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Arashi are my Game Pieces! - Meikyuu Love Song PV Review

All opinions are my own, and I am entitled to these opinions. Don't agree with me? Then obviously that is your opinion. FREE WILL!

It's weird, writing about a male Jpop group on my blog. It really is, because I never intended to ever ever ever like boy groups - well, when it was suggested that I at least give them a try, maybe head over to the darkside where there's a little Ryosuke Yamada, maybe some Matsumoto Jun, and see what tickled my fancy, I took that chance and... well, here I am. The people who did this to me, feel giddy now. (Thanks Ray! Thanks Aim! Thanks Thennary! Thanks Phobos!)

And if you must know, Arashi was one of the groups which tickled my fancy. And it is their PV I have watched, and enjoyed, today~

Anyway, today Arashi came out with their newest PV to their song Meikyuu Love Song, which I had not previously heard until the video came out. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the group - I have only watched about three or four of their videos fully, and I've never really listened to their songs until my 3 day boy band challenge, so I'm very new to the group. Of course, I have seen their serious and fun side in the few videos that I have watched, and the group is very impressive, so I wondered what they would do for this video.

So, let's dive into my first full review for Arashi, and see how I squee over certain members. Mwahaha!

A board game? We're gonna play a game? GAME!!!

This set is seriously pretty <3

You are not my favourite D;

Hello handsome! Throw me, throw me! Into your arms, preferably ;D

Fuck you're cute, too :O


Ew, who are you?

The Adventures of Puzzle Storm sounds like a really cool story that I would read, then get bored of :/

Sexy guy, and not so sexy guy <3


I loled at this part xD

I like the sitting on the dice effect. This scene is awesome

OH NOES sword fight with a skeleton!


Oh wait, Jun pwns, he beat the skeletal boss man

Yummy <3

Lawl, wtf moment right here, I love it xD

Fuck, I want you!!!!! I need a Pok├ęball to catch this gorgeous piece of hotness!

FAIL I has no Pok├ęballs! D;

Does. Not. WANT xD xD

Nya Nya?

They look awkward, and I am not digging Jun's jacket.

Yeah, jacket fail. Urgh...

TEA PARTY! But there's no tea D;

Fuck. YES!!!!!!!!!! All of them!!!

Gimme a Three!

No... a one! One Chiima! You win a Chiima! <3 YAAAY

Oh, they've won the game!?

Where the hell did that come from?

Oh my gosh, it's still weird, writing for a boy group... but let's get over my silliness and get on with my conclusion of the video and the song. Yay times!~

In all honesty, I have been waiting for a PV by a boy group to come out, and when I saw on Tokyohive that Arashi were releasing a new single, I was like Yes, finally, I can start reviewing some boy band stuff and drool over Matsumoto Jun. But I had to wait... and then it came out! I am ridiculously happy with this PV right now, because it's the first PV I have truly appreciated from a Japanese boy group ever since getting off my high horse and listening to music by male groups. I never thought that would happen, honestly.

Anyway, I have really come to like Arashi - not because of this PV, but probably because of the other songs I have heard from them. They are a really good group from what I have seen, with great vocals and great presentation. Their is a lout of effort put into their songs, and they look like they mean every word they say, which makes me really like the guys and makes me eager to see what they come up with next.

Anyway, now that that is out of the way, let's get on with the actual conclusion/review for this video.

From the start of the PV, I wasn't overly keen on the darker tone it had going through it. However as I watched it more, I found that I didn't care - the members were enchanting enough, along with the cute board game storyline, to make me forget how dark the setting was and to just focus on the members and how they portrayed themselves throughout the entire video. As I watched it, I had a few giggles because of the scenes where they are on bicycles or trying to escape from invisible rope, whilst one of the members found a different way to escape and just passed the others without a care. Those parts really made me smile and made me like the group more.

I find that the video is extremely carefree and rather childish in its own way, whilst still trying to tie in a mature element with the darkness of the video and the maturity of the song. However, these elements all work together so well. The silly antics are extremely cute and charming and make you fall in love with the video. I honestly have no idea what Arashi's past videos have been like, but this video has just made me like the group even more. The shots really show the emotion that the group wants to portray, as well the carefree nature of the song and video. It is not something I expected, but I found that I really did enjoy the video - especially when mr Hawtness himself, Nino or Matsumoto Jun, pop up and grace us with their extreme yummyness.


