Thursday, 29 September 2011

~My Thoughts on Takahashi Ai's Graduation~

Opinions are my own, and you may hate my opinion VERY soon...

PS there was a post on facebook about Takahashi's graduation being an April Fools, and it really annoyed me - Yeah, I get that it's meant to be a joke, but then again... I should remind myself not to step onto facebook when I am cranky, already vented once and ready to kill...

Ah, Graduation - the day that we Wota dread when it comes to our Idol. This is the day where we weep, sigh and wish that it never happened...

Well, that's just tough, isn't it? Because no matter what we do, no matter how much we whine and bitch and moan about it, our Idols aren't going to suddenly stop halfway through their graduation ceremony and put up their hand to say "Now wait a minute, I don't want to do this. I'm going to stay right here.", because if that kept happening, then we would probably still have Koharu, or maybe even JunJun and LinLin. Not that I'd complain, I loved all three of them girls (and Kamei, but she was ill, so it's understandable why she left.)

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that no matter how much you love that certain Idol, she's going to go, because in the Idol business, especially if you're from a group like Morning Musume or AKB, you need to keep with the times, and that means 'Out with the Old, and in with the New' - which is what applies to Takahashi Ai in this case regarding her position in Morning Musume.

She has been in the group for 10 years, and yes, so has Niigaki, but really, how many times more has Niigaki been featured as a centre or main vocalist in a single when compared to Ai? Wait, what? Not as much as Ai? Yeah, you see - this is why Takahashi is 'Old', whilst Niigaki, who has been in the group for the same amount of time Takahashi has, still hasn't been milked as Takahashi Ai the cash cow has. Admit it, that's what Takahashi Ai is, because she's the most popular member.

PS, this is Riho's future if Ayumi doesn't steal the spotlight! -cackles-

And this is why I'm really glad to see the back of Ai, and really annoyed by the amount of comments people make about how it should all be a lie or a joke that she's graduating - er, seriously? If I found out that she wasn't graduating, I'd be more pissed off that the Wota spent so much bloody money on Takahashi Ai goods in preparation for the concert, or spent so many nights weeping over her photo books, remembering the good ol' days and wondering how she will fare without Morning Musume. Seriously, it would anger me A LOT if she were to suddenly turn around and say 'SURPRISE, I'm not leaving!', because the Wota and her fans have been preparing for this day like the day you prepare to sacrifice a virgin to the overlord, only to find out she had slept with someone a moment prior to the sacrifice.

Yeah, it's a bitch slap, right?

She's graduating - get over it. You'll find a new favourite soon enough, or leave Morning Musume all together. It depends how faithful you are to the group. Don't give me the bull shit that Takahashi is the one who is keeping it all together, because even before she was leader they managed it, and I'm pretty sure that Niigaki has actually been the one who has kept everyone in order since she became a sub leader, because that girl does a lot.

Then again, this is just my speculation - I love Niigaki and worship the ground she walks on. Lord, she could stomp on me in stilettos and I would cry from happiness because she made me bleed.

Anyway, regarding the graduation that happens today in Japan, I am honestly happy. I liked Ai as a leader, and yes, she's the first one I have experienced - but because of her, Morning Musume hasn't been able to breathe. Okay, Reina plays a role in this too, but Ai is front and centre on ever single, hogging all that spotlight with Reina. I'm just glad that we will get to see Riho in the front a bit more, and maybe even some Sayummy. I mean, Kare to Issho Blah Blah showed us what life without Ai could be like: More Sayumi front-centre, and it was so bloody refreshing to see Ai pushed to the back and watching everyone from behind.

So yeah! I am glad that she's leaving, because without her, the group will be subject to some more members gaining a few more lines... or maybe Riho just whoring a bit more, who knows. But Takahashi Ai has been the dark overlord of the group for a while now, and she's grown stagnant. The girls past her sell-by date, and I fully accept that.

So... to those guys who now hate my guts for this post - so what? She's graduating, you can't really do much about it. You've been weeping about it and getting ill over it, but really, if she turned around and said 'I'm staying', a little part of you would wonder 'Why the FUCK did I cry over nothing?', and you would be angry. So, I hope I got my point across!

I look forward to the future of Morning Musume - it'll be weird as heck to see no Ai, but really, I can't wait. It'll be nice to see 4 new faces, and one less OG. So yeah. Out with the old, in with the new peeps.

When's 11th Gen coming along? -sips wine-


PING! International Wota: Out With the Old, in with the New... Post

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