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Tsunku's Answer to Crack - Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV Review + Pic Spam!

As always, all opinions are my own, as are yours. Please respect my opinion, and I will respect yours~ If I get violent - that's because I am somewhat weird, and I need to vent. Hence why I have this blog ;)

Morning Musume have finally revealed the full PV for the second song of their 47th double A-side single, Kare to Iissho ni Omise ga Shitai as well as linking it directly to the first song, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da Yo and showing fans all around just how these two songs are connected and why it is one long song.

I really wasn't expecting the transition between these two songs - so it was a pleasant surprise when I saw it. It kinda shows me how Tsunku linked these songs - mainly the ending to Kono Chikyuu and then the beginning of Kare to Issho, as well as how both songs are set in a dream state. The first being Takahashi's, and then the second being Sayu's.

But please, Tsunku, for the love of GAWD don't make Takahashi's solo a part of those PV's - that'll be 15 minutes or more ._. I may love you and your craziness, but that would be going overboard XD

OKAY now that I'm done with that, let's go ahead to the pic spam! Cos lord, I have 60 pictures, and they won't load themselves...

Ai: "Where's the Exit sign?"

So yeah, we're pretty much picking up where we left off - the sad, sad ending which isn't really an ending - it's just the beginning of a new PV that's full of Tsunku's/Koharu's crack.

This time there is no 'WTF it's a door' face, just a 'Here we go AGAIN' face...

Ai: "This isn't my house... Oh well!"

That dresser wasn't there before...

LORD FACKITY FACK, FLYING LIPGLOSS!! I need me one of them! One less thing to worry about before going to college in the morning...

Yeah, deffo need one of those... but the legs creep me out...

Girl, that's no dream, that's a nightmare!

Okay, that's better...

Fark, it's back...

However, I will admit that she looks quite pretty in this PV

Gaki: "Kiss meh, Babeh!"

Lord Gaki's gonna NOM YA!

Sayu and Double Eripon? I'm game!

This is taking the term'Cam-Hog' too seriously, Winky - But Sayu can stay

Loving Shige's dress and Zukki as Dora the Explorer

Best. Two-shot. EVER!

In all honesty. Eripon gets A LOT of screen time and I am LOVING it <3

Aika: "Chuu me, Chuu me more! MOAR!"

... I just noticed that she has a pair of glasses in her hair XD

This two shot is quite cute... just get rid of Winky and replace her with, oh I dunno.... GAKI!

Lord Gaki: "Bitches, coming through!"

Lord, she's gorgeous this one...

I dunno why, but I like this shot a lot...

Ai: "Thunderbirds are GO!"

Why am I reminded of the Thunderbirds whenever I see Ai in this video?

The power of the PEN!

Ai: "Hehehe..."

Ai has finally lost it...
Riho, Get out of the way!
Aika, why are you smiling!?
Reina: Trying to create a diversion, but then see's the camera.
Kanon... wtf?

Super Gaki!

So... Godzilla is an Otaku now?

FACK YES! Though I wish she had done her Mayuge Beam - that would have been LOVE XD

Lord Gaki: "Bitches be in my front seat center position."

Gaki see's a certain Wink-Meister hogging the front, whilst Ai-chan is strangely in the back o-O

One of the rare times where I don't mind Winky or her annoying facking bow

Zukki - stealing apples for the Hell of it

Okay... well, at least the apple knows that this is her true form <3

This bit is weird - like the film died and the editors couldn't be bothered to replace it...

Shige is surrounded by the British delicacy that we call Pringles (in the shape of hearts, no less)

Well, hello Captain Ai - Thunderbirds aren't Go?

Riho is a bundle of adorableness here - this song has forced me to like her in a way...

Aik: "Ow, OW! Sayu, that hurts!"

As Shige grips the back of Aika's head tightly, a beautiful smile hiding this act of menace, Winky cackles like the hag that she is whilst Lord Gaki watches on in horror...

And here Shuge gets her mitts on a child

Just by looking at Eripon and Fukupon, you can tell they've managed to get into Tsunku and Koharu's crack pile - they're LOVING IT

Lord Gaki: "Wh-What the hell IS THAT!?"
Aika: "I-I have no idea... it looks like Zukki..."
Winky: *cackles*

OMFG GIANT ZUKKI! Gaki looks shocked

When I first saw this clip, I thought 'Pocket Morning Weekly, anyone?'

Lord, Gaki, you're gorgeous, even when wearing ridiculous clothing

This scene was cute

Eripon looks so lovely in most of her scenes

OH LOOK, FUKUPON!!!! Seriously, she gets so little screen time


Winky: "I'm SO sueing my stylist!"

Digging the beehive-quiff there, Reina ;D Suits you

Morning Musume Burger? What, so it's like... made out of Morning Musume members...?

So that's where all the graduated members go! :o

Aika is excited!

... because she actually gets to sing!

Gaki is surprised at the fact that she defeated Otaku Godzilla without her Mayuge Beam!

Kanon going crazy over bugs!

Wait, what!? A scene where we actually SEE Fuku-chan without another member or a quick cut to someone else?

It has just been reported from Tsunku himself that Takahashi Ai, current Leader of Morning Musume, will become a Thunderbirds Representative after she graduates - Tsunku states "This is the best for her - we couldn't wish for her to be anywhere else. This is where she belongs, and we hope that she gets on well with the other Thunderbirds."