Fangirling time over, I like the song. I wasn't so sure what I thought about it at first, other than that it was rather nice and not as poppy and upbeat as the songs that I am currently listening to. But the voices are truly mesmerising  all of them sound really wonderful and even beautiful at times. I love their solo lines, by far my most favourite parts of the entire song, and I love how they flow together as a group. I love how they sound together, but also how they sound when they aren't together, making this song a bit of a winner for me.

The feel of the song was something I anticipated - a nice, slower song, though a bit more upbeat than I thought it would be, with a relaxing tune that grabs you in when you eventually get into it, and totally captures you in the process.

I feel that the video fits the song well - with the mature sound, the darkness fits that, but with the silliness and carefree attitude thrown in there, we see a childish and wonderful side to these guys that I wouldn't have expected to see from a song like this. But, it strangely fits the style of the song.

I'm really starting to like Arashi, and this PV has just helped me to like them even more. I also love Nino, juuust saying!


Ps: Watch out! This might be taken down at some point! Dx

International Wota Recommended Reading: October 30th 2011

Overcome with Love - Sakura Gakuin's Yume ni Mukatte / Hello! Ivy Review

As always, all opinions are my own - if you do not like my opinions, then that is your choice. We won't always share the same opinion. Sorry~

After being a bit out of whack these past few days, and not updating with anything, I've finally sorted out my head and it's time for a review! One of my personal favourites, considering that this blog was made for reviews... Anyway, I have a group I recently discovered, and I am really liking what I am hearing!

Sakura Gakuin are a 10 member unit who debuted last year, and though they are still relatively new, their name popped up on Tokyohive and Pure Idol Heart, so it kinda got me interested in the girls. Currently they only have one single and an album, but their second single will be released this year. I find that a year is a rather long time to wait for their second single, however they released their album this year too. They are also only a year old, well nearly, and still rather unknown internationally (I think). I wouldn't expect a lot of releases from a new group who don't get a lot of promotion like Fairies

Much like indie group Houkago Princess, Sakura Gakuin is based around a school theme, however they seem to project it much better and are having a little more success with it. The leader of the group is called the student council president, and whilst they all wear the same uniform, their neck ties or bow ties distinguish what sort of student they are - bow ties indicate elementary school students, whilst neck ties show that the girls are in middle school. Once a girl is old enough to be a middle school student, she will 'graduate' and earn a neck tie instead. The girls also have 'Club activities', or as we know them, sub groups.

I find this concept really cute, as well as impressive, though it makes me wonder - what happens beyond middle school? Do the girls graduate to a High school status. If so, then what about after High school? Do they have to graduate all together? You need to remember, it is based on a school theme and they seem to follow it pretty well, so I am just questioning what happens afterwards.

Anyway, questioning away, let's get into the songs.

Yume ni Mukatte/Hello! Ivy is the debut single of Sakura Gakuin, featuring a double A-side plus a third song, titled School Days. All of the songs present in this single are quite catchy and up beat, with Hello! Ivy being a little bit softer than the other two songs. When I first listened to these songs, I wasn't sure what to expect, like with any other new group I am presented with, however with just this single I have been wowed by this girls - but really, it's the third song that caught me and tied me to a chair to keep me with the group, bobbing my head along happily and occasionally tapping my foot.

Yume ni Mukatte

Yume ni Mukatte is the opening song, and is an energetic, up beat and happy song that really gets you into the group. I think that, for a debut song, this is just perfect. It emphasises the youthful joy and energy that these girls have and just really makes me feel cheerful. After hearing the news of Maeda Yuuka's graduation that is to happen, I actually turned to Sakura Gakuin for comfort music wise. I had only just found them, but it was the music I needed, and it really energised me and made me smile. It's the sort of music that I definitely do like, and the kind that makes me want to dance to it, which is why I say that it energises me. I love the nature of the song, how joyful and playful it is, and how it has been presented.

