Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sakitty's Final Day - Bye Bye~

In all honesty, I wanted to avoid writing a post about Sakitty's final day as an Idol and a S/mileage member, because she is my favourite member of this group, and she is a great voice - S/mileage is really losing out because she has the strongest vocals of them all, and now we're left with high voices. Not that that is a problem... I just prefer to have a voice in there that can balance out the sweetness.

But anyway, it seems that I am doing this post. If anything, it is just for me to say my final farewells to Sakitty and to wish her luck in her future as a regular school girl.

So for now, I will leave you all with my thoughts and feelings on what has happened today, and why I initially didn't want to post anything about this.

In all honesty I never thought that Ogawa Saki's graduation would be so soon. However, me and my sister always thought that Ogawa Saki would be the first S/mileage member to leave the group. We regularly have discussions about who will graduate next, and Saki's name came up as one of them. The thing is, this is so sudden for all Ogawa Saki fans, and I was extremely shocked, I really wanted to cry. She is my favourite member by far, and she has amazing talent, so I feel really depressed about this - but I am happy that Sakitty has chosen this path. It has been a year since she became a member of S/mileage, and they have won an award and gained many fans because of the group that they are, and I doubt that Sakitty regrets any of this, but she decided it was her time to leave.

When I woke up today, I remembered that it was today that Sakitty would graduate. I wanted to put the thought to the back of my mind, so I actually went on the look out for another group to fangirl over. I like searching for new groups, but I actually needed to look at them today for the purpose of getting over the fact that Sakitty is leaving one of the best H!P groups since Morning Musume. So I guess that's how I cope with it - looking for something new and also trying to forget that this graduation was even happening.

But this doesn't mean this is the end of my fandom for Sakitty - I will still look forward to any information that will be released about her, much like I do now when I see anything about Kusumi Koharu or Kamei Eri in the news. No matter what I will still support Ogawa Saki, even if I don't want this graduation to happen. This is just the selfish desire of a fan, I am sure many of us don't want it to happen - but it has, and it will continue to happen to all of the members we like, regardless of whether we want it or not.

I think that Saki left far too soon - or maybe it was just that the announcement was too fast? Whatever the reason, I still selfishly want her to stay in S/mileage, or to at least return to the public eye one day.

Anyway, I did cry in the end - I watched her graduation, and though I did not understand a word of it, I still felt overwhelmed, and when I saw the sea of green glow sticks the wota held, it made me realise how dedicated these people are to S/mileage, because even those who aren't really her fans went out of their way to get green glow sticks to support her.

So, check out this link. I can't find the video on the search for this blog, so I will just use a link, but I have a feeling you might cry as well.

Sakitty's Graduation

Have a nice day everyone, and I hope that you're smiling for Sakitty.

For her, I hope that she has a good future and that she enjoys her schooling days! Bye Bye Sakitty, I love you very much, thank you for being a part of my fandom and for helping me start my days as a Wota!

Okay, where's my tissues?

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