Riho is excited at the prospect of being close to a Thunderbirds future member

Eripon's been taking lessons from Zukki...

As has Fuku-chan

Is this... that 'Ai~n' face!? Stick to winking!

Sayu is just adorable x2 in this

Everyone is happy because... well, just because

Okay, NOW we know we're on crack - Giant Ai head floating around? What the doodle bug?

I have to say, this scene made me appreciate Riho's voice a lot more than I normally do

And this is the very scene where I realised that Sayumi is no longer cute - she's god damned beautiful

Shige dreaming of Shige... why does that seem normal?

And then the end - Where it all started...

So, is this how Tsunku see's Ai's graduation? A dream that he doesn't want to get out of, so he'll make sure it is a continuous loop - because that is what this song is - like one endless dream loop - you start off in the room, and then return there, only to begin that very same dream state again and again.

Not that I'm complaining - I actually love it - I would prefer to play these songs one after the other, because even before this PV came out I just thought that they fit and should be played together, no matter what. Whenever Kono Chikyuu would finish, I would be like 'Where's Kare to Issho?' and then remember the PV hadn't been released and I would sigh.

Okay, so review time?
PV wise, I really like it - yes, I am overly positive on all Morning Musume songs - I don't know why, I just like them all (except Renai Revolution 21 and Love Machine), but this one is probably going to be a big favourite from now on - it's a catchy song, and the PV is just as catchy - Okay, I'm probably gonna get sick of all this CG shit sooner or later, but this isn't as painful as the brightness that came from Kono Chikyuu's PV, and though I like that PV, it's far too bright and pain-staking for my eyes. This one, though a lot more colourful is somewhat toned down and gives enough of the crazy amount of colour it needs to satisfy my needs.

I enjoy the use cut-out like imagery that they use - especially the hair scenes (haha!). It just shows you how much crack Tsunku was on when he decided how the PV should go - oh, and the giant floating Ai head - that's proof enough to show that Tsunku's been on crack, or something just as good.

OKAY now the song - this song is extremely catchy, and it can stand alone and still be strong - even with Shige as the lead. A lot of people bitched about this being a Shige lead, but come on, this girl deserves lines that aren't used for Tsunku to masturbate to - and by that I mean actual lines with words and not just 'ah!' (which I think will be going to Eripon if this song is any indication towards her future) like she usually gets. Sayumi sang this song extremely well, and it suits her voice perfectly - I find it refreshing to hear more Shige than Takahashi - sadly, we still hear the same amount of Winky that always do. If only they had given Gaki a few more lines in this, then I would have been even more satisfied.

Okay, so I need to complain about stuff - and that is the lack of Fukumura in this - she is probably the least shown, next to Aika and Kanon, in this entire PV - though she's not my number one, Fukumura is still high in my ranks, and the girl is absolutely beautiful - she deserves some screen time, seriously. Also, another complaint - Where the HELL is Niigaki's Mayuge Beam? I would have honestly preferred that to the Love Beam she threw at Otaku Godzilla.

Anyway, all in all, yes, I love it - come on! I'm a girly girl, I love sparkly, colourful things and happy wappy music that fits with the other song - also, this doesn't hurt my eyes like the other PV did, and Gaki looks like absolute Eye candy here! Seriously, she is divine, yes, I am delving into my posh words now - but really, she looks wonderful, and Michishige looks gorgeous - I do love how they tied in Kono Chikyuu by having her dream about the outfit, and I love the whole dream loop thing going on.

Another reason why I really like this song is because of how well it portrays the girls friendship and closeness - you can really see how much they like each other and what sort of bond they have. You can also see the amount of fun they have in this video, and how good they are together. However, this song makes me realise what a kind of gap there will be when Takahashi leaves - but the song and video also demonstrate how strong Morning Musume are - I mean, if Morning Musume weren't ready to let Takahashi go, would they be able to sing a song that is so heavy on Reina, Shige and Riho, with a little Ai just added in there? No, they wouldn't - This song just shows us that Morning Musume can go on without Takahashi, even if she is one of their strong points. Michishige has proven to us that she can sing lead, and I am pretty sure that Ai's lines will go to Niigaki, and if not, Reina, Riho or even Mitsui, so all is not lost. I love this song because it has proven to a lot of people that Ai isn't the only one holding Morning Musume up. So all is not lost to those who say that when Ai goes, everything will fall - Morning Musume still have a lot of strength left in them. They aren't going anywhere too soon.

And finally, I will admit this: I felt a little sad when the PV finished, because it does make me realise how little Ai's time is in Morning Musume, and also because of this change in Morning Musume - I became a fan in 2009, just before Koharu's graduation, and this is the biggest change I have seen Morning Musume go through - these are the first truly hyper happy songs, and Ai is the only leader I have experienced, as well as the 9th Gen being the first new members that I have seen come in. So yeah, this can be emotional for me, especially since I'm a sap.

But anyway, I really do like this PV, and I love the song even more - I think I will cherish these songs, because these songs indicate the first ever change I have seen Morning Musume go through that is big. So yeah, I love them.

Anyway, if my review and pic spam peaked your interest in these songs, then please go and check them out - they are pretty much all one video, which is why it took so long to come out, I guess...

Have a fun day! Lord, it's 4:23am now... ._.


PS! How could I leave you without another Gaki picture? This girl is absolutely gorgeous! Long live Lord Gaki, the new soon-to-be Morning Musume Leader!

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