Though I haven't watched the full PV, I have seen a 2 minute preview of it as well as some of their live performances. In the performances, you can see the energy that the girls put into their performance. Though I believe that they are lip synching during one of their performances, their dance and the way they move together is energetic and bright. During another performance, performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival, none of the girls lip synch and you can see how much they love what they are doing. Their smiles and how their faces light up as they sing. You can see that these girls are giving it their all, and it really makes the song so much more energetic and it makes me like it even more than I already do.

Hello! Ivy

Hello! Ivy, in a way, is a little more toned down when compared to Yume ni Mukatte, though during the beginning it is a fun and exciting upbeat tune which really gets the listener into the mood. The chorus is pretty calming, and quite repetitive too, unlike the beginning of the song, so it can be pretty misleading in its own but it is still a very happy and up beat song with a good instrumental and beautiful vocals to go with it.

Honestly, this is not my favourite song from the single - I do like to listen to it occasionally, because the girls sound so good in this, especially the one solo towards the end, however it just doesn't get stuck in my head as easily as Yume ni Mukatte or School Days. I find that the song's repetitive words can get annoying, however the girls' voices do really make up for it. The chorus, though I initially thought it would just be as up beat as the beginning, is rather calming still, but brings in an element of youthful fun and makes me rather cheerful. It may not be as up beat and fun as the other two songs it sits with, but the song does its job. If you like calmer songs, then you'll probably really like this one, but it doesn't do much for me.

Sadly, I can't find many videos with this song. It would have been nice to have seen a live performance of this song, to see how the girls looked. However, there is a 2 minute preview of the song and PV. It's rather simple, featuring the girls in group and close up shots with their cute and smiling faces, in both a natural and professional state. It's rather charming to watch, actually.

School Days

The third and final track of this single. The first time I heard it, I was like Fuck YEAH! A ballad!, because the opening is so peaceful and beautiful, and really reminded me of a school chorus - and THEN the energy kicked in and I was like Mind fuck, mind fuck, I LOVE IT! This has to be my favourite song from the single, and it is what made me go and download the album for this group. I didn't think that this group would have such a powerful impact on me with just this song, but they did.

From the misleading beginning to the very end, this song is my ideal song. It makes me really happy, and much like Yume ni Mukatte, energised and wanting to dance. In fact, I have danced to it in all my stupid glory, and I loved every second of it. I even shoot my hand into the air every time the little 'Sa's' pop up, and bob my head about giddily as I listen to this song. I have, sadly, not seen any live videos of this song, but if there are any roaming about I just really want to see what the dance is like, because I have a feeling that it is very upbeat and energetic, something I would love and something I would learn if I could.

Honestly, I don't know how the song had such an impact on me, but I love these kinds of songs - fun, energetic, makes you cheerful and happy, makes you want to dance yourself and even gets you dancing. I haven't really experienced that sort of energised feeling since listening to some Hinoi Team back when I was about 14 years old on a DDR machine. This group has really made me feel energetic, which has made me fall in love with them. This song is... my IDEAL!!!!!

There are really no videos of the girls singing this song, however someone kindly uploaded an OPV with subtitles, so YAAAAY!

So, with all of the songs reviewed, here is my conclusion of the single:


I really, really like this single - the three songs that these were given as a debut are quite possible the most perfect songs to be given to a group who are just coming out into the Idol world. The songs fit the youthful images of the girls as well as the style of the group, and though I'm disappointed that there is no ballad, the single has really impressed me. It is a wonderful introduction to this amazing group.

The girls all sound amazing together, and you can feel all of their energy and happiness through these songs. You can tell that these girls love singing, and though upon debut some of these girls had no prior experience to singing or dancing, I think this single shows the joy rather than the experience they have. These songs are genuine happy songs which make you smile and want to do silly things, like dancing as I stated before. And yes, these songs may not appeal to everyone, but they certainly appeal to me, and they will appeal to a much younger audience too.

