Wednesday, 14 September 2011

~ChuLuLuLu~ Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

It is officially the 14th of September here in England, so what does that mean!?
Yeah! It's a certain someone's birthday!!!

Wait... What!? NO! I don't mean her, I mean someone else, someone special, someone who squees at Idols...

My first blog picture of me <3 Yaaay xD Haha, no face ;D

Yeah! ME! -cackles-

Haha, no really - it's also my birthday today, but all the same - I wish many Happy Birthdays to Ai herself, who shares a birthday with me and my sister, who is exactly one year younger than me! So Happy Birthday to my little sister, I love you so much! And Happy Birthday to Ai-chan, an incredible idol who has lead one of my favourite JPop girl groups for soooo~ long!

I also wish many beautiful Happy Birthdays to a friend of mine from Hong Kong who also shares this birthday with me, my sister, and our idol, Ai-chan. Happy Birthday! Chu Lu Lu Lu~

To everyone out there celebrating their birthday today: Happy Birthday, and have a wonderful day! Chu Lu Lu Lu (Aishiteru~)

OH! And here's a picture of me and my sister~

LOL my face :/ I was trying to pout and failed XD

Sap moment; I adore my sister, and I love sharing a birthday with her. People may say it's irritating to have a twin and share a day of celebration together, but I love it. My sister is my best friend, and I couldn't imagine being without her. So, I wish her a Happy Birthday, and I am glad that she is here with me, because in all honesty, I would be lost without her - she is the reason this blog is here, because I wouldn't have gotten into JPop or Anime if she hadn't told me about it. So sister dear... I love you <3

Moment over~


Ray, you totally beat out my birthday money with this post <3

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