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Videos Galore! ~Chiima's August Favourites~

With the summer holidays nearing its end and August waving goodbye, I am having a look back at the songs I have been listening to the most, or the ones that have somehow stuck in my head, during this wonderful month! Hello! Project has given us a few surprises, I have delved into a few anime songs and also taken a look at different groups that I never thought existed until I actually cared to... well, care. So, what are my favourites?

Let's go through them!

Houkago Princess ~Oshiete Kudasai~

This song was one of the releases that I had anticipated the most since I found out about the group back in July, and though impatient, I really did look forward to it - though the dance was poor, their expressions lacking and their vocals surprising, I really do like this song. I find it nice to listen to, and quite cute. The PV isn't overly boring to the point where I want to just sit down and cry because of how terrible it is - in fact, I enjoy watching it. I like looking at the girls and wondering what costumes they will wear next. Hopefully a maid outfit? So soot me, I love Maid costumes

My White Ribbon by Afilia Saga East

Speaking of Maid costumes, a group I have been enjoying is Afilia Saga East. These girls are really enjoyable to watch, and all of them are just beautiful. I honestly wouldn't mind one of them serving me for a day! But it's not just the girls that I really like - it is also the song. The Anime feeling of it, and the choir-like voices make this a really nice song to listen to, and something calming when you feel like you've had enough of those deliriously happy, childish tunes for a day!

Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko by C-ute

Okay, so I said deliriously happy - how about some C-ute? Not only is it overly happy, but it is also rather... blinding with all those bright colours together! I fell in love with this video and the song the second it came out, and my opinion still hasn't really changed about it - the song is catchy, it makes me want to dance, and I love the amount of bloody skirt that their dresses seem to have! They're just like dolls, and I think that this is a better summer song when compared to Momoiro Sparkling. Yes, I still love it - But it's not my favourite song of the month, surprisingly!

Koi no Chousa Houkoka Sho by Milky Holmes

Even though I found this unit a few days ago, I have been really hooked on them - they have quite a few songs released under the title of Milky Holmes for the anime, and they are all just as cute as the song I have been hooked on! Just like the C-ute song, this is a rather colourful affair, but with a lot more hyperactivity thrown in there and even more cuteness thanks to the forced, overly cutesy voices that three of the characters put on for the song. Regardless of the annoying voices, though, this song has managed to get stuck in my head countless times, more noticeably when I wake the heck up!

Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun Da Yo! by Morning Musume

Yes, this is in here - I like most Morning Musume songs (note, I say most) and this is no exception to the rest of them - the song is catchy, the PV is a glitter maniacs heaven and the costumes are just... well... Love. However, this is not my favourite song of the month - it doesn't get stuck in my head like other songs do, and in comparison to the song that comes along with it, its rather... plain? Well, whatever, I like the song regardless, and it has been a song and PV that I have been anticipating for a while now, so yay!

Best Friend by Nishino Kana

This is probably one of my favourite songs from a solo artist - I absolutely love it. It makes me really happy to listen to it, and I am thankful for my sister who showed me the song. It is beautiful, and Nishino Kana is just an absolutely amazing singer, she really takes my breath away. Sadly, I can't find a youtube video to the video for this song, and most of the videos are actually fancovers, which is a little annoying when I'm trying to find a video for you all to watch XD But whatever, even live this song is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't checked any of the others out, check this one out - it's just stunning.

366 Nichi by HY

I recently got into a few dramas (that I never finished... oops >.>) and it was the song to this Drama that really got to me. The song is called 366 Nichi and is the ending song to the beautiful, heart-wrenching drama that is Akai Ito. Though I never finished the drama, the song is something which I stick close to now - It actually helps me to write, and also to make me think whenever I am going through a tough time. The tune is beautiful, as is the singers voice - I don't think I could ever get sick of this song. If you love a good melody that makes you a little sad, or makes you think, then definitely check this out. If you also love a good Drama story, then try out Akai Ito - either way, you're gonna have to listen to this master piece!

Kirari Sailor Dream by Sae

Kirari Sailor Dream is probably one of my all-time favourite Opening songs for a Drama. I really do love it. It's the first ever Drama song I heard, seeing as PGSM is the first ever JDrama that I watched. It's a nice tune, but it's not too over powering or excitable. I really like the singer, Sae, because she has a nice low voice and really fits the song. She pretty much sounds like this live as well, so it is an added bonus that her voice isn't all about the auto-tune (much like Sayu). If you've ever watched PGSM then you will definitely recognize this song, but if you haven't, and you were once an avid fan of Sailor Moon, then definitely take a look at this song and then the drama. It may be incredibly cheesy to watch, but it's good too! Promise!

Kiss! by Bump.y

Okay, so I will actually be finishing this post with my number 1 song of August, which is Kiss! by the girl group Bump.y. I think that this is a perfect summer song, with a refreshing beat and a soothing melody which really gets me in the mood for a relaxing holiday. I keep returning to this song regardless of the mood I am in, and it always makes me happy. The girls look gorgeous, and the dance is quite cute, whilst the backdrop doesn't overwhelm me with a lot of colour but still manages to create a nice atmosphere. This is seriously a nice change of pace from videos like C-ute's Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko or the absolute eye-sore that is the CGI induced Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun Da Yo! This song provides a nice balance in colour without trying to give the viewer a headache. I may love the other two songs a great deal, but they can give me a headache with the dazzling brightness that they provide us. Sorry to all the other songs, but Kiss! is my overall winner for many reasons.

Okay! I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope that this gives everyone something to watch! This is just my personal taste - if you like something different, then why not make your own blog post about it? I find them really fun to read ^^


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