In all honesty, I already adore this group - and it is this sound that they have, happy, energetic and distinguished, which is what I find is now lacking in current Morning Musume singles (barring that surprise attack of Kare to Issho, THAT was wonderful, kiddy bliss) and what may soon be lacking in S/mileage singles.

I honestly don't think I have loved a song this much since S/mileage's Shortcut, which is my favourite S/mileage song since it came out. This just goes to show the power of youth, uniforms and happy, energetic songs which mislead you with a ballad beginning.

Fuck yes, I love these girls - their music is awesome!

Time to listen to some Baby Metal and Twinklestars or Sleepiece - whichever Club Activity peaks my interest tonight...

Peace OUT, have fun falling in love! The girls surpass S/mileage now, in my eyes.


International Wota Recommended Reading: October 29th 2011

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Okay! Musume Time: ~7th poll Winner~

Oh lord, I've been so out of it lately, which is why I haven't been blogging - heck, I've even ignored the 30 day challenge! WHOOPS! Anyways, one way to get back into the blogging spirit~ Or at least, try to, is the 7th poll winner for this week! Yes, it is a day late, but we will get over it :D

I'm going to blame Maeda Yuuka's sudden graduation announcement for what's happened - it really hit me hard, and surprised me...

Anyway, this weeks poll winner was the temporary anime duo unit, Kira*Pika, who has one of the most annoying songs in H!P discography! The song, named Hana wo Puu~n spawned 13 votes from everyone, making it the winner for this poll! So, congratulations to Hana wo Puu~n for being so daned annoying!

In second place comes Papancake, a song sung by Koharu Kusumi for the very same anime, Kirarin Revolution. This song is known for the incessant annoyingness as well as the repetitive nature it brings. The song brought in 7 votes! In joint 3rd place, we have Koharu Kusumi's Konnichipa and C-ute's Ooki ni ai de Motenashite, both coincidentally also a part of the Kirarin Revolution anime track list, both gained 6 votes each. I agree that both these songs are really annoying and headache inducing. In 4th place, with 4 votes, is Morning Musume's cover song of Pin Pan Pon Taisou. Personally I like the song, but some do find it rather annoying. Then, in 5th place we have Hello Project no Theme by Hello! Project all stars. This gained one vote, however I guess some do find it annoying. I have never heard it, actually. Then, finally, in last place we have a Mini Moni song called Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi, which spawned 0 votes. Go Mini Moni!

So, with 25 votes (Thank you so much ;a;) we end this poll for the week. So, what's next?

Well, the next poll question, of course! This time I will base the poll on Who Is Your Favourite Hello! Project Group?, because with all the changes, maybe our minds have changed a little. I feel that, though the changes have happened, I still love Morning Musume, if not even more, as well as still love S/mileage. However their singles will show me whether my love is still there, or if it wavers.

And I would have done a poll on who you think will graduate next, but really, people only say Reina, Risa, Aika and Sayumi - never a Berryz or C-ute or a S/mileage member. So I'm gonna wait it out until something else happens.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Hello! Project - The Changes of 2011 and Potential Graduations

After my rant, I decided to post a more formal and clear approach to what I just found out. I would prefer that this one gives you more of an impression of my feelings towards the changes in Hello! Project, however the post prior to this one will give you my clear rage on the matter at hand. Thank you kindly.

There is no doubt that 2011 has been the year of change for Hello! Project. With one of the biggest graduations to ever happen in the Hello! Project universe, as well as the sudden and shocking graduation of the beautiful Sakitty, 2011 has brought both excitement and tears for many Wota and fans of the groups within Hello! Project.

The announcement of 9th Gen brought back the old flavour that was what the original Morning Musume was all about, and then the announcement of Morning Musume's then-leader Takitty was announced, a less-than surprising action, but something that many cried about and did not want to happen. Then, 10th Gen were announced soon after 9th gen had debuted, and the sudden surprise that was to be the 2nd gen S/mileage audition. So many pondered to as why this could be, and some were right: There would be a graduation of one of the original members. Then the sudden announcement of Sakitty's graduation was announced and she left just as quickly as we knew about the graduation, stunning a lot of her fans and S/mileage lovers. Then the 2nd gen of S/mileage became sub-members, with the sudden graduation of Kosuga Fuyuka due to health issues, and 10th Gen appeared just after MoBeKiMaSu formed. Soon, the 2nd Gen S/mileage members all became official S/mileage girls.

