Thursday, 8 September 2011

Please Be The Last Kiss - Fairies "More Kiss" PV Review

As you know well, my opinions are my own - whatever opinions I may display in my blog are certainly mine, so don't be offended, because your opinion also counts. Regardless of what I think, you should believe YOUR own opinion, but also take into consideration my opinion and make a healthy balance.

I don't even know what the heck I am saying any more.

Fairies just recently debuted with their single More Kiss, and due to great publication and advertising, these girls are already fairly popular. With a great debut and a PV, these girls have certainly captured the hearts of many Wota in Japan and are rapidly creating a solid fanbase.

Sadly, I am not a part of it... Okay, I'm not sad about it, but that's because I am me, and in all honesty I only care for this group enough to see if they bring out pretty good music and if one of them will become my favourites. But other than that, I actually find this group overall bland and boring.

I already know where my relationship stands with Fairies - We simply just don't get on, and that's because this group is a dance and vocal unit, and I just don't like them. Now, if you're a big supporter and fan of dance and vocal units, then this is definitely where you should be looking; these girls are extremely good dancers, and their main vocalist is a pretty strong singer (with the help of auto-tune), but for me - No thank you. I prefer my girl groups with their whacky, weird dances, overly CG'ed videos and their extremely gorgeous costumes and the good amount of eye candy you can get from them... unless your favourite isn't that popular - then you have to pretty much look for a solo version of that video.

One of the reasons I find the group bland is the PV itself - of course, as this group is based mostly on their dancing skills rather than their vocal ability, the video is focused more so on the dance, with a few group shots thrown in. But that is pretty much it. There are some scene changes with the dance and different clothes, but it's nothing special. So we basically get two shots throughout this entire video: Dance shot, with some zoom ins, and then close up shots. Now, I don't really mind this - as long as the girls make good eye candy for the video.

Well, that fell flat on its ass of fail for this video, didn't it?

It's only towards the end that the girls actually show some form of expression other than a 'DEPRESSED' face, or the expression of a soulless child. Maybe I'm just being overly critical, or maybe I'm just being a bitch - either way, I think that these girls, other than their main (and probably only) singer, have zero expression or personality. I have possibly been spoilt by the genkiness and personality that is Hello! Project, where you see the uniqueness and beauty flow from the Idols, so that is probably why I find these girls so dismal and boring to watch. Whatever the reason, these girls are depressing and they lack energy, and the close up shots are extremely boring.

Moooving onto the dance; Yeah, I like it - I think it flows so well with the song, and each of the girls really did well - they look amazing when dancing, but they hardly look like Fairies. Their moves are sharp, definitely better than the recent videos that Hello! Project have brought out, and I really do like that - sadly, I'm not into Dance/Vocal units, because if I was, then I would probably be drooling and crawling up the wall after watching this, happy with the amount of Dancing candy I was getting. Anyway, the dance is good, and for some stupid reason, the phrase 'absolutely sick man!' came into my head when I think of this dance. I hate my brain sometimes, I swear, it's stupid >.>

I also like the clothes these girls wear - especially the shoes. I don't know why, but I always notice the shoes. Maybe it's the shoe-holic inside me, despite me not really caring for shoes, or maybe it's because they're thrown in your face quite a bit through this PV. Regardless, I have always admired an idol who can dance in heels - it is not an easy task, and must hurt quite a bit, especially when you move that much. I'm also a fan of their third costume change - it's the sort of style that I really like, and it looks good on all the girls. Whilst others may bash the choices of clothing chosen for the girls, I like them - they need something that they can dance in, something that can work with how their body is moving, so yeah, I like it.

I'm going to have to complain some more, now (positivity over) - I hate those stupid lights. Who the HELL thought that they would be okay? They annoy me - it gets in the way of seeing the other girls, and I swear it hurts my eyes a little. I'm also not too crazy about the set location for the dance - I only like the dance scene where they are all wearing black shirts, that one is a lot warmer. Anyway, in the lighter room it looks kinda cold in there, and it also reminds me of the garage that Buono! sang in during the PV shooting of Zassou no Uta, but bigger, and colder looking. They need a better place to film the dance scenes, because the coldness and the bare setting actually makes the PV look more depressing to me.

