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Hello! Pro Time Episode 21 - Part 2: Tears, Songs and Choices

You know the drill - my opinions = my own. If you don't like them, you don't have to read them, okay? ;D

This post is later than I thought - but I will blame college, cleaning and Drama groups for now, so bear with me, kay?

Anyway, to start off this post, I will say that it might be a short one - and by short, I mean it won't be as long as part one, because that one was way over half the video whilst this is pretty much towards the last 10 minutes or so, but even if there isn't much left, it's still an important part of the auditions. The girls are being judged, and we see how they grow from comments and towards the final judging process.

And as we now know, it is by how much they have grown that matters, not by how good they are at dancing or singing. So, which girls have improved?

Day 2 - probably the scariest day of these girls' lives right now, if you think about it. They're going to be judged and criticised. Who wouldn't be knocking their knees together in fear? I know I would - then again, I'm a coward...

We only see about three of the girls perform in front of Marron-sensei to begin with, and one of them is Sara, the strongest singer out of all of them (barring Haruka, of course). Of course, what would the judging process be without criticism and tears?

I have to say, Marron-sensei, you look scarily pretty. I like you :D

Anyway, Marron-sensei makes Sara cry - but she did it to make Sara realise that she needs to project her voice to the world and not for herself, so yeah, I think Sara needed to be told that - if she doesn't want to improve herself at all, then really, what is the point in her wanting to dream about being in Morning Musume? The girl may have awesome vocals that will get better and better in time with practice and hard work, but if she isn't ready to improve herself to become an idol, then she will just fall. However, I think that Sara sees this as serious business.

I like this girl, by the way ;o I just wish we saw more of her personality reflected.

Next is the rather adorable Haruka, and from this clip, it sounds like there is something different about her voice, but even if anything is wrong with it, she sounds pretty damned good as she sings, with that husky voice  she is known for. I don't really follow the Eggs, but Haruka is adorable and I can see why she is a fan favourite.

Oh, and of course she cries, which makes me want to cry. But she still looks cute even when crying - yay, cute crying Idols! Anyway, Marron-sensei criticised Haruka on how she always looks around and doesn't focus on one person, which I guess could be problematic - you've really gotta focus in concert, and of course, this gets to Haruka - she even claims that she should know how to do this better, because she has more experience than the other 9 auditionees and has worked longer and harder than any of them, so to be criticised, I guess she doesn't know what to do.

Are the Eggs not criticised as much as the other members? I guess not, considering Fukumura hadn't done much strenuous stuff until she joined Morning Musume.

Next up is one of my favourites, the pretty and AKB-looking Haruna. Haruna doesn't have the best voice, and she lacks a good amount of confidence in her singing, but none-the-less, she is really cute when she sings, and has an idol-like appearance about her. Of course, Marron-sensei picks up on Haruna's lack of confidence, and Haruna asks to sing the song again. I guess she was denied, considering we don't see anything else about her singing after that.

Poor Haruna ;( I wanna cry with her ;O;

However, outside Haruna explains that she practiced a lot but in the end it didn't work out, however she wants to change that. Good for you, Haruna! Think positive and keep working hard for your future, wherever it may be!

By the way, who else loves her awkward smile?

So after that scene, we're shown some clips of certain girls practicing - mostly Sara and Haruna, who were both told their bad points for their singing. Meruru is also shown briefly, working on the dance, and just from that clip you can see that she has improved.

All of the girls are obviously working hard to achieve their dream, but what will the final outcome be like?

We're soon shown a clip of the girls dancing together after practicing so hard, and from it we can really see how much all of the girls have improved in their dancing and memorising it, especially Meruru and Sato. Though Miwa has also improved, her lack of energy disappoints me, and Sato's lack of emotion really bugs me too.

Meruru all the waaaaaay!!!

Nerves, nerves~

We then get to see a few select girls sing the song - Haruka is first, and really does have an impressive voice - however, she looks like she's nomming on the microphone as she sings, and that is not an attractive look on stage. Other people have to use those mics!!!....

I think ._.

Anyway, we then see Ayumi Ishida singing, and also Haruna, Sato and Sara. Ishida has quite a bit of power to her voice, but I think that her dancing is far far superior to her voice. After is Haruna, and it's quite sad to watch her in a way because her voice seems to have become weaker and less confident, and she forgot some of the words. However, her expression shows a deeper meaning, like she does want this, but she doesn't know how to approach it.

Now, Sato on the other hand pretty much mumbles the song and looks like she doesn't want to be there full stop. But maybe that's just me.

Sara has a lot of emotion though, and her voice sounds a bit smaller and girlier, but she really brings across the emotions in her voice and her face. I like her expressions, and she seems to have quite a bit of confidence when she sings the song - BONUS POINTS!

After the examination process has ended for the girls, we're cut to Haruka, Sara and Ayumi, who give their thoughts on what has happened, with Haruka and Ayumi both being really positive about the outcome of the judging process.

Sara would have liked to do it once more, though. I guess to improve herself more, though her natural talent seems to really shine. I doubt she would have to redo it, because she's already left a pretty strong impression on the fans.

And now, we see the man himself, H!P's Big Daddy - TSUNKU!!!

Tsunku watches the footage, and when we previously heard him say that he was considering taking all of the girls, but now he may shrink the girls down to a certain degree - does that mean about 5 or something? You never know with Tsunku, considering he said that he would take 2 energetic girls for 10th Gen and then suddenly said 'I may add them all!'