And now we come to a new piece of news.

It has come to the knowledge of many S/mileage and Hello! Pro fans that Maeda Yuuka, a first generation S/mileage member and one of the most popular members, will be graduating from the group in order to focus on her studies so that she can get into University.

Though this has not been confirmed as of yet by Tsunku himself, or UFA in general, tabloids in Japan have stated that Yuuka shall be graduating on the 31st of December - 3 days after the release of S/mileage's 8th single, Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!, which is also being released on Yuuka's 17th birthday.

Of course, as I have said, this is still not official until Tsunku announces it - everything is simply speculation until we hear the word from the horses mouth, so as to speak, but this is still shocking news. Shortly after losing Sakitty, Yuuka leaves too? It's not just been shocking to her fans, but also her non fans. A lot of people on the Hello! Online forums have shown their shock and surprise, saying how they don't necessarily like Yuuka, but they still think she is one of the most important members of S/mileage. So soon after the big graduation of Takahashi Ai, and too quickly after the loss of Sakitty, this happens. Of course we would all be shocked by it.

But you should not take the tabloids' word for it - this could be a rumour created to strike a bit of fear into the public, or it could all be true. Maybe this is why the S/mileage sub-members were to promote S/mileage? Maybe this is why Tsunku added them all. If Yuuka is really graduating, then I can see why Tsunku would want the sub-members to promote the group more, and why he would add them all in.

If this is true, then honestly I wish Yuuka all the best - I think she is a seriously talented young girl, but, if like Sakitty, she thinks that the life of a normal girl is what is best for her, then I think her fans will support her whole heartedly and look forward to seeing her in the news again if she ever does come back into the spotlight. Maybe Sakitty's graduation to leave the Idol world for normality got the girl thinking, maybe it was her fellow S/mileage member who helped her to realise that she wanted to go to University. Whatever the reason, Yuuka has made a choice for herself and we all have to respect that. I may have ranted and raved and cried about it, but at the end of the day there is nothing that we can do other than cheer her on for her dreams and hope that one day she makes another appearance to show everyone that she is doing what she wants to do and that she is fine.

But this just goes to show, if it does actually happen, that S/mileage is becoming a lot more like Morning Musume.

Speaking of Morning Musume, there is a rumour going around that 2011 will also be the graduation year of the remaining 8th gen member, Mitsui Aika. This came to speculation when the above picture surfaced via Winky's Blog. A lot of people have already come to terms with the fact that Aika may be the next one to graduate in Morning Musume, however it is still a shocking thought, especially so soon after Ai's departure. However, much like Yuuka's graduation, this one has not been confirmed, and this is simply a rumour. It sparked up because Aika has not been in the photoshoot. As my sister said, she could have been in hospital at the time, or in extreme pain from her injuries. Whatever the case, I don't think that Aika is graduating yet.

Sadly, that 11 on the cover is rather daunting... I wonder what it says.

In all honesty, Yuuka's graduation announcement (though it has not been fully confirmed) is the biggest shock for me, however it adds to the excitement and sadness that 2011 has undoubtedly brought us when it comes to Hello! Project. It has certainly been a busy year for the Wotaverse, what with 9th Gen and 10th Gen being added, the 2nd Generation of S/mileage appearing, Sakitty's sudden graduation, the departure of Ai-chan, and outside of Hello! Project, SNSD suddenly announcing their disbandment and the new HKT48 members.

2011 has certainly created a lot of drama for themselves as well as surprising us all. But then I remember that this is Hello! Project - it's spontaneous at times, and though some of us may wish for stabilization next year, you just have to prepare yourself for more to happen if Tsunku decides to do something else.

