Thursday, 29 September 2011

Let's Vent! - The Issues of Morning Musume's Junky/Jyuukie Generation

Opinions are opinions - and these are mine! Prepare for a major BITCH FIT!

I've just posted about the 10th Gen and my thoughts, but really, what makes me come back to have a lovely little bitch fit/rant?

Er, how everyone's been reacting towards the whole Sara/Karin not getting into the group matter, of course. What else? This makes me want to fly off the handle! ^_^

So, starting off - I don't give a flying fuck if Sara or Karin didn't get in. I'm over the point where I care, because:

1) I don't remember hearing/seeing Karin audition for Morning Musume, so I see no need for a 'SURPRISE!' like Fukumura's.
2) If anything, Sara did not improve at all during the auditions - she stayed the same. Good vocals, good dancing. If she did improve, it was only a little bit. Anyway, she didn't connect with the other girls - so that makes her soloist material in my eyes.

Anyway, I guess you can kinda guess why I have become so pissed off by this - yes, the amount of comments that are popping up around different forums or on fan-based news sites for H!P. OKAY, some of these people are like 'I feel so sad, but...' and just accept it, however others take it one step further. So I'm gonna add my fuel to the fire and set it alight once again. I feel like trolling and burning shit up.

Anyway, other than the whole bitching over who didn't get in, I'm also equally annoyed by the amount of hate towards Haruna and Masaki - yeah, I initially wasn't keen on Masaki and she was my pet dislike for the finalists, but I can see why she got in - she improved, much more than some of the others - and don't say she didn't, because she did. She improved far more than Sara did, which is why she got in, and she has a certain spark to her and a potential that Tsunku claims he sees. There is a bloody damned reason that she was chosen - we need to wait and see what that reason is, okay?

And the Haruna side of it all - no, her vocals aren't the best, and no, she isn't good at dancing - but she is going to be an Idol, and one of the key images for an Idol is:


This means that she will be more likely to be shown on TV shows, radio shows, magazine shoots etc because she is a pretty Idol who the Wota want to wank drool over. Even Tsunku says that he chose her for her looks, so accept it. She may make some good money for Morning Musume in the future with her body.

Okay, so I'm gonna stop venting - it's too warm and I am not in the mood to be cranky, so I will leave this post with this:

Karin and Sara won't get in, unless there is some "Miracle" surprise that Karin actually did audition, and Tsunku just forgot to say her name, or that Satou was mistaken for Sara (highly doubtful), so he quickly adds Sara again. Again, I don't think they're in, no matter how much you want them to get in.

And oh, why do I see myself getting a lot of hate for this? Oh yeah, I crushed your dreams >.>

Wait, Tsunku did that by not adding them in.

Say hi to the Jyuukie Generation!



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