Sunday, 16 October 2011

The 30 Day H!P Idol Challenge: Day 02

If I barely make any sense in this post, then don't worry - I'm tired, which will explain why I probably sound bleh here XD Anyway, I am back with Day 02 of this 30 Day Hello! Project Idol challenge, and whilst yesterday was my favourite member(s), today is the opposite of favourite.

Yup, you guessed it! Day 2 focuses on the idol who I don't really like, so, onto the disliked Idol!

Day 02: The Idol you Hate/Dislike

Hate is really a strong word. I prefer the terms Loath and extreme dislike to the point where I want to hit her. Okay... maybe not the second one, but you get the point, right? And in all honesty, this isn't going to be a tough decision, because I have disliked her since the day I got into Hello! Project, and whilst many of you will disagree, I really just don't like her.

... Urgh, Momoko Tsugunaga. Momoko has never been a favourite of mine, even when I watched Shugo Chara and found out about Buono (right after Kusumi Koharu, no less). I find that her constantly trying to be cute is an annoyance in some ways, and also kind of unfitting for her. Now, I could go down the road of SHE'S MY AGE, FOR CRIPES SAKE! but I won't, because I act childish - then again, I don't put it on for the camera.

Actually, I could totally use the cute argument against Sayumi as well, but I am biased, plus Sayumi is really really cute - sometimes Momoko is cute, and other times she isn't. Then again, this is just my opinion.

I guess another thing that I truly do dislike about Momoko is her voice - when she uses her real voice, I really like it, but when she puts on that god-awful squeak I just want to throw her out of a window and cackle as she falls down 10 feet or so.

Now, I actually can't think of anyone else - I would say Fujimoto Miki is a rather disliked member out of the graduated members, however I was never present for the era that she was in, so I can't say anything about her - actually, I just forget that she was even a part of Morning Musume. Yes, I am a bitch ;D

Anyway, that will conclude today's post. Tomorrow, what question shall be asked, and who shall be featured? Only time will tell - let's just hope that I will remember.

Much love and PEACE!


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