Personally, I feel that 2011 has pleased me. Though there have been graduations that I did not want and certainly did not anticipate, it has been a year that has changed my perspective of the Idol world. I find that this year, I have become more open to the Idol world and what it gives me, and I have come to love more groups because of that. I've grown to like Idols I initially thought I would never like (Winky, Takitty, Maeda Yuuka, Meimi, Johnny's Entertainment, the '48 family) as well as appreciating the Idol world for what it gives me: Excitement, happiness and things to talk about.

2011 hasn't ended yet, and I await for it to end with a bang. In all honesty, I anticipate what the remaining 2 months bring us. What about you?

For me, the change in Hello! Project is something which makes me happy. There was a need for the change, and undoubtedly, things have changed.

Edit: It has been confirmed that Maeda Yuuka will graduate Hello! Project before we turn to the New Year. On 12/31/2011, she shall hang up her mini skirt and move on towards her education. When this became official, my heart sunk and I truly felt sad.

I'm going to dearly miss you, Yuukarin.


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FUCKIN' TROLLZ! - The Graduation Troll Lurks


I want to fucking SCREAM, believe it or not! Heck, I don 't know what to do right now - scream, cry or punch a pillow until it bleeds (which won't happen, unless I fill it with fake blood). All I know is that right now I am filled with RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!

Seeeeriously, first my darling Sakitty leaves and now it seems that Yuukarin, the one who I have just started to fangirl over, is leaving too. Seriously, S/mileage is dieing for me a little bit more. Thank fuck that Kanananana and Derp-faced cutie Akari and Kanyon are still there, or that group would not really peak my interest.

Now, let me say that this has not yet been confirmed by H!P, UFA or Tsunku themselves - but it's been in the Japanese tabloids/newspapers, meaning that it may actually happen.

And if it does then Fsdnjksndfcbejrednbcjhsnbdcnb kj

Oh, and there is the possibility of Aika Graduating. This was posted on Winky's blog:

This graduation, if it happens, I would not be surprised about. However, fuck! I think Aika's awesome. Personal opinion and all, and I was expecting the graduation - but still. FUCK UFA!

I nearly killed my keyboard...


Newspaper on Yuukarin's Graduation
Article on Yuukarin's Graduation
Yonasu on Yuukarin's Graduation

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The 30 Day H!P Idol Challenge: Day 05

Bwahahahaha, I am back with another one of these posts! Honestly, I like the 30 day Idol challenge - it makes me think about what groups I like and why as well as realise how my opinions have changed in some ways. Sadly, I do wish that I was doing a regular Idol challenge now - I've grown to love Bump.y quite a lot as well as Watara Blah Blah 7 and other groups which have wiggled their way into my heart and head. So, I might just change this question today to relate to a non-H!P group XD

Anyway, today's question is this:

Day 05: Who is your Favourite Group?

Fun question! Well, for some this could be a bloody tough choice, and in a way it is for me - because I love three of the main flagship groups within the Hello! Project umbrella whilst I absolutely do not like the other one (Berryz) because the music has never really appealed to me. It's all bland and boring, to me, but that is my personal opinion.

So, I will introduce to you my favourite group:

I think that Morning Musume is a favourite because of the amount of girls you can get in the group, as well as the fact that they have some really wonderful songs that get stuck in your head for a long amount of time. Though I have some who aren't truly favourites, like Reina and Riho, I have found that I have latched onto nearly all of the members in a way. Even Winky has wormed her way into my 'I like her now' list, which surprised me. I also like the variety of songs that Morning Musume have, and how cute and different the girls are. The narcissistic Sayumi is one of my favourite idols in terms of her character, whilst Zukki's madness draws me to her because she is so... relatable and real. Eripon's happiness and confidence is something that really attracts me to her, whilst Fukumura's shyness and her love for the other members as well as the care she has for her generation  is something I find admirable. Reina's seriousness towards her job as well as the hidden love she has for Sayumi is also something I like, as well as Gaki's stern and mature manner that she has coupled with the deep love she has for Morning Musume, and Aika's dopey, lovely smile as well as her sisterly manner. Riho, though, is someone I still have yet to see develop. I think that she is a very cute and sweet girl, but right now I haven't seen much of her personality, though I found her charming in the Kono Chikyuu/Kare to making of's. However, I still need to see more of her personality wise, but as a performer she is fantastic.

