Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's the Dawn of the Junkies, I mean Jyuukies! - Morning Musume's 10th Generation!

Expect a tyraid of these sorts of posts from many other blogs - 10th Gen is one of the biggest things to happen to MoMusu since 9th Gen auditions. This is only my opinion of the new members. If you want different opinions aside from mine, find different blogs and broaden your view points, because that's what I'm gonna do!!!!!

Last night I was really excited, and I set my alarm early so that I would wake up in time to hear about the news - well, I woke up way before my alarm, having a miraculous and disappointing 4 hours of sleep in total (thanks to my screwing up the sleep pattern again, lol), so I turned on my computer, realised the concert hadn't even started and began to troll on H!O - then  I went back to bed, woke up an hour later and returned to H!O and awaited the fate that was the 10th Generation...

And after a lot of debating about if the members who were announced were actually official, because we were getting information from 2ch, we finally found out who the members were. And after feeling a lot of sickness, excitement and fear, I shed tears of joy and cries of woe.

Anyway, do you guys remember this?

Well, it turns out that I might have some rare, one-day only prediction skillz going on for me, because two of the three that I predicted would get in are actually in, and one of the question marks is in as well - oh, and one of the crosses. So, care to gander a guess as to whom I might be talking about?

Oh look, Sayumi's already trying to get in on the 10th Gen despite having Riho to prey upon...

Well tough, I've already spoilt it for you ^o^

The new 10th Generation is made up of these girls:

Iikubou Haruna (16) from Tokyo! Iikubou is the oldest of the new 10th Generation, as well as a former Actress and Model - That's one with a former agency down (note: Ikuta Erina was also a model prior to MoMusu)

Ishida Ayumi (14) from Miyagi. Ishida is the second oldest and now a former member of DLH's backing dancers. Her skill lies in dancing, and whilst her personality still has yet to make an appearance, she is another professional add in to Morning Musume. That's another with a former Agency/professional training down (Note: Riho Sayashi also had dancing experience before coming into MoMusu)

Satou Masaki (12) from Hokkaido. Masaki is pretty much the underdog of the group, improving quite nicely in the final judging part of the auditions as well as surprising many people with her sudden hair style change when she was getting ready to prove herself to Tsunku and shake 'dat Hokkaido booty. So far, Satou is the only 10th Gen member without prior experience. (Note: Zukki was the same)

and finally, Kudou Haruka (11) from Saitama Prefecture. Kudou was indeed a fan favourite, being a talented and cute egg already, but has now turned into a Morning Musume member. With her dancing and singing experience, she is somewhat superior to the rest of her generation, despite being the youngest. She is the third member outside of Morning Musume to be added from H!P to the main group. (Note: Fukumura Mizuki was also an egg and was then added)

Okay, so seriously don't tell me you can't see a bloody pattern here - it's the same as 9th Gen! Beauty (Ikuta/modelling), dancing skillz (Riho), experience (Fukumura) and Noobage (Zukki) is ALL THERE, just like 9th Gen! Except these girls did better in the auditions, and impressed me a lot more.

EDIT: Apparently, Satou Masaki might have been a model previously. I dunno - whatever, she seems unpolished to me still. I still class her as the least prepped of her generation.

So yes! A 4nin generation again made up of the girls that I pretty much expected to get in - By the way, I'm enjoying the Predators (Ayumi's) gaze as she stares upon that audience...

Anyway, as you can see, fan favourite Kudou Haruka managed to make it in and has officially become Morning Musume's youngest member. So for those of you who were cheering for her to get through, congratulations, because she really did make it! In all honesty, I wouldn't have cared if she made it or not - if she did, all her fans would be more inclined to attend concerts just to see her, whilst if she didn't - well, meh.

But seeing these pictures, it's also sad news for Murakami Sara fans - don't worry, guys, I'm pretty sure you'll see her soon. Maybe in the next AKB48 video? I have no idea if I'm joking or being serious...

Well, I understand how you feel somewhat - even though I wasn't exactly a big fan of her, I wanted her in the group purely for her natural talent and the way she shined when she sang. She was mesmerising, just like Takahashi Ai is when you watch her perform and sing. So it's a little sad to see her not there, but really I won't shed any tears for her, because I wasn't really watching her as much as I perved watched Haruna during the audition videos. But it is rather regrettable, and on the H!O forums, I was enjoying the chaos and the hate that was going out towards Tsunku for not putting her into the group.

