Friday, 23 September 2011

2 Down, More to Go... - 10th Gen Finalists Training Camp: The Judgement

You know the drill - I am entitled to my overall opinions ;D Yaay!

Is this classed as the final? Because we see who has made it next week, right? Lord, I hope at least ONE of the girls I want to get in actually gets in.

Anyway, I am pretty damned sure that throughout this post, you'll realise who I want to get in through the pictures that I have screen-capped, so enjoy my bias towards certain members! :D

So from the Get-Go of this episode, we have a recap of last weeks judging process and see how the girls tried, failed, cried and improved themselves. After that, we get the picture above.

Noticed anything different? Yeah, me too...


Oh... and that other one... Ayumi M, right?

So yeah... these two were kicked out of the long run and went back home, possibly crying and picking up AKB CDs on the way to spite Tsunku and his bitchiness. But in all honesty, I wasn't expecting Meruru out of all the finalists to leave - out of the weaker ones, she had improved the most and proven that she could work hard and make herself better, so yeah, I don't quite understand Tsunku's reasoning... (apparently nobody does, actually!)

And Ayumi M? I dunno - she was shown so little throughout the first part of the training camp that I didn't care for her. Plus she looks like AKB bait, so Tsunku, you have one finalist thrown into the van if Aki P really cares to get another member to put into the back...

After that, we get to see who has made it, and for favouritism purposes (oh, and one rage purpose), I am only screen capping the girls I actually want to get into Morning Musume. So of course, who else than Iikubo Haruna? She is obviously a blatant favourite for me, because of how beautiful she is and how much she looks like a Morning Musume girl. I also love that adorable smile - and her awkward smile, too.

Oh, look... it's her >.>

I don't like Sato - I actually think that she should have been kicked out. She's bland, doesn't show nearly enough emotion, and she doesn't look like a Morning Musume member right now. If she is added, though, then I guess I could adapt to her...

At least her smile is pretty >.>


Next up is Miwa, who I initially couldn't care for, but after learning that my darling Meruru (T^T) was out of the race, and also after seeing the above cap, I fell in love. Why?

Fuckin' LEGS!

Seriously, this girl has some bloody good pins on her! She's also really cute in an underdog kind of way, and has the most adorable smile! If Big Daddy (Tsunku) doesn't let her in, Ima scream.

Or just sob into my pillow. Meh.

Next up: Tanaka Fuuka, who has to be the most adorably dressed finalist there. Seriously, that outfit = cuteness, and kinda Lolita, too. I'm really happy that Fuuka got in, because she wasn't shown a lot in the last episode, meaning that there was a strong chance she would be kicked out (like Ayumi M, who was kicked out), BUT it seems that she impressed Tsunku with her dancing skillz and hypnotised him into putting her back in for the second instalment of pain, tears and sweat!

And finally, the Wotasphere fan favourite, Sara. I'm glad that Sara has come back for more, because she is a seriously talented girl and very very pretty. Sadly, the bloody program likes to screen cap her with horrible shots - she has that sort of misfortune like Aika has with her hair, or like Reina has with her bow. Oh well.

I really hope that Sara does get in, because if she doesn't, I have a feeling that Tsunku will be getting some major rage/hate mail...

After that, we see the 8 finalists locked in a room together, forced to bond it out and laugh and play or whatever it is Tsunku wants them to do.

We're also shown clips of the girls practising at home. Now, for the sake of my love towards certain members, I am only screen capping the ones I like. Yes, Biased. <3

Anyway, Miwa is first up, and has really improved from the short clip that we see. So damned cute <3

Next is Sara, who has such a strong and powerful voice. I also really like her fringe clipped back - No more bangs! YAY

And then there's Haruna, who seriously made me LOL with how she dances - work it girl, work it! But don't work it that way in front of the Big Daddy Tsunku!

And finally, the adorable Fuuka (apparently spelt Fuka), who even graces us with a cute finger to cheek pose as she sings. Lord, this girl is adorable x a kajillion.

Next up is make-up and wardrobe, where we see the girls getting all made up so that they look pretty for Tsunku. Of course, Haruka and Haruna don't need the make-up - they're already pretty enough!

Same with Sara and Fuuka... but whatever, it's nice to see them get all dolled up just for Tsunku to perv on them :D

Speak of the Devil, and he shall rise...

BIG DADDY! aka Tsunku-man xD

Okay, if you don't like Haruna after seeing this, you have no soul!!!

Joke joke...

PS anyone notice Sara's little 'Mufufufu' look there? XD

I am liking these outfits very much <3 and DUDE, Sato be tan (ps, I like her hair like this - short suits her)

and Miwa is TALL!!!!!!!! Lol check out the height difference that goes from Miwa straigth down to Haruna - nicely done

Tsunku checks out what he wants to tap... I mean add into Morning Musume.

