Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Okay! Musume Time: 3rd Poll ~Winner~

YEAH! It's time for the 3rd Poll Winner of Okay! Musume Time's new weekly poll to be announced, and yes, it is 2 days early - why? Because the winners for Morning Musume's 10th Generation will be announced tomorrow, so I thought that instead of having the results of this poll up for Friday, I had better get it up and onto a post for today instead, because it would be more logical.

So the next poll will actually be up and running tomorrow, because the question will be: Who is your favourite 10th Gen Finalist? or maybe Who are you sad about not getting in?

Anyway, with 25 wonderful votes, we have our winner for this weeks poll!

Congratulations to Murakami Sara! The fan favourite overtook the poll with 22 votes (88%), whilst the delectable and cute Iikubo Haruna came in second place with 12 votes (48%). In third place, the Egg favourite Kudou Haruka followed up with 9 votes, whilst Masaki Sato and the talented Ishida Ayumi both came in with 6 votes each, securing a joint fourth place. Next, in fifth place, came Ohgami Hinako with 3 votes, and last but not least, Miwa Satsuki and Tanaka Fuuka both had 2 votes each.

And those are the results! Thank you to everyone who participated in this poll! I will create the next poll tomorrow, when the results have been released to my favourite news sites, Hello! Sayunii and Tokyohive, I will make a post about it and put the poll up as soon as I wake up at like 3pm in the afternoon... okay, that's a joke - I'm actually probably not gonna sleep at all tonight (lol)

Okay! Thanks again everyone, and please have a good day!


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