Which leads me onto the next thing: Miyamato Karin not getting into Morning Musume.

Lol, so many people were pissed off by this - why, I don't know, considering we didn't even have any confirmation of her even auditioning for the group. Seriously, so many knickers are getting twisted over this. If she had auditioned, but didn't get to the final round, I would understand the cause for ruckus over Tsunku not adding her in a way like he did with Fukumura, but because we don't know, we can't hate him or curse him for not putting her in. Please guys, give it a rest!

In all honesty, I don't care if Karin is in Morning Musume or not - I'd rather her be a soloist or something.

Okay, I'm diving out of the 10th Gen topic - so let's get back into it, shall we?

So, before I start rambling about the new Morning Musume members, I'm going to let you in on a dream I had last night. Before I woke up, I dreamed about the 10th Gen results. One of them was Iikubo Haruna, another Kudou Haruka and the other two were fuzzy, but I had a second dream where I was shown Satou Masaki. There was no Sara, and I woke up wondering if Sara would actually make it.

Lord, my dreams predict some scary shit Dx

Okay, out of my head and into the comments:

Okay, so I will start with my thoughts on Iikubo Haruna:

Do you know how hard it is to contain a girlish squeal of a scream so late in the morning, as well as trying not to burst into tears of absolute happiness and excitement and sickness? Seriously, I was deliriously happy when I found out that my number 1 Audition favourite had made it! I was shaking and grinning and bouncing and crying - there was so much going on that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing any more. All I cared about was the fact that she was in! HARUNA!!!!!! IN!!!!!

I don't give a flying fuck if she bridges an age gap - Morning Musume needs another beautiful girl to replace Sayumi when she eventually leaves, kicking and screaming, Morning Musume. Just because she's closer in age to Aika than everyone else doesn't exactly mean that they will get all buddy buddy. I just think that someone like Haruna will be good for the group with her looks and tall-ness. (YAY!)

Pleased as punch is me ;D

Okay, so next up we have the dancing manic that is Ishida Ayumi:

When I first saw Ayumi, I really did like her, even if she had the smile of a baby predator. I still like her, though my like of her slacked when I began to love Meruru and then Miwa. Well, I'm unsure about her right now, and have wondered what she would like in group pictures with the other members - she'll probably look really good, and anyway, I am glad that she made it. Her dancing skills are brilliant, and her voice has a really strong power to it that can outmatch the rest of 10th Gen. I think that she has a really positive future ahead of her, and as a backing dancer, she already has a good sense of stage presence and rhythm, so I can't wait to see this girl in action!

Right, let's see what I now think of Satou Masaki:

As you know, I wasn't a fan of this one - I initially didn't think that she should have passed to the final judging round of the auditions, because she fucking sucked. HOWEVER, after her sudden change of style and the amount she improved, I can see why Tsunku kept her in and then chose her. This girl is a diamond in the rough, with no talent whatsoever, but a hidden beauty beneath that rocky texture. Seriously, when you see her Before and After picture, you'd be amazed by how pretty she is with the right sort of hair cut to flatter her face (and hide her eyebrows). I think that in time, Masaki will just continue to impress me more with her ability. Initially, I didn't want to admit it, but I thought that she looked like a Morning Musume sort of girl.

And finally, last but not least, the experienced one, Kudou Haruka:

Honestly, I didn't care if she made it or not, because if she doesn't stand out to me like she doesn't right now, then I'll see her like I do Miki: I forget she is even there. Now, please don't take this as 'Everyone sees her that way', because they don't - it's just me. I saw Miki as a whole separate thing from Morning Musume, but for Kudou... I actually get this Ishikawa Rika vibe from her. She has the looks, the vocal talent, and currently I don't about her personality, so I won't go there yet. I think that Haruka could probably bring significant success to Morning Musume with a certain will power that she radiates. Her vocals help a lot, too, and she's really a cutie.

