hear (unless some get less than others, but I'll wait until the lyrics come out to start nit-picking about group lines). One of the problems for me is, though, that the song is far too happy for what it's meant to represent. 

A horror movie.

If this is a song that is going to be used in a film that is dark, haunting and scary, shouldn't the song be a bit darker, more mature and... well, horrific? Where are the blood curdling screams, the gasps, the racing heartbeats, the suspense!? This song is going to be used in a horror film - I would half expect it to be a little creepy, or a lot darker.

Oh no, wait a minute... I can just imagine this song being inserted into the movie at the perfect moment. What moment is that, you ask? Maybe a moment where someone's ripping Miyabi's guts out as she screams and blood splatters on the wall. Now wouldn't this song set the right amount of tension and fear into your veins and being as you listen to it, partnered with the scared, frightful screams of someone being brutally murdered?
Yeah, I can really imagine it.

Actually, when the movie comes out and I can download it somewhere, I might just try inserting this song in at the goriest moment... seems like a fun idea.

Anyway, moving away from the song, which is rather disappointing now that I think about it, let's move onto the PV.

Ah, the video... I was really disappointed the first time I saw it, and I'm still disappointed now. For one, Risako looks Pug ugly thanks to the make-up she has on, and her hair isn't that great-looking either. They've really made her look old in this. I know she's mature looking and everything, but this is taking maturity a step too far. Here, she looks like a botox-loving, old fashioned hag. Really, I don't like it. She may be one of my least favourite members of Berryz, but lord, she's pretty, so to see her like this is horrifying.

And Captain isn't looking that good, either. At times, she looks gorgeous, but then she can look tired and withered around the edges. Another person the camera isn't being too kind too either is Chisato, which makes me sad. I love Chisato, she's gorgeous, but here she just looks bored and tired. Then again, her boredom is more so based on her performance, and I hate that she looks bored, but that's life.

I'm happy she's at the front, though.

Anyway, to put a bright spot on this PV, I think that Mai is becoming even more gorgeous now that she's finally hitting puberty.  She really was the highlight of this PV next to Chinami, and she stole the show. Even my sister thought she looked amazing. Since Momoiro Sparkling, Mai has begun to stand out and he's become more and more beautiful, and it's amazing to see how she's changing. She's really looking good, and she looks really happy too.

Also, Maimi was like a sudden breath of fresh air for me in this video - I actually don't like Maimi, she is not one of my favourites and ranks bottom in my C-ute favourites. I find her bland, but gorgeous. In this video, her gorgeous face really just made me look twice. She looks so refreshing here, and it amazes me how I suddenly thought of her in that way. The first solo shot of her made me think 'Wow, she's stunning!'. So, Maimi really surprised me in this video.

Both Miyabi and Airi look gorgeous in the video, too, and made it more worthwhile to watch, because honestly, this PV is boring as hell, but the expressions of certain girls make up for it.

Suddenly digging up the bad parts of this PV for me again is Momoko's appearance. I really wish they would stop shoving how 'cute' the gremlin is down our throats. She scares me, and my honest first reaction to this PV when she came up was 'Ew'. I am not a Momoko fan, if you did not notice already. Those pigtails also do not suit her.

Anyway, other than the crappy make-up, Momoko's yukiness and the crap PV, I think that, overall, the song is pretty decent, but far too happy for its own good. If it was a more mature and mellow song, I could really see it as a song for a horror movie, but it isn't. I think a lot of people were surprised by how up-beat and energetic it was, and I am one of them. I guess I will always struggle with the idea that this song is meant to be paired with a horror film, because it's just so cheerful and cute.

Oh well... at least BeriKyuu sound good together. That's always a bonus, right?

... Yeah, it doesn't make me like the PV or song any more than I already do :/

Enjoy this Botox filled video!



  1. Wait, you don't like Berryz Koubou? D: Crazy Monkey Dancing, Dschinghis Khan loving, random, childish, over the top Berryz! I find that hard to believe. C-ute actually has 2 of my least favorite members. (Saki and Mai. XD)

    I'm glad that we both share a common dislike of their yukata. Or Berryz at least.
    You seem to not like Momoko, but she's adorable. Granted she has been a little annoying lately. XD You know, I didn't mention it in my review but Saki (Shimizu) does looks pretty washed up in her close-ups.

    I lol'd at this song being played in a horror movie. I forgot all about that. They will most likely place it at either a random scene or just before something happens to throw you off. Or just shoved at the end credits. Lol.

    And for me Airi was completely the highlight of the PV. <3 I was actually disappointed by how Miyabi looks too. She looks better in Buono's recent. I wish she had that short style here. :/

  2. @Aim I am one of those very, very rare girls who does not like Berryz, it is true - I'm not overly keen on some of their songs, and before maji Bomber, I really didn't care for any of them other than Chinami XD

    Haha, I know a lot of people like Momoko, but I seem to have a keen dislike for the poor girl. She irritates me, but then again... Reina irritated me, and I'm fine with her more so now. And yes, poor Captain, the camera does not love her Dx

    Credits, please! But it's really too happy for being a song that goes to a horror movie :/

    I think Miyabi is a bit of a hit/miss in this one - you're gonna like or love her, and though her hair is meh, I think she's still pretty.

    Airi! Gorgeous, as always! :D