Saturday, 15 October 2011

The 30 Day H!P Idol Challenge: Day 01

I was debating a little while back whether I wanted to do a 30 Day challenge or not - this honestly won't be my first one, because I actually took up the challenge on my personal facebook like my friends, and surprisingly finished it. But it seems that bloggers are really getting into the 30 Day challenge, for any group that they like, and it is a fun and informational challenge to take - not only do you get to know who the favourites of a certain blogger are, but you also find out why, and you ultimately get a better understanding of this blogger.

So, I have decided to take on the challenge - whether I remember to do it once a day or not is something we will find out later on.

This is also a great way to troll me and my favourites~

Day 01: Your Favourite Idol

In terms of my favourite idol, this is a tough one - I actually fangirl over quite a few idols, especially when it comes to Hello! Project itself. Right now I have a few top favourites reigning supreme, so it's harder to decipher which one is my ultimate favourite. However, there is one who reigns supreme in my eyes...

Koharu Kusumi is ultimately my favourite Idol - I adore everything about her, from that squeak-box voice of hers to her hair. She's gorgeous and energetic, with just the right amount of crack-headed energeticness to make me really happy and awake. Incidentally, she was my first Idol that I ever came across and the sole reason that I got into Hello! Project in the first place. Without Koharu, I doubt that I would be the fangirl that I am today.

Gorgeous, leggy and stylish, Koharu is my heart and soul when it comes to being a Hello! Project fan girl <3

But if I was to choose from current members of Hello! Project, then Eripon wins hands down. She looks beautiful, and has this somewhat cocky looking smile that she puts on sometimes which makes you think 'damn, girl has confidence.'. I never initially liked her, but her charms won me over and she's a really fun addition to Hello! Project. The fact that she herself is a wota is wonderful, except she's a wota of S/mileage and AKB48, rather than a major fan of the group that she is in - however, you can tell she loves being an idol, and I think that her love and affection for different groups just makes her much more relate-able than other Idols, because you can kind of understand the love and obsessiveness she has for groups that we also happen to love and adore and obsess over.

So, that concludes Day 1 of this 30 day challenge - how long will it take me to finish, and who will be featured for Day 2? Find out when I eventually remember ;D

Love and freakin' PEACE!



  1. KOHAAAA *o* I dunno but whenever I think of her I start thinking in Japanese ._. First thing that ran through my mind when I saw this:

    "Kohaaa! Uwaa natsukashii na! Mou ni nen kana... Nemusou ._. daijoubu kana"

    ^"Kohaaa! Wow how nostalgic! It's been two years already, hasn't it... She looks tired ._. I wonder if she's alright"

    sou iu kanji nano~

  2. I can't believe Koharu is the reason you got into H!P. Because Koharu is seriously the reason I got into H!P too. Weird. O_O

    I feel pretty much the same way about Eripon. I didn't care about her when she first joined, but KY has definitely grown on me.

    You know, I always wanted to do the 30 day idol challenge. I've even had my first days post written for like 2 months now. XD But I get lazy, and I'm not sure if I'd actually post it every single day. Lol. XD

  3. @KiraRAWRRR
    - You think in Japanese? XD Wooow *o* haha she must be important to you~

    I seriously am starting to believe that we were separated at birth, Aim.

    And post it! I wanna know about your favourites >3< <3

  4. We must be. There's no other explanation!<3

    Hmm, I guess I will then. I'll finally break down and do it. Expect in the next day or so.