We also need to remember that there could be a surprise involved - the return of Kamei Eri, anyone? Jang Daeyon? LinLin and JunJun duo?


All possibilities xD

And then we see the Tsunku troll face.

So, who will get in, and what will happen in the next Hello! Pro  Time?

Dancing, I think - the individual kind, I mean. I think it would be nice to see how all the girls fare with an individual dance, and to also see more footage of them all singing.

SO with this episode finished, I will give my thoughts on who I think will make it through, based on my love for them (haha) or by their performances or simply by how the look.

Anyway, from this episode I have tried my hardest not to grow attached to a certain participant - the last time that happened, I cried because I really wanted Mogi in - it was my first 'audition' with Morning Musume, and I didn't really know what to do - so whatever happens, I'm going to accept whoever Tsunku man chooses - unless it's Sato. I'll go ape shit if she gets in somehow.

Anyway, here's who I think will get in:

1. Iikubo Haruna. I think that she has this certain Morning Musume look about her, and though she lacks confidence in her voice, I think that she is someone that Tsunku would want to work on, you know, polish off this diamond a bit more. Also, I feel that if an older member was added into Morning Musume right now, it would work well - there would be a mature element in the 10th Gen, plus she's gorgeous - I think she would look great in PB's and would rock a smoky eye and some random sexy costume.

Tsunku, you perv - you want her, you know you do!

2. Meruru, aka, Tashima Meru. Why, you ask? Because of her vast improvement, that's why! Though Meruru is actually the weakest candidate out of ALL the finalists, with her terrible voice and her lack of dancing skills, she has shown the most improvement out of everyone - you can see that she is a hard worker and wants this, and her smile is also really adorable. She is a cute girl, and the fact that she smiles through everything just adds to her charm - even if she is put to the back of Morning Musume, I wouldn't mind, because I think that Meruru would make a good idol.

3. Murakami Sara. Well, Tsunku, if you don't put this one in and give Morning Musume a tomboyish, kind of girly, element, then you suck - in fact, you will suck Akimoto's AKB balls if you don't add her in.
 Anyway, I think that Sara will be added in because of her natural talent, and the fact that he wants a voice to replace Takahashi's also helps. Sara oozes talent and confidence, and she is pretty much Morning Musume in a package I guess. Again, if Tsunku doesn't add her, he's gonna be sucking Akimoto's balls.

4. Tanaka Fuuka. Now, if you're wondering 'Whaaaat?' simply because she was barely shown, I kinda understand. Even though we don't see much of her, you can't deny that she has more of a Morning Musume look than the rest who I haven't picked out - she's also a pretty good dancer. I think if she was shown more in the video, we would get a chance to see how she shines and if she is worth it. I'm actually putting her here on the basis of looks, how good she is at dancing, and that Yankii last name. That is all.

NOW if you're thinking 'BITCH WHERE'S HARUKA?', don't fret... Ii will get there...

For Kudou Haruka and Satsuki Miwa, I see them more as possibilities for the group - but remember, this is my speculation - Tsunku has a whole different brain to me. Anyway, I can see them as either going into Morning Musume, or doing something else within Hello! Project. Miwa will probably become an Egg and improve on her lack of emotional expression and fix the slouch a bit (also, doesn't she look a bit like Mogi?), but for Haruka, I can see her forming a new group or maybe a soloist? I don't know - Tsunku has a weird way of working things out. We will have to wait and see.

But just to let you know: I am probably one of the few who don't particularly care if she gets in or not. I can see her in Morning Musume, and I also can't - She might be the Ishikawa Rika to my 10th Gen - aka I can't even remember that she was a part of a generation.

For these two, I can see either one of these two options: Egg or just a simple NO and then a kick in the butt. Though Sato is shown quite a bit, I can't see her in Morning Musume - she's boring, has zero emotion in both dancing and singing, and mumbles too much. She looks nervous a lot throughout the judging process, and is neither a good singer or a good dancer. Yeah, she may be able to improve in time, but I don't think that she is cut out for Morning Musume.
 Now, onto Ohgami Hinako. She wasn't shown much in the footage, and unlike Fuuka, I actually can't remember her at all. I don't remember her name or how good she is at singing or dancing - she is really forgettable, which is quite sad in a way. Before, as I look back at my previous post on the auditions, I liked her, but now I can't even picture her in Morning Musume. Maybe she could be an Egg or Akimoto bait?

Coincidentally, I put the two Ayumi's together as AKB Bait xD Anyway, I think this is based solely on me barely seeing Ayumi M so little in the video, but for Ayumi I, I just don't think that she looks like she would fit into Morning Musume - I actually would prefer her in AKB. She's a fierce dancer, and there is a lot of power in her voice, but I just don't think that she looks like someone who would go for Morning Musume.

Go to AKB, girl! And Ayumi M would do well in there, too I think.

ANYWAY that's that - what I want you all to remember is that this is what I think about the auditionees, and these are the girls that I think fit the Morning Musume type. Overall, it is Tsunku's decision, and in the end one of our favourit es will get in, whilst another won't. We all have our different opinions, and this one is mine.

Let's wait until the 29th to find out - Next freain' week, people! OMG YAY!

Anyway... who would you put in 10th Gen? Any you agree on out of my picks?
Don't kill me for the lack of Haruka love - I really like her, I just don't see her in Morning Musume right now. Later on, I may change my mind.


Anticipate the post where I cry when one of my favourites doesn't get in! XD


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