Okay, time to throw some positivity into this mine-field of dislike - I actually like the song. Some parts more than others, but I do like it. Initially, I did not, but I have to admit that the song grew on me... and I don't like it when that happens >.> I have no idea why, I just don't, but there are parts of this song that make me like it quite a bit.

I think that the song being auto-tuned (it sounds like it) is kind of a turn off, because it takes away from the voice of the lead singer. She seems so promising and extremely strong in both areas of dancing and singing, but to have her auto-tuned so quickly, it's annoying - why don't you just let the girl show off her voice? Unless she seriously sucks, then I'm okay with that...

 only my Gaki can pull that off!

I'm also not a fan of the one-person singing in a unit - I think there was only one group where I fully accepted it (because I just did not care), and my fandom of that group was rather short lived. They are called Happiness - and aren't they under the same branch? Yeah, shows you how long this group will appeal to me, doesn't it? But yes, I hate one person vocal units - I may bitch and whine about Reina and Ai and Riho leads, but at least I hear more than one voice! I think if you are to make a unit, you should have a few singing and loads of group parts - if you want one to just sing, and the others to make her look good (come on, that's what they're there for!) then make her a bloody soloist!

I'm getting moody now - crap. That means I am tired. Oh, whatever.

Now, what I like about this song is the amount of maturity in it - these girls are pretty young, and yet they can pull off such a mature song and a mature dance to go with it. I am impressed by that, but by their close up shots, I am not as impressed. Just because the song is mature doesn't mean they have to get all depressed over it. Ah, whatever. The song itself is also quite catchy, but it isn't catchy enough for me to want to buy the CD or put it on my playlist at all - it doesn't really get into my brain and nest itself there like some other songs, however this is a very good debut, and quite a safe one, too. It will appeal to many people, and because of these girls' age, they shall appeal to the age demographic that is middle schoolers and high schoolers as well as Wotas.

Also, they are loli-bait. Loli-bait has always been a safe bet.

All in all, I like the song and the dance, but I'm not too keen on how the PV was presented or by how the unit is - one vocalist (pretty much) and the rest backing dancers who make her look good. The song is quite nice, and as I said, it will appeal to different ages, depending on who is into this sort of thing. Their age will attract girls their own age, whilst their young features and fresh faces shall attract wota of all ages and Loli-lovers. Their dancing style will, of course, attract those who love dance units - all of this has already made them popular, and I am sure that this group will climb the idol ladder in no time flat.

However, the song is easily forgettable (for me at least), considering I just put on another song and pretty much forgotten the beat to the song. It doesn't really leave a strong impression on me, but I have to say that the PV is probably its selling point (other than their faces) - it shows the hard work they have put in and the amount of effort and pride they take when dancing. These girls are awesome when it comes to dancing (I can't dance, so everyone's better than me) and look great - but I don't see their connection as a group yet. Have they not been together long enough? Maybe not, but I would like to see some connection, if that is at all possibly for this group.

Another disappointment for me was basically the close up shots - how the girls just stared at the camera, lifeless, dull and overly bland kind of put me off of them - I didn't like that towards the end of it they showed any sign of expression. Sure, they're beautiful, cute and pretty to look at, but watching them do this - it's kind of like me watching Zukki in ONLY YOU - it was pretty painful to watch, because a kid shouldn't put on such a serious expression, unless they themselves are serious. Tthese girls are teenagers - let them smile or grin or stick their tongues out...

Okay, that wouldn't work in a mature song like this.

RIGHT bitching over. My evaluation?

