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Battle of the Covers! Morning Musume & S/mileage Covers Released!

I'm  Strollin' Strollin' Strollin'~ Gently Trollin' Trollin' Trollin'~ Troll,  Stroll, Troll-lol-lol~

Okay, so today I have been surfing one of my favourite sites that includes Hello! Project news, the rather beautiful Hello! Sayunii. I adore this site, because the writers are fabulous, and I get news pretty fast from that site. So yeah, I love it, and today I had a nice update of Covers from either Albums/Singles that they're releasing, and the Alo Hello PB cover! So I decided to do a post on it... I want to see which cover wins my LOVE, because the front cover makes me want to BUY. IT <3

Sadly, poor students are poor... D;

So... the first of this (small) batch of covers I am to fall for~

First up is the rather surprising cover of Morning Musume's 12th Album, titled 12 Smart. When I saw the cover at first, I was rather surprised at how elegant and beautiful it looked. All of the girls are really gorgeous here - especially Reina, who seems to suit this angelic get-up. I'm also digging their expressions. It's like Sayu is saying 'Adios, Ai-chan! My fanbase will grow more with your departure, ho-ho-ho!' as Reina sneakily makes her way towards the centre. Gaki-san looks rather regal, with her pose and the way she's looking up, as if she is snubbing the other girls and saying 'I am NOT amused!', whilst Aika questions the reason to as why she is there. Fukuhime looks stunning in this, and probably has one of the sweetest poses out of them all with a come-hither stare, whilst Eripon raises her hand to the sky, wanting to fly away. Riho prays and wishes for leadership soon, and Kanon rubs her hands together in evil glee as she plots and plans her way to the centre position Winky got there first and finally, Ai-chan, who is centre position, looking rather lovely as she ignores Sayumi's goodbyes and gently kicks Reina out of the way before she can get to centre position.

Yeah, nice picture Why the heck did I put a story behind it? XD

Next up! This is the Limited Edition cover to 12 Smart, and instead features these Angels of Delight in a close up shot.  Once again we have an Ai-Gaki centre position, with the other girls surrounding them. Here, we have Sayumi stealing using the same come-hither stare that Fukuhime used, but instead touches her face and laser beams you her stare as she watches you sweetly. Winky is less than enticing when it comes to cam-whoring, but still looks quite pretty. I actually wish her hair was that length, because it looks really nice. Oh well... We soon get to Ai-chan, who is looking up as if a beam of light will take her up to Heaven. She is hopeful, almost. Does she really want to get out of Morning Musume so quickly? I'm joking Are the 9th Gen so horrid? We then see Gaki, looking away, a small smirk upon her lips - oh, what is so funny, Gaki-san? Are you chuckling away at the fact that Ai is going, or at the fact that you might get her lines I bloody hope so well, whatever the reason - chuckle away~ Now, Eripon - she looks very Medieval-Princess here, and it suits her. She is also chuckling, but what at? Is Tsunku running around naked?
 Next up, Riho. She looks lovely, almost like an oil painting, but also looks like a floating head. What a freaky thought Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai. Next is Fukuhime, who still looks lovely. She also looks like an oil-painting in a way. It's eerier how they can look real, and yet unreal... >.> Now, next is Aika, who is giving the expression of 'I am here, why...?' - you're there to look pretty Aika, so be pretty. Sadly, the stylists murdered your hair again :/ OH and finally, Zukki, the ever so beautiful, yet slightly lifeless looking, Zukki. Where did your soul go? ;o;

But yeah... I like the cover - but I prefer the Regular Edition.

Moving on - the third cover released was for the new Morning Musume Alo-Hello! photobook. Here, we see all of the girls in their own dazzling way, wearing really cute swimwear, and I am currently LOL-ing at Takahashi's shortness. Mwahahahaha! Anyway, asides from the bikini's being extremely cute, they are also in their member colours. Aika's is a really pretty violet colour, and freakin' eck, she's skinny! Yummy-tummy~ Noice! Anyway, perving aside,  you can tell her bust is bigger than the other girls barring Zukki she looks extremely cute here.

Gaki-san has a really nice mint green coloured bikini, and I actually love the colour mint green, and she is wearing some denim shorts. I really like her hair here. Lord, I love this girl. She is so gorgeous~ Marry me, Gaki! I will turn for you!

Next is Ai in her trademark yellow - I like this bikini too, because it's bright and vibrant, which kinda matches Ai's expression. And hair. Oh wait, it's not bright blonde anymore... dayumn :/ Anyway, whatever, she looks nice here. And short (LAWL)

For Reina, I actually like most of the bikini's she wears - they're really really cute and have lots of girly frills. Also, I like this picture because, GASP, there is no stupid bloody bow OR trademark Winky ponytail. YAY, WINKY!

Next is Sayu. Her stance is kinda boring, and she looks bored, but none-the-less, she is extremely beautiful despite that. But I'm getting bored of the pink on her >.>
Next up, Kyuuki numero GORGEOUS! And that is what Fukuhime is. She has a pretty good body for a 14 year old, and I adore that bikini. She's also on par with Aika chest wise Yeah, I said it, and by the time she's 18, I think she'll be just as beautiful (if not, more beautiful) than Sayumi. This girl is so DAYUMN xD

Eripon taimu~ Eripon is sporting a more casual bikini look which is cute and kinda reminds me of a sporty volley-ball player type of girl on the beach. She shows off enough of her skin without showing too much, and is seriously c-u-t-e <3 I'm gonna miss those pigtails. Also, get this girl into more denim shorts! STAT!

Now onto Riho - I lol at her lack of boobs, and yet she has the most revealing swim attire of the 9th gen. However, she looks really cute here and really energetic. I love the colour red on her, it really does suit her. I always associate red with aces, and yeah... she's an Ace. So yeah... xD

And finally, Zukki. I do wish they wouldn't do this to her, like, putting her in the most modest type of clothing ever - wtf? Is it cos her bust is bigger than all of the 9th Gen put together? rant rant rant or cos she's so young? MEH whatever the reason, Zukki looks seriously cute here, and I like her swim attire - Tankini for the WIN! Also, is it just me, or does the striped tankini remind you of a watermelon No pun intended XD XD

Yeah... I like this cover too ;D

And finally, the cover for S/mileage's Single V, Tachiagaaru. Though the song is uber boring and sucks a little a little lacking, I think that this cover is really cute - however I want to cry a little, because I see my favourite, Fuu-chan, in the centre there (cries) with her cute smile and intelligent look about her.
 Okay, depression over and done with, I like the cover. I think it's nice to see a cartoony kind of background that mimicks the Sheriff vs Bandit type of style. The 'WANTED' Sub-Members all look really cute, especially MeiMei and Akari - and Maeda? GORGEOUS!!!! She is becoming a fast favourite of mine right now. Why isn't she stuck in the middle? Dawa, GTH out of the way, you're blocking Kanon and Yuukarin! Woman D8<

But yeah... I like this one, too!
So to top it all off, I like all of them cos I like everything. I am such a boring person ahahahaha, but I have to say that my favourite has to be the regular edition cover of 12 Smart. I think it has a nice presence, and it was edited so wel. All of the girls look really beautiful there, and it makes me want to buy the album. Sadly, I won't be doing that - I'll just wait for youtube uploads! Dx

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my  inner perv appreciation to other women's bodies! XD Have a nice day~


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