No tapping that Kimagure ass, Tsunku

Lookin' FIERCE, Haruna <3

Anyway, from the dance scenes, we see a lot of Ayumi I (Predators Smile), some Haruna (Adorable Love Love) and Sara (Wota Love)

Is that a sign? PLEASE be a fucking sign!

All of the girls who needed improvement have vastly improved from before, especially Miwa, who looks really happy dancing to this song. You go, legs!

Sara is happy <3

Blatant Sara and Fuuka ass shots - now I KNOW that Tsunku wants to tap that!

Tsunku, the lucky douches, gets to check out Haruna and Sara's butts up front. He sits there, and thinks 'Mmmmmm~'. Perv.

Why do I suddenly get the feeling that both Miwa and Sato might be out of the race...? I dunno, considering they are the only two who have had their comments shown, it can be a good or a bad thing - my gut feeling tells me 'Out'. ;A; MIWA!!!! </3 (please stay, please be in Morning Musume...)

Okay, so next up is the singing - and first off, we have my least favourite, Sato. For this, she actually remembers the song! OH MY!!! But whilst she sings it, she also surprises us with some pain-filled expressions to show that maybe she does have some emotion in there when she sings and when she dances. Oh well, you're still not saved in my rankings, Sato.

Then we have the cute and pitchy Miwa, who gives Tsunku the 'Loser' sign. Even though she is pretty pitchy as she sings, and is shouting into that microphone, she sounds confident and happy. Miwa, you suck at singing right now, but I still like you lots <3

Next up is Hinako, who has a pretty decent singing voice. She has good control, and I can actually listen to her without wanting to plug my ears. Sadly, her nose scares me, BUT I think that if she was to get into Morning Musume, I would certainly welcome her because she is actually quite cute, and I see a sisterly image there around her.

We then have Fuuka, who sadly isn't that great at singing or giving expression. She seems to have little control over her voice, and looks (and sounds) extremely worried. Okay, Tsunku, add her in for the charm of 'Worrisome member' ;D

Then we get two of the best singers out of all the finalists - Haruka and Sara. Both of them sing the song really well, especially Haruka. She has the most control and is extremely confident in her husky voice, whilst Sara belts it out like she was born to own it. Look at that face. It's saying 'I own this song, and I ownthe Wotasphere's Love'. She knows she owns it <3

Onto Ayumi I and Haruna - Whilst Ayumi sings the song well, I think that she kind of butchers it a little with the amount of force she puts into it. Whilst she may be one of the fiercest dancers out of all the finalists, her singing voice is not so great... I mean, I like Ayumi and all, but her voice isn't that great, and she just killed the song.
 Now, onto Haruna - from last weeks episode, she has vastly improved. She sounds more confident, she remembered the lyrics and looks just simply gorgeous when she sings. Okay, she has a few pitching problems and a little lack of control over her voice, but that's what singing lessons are there for, right Tsunku?

Then Tsunku comes out of the room, ready to strip (see above picture) as he comments about what has happened. Sadly, I don't understand what he is saying - if I did, I would have happily given a translation, but alas... Anyway, whatever he says, it has to be good. Does he already know who he wants? Does he know who he wants OUT?

Well, we find out next week, but from the footage that we have been shown via HelloPro Time, I have a good idea just WHO might be in, and who won't. So don't get mad at me for my speculations.

This is based purely on the footage shown - In this, Ayumi has been shown a lot, alongside Haruna and Sara, who were both featured throughout the dance scenes prominently - also, if you look back at last weeks footage, both Haruna and Sara were shown frequently for the critical comments towards their singing. 

For Haruka and Miwa, I'm not so sure - They weren't shown as much as the three who were dominant throughout the show, however both these girls were dominant in the last episode due to Haruka's skills in both singing and dancing, whilst Miwa was shown for her lack of skills, so I'm still unsure about the both of them.

For the rest, I just don't think that they will make it - Hinako, though a good dancer, might not have the appeal that Tsunku wants, and throughout the first episode featuring the finalists she wasn't shown much, just like Fuuka wasn't. These two have been shown the least throughout both episodes, so they just might now make the cut. Then there is Sato, my pet of utter dislike. I'm actually unsure about her, but because of how little she was featured in this episode, I have room to think that she might not make it. However, her sudden new hairstyle might be a sign - why? I dunno - new hairstyles always mean it's a sign for me. That's cos I'm weird. Maybe it's her change into Morning Musume.

Because it certainly made her more attractive, IMO.

Anyway,t hose are my speculations. Please feel free to doubt my choices ;D

SO who do you think will make it into Morning Musume? Feel free to reply



  1. I heard that actually the two girls dropped out
    but you might be happy to know seince you love meru that she passed the HKT48 second gen auditions but is not yet a kenkyusei

    1. Ah, I heard! I'm glad she continued auditions in groups, it seemed she was ready to be an Idol. I was so sad when she wasn't there the next time around ;A; but, if it's HKT, I am happy... thank goodness it isn't NMB, I do not like their music! DX