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.... - Beckii Cruel ft The Clones: You Can't Kiss Me PV Preview

You know the drill - my opinions are my own! If this sucks and I bash it, you shouldn't be offended - we all have our individual opinions, and like... I have my own, so let me vent when I NEED TO VENT!!!


Dear God, it's happening.

Seriously. This. Is. Happening.

By that, I mean Beckii Cruel's English Debut single, You Can't Kiss MeI wanna kiss you about as freakin' much as I want to buy Fairies new single, More Kiss, Cruel. which actually was meant to debut last fucking YEAR, but then it was held back to release for this Summer/Autumn - really?

Was it in so much production Hell that they had to keep it back, or were they raising the tension?

Because there is no tension - I forgot that this song was meant to come out, and I also thought that Beckii Cruel had officially left the Idol/Star scene and became a normal kid again, because I think it's pretty freakin' obvious that she ain't no star in Japan any more.

HOWEVER, regardless of how overly positive (hardy-har) I sound about this song right now, I actually like the song and Beckii Cruel herself - I think that she has some talent, but I think that it should be kept at dancing and posing and smiling, not singing itself.

So when I saw this CM (yeah, I'm subscribed to her, actually) I was surprised that the song is actually still here - it's been over a year since she sung it, and though she showed previews of it and the full song itself, I honestly thought that we would never get a PV - but we are.

And what a pile of crap the PV looks to be. But this is just the CM - let's maintain some hope that this video is actually worth watching, because from what I have seen already of the 30 second clip is rather disappointing.

First off; Wigs? I'm sorry, but only Lady Gaga can pull that off, and the ones that Cruel wears just look cheap and tacky. Yeah I know that she wears wigs to cosplay in, but why bring them into the video for this song? It doesn't suit the mood or theme in any way possible.

For the clothes - I don't really care, the wigs have already ruined it for me. I think the clothes are alright, but I would have preferred something a little more toned down - again, she isn't Lady Gaga, and I hope she isn't trying to reflect a sort of Gaga image onto her fans. I understand that Cruel is meant to reflect the Japanese flare that she has in her style, and she does it well, but I don't like the clothes to this song - though the school-esque checkered skirt is extremely cute. But I can't say the same for that hideous hairstyle that is paired with that outfit >.>

I'd say the only redeeming quality to this CM is actually the first part where we see Cruel in a black & white shot singing into her hairbrush - it brings an act of normality into this commercial, and she looks really pretty.

Sadly, it is the only thing I like about the video right now - I hate the darkness of the video, and I don't get why they had to remix the song - it was perfectly fine on its own, and really quite catchy and pleasant (though also annoying) to listen to. Sadly, they fucked it up by remixing it.

Then again, I will actually wait out until the full video comes out before I can say I hate it or love it. I don't know what the entire remix is like, nor do I know if the video is as hideous as the CM makes it out to be.

I actually prefer the unofficial Music Video to the 40 seconds of this bloody CM - and that's saying a lot, cos I thought the unofficial MV was bad.

It's funny how I've suddenly noticed how overly auto-tuned this song is... Oh well, even Cruel admits that she can't sing for the life of her.

Please don't be a monstrosity like Fairies' More Kiss, Becky... I don't want to hate on two videos all in the same year!!!!!


I am kinda embarrassed to listen to this song >.>

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