Thursday, 20 October 2011

The 30 Day H!P Idol Challenge: Day 05

Bwahahahaha, I am back with another one of these posts! Honestly, I like the 30 day Idol challenge - it makes me think about what groups I like and why as well as realise how my opinions have changed in some ways. Sadly, I do wish that I was doing a regular Idol challenge now - I've grown to love Bump.y quite a lot as well as Watara Blah Blah 7 and other groups which have wiggled their way into my heart and head. So, I might just change this question today to relate to a non-H!P group XD

Anyway, today's question is this:

Day 05: Who is your Favourite Group?

Fun question! Well, for some this could be a bloody tough choice, and in a way it is for me - because I love three of the main flagship groups within the Hello! Project umbrella whilst I absolutely do not like the other one (Berryz) because the music has never really appealed to me. It's all bland and boring, to me, but that is my personal opinion.

So, I will introduce to you my favourite group:

I think that Morning Musume is a favourite because of the amount of girls you can get in the group, as well as the fact that they have some really wonderful songs that get stuck in your head for a long amount of time. Though I have some who aren't truly favourites, like Reina and Riho, I have found that I have latched onto nearly all of the members in a way. Even Winky has wormed her way into my 'I like her now' list, which surprised me. I also like the variety of songs that Morning Musume have, and how cute and different the girls are. The narcissistic Sayumi is one of my favourite idols in terms of her character, whilst Zukki's madness draws me to her because she is so... relatable and real. Eripon's happiness and confidence is something that really attracts me to her, whilst Fukumura's shyness and her love for the other members as well as the care she has for her generation  is something I find admirable. Reina's seriousness towards her job as well as the hidden love she has for Sayumi is also something I like, as well as Gaki's stern and mature manner that she has coupled with the deep love she has for Morning Musume, and Aika's dopey, lovely smile as well as her sisterly manner. Riho, though, is someone I still have yet to see develop. I think that she is a very cute and sweet girl, but right now I haven't seen much of her personality, though I found her charming in the Kono Chikyuu/Kare to making of's. However, I still need to see more of her personality wise, but as a performer she is fantastic.

I would have chosen C-ute if it wasn't Morning Musume, honestly, but I actually don't like all the members, which is why I didn't choose C-ute. I'm not a Maimi fan, and I find her rather bland right now - but over time I might grow to like her even more.

If I was to choose a group outside of Hello! Project, then it would be Bump.y. I find their sister-like quality very endearing as well as interesting. Their performance has really taken a turn with their latest single Kiss!, but for me they have always been a rather good group with a strong and wonderful bond. Only two of them are actually sisters, which at first amazed me, however they all seem to really care for each other, and for a group that was created initially for a net drama, they have improved and developed so fast as a group together and have a strong bond that is quite noticeable. Bump.y is the reason I decided to branch out to other groups because of how interesting they are. Everyday I anticipate news of a new release, and hopefully a new release will come one day, because this group is so good and deserves more releases, in my opinion.

Anyway, that's today's post done and dusted. Hopefully tomorrow's question will be a good one. If not, then... meh, I'll either change it or just answer it :3


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