Who's ready for her first PB in 2012? I expect this to happen, I seriously do XD

Anyway, now that I have made some comments, I will share with you a translated version of what Tsunku had to say about the girls who passed and why. I would like to thank Celestia414 for translating this, because it really does help!
From Tsunku's Blog Post: 
Iikubo Haruna- Has a surprising "pure" personality. And her looks (face) are gorgeous. I believe she has the determination to bring her singing to a suitable level. That is why she passed. 
Ishida Ayumi- Her singing and dancing were outstanding. Also, her personality is as firm as a stone (a play on the "ishi" in her last name). I believe the history of Morning Musume can be passed on to her from here on out. That is why she passed. (Sounds like he has really high expectations of Ayumi! Based on this, I expect her to pick up some of Ai-chan's old lines) 
Sato Masaki- The level of her dancing and singing is below the other three now, but she has a potential (literally raw ore) that she has yet to realize herself. Also, her skill level rose considerably during the audition. That is why she passed.

Kudo Haruka- She has experience as an egg, and she really loves singing. Also, the "gap" between her face and her husky voice is interesting (basically, she looks tiny and cute, but she has a deep voice, and that's unusual). I hope that she can help to bring together the 10th generation members and the current members as soon as possible. (I guess because she's in 10th gen, and she's worked with current MM in the stage play) That is why she passed.
 And yeah - I agree with everything Big Daddy says!

So all in all, I am extremely happy with the results - two of the girls that I thought would get in actually got into the group, and I am pretty sure I will grow to love both Haruka and Masaki in time.

The only disappointment for me personally would be that Miwa didn't get in - my sister and I were both rooting for her, because she was such a sweet, goofy looking thing. However, she didn't make it, but we have to accept that - I couldn't exactly accept it when Mogi didn't make it, but I have gotten over it, and actually, I am over the fact that Miwa didn't make it in. Tsunku and the rest of UFA have their reasons, so I will respect that.

Obviously, the biggest shock is that Sara didn't make it in - everyone made it seem like it was a sure sign that Sara would get in, praising her and saying she was surely going to get Aibutt's lines. Well... that ain't happening, is it? I'm sorry to say this to the Sara fans, but I don't really care. If she got in, then I would be happy, but if she didn't, so what? There is a reason why she didn't get in - maybe she's too much of a soloist than a group member, considering how little she talked to the others during the audition process.

Yes, she's good in both dancing and singing, but if there are other plans for her, then we will just have to wait and see, right?

Or maybe just wait for her to pop up in AKB ;D There's always that! XD

So, let's clear this post up with this: ^HAPPY, ^HAPPY, ^HAPPY, ^BDJBEFJEB FUCK YES!!!!

So, let's just say I'm happy, right? ^^

I wonder how much my opinions will change over time... ^_^

PS lotsa people are hoping for a dance off between Riho and Ayumi - any thoughts on that?


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  1. I want a hunt-off between Riho and Ayumi. Drop the other 10 members on an uninhabited island and have the two dance aces see who can get the most captures/eat the most members. Winner gets to be center (and will get more media attention than AKB's marketing gimmicks.) Though it should just be a horror movie because I don't want Zukki to get eaten. >_>

    "The Raptor" is my new nickname for Ayumi, thanks. XD

  2. @Derrot
    I'm loving the idea already! XD I would honestly love to see this made into a movie, like an Idol version of Battle Royale!!!! I don't want Zukki to get eaten either D8

    "Predator" is my nickname for Ayumi, but I really do like her - her smile just reminds me of a Predator in a way XD

  3. Too bad Eri still isn't in the group, then we could have Alien vs. Predator. XD

  4. @Derrot
    The moment I saw that comment I just began laughing, that is SO true - it would have been funny to see!

    Zukki can be our new Alien? I mean that Afro she has must be like... a signal for her home planet or something... XD

  5. Yes! And her bug impersonations are out of this world! XDD (I can already imagine all the epic faces a Zukki-Afro-Mantis-Alien would make...)

  6. ^ I love her bug impersonations, it makes her so unique, and a little weird, when compared to the rest of her generation! I love her cute, comedy character.

    LAWL so many faces for this little alien... XD XD

  7. ^ Me, too. I always find myself endeared to the weirdos. :'D