I would have chosen C-ute if it wasn't Morning Musume, honestly, but I actually don't like all the members, which is why I didn't choose C-ute. I'm not a Maimi fan, and I find her rather bland right now - but over time I might grow to like her even more.

If I was to choose a group outside of Hello! Project, then it would be Bump.y. I find their sister-like quality very endearing as well as interesting. Their performance has really taken a turn with their latest single Kiss!, but for me they have always been a rather good group with a strong and wonderful bond. Only two of them are actually sisters, which at first amazed me, however they all seem to really care for each other, and for a group that was created initially for a net drama, they have improved and developed so fast as a group together and have a strong bond that is quite noticeable. Bump.y is the reason I decided to branch out to other groups because of how interesting they are. Everyday I anticipate news of a new release, and hopefully a new release will come one day, because this group is so good and deserves more releases, in my opinion.

Anyway, that's today's post done and dusted. Hopefully tomorrow's question will be a good one. If not, then... meh, I'll either change it or just answer it :3


Okay! Musume Time: ~6th poll Winner~

October is proving to be a hectic month for me, however I am trying my best to enjoy it. There are some things that I wish hadn't happened, like being bullied by some cow in my class, however these things happen and I need to get over it, so I will.

Anyway, it is now time to close the 6th poll for Okay! Musume Time, and see which Johnnys Entertainment group is the favourite among fans. I'm honestly not that surprised by the results, because I had a good idea which group was the most popular already, however I am really happy that everyone took part in the poll and chose their favourite Johnny's group. It was honestly strange for me to put up the poll because initially, I was never a fan of the boy groups, but I am trying hard to branch out, so I'm happy I made the poll too.

Anyway, enough of the blabbering! Who is the 6th poll winner for the blog!?

Congratulations to the group Hey! Say! JUMP! The group took over the poll ranks with 12 votes, charming the girls and boys with their cheeky smiles, catchy songs and charming ways. In second place, we have a tie between popular groups KAT-TUN and Arashi, both sharing 9 votes each whilst in third place, NEWS holds the crown. In 4th place, coming with 5 votes are the cute duo TegoMass, and last, but certainly not least, is Kanjani8, sending you away laughing with 2 votes from their fans.

So, congratulations, H!S!J!, you are the fan favourite for this poll! Even though are still the baby group of JE, until that Pedo_Zone group comes into the picture, they are quite popular thanks to their songs and overall presentation. I agree with you all, by the way. And I am really glad that Arashi got second place! YAY!

Anyway, once again thank you for voting! This time there were around 30 votes, so I am really really happy with the result! To those who voted, thank you for choosing your favourite group from Johnny's Entertainment. It might have been a hard choice, so I apologise if that was the case xD

So, now we go onto the question of what the next question will be? Well, I have decided that this will be the question: Which of these Hello! Project songs do you find the most annoying?

This was a question that I conducted on facebook, and I got a few different answers from everyone, whilst others voted for the ones they agreed were annoying, so I will post them here for you to vote on as a poll. I think that we all find different songs in Hello! Project annoying, however some stand out more than others for certain people, so I thought that it would make a good poll question and see which songs you find annoying from the list I am giving you ^o^

Anyway, thank you very much everyone! I hope that your week will be a pleasant one. See you in my next post~


Birthday Wishes for Papa Musume~

Morning Musume's newest Leader, and a favourite member of mine, Niigaki Risa, is celebrating her 23rd birthday today. This also marks the first birthday she has celebrated as a leader for the group she has been in for over 10 years, so congratulations, Niigaki!

Lord Gaki, as I like to call her, has been one of my favourite members since late 2009, early 2010, and is my ultimate girl crush. I think that she is an admirable person, because of how much she dedicates herself to Morning Musume, and I think that she is a beautiful singer. I think, if I met her, I would probably bow down (mwahahaha).

I await the day for a Gaki solo, or for her to go soloist, as well as for her to act more in movies and stage plays. She is beautiful~

Happy birthday, Niigaki Risa!

Hope you enjoyed my poorly structured pic spam! Niigaki AWAY!~~~