Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hello! Pro's Top 11 Creepy Ass Smiles ~According to Chiima~

Opinions = my own! ;D

Last night, as the cogs slowly whirred around in my head, I couldn't help but think 'Some Hello Pro members have pretty creepy smiles', which is when I thought 'Oh my... let's do a blog post on that!'. I like doing blog posts that don't totally revolve around PVs now, and there are quite a few members who have smiles that scare me xD So yes, I have a bit of a mixture, I guess, even including the members that I personally love, so I'm not totally biased on them because I ain't letting them off. Mwahahaha~

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post! I aim to do a post about the cutest smiles according to me, so yeah~

Let's START ;D

11. Wada Ayaka, aka 'Dawa'

In all honesty, Dawa's smile sometimes scares me - I don't why, but it just does. She actually looks uber beautiful most of the time, but when she lets her crazy side out, she freakin' scares me with her smile! But this isn't all the time, and her smile isn't that creepy... which is why she's last in my list! XD

10. Suzuki Kanon, aka 'Afro-Girl'

Depending on how she is smiling, Zukki-pie can actually creep me out with her smile a little bit - how does someone who has a beautiful smile turn into something so soulless and demonic!? Okay, maybe it is her eyes, but the bearing of the teeth is freaky as well - I love Zukki and all, but her smile can get a bit hazardous... Luckily, she looks so beautiful 99.8% of the time, it's just that 2% that is bad...
This is her REAL smile, and it's not at all creepy <3

9. Koharu Kusumi, aka 'Perfection'

I absolutely adore Koharu, I really do - but when she sets her predators gaze on you, with that cunning and creeper smile set upon her delicate face, I can't help but feel a little out of place when staring at her pictures. Luckily, I have rarely found a picture where she looks so insanely creepy that it puts me off of staring at her.

8. Ogawa Saki, aka 'Sakkichy'

Another girl I adore is on the list, and it is Sakkichy. I started to notice how creepy her smile could be when she forced it during Bijin Mama and also Uchoten Love. There are just times when I'm like 'How scary...' when watching her (especially on the Uchoten Love 4 lip ver). Now, I adore you Sakkichy, but your smile is freaky when you fake it and quite frankly, I prefer your natural smile.

7. Kumai Yurina, aka 'That Tall One'

I think Kumai's smile has always kind of scared me... but it isn't so much the smiling of her mouth, but how she widens her freakin' eyes! It is creepy. Kumai is a very beautiful young woman, but her smile puts me off of her - it doesn't help that I think that she looks like this in every photo she has - like a possessed doll who wants to brain wash you. Thankfully, she doesn't look as creepy as some do in Hello! Project...

But she still scares me :<

6. Nakajima Saki, aka 'Nummy'

Now don't get me wrong - I think that Nakky is one of the most adorable Hello! Project members to walk the planet, but when she smiles... well, sometimes she looks like the Devils spawn. Take the picture above for examply - doesn't she look like she's ready to freakin' laser beam you with a giggle and a skip? Yeah, exactly...

5. Niigaki Risa, aka 'Lord Gaki'

Yeah... Niigaki - my shining Prince Charming. She's in the top 5 XD but honestly, her smile can creep me the  heck out! She may look extremely stunning and gorgeous all the time, but when she wants to, she can pull off the creep-factor behind her dazzling smile. It might be how she positions her hands, or how she lowers her face slightly, either way - I'm scared by my Prince sometimes D;

Gaki wants to fuckin' kill you!

Lord, this ones INSANELY scary D;

Have these pictures proven how creepy she can be?

4. Kikkawa Yuu, aka 'Beautiful'

This girl is the reason I started this blog post! Her smile creeps me the HELL out. My sister says it's because of how dead her eyes are, but her smile is still freaky to look at. I don't know why, because Kikkawa is a beauty, but really... she should smile with her mouth closed more, like Maimi should! Maybe then she'd look less possessed and a lot happier! Yikes!

She's a gonna eat yo' soul!

3. Ogawa Makoto, aka 'Possessed'

I actually never noticed how creepy Mako-chan's smile was until recently - and it really hinders her beauty in a way. I think she looks possessed/high most of the time anyway, but when she smiles like... well, like this:

It's unnerving, and really frightening as well. Mako-chan, you're damned beautiful - but your smile needs work :/

2. Tsugunaga Momoko, aka 'Gremlin'

Momoko is a cutie - until she smiles. Now, before I bash her smile, I don't like her - however I know that she is a good singer, one heck of a performer, and all around cute, but I really do not like her smile. I noticed this in Zassou no Uta. This girl has one creepy smile >.>

She honestly looks like a Demon possessed - that demonic smile, those dead-set eyes, aiming to kill you with her Cutie-Momoko-Beam thing. Some people may find it cute, but when I see this:

I am creeped out. Sorry Momoko, but your smile is freakin' creepy x2

SO, just who has won the crown of the Creepiest Smile in all of Hello! Project? Who will reign supreme and prance around with the creepiest, most hated smile in the wotasphere?
A lot of you may agree with me on this one (which is why it is number 1)

1. Mitsui Aika, aka 'Cutie!'

Mitsui is notorious in the Idol world for her awkard, kind of scary and creepy, smiley, and even though I love her, I just have to agree. There are times when I just think 'What the HELL Aika!?', and I have to leave the page sometimes. Most of the time, it's more like a desperate grimace, or she's had a gun held to her head, but her smile is just really spooky in its own way. I love Aika, I think she is adorable and I want to meet her one day, but her fake smile is not very appealing to look at. Examples:

Forced grins can be scary

No thumbs up for this smile, Aika

This is the one where the gun is being held to her head

Aika wonders 'Why?'

As I said, I love Aika, but her smile isn't the best. I wish that she would smile more naturally, because when she does, she does it well, and she looks farkin' adorable;

And hot, can't forget that

Aika is adorable - but sometimes, her smile is just too much, and climbs the creep-scale. So, Aika, you are the winner! Congratulations on owning Hello! Project's Creepiest Smile!

Let's celebrate with a pic-spam!

That's my girl! She has one of the worst forced smiles in the history of H!P, but she makes up for it with her rockin' body!

Okay guys, who's your creepiest smile of H!P? Have a think about it!


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  1. gotta agree been following MM since 04, but Aika grew on me, she's on my top 3 of all time fave just because of the look and body, cute yet seductive >photobooks underrated bar none.

    As for creepy smile none so far, maybe awkward? would be kemeko

    1. Aika grew on me as well, when she was in MoMusu. She is seriously cute XD But yeh, she does seem to have a certain seductiveness about her...

      Kemeko, meaning Yasuda Kei? I might have to agree!