- The PV sold them I guess - it sold their dance, but not their personalities. They looked dead inside.
- I like their dancing skillz. Totes AWESOME!
- I dislike that they have one vocalist >.>
- I like the one that smiles at the very end - why can't they all do what she did?
- Depressed faces make ME depressed >.>
- That room looks COLD

You had better bring out a cute second single, or I'm gonna like... stop caring all together for you...


PS Tthis is a bad post cos I'm like, tired but I wanted to talk about this song and the PV - overall, I was disappointed, yes, but the song grew on me, so I like it a lot more than I used to. The girls have impressed me, but their PV was a disappointed for me. If you liked in, then please support this group and help them to grow stronger.

PPS Their name is still too delicate for these girls - they aren't Fairies, they are... I dunno, something a lot more powerful, less girly? They should have been called something fiercer, like 'Phoenix Riders' or whatever...


  1. I agree that the PV was lacking, especially considering that it is a debut PV. But, I love the song so much I almost don't care...

    I think their other A-side, Song For You, was done better, because all the members get to sing, and they definitely look happier. There's a PV preview out here, .

  2. @beforejess Thank you very much! The song is good, but it's just not my style - but we all have our own opinions, and you really like it so much that it basically over powers the PV.

    I will check out the preview - I was going to review that, but actually I would like the whole PV because I actually LIKE that song a lot!

  3. I think that it is disgusting how girls this age are portrayed in such a sexual way. It basically encourages more pedophiles in society, and I think it is gross.

  4. @T
    I can understand where you are coming from, but this is how Japan works - the younger the girl is, as well as the more popular, the more she sells. I don't think they see at as harmful, but this is how Japanese Idols are. They are going to have men fawn over them and buy their products. It's wrong, but also it is a little harmful, depending on how you perceive it.

  5. plz don't hate me for commenting a lot lol, but i feel the need to clarify some points:
    1. They ARE an idol group. The group is in the same category as AKB48 and Morning Musume. They are not in the same category as E-girls (Dream, FLOWER, Happiness and bunny).
    2. ALL girls sing, (you already know that, but I need to add it). I don't understand why they only made Momoka sings in More Kiss.
    3. Momoka's voice was not auto-tuned in this song. I have watched enough live performances and fan-cams to be sure of that. I have also watched a little clip of her recording the song.
    4. Before they debuted, the girls have known each other for about 9 months. Moreover, they LIVE together and go to the same school. Right now, Rikako is in her second year of high school. Momoka and Sora are in their first year of highschool. Miki, Miria and Mahiro are in their last year of middle school. The two schools are connected. When Kawane left the group, she went back to live with her family and to her old school in her hometown.

    Another important thing I'd like to clarify is the reason why Fairies seem to be "dead" and "depressing" as to what you've called them.

    The girls were made into idols in a blink of an eye. Hello!Project girls get used to fans and cameras before they debut. Fairies, however, were normal girls in dance schools. They danced in front of crowds many times, but not in front of cameras and on TV. They received strict lessons to the point that they cried and some of them thought of quitting. Their debut was quick and they were all shy. I'm a fan of them since before they debuted, and I have seen how they have improved on TV. They're more talkative now on TV.

    1. I don't hate you, in fact I like comments, and I am thankful that you are providing me with information and allowing me to know more about Fairies. In a way, you are trying to help me to understand them more, and to try and appreciate them more.

      From what you say, I can now understand why I don't feel as attached to them as a unit because of the way they were... being together for a short period of time is understandable, however this is the same as some girls in H!P or AKB48; sometimes they are put right into the spotlight without aother thought, and also they don't know each other. With newer H!P girls this obviously was not the case, such as Sayashi, Ikuta, Haruna... in the end they all start the same, and it was obvious that some of the girls in H!P don't have prior camera experience (Aina from Juice=Juice is pretty much like that), and you can see on some shows that girls like Riho or others were at some point very shy on camera... but I don't watch shows, because they either never get subbed or I don't have the time now. But I am glad that Fairies are able to become more talkative, especially now that they have been around for a while and are closer.